Venus Room
2348 LuField Dr.
Dallas, TX 75229

Mon-Fri: 10 a.m. to Midnight
Sat: Noon to 10 p.m.
Sun: Noon to Midnight

Phone: 972-243-3330



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9/16/2015 I had visited the Venus Room close to 7 years. It was fun but I couldn't tell you who I had a dance from it was just fun. Today, I was in the area and made a last second decision to give it another try. Wow.

I met Secret, very cute and nice, at the front but she wasn't going to be free for 30min. She described Dawn to me and that she would be free in about 15min. Due to my nervousness, I picked the sooner and I chose well. From the second she opened the door, I was blown away. Easily, one of the most beautiful women that I had ever met. Her pictures and description on the website are great but do not do her justice. On top of that, she was very sweet and gave me great conversation - easing my nervousness. I had an amazing experience that I wont forget. Her eyes during the entire dance were mind boggling. She is just so sensual (the dance I chose, so perfect at her job) and perfect at everything.

Keep up the great work Venus Room and, more so, keep up the beyond amazing work, Dawn. I cannot wait to visit again - it will not be 7 years.

7/15/2015 Visited today. Very disappointing. My advice to the venus room.... Please educate your new girls on what they csn and can't do.

I wanted what was described below... A great grinding lap dance. I asked for this before the session began and she said she knew what I wanted. She left and came back and asked for tip up front. I tipped more than I ever have there. 20.

The session began and the first 4 songs were her Standing in front of me.. A little variation. For a sensual touch.. Wasn't much touching. I then asked if she could grind more the last song and she didn't know if she was supposed to.

Please educate your new girls. I dropped 130 total and got nothing close to worth it. 130 is an expensive learning curve...learn on someone else's dime. Feel like they owe me one.. Which ain't gonna happen. DOne know if I'll be back. Disappointing.

DFW NITES: Hey, Anonymous! The Venus Room appreciates your candid feedback, and they would like you to contact them at 972-243-3330 to discuss your experience.

6/21/2015 It was Great , Best nude lap dance ever and the girls are so nice and patient!
4/21/2015 "April 4, 2015 - PART 6"

If you really, really like lap dances because you love touching women and having them grind in your lap and press their tits against your face - this is for you.

If you really, really want to jack off in front of a naked woman you don't know without any serious risk of police intervention - I would say that this is for you.

If you want quick, anonymous, on-call BDSM services... apparently this place is for you?

If you want to finger a stripper while she's dancing for you - I'm not so sure this place is for you.

If you want a rub and tug - this place is definitely not for you.

DFW NITES: This review is GREAT, very detailed, and while it does look like it was originally posted somewhere else, people are free to recycle their work, and a Coervus could hardly help but pick up a nice, shiny review like this...we've even seen some of our reviews "borrowed" so someone could peek at one of those subscription sites, but's all good.
(not rated) Coervus

4/20/2015 "April 4, 2015 - PART 5"

Halfway through she reminded me that I was "free to get comfortable with myself." Again, I was perfectly comfortable with my clothes on and she didn't bring it up again. Once it was clear that I wasn't there for that, she switched over to some pretty serious grinding, which is exactly what I was in the mood for. While a club girl might notice your physical reaction to hard grinding and slow down to string you along for another dance, there is no such incentive here. During the last song of the set I'd paid for she took no prisoners and made sure I was satisfied.
(not rated) Coervus

4/19/2015 "April 4, 2015 - PART 4"

Since you're paying for 30 minutes of time things go a little differently, but what I got was essentially a very long lap dance. The main difference is that things start out slower, since there's more time. Her top didn't come off until halfway through the first song, and the bottoms came off at the end of the second. She spent a lot more time touching my chest and arms and head than a girl in a club would, which was actually pretty relaxing. Many of the normal moves you might expect from a club dance were present, but given the un-rushed and completely private environment things were less about novelty and more about effectiveness.
(not rated) Coervus

4/18/2015 "April 4, 2015 - PART 3"

Also in the room was a single section of steel-pip-framed chain link fence haphazardly hidden behind a wall hanging, with lengths of rope tied to it in a definitely-for-tying-people-up configuration. I wasn't there for that, but that's totally a thing people go here for I'm told.

