Stockyards Cabaret - PROBABLY CLOSED
719 N. Main St.
Fort Worth, TX 76164

Phone: ???
9p-2a Sun-Thu
9p-4a Fri-Sat
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7/20/2014 I can pretty much confirm that this place is closed. I've driven by and tried to get come in at normal business hours ( 7 - 8 pm ) on different days and it was always closed. The one time I actually was able to get it me and my buddies all ended up leaving because not a singer danced got on stage after an hour and after buying some drinks. This place could be great it just needed a bit more dancers.
(not rated) Idontdrink.
8/12/2013 Im trying to find out if they are hiring for entertainers but the number i found is disconnected...can somebody find this info for me!!!
(not rated) chanelmonroe
8/11/2013 Where's Mercedes
(not rated) M.sessums
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