Silk & Satin - CLOSED
11398 Harry Hines Blvd

Phone: 972-243-9220
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8/9/2015 I guess hope is running out this place will re-open. Can anyone recommend another option?

DFW NITES: For hot, VERY LEGAL thrills, we recommend The Venus Room.
(not rated) NativeSon

12/5/2014 Is there any news on this place? It would be a shame if it closed for good.
(not rated) Jt
3/23/2014 Say it isn't so! This was one of my favorite spots. Please keep this site informed if Silk & Satin reopens, remodels, or relocates.

DFW NITES: Shall do!
(not rated) NativeSon
3/10/2014 Stopped by this past Saturday night and the place appeared closed down.

DFW NITES: The fact-checker reports that Silk'n'Satin does indeed look closed down -- 8 p.m. on a Wednesday, there was no answer from the doorbell, no lights on inside, no cars in the parking lot, and the window next to the door had been replaced with plexiglass, implying possible violence. Farewell, Silk'n'Satin!
(not rated) chance60
2/13/2014 Is this place worth going to (cute girls, drinks). Or should I go to a strip club instead? Coming in from out of town and would like to see some of the Dallas talent.
(not rated)
10/11/2013 Totally a repeat of a lady I used to see years ago surprised me when I entered giving the place another chance. She even recognized me. It was the most intense & passionate experience I've had in my life. Not just there, but personal also. We both were laughing a bit cause it was that much fun for both of us. Both sweating & hair array. We had to catch our breath before even getting up to get dressed. I see here every weekend when I can & I try. She mentioned she only worked Friday & Saturday nights. Blonde, great breasts, great body, great personality GREAT EVERYTHING. They have fired those bad apples & hired back a goodie. I AM TELLING ANYONE & EVERYONE - GO BACK. TRY MINE OUT. IT'S COMING BACK TO LIFE. I KNOW I AM!

DFW NITES: Holding a pose for a long time can be very intense for a model and requires a lot of core strength. Sweating is to be expected.

8/31/2013 Is this place still open? In town next week and like to go. Will 200 be good enough?

DFW NITES: Silk & Satin is still open, and $200 should easily be enough for a one-hour show, including the tip.

(not rated) Juantuan

2/12/2013 I was there Last Saturday night saw Jessica sweet,bronze skin latina I will definitely be back.
2/9/2013 Place needs remodeling.
(not rated) Tiger
2/8/2013 Mexican girl is the best. Been there many times and she is my fav.
2/3/2013 Three girl line up. Had been with the sweet Mexican girl so went with the skinny tall girl, classy. Should have picked the other one, classy stripped down and her tots magically disappeared with her bra. Don't know why but everyte I am taken upstairs they charge more
Kick the ....
1/12/2013 How is this place in the daytime been once at night lots of good looking chicks, but wonder about quantity and quality during the day

DFW NITES: We don't have a day-shift fact checker, but hopefully one of our readers will fill us in.

12/28/2012 I wasn't here to be a customer, but I got to see two quality girls in the Silk & Satin lobby:

Shy, Hispanic Jessica was wrapped in a thick terrycloth robe against the cold, but with a warm smile peeking through, but blonde, big-titted Tiffany was rocking a rhinestone-covered hello kitty necklace and was VERY agreeable and enticing, making me consider missing my next meeting. Duty called, but Tiffany strongly beckoned.
(not rated) DFW Nites

(not rated) Ron
(not rated) carlos
10/29/2012 had a nice time. wonderful staff.
10/21/2012 I think previous reviews sum this place up nicely. Room rental plus tip. Visited twice and the up-sell was a beat down. Stopping in the middle of dance to sell services that I clearly stated I am not interested in. Lily is a beauty, but i get the impression you could tip her $1,000, up front and she will still babble on about money. Level of service goes as high as you want it to, but [REVIEWER WAS UNIMPRESSED WITH SERVICE AND FELT NO CHEMISTRY].

DFW NITES: Well, salesgirlship starts with the first no, but it seems they were more persistent than you cared for.

Still, you went back at least once -- what did you like about the place?
(not rated) Oldskol

10/15/2012 Ring the bell for admission to a cautiously friendly lobby covered in 1970's rumpus-room wood paneling and Halloween decorations.

A large mirror proclaims the room fees:

$45 for 30 minutes

$60 for 60 minutes

The blonde and big-boobed Lily (she's back!) informed me that it's customary to tip the girl at least as much as the room fee, and naturally, the better the tip, the better the show.
(not rated) DFW Nites