After a bit of a wait she comes in, starts some music, and begins. I don't know what the fuck is going on, but she tells me to just relax and starts the dance.
(not rated) Coervus

4/17/2015 "April 4, 2015 - PART 2"

We sort out pay and details and head to the room. Several dim red lights illuminated the space where a strip-club-style chair sat against one wall facing a very large mirror on the other. Nice setup, it turns out. There was a fresh towel on the chair, a bottle of baby oil conveniently placed next to my right hand, and some very purpose-chosen cleaning and hygeine supplies in the corner, and I was told to make myself comfortable. I was most comfortable keeping my damn clothes on, which is what I did, but I understood just what the other option was. I'll interject here that this place is on the up-and-up according to everything I've read and seen, which is a major part of why I chose it, so what happens if you choose the other option is probably not nearly as exciting as it might seem.
(not rated) Coervus

4/16/2015 "April 4, 2015 - PART 1"

So.. .this is different. The place is tiny, which is fine, but I'm confused by the [HIGHER] rating it got. I put it at a [LOWER POINT] and I think that's perfectly fine. The little converted industrial building does its job admirably, but you're not here for the decor. Dim red lighting in the rooms (or mine, at least) build up enough illusion to forget about the environment itself. Cleanliness seemed important, so I'm not burning my clothes or anything.

I'd never been to a place like this. You come in to a tiny waiting room with a camera and after a while someone comes out to get you. In my case, there were two girls free who came to the door for me to choose. I went with Kourtnee because I recognized her name from the website and she was doing all the talking. Both were sexy as shit, so my choice was more on comfort than anything else.

4/1/2015 Last week I had a domination session with Dawn at Venus Room. OMG that was an experience that I will not soon forget. Going in she talked to me about what I wanted and was quite caring. The session was very intense and reached a physical and emotional level in me that actually took me a little by surprise. Afterward, she again was very caring and we had a great conversation.

Anyone interested in a great domination session should stop and see Dawn. She is the tall beautiful blond. Oh and a smoking hot body to go along with that pretty face.

DFW NITES: Dawn has the right idea -- no domination is complete until the submissive posts a review.

1/11/2015 WE ARE OPEN!!!! The previous owner ran into some issues in the past. We are under new ownership/management. But we running the business under the same principles as before. Please stop in! We are still open Sunday through Friday until midnight.
(not rated) Venus Room
11/24/2014 Went back to the venus room recently. I usually get Jasmine, she has the hottest body and is all natural. But, I saw Jenna instead. Man what a great experience, aside from Jasmine it was the best experience I have ever had in a salon. Smoking hot body and a very outgoing personality. Dream visit to the venus room would be Jasmine and Jenna in a two girl experience. Wow, now that would blow your socks off.
5/18/2014 The Venus Room IS opened !!!!!
5/5/2014 I think their website said they would be closed for a few days due to plumbing issues. Their website is updated as being open. I actually called last Friday, may 2 and they were openDFW NITES: Still waiting to hear back from them, and we did call and didn't get any answer or answering machine, but we'll follow up.
(not rated) Groundhog
5/4/2014 They were open Sunday, May 4th! It was Customer Appreciation Day!
4/29/2014 I know Venus Room started new hours, but they were closed all day yesterday (Monday) and are closed today also. No one answers their phone and the door has a simple note that tells the girls to "call Mike T to get their things"

Does not sound good... That's too bad, this place was always fun with very cool girls

DFW NITES: We can confirm that no one answered the phone, not even a voice mail, and we are checking with the owner for more details.
(not rated) AZ

4/28/2014 Stopped by the Venus Room today it appears to be closed.

If so, its the end of an era.

(not rated) Friday Guy

4/15/2014 last week was my first time visiting a salon. I was very nervous and didn't know what to expect. there was only two girls in the lineup and I chose Jasmine. Very hot, nice body and she has the sweetest voice ever. she made me feel very relaxed. I could not take my eyes off her. Very nice unrushed show. she's definitely work going back for and i would love to try out the other girls as well.
4/5/2014 Hey Cuckold, I would be happy to participate in your fantasy. Hit me up and we can get it arranged.
3/31/2014 Stopped by the venus room a few weeks ago. Was really hoping to see Jasmine and her smoking hot black breasts. Was told that she would be there, but on arrival it was only Jenna and Kourtnee. I had never had a dance from Jenna but when she appeared with a towel around her and her hair pulled up. I could not resist. She is so fun and gets supe excited that you are there and have picks her. I got rock hard just from the front door to the trip back to the room. But when she ueashed those breasts. Oh my goodness I was in heaven. Big beautiful tan boobs with really big nips. I love big nips and hers were perfect. She was very intimate and made me feel as if she really enjoyed my company. Those of you who have ever wonders this is well worth the trip to see these girls.

