VIP Sweets
11836 Judd Ct. Suite 304A Dallas, TX 75243

Phone: 972-231-8477
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4/19/2009 This was really a nice place. Girls where very sweet no BS and always looked good. Always gave what you wanted including talking. I really am sad to see it is gone.

There are so many places like on Harry Hines that have been there longer and not evan close to the class this place was. Yet for what ever reason there gone and what I would guess is at least some dives on Hines, they stay and the class goes.

Sorry ladies you were really so nice for so many years, will really miss you.

2/20/2009 Are both VIP and Studio 1 closed??? Both are or were classy places
(not rated) wannaknow
2/5/2009 Nice and classy place. I had a great show here b4 with Kristen, who apparently no longer works there. I also recently noticed that "Alex" who's still showing on it's website, but is not listed on it's most recent work schedules. Does anybody know if Alex went to perhaps another place?
12/26/2008 First timer......I went in and they made me feel right at home. The VIP suite is clean and comforting and so are the ladies. Classy ladies with just the right amount plafulness. I found my new home away from home.
12/3/2008 I visited VIP Sweets in May of 2008 and had the chance to see a very beautiful girl named Heather during her afternoon and early evening shift. Heather is an outstanding girl with great qualities. She made me feel right at home and is very easy to talk to. I was so comfortable with her it was like we new eachother for years. The VIP room with the hot tub has a great atmosphere about it as well. I was so impressed I will probably never use any other club in the area. This place was such a great experience that I can't wait to see more of it along with the other girls as well. They always seem to have the most top notch beautiful girls working at this club. From one extremely satisfied customer to someone looking for a great club look no further this is the club every guy should visit. Just be sure and leave some openings for Heather and a few of the other girls for me.


10/13/2008 Adriana is clearly the most sensual girl ever. I know this sound corny but I almost enjoyed the conversation as much as I did the posing.

She really provided the rapport that most of us are looking for.

I would definitely return just to see her.

8/24/2008 review of vip sweets. went to dallas fro meeting. during 2 day visit, visited vip sweets 3 times. saw brandi, kristen, and jada.

brandi was fun. very much into session.

kristen was very nice but distracted.

and jada was very ggood looking but was not what i expected.

7/10/2008 I was in town on business and had never heard of clubs like this.

Found them on the internet and went and saw Heather, she was amazing, beautiful.

great place, I will return.

5/24/2008 Not exactly sure why you had such a bad experience with Tatum because I have ALWAYS had a great time with her!!! Maybe you just have to be a "preferred customer" to really experience the extraordinary time with her that I had! I have nothing but GREAT things to say about her and would recommend you go back a second time.
11/20/2007 I had great session with Adiana she was hot very nice and gave me exactly what i was looking for. I will definitely be with her again. WOW!!
10/16/2007 Went to VIP and saw Tatum. AWEFUL!!! It was like being with a boxof sandpaper! Quick and rushed attitude and half way through she looked bored. Stay away from Tatum. Other girls there are usually pretty good
6/1/2007 I was traveling through DFW in March and decided to give this place a try. I met the girls and most of them seemed as sweet as could be. I ended up spending time with Adrianna, ended up having a good time but feeling rushed the entire time. My only regret is that some of the other girls seemed to have more pleasant personalities and I wish I could have a do over on the girl that I spent time with. Other than that the place is in a nice location and most of the girls tried to take very good care of me.
Big Boy
2/18/2007 I went to VIP sweets (or Suits)in Jan 2007. The place is kind of hidden, but is a great place, neat and cozy. The regular half hour costs $60 and an hour cost $80. This is on top of the tips for "3 levels" starting from $100 to $200 , but it is worth the money.

Met with Alex and Andrianna, both were great! Alex looks more stunning than in photos!

Great place guys, pick the right one for you and you will be rewarded!
A visitor

9/28/2006 I've been to the vip salon before and saw april (wow) she was busy last friday night when i went in but she hooked me up with a replacement lady name brittany who was smoking hot little 19 year old blonde who made me feel comfortable, i had a GREAT time!!! Went back the next night and saw celine and couldn't have had a better time, she is a great looking lady and we had great fun, i can't figure why i would go any other place but the VIP!!! A++++++++++ to both the ladys that i saw and to the owner for running a great place!!!
big man
8/26/2006 First time visit...