(not rated) Paul
1/9/2012 I visited this club and from the time I entered in the private room I felt rushed. I felt so rushed that I didn't enjoy it one bit. I ended up paying $160 for nothing. I understand that they are there to make money, but they also are supposed to provide a service also. Their service SUCKS!!! So dont waste your time
poor man
6/6/2011 I saw a Lady named Marisa on 6/6/11. She is a tall busty blonde and very sweet. I had a great time and will definately be going back.
2/25/2011 This is my first time to a salon of any kind. I've tried for satisfaction at strip clubs for years and failed, but this was fabulous! I was greeted by two attractive ladies and chose the brunette named Lena. She is absolutely gorgeous, informative and very accommodating. I'm fat and ugly, and she treated me like a king. Unfortunately I'll be back and will probably waste a lot of money at this place, as it's close to my work.
9/30/2010 Mary there is a homewrecker. Beware, she's into blackmail.
Tricked Again
8/1/2010 Lena at Silk and Satin is awesome. So pretty. Great smile and personality. And of course a body that won't quit! So sexy.
11/15/2009 Thank You Toni!! I visited this exotic young lady 11/8/09 and was JUST what I needed. I used to see her once a week at Studio1 and I am sooo glad I found her. Tight and petit she is a great fit. Busty blonde that looks better than EVER
9/13/2009 I made a appointment with the beautiful Marissa on 9/10 she is very sweet and tons of fun :) I visited 1/2 and hour and enjoyed every minute of it. I was not rushed which is a big plus to me. I will absolutely be visiting again.
6/19/2009 Marissa, I have a crush on you!!! She has a beautiful sense of humor. I have been there off and on for several years and it is the same every time, GREAT! What a delight!
4/11/2009 I was greeted by some of the cutest girls you could imagine. The model I chose, Lilly, was super friendly and helped me get over my nervousness. I must say this was my first time visiting such an estblishment but as I promised her, it will definately not be my last.

(not rated)

1/10/2009 1/09/09 Went by at 11:30 am Looking for Brandy. She is no longer there. She was Grrrreat. Anyone Know where sheb is? Bigpappa
(not rated) bigpappa
11/19/2008 called them up and they said they had modelling starting at $40 for 30min. when i got there they told me the modelling was starting at $100... pulled the old bait-and-switch on me, will not return
10/11/2008 I had an excellent time there and will definitely come back again!!!
8/19/2008 I have been there several times and the last time was as good as the first. I can't remember the name of the young lady but will neve forget the face and body. She was so cute! I am not a really attractive guy but she made me feel wise. She is gorgeous. Wish I could tell you her name. Damned old age!!! Anyway she will make you throw away the viagra cause you wont need it with her looks. By the way, my wife paid for my adventures there and waited in the car for me to get out. She was so turned on when I came out all hot and out of breath. She likes me to have what ever I want and she's one of a kind.
5/10/2008 Saw Brandy last Saturday. i was soooo happy to find her at Silk and Satin!!!!!!!! Cannot wait to go back.
4/26/2008 went on 4-26-08 and was greeted by a gorgeous group of ladies. All were smiling and very inviting. i chose Lily, she was so hot and ended up being really nice. i complimented her and in turn got the best show ever. Think im in love!
(not rated) petey
4/16/2008 very nice sexy women
1/16/2008 Been twice this year. Saw Brinkley the first time and Lily the second time. Both very awesome!!!! No pressure from either. I will go back!!!
12/1/2007 11/17/2007- Went to Silk and Satin around 5pm was introduced to 3 very lovely Ladies Chose Brandy a petite blond. She was very attentive, no rush didn't act like the clock was running. had good conversation and incredible show. Show continued the full 45 minutes. Viva La Brandy
9/5/2007 I visited today around lunch time and, of the three ladies there, I saw Lily. She was very cute - tan, short, blond, nice natural boobs. She was also very sweet and I got a really great show! I never felt rushed or pressured, and she was definitely not watching the clock. Thanks, Lily!
7/24/2007 I visited Silk and Satin and was introduced to 4 average looking ladies accompanied by a well-trained guard dog. The show was terrible as she expected that I was an art critic. It was a waste of money.
(not rated) matthew Hagebusch
7/10/2007 Went to S&S on 7-7-07 and saw the girl Marissa everyone talks about. I was not impressed with the establishment or the girl. I was totally turned off because the she kept trying to upsell me. And finally I gave in and she practically rushed me out the door. It was an awful experience and I will never go there again.. Jonny Save your money stay home and watch LMN!
5/1/2007 I stopped in on 4/30. The girls are very lovely and very nice. I took my choice and it was all worth it.
4/2/2007 Look out for the up selling
(not rated) Blake Long
2/19/2007 I went to this salon on 2/15. I just had to see for myself what MARISSA was all about. I must say she is beautiful and super sweet.I recommend you go see for yourself.
1/25/2007 I went there today and saw Marissa. She is everything the rest of the guys have said and then some. We went upstairs and let's just say she was worth the trip. She has the most gogeous body. She has the cutest ass. Marissa, I will be back! I would recommend her to anyone. Just a delight to this old married man.
1/9/2007 Went in just before the New Year to see Marissa. It had been a long while since my last visit, but she remembered me and I had a great time. She's more beautiful than ever, and her usual sweet self!
12/30/2006 Visited on 12-29-06 and was really pleased by selection of ladies. Spent 30 min with Lilly. What a wonderful time. I will visit again and again.
12/22/2006 Tiffany,