DFW NITES: Kourtnee is a top talent -- glad to hear she is back in the lineup.
(not rated) Razorback
3/31/2014 If I had the money I would stop by every day just to see Jasmine and her beautiful black breasts. I wish they had more African American women working at the Venus room. But Jasmine is the bomb She wants you to have a good time and works hard to make your tension go away. I could have me some Jasmine every day. At some point I would like to get a 2 girl dance but I want it to be with Jasmine and another African American girl. It's one of my fantasies. Also I way they would get some variation. Would love to be with a BBW. I think they has one once but she was a dominatrix or something like that. I don't care too much for that fetish. But the facility is great and it always smells good when you first walk in the door. I like the lineup, my only issue is I wish there were more girls in the lineup the last time I was there, there were only 2 girls. But high praise to the Venus room. Also maybe more fetishes. I would love to watch the girls use a vibrator on themselves but I guess that goes against the rules.
(not rated) Nomad2012
3/10/2014 Stopped by this past Saturday night and the placed looked closed down. One car in the parking lot, no lights on and door locked. Has it closed down? And why?

DFW NITES: The fact-checker reports that the Venus Room has new hours posted, so while they are closed on Saturday, they are OPEN the rest of the week, usually until midnight.
(not rated) chance60
3/8/2014 I have not been for the venus room in a while but it looks like they have a crop of new girls. I wish they would update the pictures so I could see what the new girls look like before I go. One of the most memorable dancers was Jasmine. She has a smoking hot body and I get giddy just thinking about her beautiful black breasts. She is definitely worth seeing.
1/6/2014 Any one out there who is willing to live out a semi cuckold situation at Venus Room Dallas. It would be a MFM situation. I would be the submissive M and humiliated to the extreme. I would donate for myself and you. So you would get a free session or sessions. You would finish on me.

DFW NITES: Call ahead to make sure there are no rules against this and that they have a girl ready. Also, to be clear, there's NO penetration at the Venus Room, so you're only going to be cuckolded by the other fellow groping the girl and enjoying himself. FYI.
(not rated)
10/30/2013 I visited Venus many years back and since I am back in Dallas I thought I'd check them out. 4 girls greeted me out front, all 8s and better. I choose Toni who was a 10! Tall, slim, great natural breast and the sweetest dancer I have met here in Dallas. Prices are the same as they were 8 years ago. Very nice and clean salon I will be back to see Toni and maybe a couple others.
10/11/2013 Went back to the venus room. Hoping Jasmine was available. But she was off. Saw Mckenzie instead. She has a bombshell of a body. I mean smoking hot. The is my second visit and this place does not disappoint. My dream vist will be Jasmine and Mckenzie together. Not sure if I can handle the 2 girl dance but am sure gonna try. The venus room is great I highly reccomend. It is clean, well run, prices are just right so you have cash to tip the dancers afterward.
9/11/2013 Man I went to see Jasmine at the Venus room. Beatiful black girl with big natural breasts. She made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. The sensual dance is the way to go. I had never been to a model salon before. As soon as get some extra cash. I will be back to see Jasmine
8/10/2013 No idea why but kourtnee and summer are gone.

The lure of this place for me stopped being so bright after Jessie left. I wish Jenna and the girls well but I wont be back.

DFW NITES: This is a curious line of work, and the girls move on for all kinds of reasons. That being said, The Venus Room has a new crop of girls, so please come on back and see if any of them suit your fancy.