Met Faith at the door and went with her.

Truly a beautiful woman....time well well spent...

Will surely be back....


8/19/2006 Spent some time with Faith. Great time, well worth the money.
7/21/2006 I recently stopped by and had a session with Brittany. VIP has usually been pretty good. However, this day it was sweltering hot in there, which made for a very uncomfortable session. She was rude from the start, and was all about the money. She was boring and she could not manage to talk about anything else except what I was going to tip. Needless to say, I would NOT recommend her. You will be wasting your money and contributing to her sour attitude. Take my word for it -- just say "No" to her.
7/19/2006 I visited VIP today for the first time. It was totally awesome. I will definetly return.
(not rated) Nobody
6/14/2006 it was my first time at the VIP, but i have to tell you the girls are what they advertise themselves to be on the web site, i saw april on friday night and man was she smokin hot, she made me feel like i was the most important thing in the world to her at that time, a absolute A+++++++, saturday night i saw leah, this wasn't as fun and comfortable, but she was also very smokin hot and i left very satified, over all i would and will go back, i like the asian spas alright and may go back to one but the first on my list from now on will be VIP.
big man
5/10/2006 I have been to this establishment at least 10 times,the most recent was on May 6th and May 5th and May 3rd.These ladies are extremely nice and are very good looking. They are attentive and respectful of your time.I have nothing to compare it to...but with a place as nice as this one who needs to go anywhere else. I saw Nadia, April and Allison.

I have seen Jessie, Jessica, Lori, Brittney, Hailey and I am probably forgetting a few. This place is nice, clean I ahve and will continue to go back

4/24/2006 I visited there Friday afternoon. Jessie was there and since I have seen her picture on the website. I must say she was prettier in person. I paid for the hour show and vip spa. I was dissappointed in the show. Overall it was not the best time I have had there. I still would recommend the place.
1/30/2006 I Visited the Salon on 1-27-06. It was my first time in a salon, and it was great. The place is very clean and orderly looking, they had 6 girls to choose from and all very frienldy. All were good looking, and varying in hieght and dimensions. Cant wait to go back.
1/27/2006 Just finished a session with Jessie. She was fun. I walked away completely entertained.
The Professor
8/29/2005 Visited scores of salons in Windsor, Sacramento, Tempe and Dallas... and VIP Sweets was the worst I've ever encountred. "Ashley" was borderline rude from the start and acted as if I was there to entertain her. About 15min into the hour, I couldn't wait for it to be over... since then, I've decided to stay with what works. Asian.
8/3/2005 Visited VIP sweets just once. Until that time had only been to the Asian places. I'm not one to leave posts, but having seen people blasting VIP Sweets, I thought I might weigh in. I saw Angel when I was there, and she was absolutely incredible. Fun, talkitive, and didn't make me feel like I was as out-of-her-league as I really am. I don't have much time to frequent this, or any place, but if I find myself in the area, I surely will stop back in. I enjoyed her so much that I'd even try someone else there if she wasn't available...on the off chance that her ability to afford her clientelle a sense of ease has rubbed off on the other ladies.
5/4/2005 I don't know....

After reading the reviews here, I thought it would be a great place to go. I requested "Ashley" only because I thought she was attractive. and she was in person but her attitude was quite poor. Wasn't to nice or made me feel comfortable at the place. She kept playing with her hair and saying things like "You're boring me." If I recall correctly, I was the one paying for entertainment, not her. After she said things like that to me, I really just wanted to leave. This was within a few minutes of my session/show/whatever.

All in all, it was by far the worst experience I've ever had at a modeling studio.

The place was nice, it seemed clean and in an alright area, but I don't think I'll ever go back.
never again

5/4/2005 Forgot 1 important detail of my whole experience at vip.

Ashley never took her clothes off durring my session. I was under the impression that there is at least some nudity at a modeling studio. This was a first.
never again

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