Was such a dream. She was a lady and made me feel very cheerful. I will be seeing her again. She is warm and wonderful

John (the guy that's been to Iraq and had the sromach surgery)

9/14/2006 I have drove by this place for many years and finally decided to stop and see what it was about.Well let me say I should have stopped in long ago.I was really nervous but the young lady by the name of Marisa made my time there very insightful.I definately recommend this place.
7/25/2006 Went in the studio on Sunday and had choice of three, picked Randy the hottest blonde and she was one of the best rhetoricians I have seen. Buff body, beautiful face and to top it off, subtext! She took me upstairs so no problem with noise like previous poster.
4/25/2006 i went this afternoon and saw Bailey. She has a look that will make you think she would be a wild child. She didn't even seem interested and told me even though I paid for a half hour, she would only stay for two songs. She said she would not get undressed either. What a freaking waste! I tipped her very generously before she told me the "great news". Next time I will save my money.
Travelin man
4/14/2006 I went to this club on a Tuesday night and chose a ethnic girl who seemed very cute. She had legs and feet that were equisite, she gave a rousing speech and I enjoyed it. I was a little taken off to being in a room right next to the waiting area so the TV kinda drowned out the soft music but Im a visual guy anyway. I wish I knew her name but she was quite nice and hope to see her again
4/6/2006 Hay Guys thanks for the great reviews. I would love to enjoy your company again and again it's always great to see someone I know altough I love new clients also!Just wanted to say THANKS and I will see you soon!
(not rated) MARISSA
3/12/2006 12 Mar 06--Stopped by Silk and Satin, and a cute, petite dishwater blonde named Amber greeted me. She was available, so we went upstairs for about a 30-minute session, maybe a bit more. Needless to say, her tanned body (no tan lines anywhere), soft skin, and insightful remarks were enticing, appealing, and well worth the additional tip given. A great show, including but not limited to an erotic dance. She definitely earned not only the tip, but a return visit from me in the near future!!
3/8/2006 Went back for a double dose of MARISSA I must say it's even better the second time around! She's very friendly and VERY CLEAN! I will be back for those beautiful blue eyes and her great personality again and again!
1/31/2006 I went to the studio in the afternoon on a Tuesday. The girls lined up and I chose Marissa out of the line of lovely girls. She was beautiful and professional. She is very clean and provided a provocative thesis. She has great breasts that she doesn't mine showing off. I highly recommend Silk & Satin.
1/30/2006 Dont waste your time with this place. A total waste of time and money.
1/24/2006 After seeing the reviews about Marissa I had to see for myself and I must say she is exactly what I needed!!!!! I was there on 1/18/06 about mid-afternoon,I took a 30 minute show.It was just what the doctor ordered!It was a reasonable price and a great show.I must say I'll definately go back and see Ms.Marissa she GREAT!!!
12/8/2005 Went to S/S on 11-29-05 Hade a great time with the very beautiful and talented Marissa! My goodness, she is a fire cracker... Very great time!
(not rated) Nurseman
12/6/2005 I visited this salon on 12/3/05 not knowing what I was getting myself into, as soon as I walked in the girls made me feel absolutely comfortable! I chose a gorgeous little blond by the name of Marissa all though all the girls in the line up were cute she just had the most beautiful eyes and was very sweet when greeting me as I entered the salon! The show was fabulous and not up selling at all!!!!!!I would truelly suggest checking this place out!!!
9/16/2005 Went in on Monday looking for the fabulous Ashley and went upstairs with the just as fabulous and intriguing Mandy.

Hard body, blond all over and a great attitude! Left very pleased.

6/10/2005 Decided to drop by on Wednesday afternoon - first time in a little while. I was treated to some time with Sarah, and what a treat it was! She was by far the sweetest and most fun gal I've seen there in a long time. Lots of smiles and lots of fun all around... no pressure, no attitude, a real sweetheart!
5/15/2005 I had a great session with Natalie back in Jan and went back recently looking for her. She has moved on. Does anyone know where she maybe now? I would like to see her again.
4/16/2005 Went in at about 10:30 PM on a Friday. Granted, April is pretty attractive, nice blonde hair. April was the only girl that looked worthwhile so I went with her. Pretty fun time, but overpriced for the quality of the art criticism. This place is a toilet. The room kind of reminded me of being inside one of those motel rooms you find at I-30 and Buckner. All in all, left introspective but wishing I had gone elsewhere...


1/31/2005 After a bad experience at another salon, I decided to give Silk & Satin another try on 1-30-05. I have my usual problems with the place, like the rooms being right off the lobby, but that didn't make much difference when I walked in Sunday. There were three girls available, but I couldn't tell you what they looked like. My eyes locked onto a cute little blond named April and I didn't give the other two a second look. She's only been there four months, but this was without a doubt the best time I've ever had at a salon. Very attentive and very nice, April made it well worth the trip. As long as I can catch her there, no other salons will ne getting my business.
Ford Prefect
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