7/15/2013 Its been awhile eversince i went to the venus. Back in 2010 i met this girl named tabitha.. man she was so sexy with sexy feet. I hace a foot fetish session with her. I miss her alot though. But now when i come here i would never see any attractive chicks here anymore..
5/5/2013 Foot Fetish Party at The Venus Room-Mon, May 6th from 6pm-10pm! All FF sessions on sale for $75!!
(not rated) DFW NITES, on behalf of the Venus Room
3/31/2013 I have done my research on all the private clubs over the years & I have come to realize the Venus Room is a upscale & legit place to be. Whether your married or single, what our looking for is here.

A few years ago I came across this place & did a session with Summer. Then after I tried a two girl session with Jenna & Summer. I have never been with two sexy females that are as hot & into each other like they are.

She had worked there a few years ago & has recently came back. This place hasnt been the same without her. Stop looking for what you might get & quit wasting your money. Sunday's & Monday's are Customer Appreciation day's so all the shows are discounted. You wont be disappointed wth her.

If you have any questions about Summer if she isnt there ask for Jenna. Thank you

3/3/2013 Someone call the UneekG! The Venus Room is having a foot-fetish party Monday 3/4/2013, with foot sessions for only $75 and FREE FOOD from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Two questions: The Venus Room always lots of hand sanitizer in the building, but has anyone ordered any foot sanitizer? And will the food be served on plates with flatware? Or is it finger food?
(not rated) DFW Nites

1/25/2013 JANUARY 29, 2013 - TWO-GIRL SPECIAL! - $80 OFF NORMAL PRICE!

ONLY $150 for two hot babes to entertain you!! Check out all the new girls!!
(not rated) DFW NITES, on behalf of the Venus Room

1/24/2013 Last week I went back to the Venus Room. Dallas was there (the girl I saw on my first visit), as was Coco, a shy black girl only working her second shift.

They were both cute, but my eyes focused on Kourtnee, a hot 20-year-old, 36B brunette. Kourtnee was freaking fabulous, adorable and in shape, with a sweet but not-very-shy smile that's a pleasure to look up at while "sessioning," or whatever the right verb is for "caressing a hot 20-year-old as she moans and murmurs while you [RELAX]."

One of the best things about the Venus Room (and admittedly, I haven't tried out any other salons) is that the girls truly love the work (and admittedly, I've only tried two so far).

After all, there are lots of ways to make rent, so I seriously suspect that the girls who work in nude modeling salons enjoy knowing -- and seeing -- that they make guys happy.

So if you don't mind being alone with a girl for a half-hour or so, visit the Venus Room. It's nice.


11/19/2012 what ever happed to mindi and devina does anyone know where they went to the place isnt the same without them wish they were there. Its nice now but still miss my girls
(not rated) fan
11/8/2012 Some years ago I visited the venus room and saw a mid aged stunning woman named Neely or Nealy. Great attitude and nice sized breasts with a smiling face. Anyone know where she works now?
DFW Venus Room Fan
10/30/2012 Having seen the ad, I thought I'd give this place a try.

First off, the Venus Room building is REALLY out of the way, two blocks north of an indoor soccer arena, one block south of the Loop 635 access road, tucked back on the other side of a vacant lot covered in brush and a gnarled tree.

The Venus Room itself is a raised standalone structure with a small parking lot, and handicapped-accessible ramp, and a neon sign that says OPEN (until 2).

Inside is a scene of quiet respectability. A sign lets you know that there are three or four girls present, and one will be with you in less than five minutes.

A cube fridge invites you to enjoy a beverage while you wait. A laminated menu of girls is on a coffee table next to a box of Halloween cookies -- so domestic! -- and a binderful of sensual delights -- baby oil massage, sensual touch massage, domination, body worship, and so on.

However, the most respectable thing in the lobby is the Dallas business license taped to the front desk. This place plays by the rules, so neither management nor its girls nor its customers get hassled.

So after waiting for a bit, two girls appeared, Dallas, a slim blonde in an exposing leotard, and Alexis, dark with huge fake tits in a black-and-silver corset. They explain the procedure to me, which is pick a girl, pick a service, and you're good to go.

Unless you're feeling flush enough for a two-girl show, deciding which one is Sophie's Much Easier Choice, so bring a hardened heart, as well.

I picked Dallas and the most popular option, a half-hour Sensual Touch Massage for $100 plus $8 tax (respectable!), and she led me inside.

