Stockyards Cabaret - PROBABLY CLOSED
719 N. Main St.
Fort Worth, TX 76164

Phone: ???
9p-2a Sun-Thu
9p-4a Fri-Sat
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7/20/2014 I can pretty much confirm that this place is closed. I've driven by and tried to get come in at normal business hours ( 7 - 8 pm ) on different days and it was always closed. The one time I actually was able to get it me and my buddies all ended up leaving because not a singer danced got on stage after an hour and after buying some drinks. This place could be great it just needed a bit more dancers.
(not rated) Idontdrink.
8/12/2013 Im trying to find out if they are hiring for entertainers but the number i found is disconnected...can somebody find this info for me!!!
(not rated) chanelmonroe
8/11/2013 Where's Mercedes
(not rated) M.sessums
8/16/2012 (Whereupon, Stockyards Cabaret was brought under new management, with a new format of urban music, BYOB, and full nudity.)
(not rated) DFW Nites
6/24/2012 I stumbled across this place Friday night at about 10:30pm.I walk in and you could tell who was having a good time, and who wasn't! One of the girls completely snatched my attention. Beautiful face, gorgeous eyes, and her body was perfectly proportioned in every aspect. After just a few minutes, a dancer approached me, [DANCER 1]. We held a brief conversation. I had to inquire about the girl I had my eyes on. I found out her name is Mercedes! But to a surprise [DANCER 1] started trash talking about her!!!!! Aren't these girls supposed to work together? I would have given them both double dances. But [DANCER 1] ruined my experience there the first night. I will be back to see Mercedes!!!! If you read this you have a life long customer right here

DFW NITES: No need to name the trash-talker. When she reads this, she'll see the error of her ways.

6/20/2012 I visited this club a little over a week ago, and I spent more than I should have (because the girls were so good). When I first walked in around 8:30 or so, the place was nearly dead, but the two dancers there were more than happy to strike up conversation and just hang out. As the night wore on, more girls showed up and the place started to get busier. There are a few girls at this place who are complete knockouts! I got a few dances from Sadie, and she rocked my world. If I had money like Donald Trump, I'm pretty sure I would have spent the entire night there. Overall, great atmosphere, and everyone there was very chill. Looking forward to going back again!
6/9/2012 a week after my previous failure, I decided to try again, this time I didn't arrive untill 8:20; I expected a decent crowd, the State Republican Convention is in town, mere blocks away, Friday night, etc...maybe 6 cars parked this time, and loud music filtered from the walls, so everything was ok... I thought; I went in, zero customers, 2 employees; I hesitated at the entrance, when the Manager(?) quickly came over and said the "girls are in the back"...I asked him when they would come out, because I didn't have much time, he immediately retreived one, who danced 2 songs, then sat with me; our discussion revealed that most of the dancers had quit, because of "rude customers", and my Interlocutress (fancy word for woman I was speaking with) said she came to help out management, whom she liked...she normally dances at XTC..she offered to retreive the other dancer from the back, but 6 minutes passed, no one came out, so I split; an extra star given, because the club did try its best, given the little it had to work one insisted I buy a drink, no cover, cooperative attitude; this club has lots of potential, great location (although crummy parking) dancer said it's always slow before 11:00 p.m. to midnight; I don't know what could be done, short of massive advertising, to change things around, but this club should not be underperforming
6/2/2012 showed up at 6:30 Friday, expecting 2 hours of a busy night...but...there were exactly 2 cars parked on the premises; I walked in the mini-entrance, heard a guy talking on the phone, peered through the open window, saw a basketball game on the screen, and an empty stage; I could easily hear the phone conversation, which told me the place was completely dead....I left for other clubs; I expect this club is on its final legs

DfW NITES: Sometimes this club is empty, sometimes it's hopping in a neighborhood kind of way. 6:30 on a Friday during nice weather could well produce a low reading, but haters have been predicting the Stockyards Cabaret's demise for over half a year now, and it's only gotten stronger every time we've visited.

6/1/2012 My boyfriend and I went to Stockyard Cabaret two nights ago and the DJ had the place ROCKING!!!! The girls where having a great time and everyone in the club. Keep it up. Love the MUSIC selections!!!!
5/5/2012 The girls are amazing and know how to they have them in all shapes and sizes. Dancers Jenna, Ariel, or Mercedes get dances from them u will leave satisfied. Management is great also.
3/29/2012 Stockyards Cabaret continues to improve. A few more girls, a few more customers, a tuned-up sound system, and SIX high-def flat-screens. The liquor selection's a little more extensive, and they had cups and napkins a-plenty, though still no ATM.