The room I was taken to was decorated halfway between a doctor's office and a horny 25-year-old co-worker. There were yards of black and bronze fabric attached to the walls, large black candles close to the floor, and some black-and-gold tasseled pillows, making for a somewhat Moroccan feel, and then there was a nice black leather chair already draped with a towel with a bath towel down at its feet.

A CD boom box rested on a table full of a dozen fresh towels, and next to the chair was an end table with a big bottle of hand sanitizer and a bunch of stroke mags.

Dallas told me to "get comfortable" while she went to "freshen up," so, placing my confidence in the towel, I stripped down and waited. Dallas returned (looking the same), put on a CD and set a kitchen timer for 22 minutes (it provides an eight-minute warning, so no one dawdles and gets surprised that their session is over).

Also, Dallas explained the house rules to me: I can't touch her genitals, and she can't touch my genitals, and everything else is pretty much fair game. There's nothing wink-wink-nudge-nudge about this, and if I misinterpreted the panties coming off as license for digital or other insertion, I'd be kicked out with no refund.

That being established, Dallas proceeded to do something that was a combination of a chair massage, an all-but-lap dance, and phone sex, except that she was right there in the room. She was delighted by me "making myself comfortable" and made sure that both lotion and baby oil were available along with a big roll of paper towels.

All in all, I had fun. Dallas was friendly and happy, there was no pressure or upselling once I'd made my buying decision, and everything was legit and sanitary. Everyone can come here safely; if you haven't tried a salon before, The Venus Room is a great place to give it a shot.

10/29/2012 left disappointed and ripped off.

DFW NITES: This reviewer most likely was expecting something illicit, but that does not happen at The Venus Room. There are no euphemisms on the menu; if you're looking for stuff you can get arrested for, go elsewhere.

10/21/2012 They are not full service which is why this is my favorite place in DFW. Gone here countless times and the fee and service is always consistent ($110 for a private nude lap-dance). Usually at least 2-4 girls working. All the girls i have seen have been beautiful. I have never left feeling ripped off. Best part is i don't have to worry about a career ending arrest because this is not a thinly disguised brothel.

DFW NITES: I'm sure there are no 'thinly disguised brothels' in Dallas/Fort Worth -- we are a law-abiding Metroplex. Still and all, I've heard that the Venus Room is exceptionally law-abiding, so it's a good place for upstanding citizens.
(not rated) oldskol

10/4/2010 10-4-10,I went in to this studio the other night and the girls were so Hot it was hard for me to choose who I wanted. I got a two girl with Jenna and Celeste and they were so sexy and hot...I can't wait to go back and see them again...I would send people over there to see the girls..Had alot of fun!!!!
5/16/2010 MINDI....................
5/14/2010 Went to the Venus Room the other night, I have been going her for years and always enjoyed the girls. I had a session with the new girl Tabitha SHE IS AMAZING!!!!
4/21/2010 Last time I went to Venus, I saw Jenna and Maya together. They were really sexy and totally into each other, so I'd recommend both of them or either one. I liked this joint, it wasn't all shady like some places.
12/8/2009 I highly recommend Scarlett. I am into female domination and Scarlett is great at it. She is very, very cute and has an absolutely perfect body. She is very friendly and nice, but once the session begins, make no mistake, she is in charge. Scarlett will model well and leave you wanting more.
11/25/2009 JORDAN IS THE SHIT! This girl is SO fun. Legs as long as ever and skin as smooth as you can imagine! Nervous at first, but I left with the biggest smile after her! No sex, but I still left happy.
10/30/2009 this place is an all-around shit hole! over priced. came in during the day and all the girls looked horrible and like trash a mixed girl looked very drunk at 12 your time and money its not worth it
10/8/2009 This place has gone downhill in a hurry. I have been there on numerous occasions and have been entertained very well at times and not so well at other times. The women who came out from back were disgusting. They looked worse than the streetwalkers I see on NW highway. I went ahaed and went in and was thoroughly pissed off when I left. The girl slid her clothes off and danced on the other side of the room. Don't bother going here. Just a waste of time and money.
9/8/2009 I suppose if you really wanna go there see mindi. Everyone else looks like they have been through enough. From what I saw Mindi is the only 1 with class up there even though there is no sex!!!!!!
7/12/2009 Just saw Mindi again. Can I say WOW enough or oh my GOD.
6/5/2009 Oh Mindi, Oh Mindi... WOW
5/18/2009 Mindi, what else can I say. The BEST...................TL
3/18/2009 Had a wondeerful time with Devina. This place is fun! She is definately worth every penny though. Her pics on the web site do not do her justice. She is a knockout!
1/21/2009 Jordan is gorgeous and hotter than hell
1/21/2009 Jordan its the hottest and sweetest lady there. She has the sweetest ass and long legs. She is the best dancer, why try anyone but her, she is the only reason that I go there. I will see her tonight too, woo hoo
12/29/2008 you got to go
11/29/2008 I went there for the first time in months, Wednesday night with a buddy, and I forgot about how much fun it was. I got a show with the new girl, Jordan, and she definitely hit the right notes. I'm definitely returning for her sexy body, curves out this world. Her breasts aren't too big but she is beautiful!
11/15/2008 Mindi is hot and I mean hot. I sure miss Ashley. Devina and Mindi are great. I miss you ladies.
11/13/2008 Maya is my girl.She did goood for me,she is a beauty
8/4/2008 Damn, that girl name Jenna was so fine. If you like a girl with a nice ass then you got to see this one. But the girl name Summer just drove me nuts. I could not figure out what nationality she were. Could pass for everything but Asian. Definitely one of the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen in my life and she treated me like she has known me all her life. After frequent a lot of salons in North Dallas I think I have finally found the place and girls that made me feel comfortable. I will definitely become a weekly customer of Summers. Did her show so well that I felt guilty for not tipping her more then what I did. You guys have to see it too believe it ...
6/26/2008 Mindi needs to hang it up and clean it up,We dont want to come in there and see a 50 yr old
5/7/2008 Devina, Ashley and Mindi. You will never go wrong with any of these ladies.
5/1/2008 Finally found Mindi. What a shame. I'll definately see someone else not cool at all. Some people just need to know when to say when.Get clean then I might come back. "Disappointed"
2/16/2008 Both CHARITY and NIKOLE have been FIRED. They were so amazing and now they are gone! What's up with that?
(not rated) badboy
1/23/2008 I saw devina a couple of nights ago........she is great very much worth it!she is always alot of fun and a very sweet girl
1/17/2008 ashley, ashley, ashley your out of this world. mindi, so are you. been awhile mindi. been seeing ashley.
12/6/2007 CHARITY at the Venus Room is amazing. i've seen her several times and she is a Goddess!!
9/28/2007 saw davina she was great. thanks for the reccommendation. 200 just not enough for this girl. worth it though.
9/26/2007 i saw a girl named devina she was so hot amazing curves and very sensual id pick her again and again i recommend devina over anybody she shy at first though
9/8/2007 I came in on Friday and three girls (all smoking hot) and i chose this little brunette hottie Brooklyn. She gave one hell of a show! I'll be back for sure, I both highly recommend Brooklyn and the venus room!!
8/26/2007 Your the best Mindi. Marry me LOL. Great show...
(not rated) TL
7/16/2007 i loved nickole but i dont know where she went... i like this place but i think nickole gives the best shows.. EVER
big booty
7/6/2007 Did a show with Mindi she says she is 34 haha that's funny! She's at least 40. Stick with Nicole dude way better show for the money. Some people should just hang it up already. Still a great place though. Hi Nicole!!!
7/5/2007 I saw Summer a couple of days ago.. based on the review here.

She IS a really hot girl.. Very down to earth, but very exciting. Very nice eyes too. If you get that far ;).. I will be back soon.

6/30/2007 I visited this place a few days ago. It was very upscale. I got a show with Summer. She is soooooo HOT. She is so outgoing and made me feel very comfortable. Iam planning on going back soon. The best thing I really liked is that she didnt try to up charge me once we were in the room. After you see her you will want to tip her!!!! I give her 5*******!! - Big Dog
big man
6/9/2007 Saw Jenna Thursday can I say WOW. Mindi is still hot though. Nicole is so very sweet.
6/2/2007 I was their earlier tonight. Place not so hopping. Girls looked good. Fighting to see who you will pick.
Mike Tyson
5/31/2007 Mindi is so very hot. Saw her the other day. She is new their. I see Nicole also. She is hot also. WOW
small guy
5/24/2007 My God that Mindi is HOT HOT. She is worth every penny. Wish I could take her home. Sweet and easy to talk to.
5/19/2007 I had never been to a place like this but I saw the billboard for this place and decided to give it a try. I went in and three girls greeted me and all were extremely hot and friendly. I picked the model Brooklyn and the show was fucking HOT! She had a great body and a gorgeous face! I would rate this place 5 out of 5 stars
5/8/2007 Haven't been here in quite awhile and was pleasantly surprised to see they have more girls on staff than they used to. Had four hot girls to choose from-I picked KENDALL & JESSIE for a two girl show. The show was more interactive than expected-these girls must really like each other...Worth the money, they don't try to upsell you in the room like most other places. The place is clean and the location is discreet, overall a great experience for the money!
10/12/2006 I visited the Venus Room on September 6,2006. I was very impressed with the place. There were two hot girls named Summer and Jules. I decided to get a two girl show. Let's just say it was so good, I have been back three times since. If you are looking for a good time you have to check this place out.
10/17/2005 I went here on a monday 10/17/05 and got the two girl show.

It was worth the price. Scarlet was the better looking one of the two.

7/17/2005 I went here on a saturday night. It took me a while to find it, but the place is pretty nice. I met a cute lil blond, that showed me a wonderful time. One thing to say though is that when Dallas cracks down on these clubs September 1st, you will be safe going here as they do have a topless license.
5/30/2005 Visited Venus for the first time in about a year, some new faces. Got an amazing show with a petite blond that was drop dead gorgeous and worth every penny.
pleasantly suprised
12/27/2004 I often visit Venus Room when I am in town as it is the higlihgt of my trip. I last visited on 12/16/04 in the evening. Tired from my travels I was quite pleased to see Cassie still working there. I don't get see her that often however she was classy, sexy,and happy to see me as always. She puts on a great show with lots of attention, even some roll play. I appreciate that fact that she always remembers me and my personal intrest. This is the only place like this I have ever been. I'll keep going back.


12/1/2004 I had Lacy for the $100.00 show on Dec 1 2004. She was nice & cute (but not very smart) enough, but I think I can get more for my money else where. You can get A LOT BETTER dances at almost any strip club. I don't understand why anybody would want to go to the Venus Room or any place like it. I could just stay at home with a good movie or mag. Bottom line - go some place else.
11/29/2004 I am a regular. It is a nice clean place. I like Devon, but she is starting to show her age. But there are several other good ones to see. Only once in ten years have I had a bad time, I called, they took care of the problem & took care of me next time. I have never been aksed for more money or tips. It is what it is.
Big Tom
11/29/2004 11/29/04 - I visited Lacy and she was excellent!!!! It was the best show I have ever had and I plan on going back very soon. Lacy, your the best!!!! Mrk
11/8/2004 For a first timer it was Great... but I'm shy and sometime quite and the young lady who danced for me, well I guess was shy & quite as well. I was thinking it would be more exciting. The room was rather dark as well, but overall I had a good time.
first timer
8/23/2004 My husband and I went to the Venus Room 08-21-04. Our "entertainers" name was Cheyne. This was a much more charming, and private experience than any strip club ever thought about being. Cheyne made us feel completely welcome and at ease. This was very important to me as this was my first experience with a private dance. As a couple I would definately recomend the Venus Room, more importantly I would recomend Cheyne to any couples who are a little curious.
Lady T
1/16/2001 First, thanks DFW Nites. I've enjoyed your site for several

years now. This is my first review. I mostly just watch... The

afternoon of about 11 Jan, I visited the Venus Room. I hadn't been there

for many months. I bought a session with Daisy (though she spells it

differently). She is very cute. I soon discovered that she had a

beautiful body. She is now amongst my favorites in the years I've spent

in DFW area. Her show was at first distant but she became very close and

charming. I'll return to find her again. I prefer the Venus Room over the

other clubs because I always know what I will spend there. And I know

what I will and will not get. It is very consistant, legal and

comfortable. I can always count on an adequate looking girl, but usually

will find one who looks much better than adequate. I venture off to other

places in search of novelty, but always return to the comfort of the Venus


(not rated) Nameless

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