Nonetheless, this place is getting better.
(not rated) DFW Nites

3/25/2012 The Historic Stockyards in Ft. Worth Texas, Home of the Stockyards Cabaret.. One of the smaller less known Cabarets in the DFW area. First impressions of the club were fair. Two stages, main stage with a pole and runway type stage that wasnít in use. Two pool tables toward the rear of the club and six respectable sized flat screens positioned strategically throughout the club, as well as mirrors all the way around. Marcum was the man behind the bar, and served me a very stout drink. Unfortunately from there it kind of went south. In the forty five minutes I was there(which this may have just been a slow night) I only saw three girls and two of them it was just a quick glance as they came to grab drinks and disappeared into the back private area.. The third girl was the only girl performing on stage, and she performed the entire duration of my stay, and I am sorry to say I was again unimpressed. I also didnít see very much security around, which may or may not be a good. I would like to give it another chance, But next time I go in it would be great to see a few more dancers.
2/25/2012 I really DIG This club. The beer is ICE COLD. The babes get hotter every time I come in this rockin local cabaret. The DJ rocks and the bartenders are friendly. It gets better and better and I will continue to expect more good times at this club. That's what's up.
2/6/2012 visited stockyards again friday thing, there seems to always be different girls here..i came back last time to see a girl i had gotten dances from my first visit, ended up with a different gal...same thing this time! neither girl from my previous visits was here...but i met a new girl Amber, a sexy brown haired cowgirl...we had a few shots and i got a couple dances....shes awesome...i am starting to really like this place, i just wish their girls would stick around longer or work more or whatever that might be...there was a decent crowd and they had a knockout bartender for once...Good Times!
1/27/2012 Thanks for the good review instapunter. We have pretty girls with great personalities here. We kno how to have fun and show the GENTELMEN an amazing time. This club is a work in progress and we are working hard to turn this club around. We all like working here and would hate to see it go to waste. Great location and good drink specials.


1/24/2012 Stockyards is still going, and it's getting better all the time.

They had some rope lights up on the south wall, new drink tables, and brand-new chairs in black and red crushed velvet. Swank!

Better yet, they had repeat customers and four or five girls on the floor (house fees still only $10, ladies), including the delicious Jenna, with straight brown hair to the middle of her back, nice B-cups, and the world's most elegant tramp stamp, with filigree, flowers, and calligraphy.

I think the bar skipped the tonic in my gin and tonic, but they did not skip the gin.

1/22/2012 Fun club. Pretty girls. Its really turned around.
1/19/2012 CAME BACK AGAIN! this place is cool...laid back strip club. friendly girls....krissy wasnt there but i got dances from chastity and had a good time...also theyre open every day except mondays..posted on front of bldg...

DFW NITES: Stockyards Cabaret's wise purchase of a banner ad may well have turned the tide. Who else wants to submit a review?
Casey Donahew

1/14/2012 Ive been to this place a couple times and wasnt too impressed...drove by Friday nite and saw a few cars and thought...what the hell....went in for a beer, saw several good looking girls ...maybe 8-10 total....ended up staying a couple hours...had a good time...awesome lapdance from Krissy....will be back! Great little spot right outside downtown fort worth.....


12/14/2011 Remember back in the day? You know, when your favorite club was just getting off the ground, and hardly anyone went there, but you really clicked with the bartender or the doorman or the DJ, so you told your friends about the place, and they told some friends, and they really liked it, too, and so the club really took off, and now -- because you were there for the club back in the day -- you're getting VIP treatment FOR LIFE?

Well, Stockyards Cabaret is definitely back in the day at this very moment. They're trying to make things click, get some regulars in there with some favorite dancers, but that hasn't happened -- YET!

But it totally could! Management is waiving cover as often as not, and the house fee is only $10 right now, so dancers can work there for about the price of a Starbucks coffee and sandwich. Girls can make their money back with just eye contact, practically.

And if you start going to Stockyards Cabaret now, BEFORE it takes off, you could end up with Most Favored Customer status. It's at 719 N. Main, just north of downtown Fort Worth, just south of the Stockyards, with plenty of street parking and a lot to the side.

I suggest you hit the ATM before you get there, and maybe stock up on $1s, and they might not have your exact favorite liquor on hand, but Stockyards Cabaret is there, it's open (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m.), and it's for real. They have two stages -- one with a brass pole, one like a bowling alley -- some pool tables, and a really cool abstract mural on the back wall. Smoking encouraged. Check it out.
DFW Nites

10/25/2011 719 n. main street fort worth...was in there sunday night...dont know about saturday...there is a big sign on top of bldg

D'oh! I was a half-block north looking at the remains of Cancun Nights (the name must have drawn me). I thought that Refinery St. was the start of the 700 block, but I guess it's halfway through 800.

Thanks for keeping on top of this. We'll visit Stockyards soon. -- DFW Nites

(not rated)

10/25/2011 it was open last nite....nice smaller strip club hideaway...

DFW Nites: Really? It had NO signage of any form on Saturday night, no cars, nothing. I'm talking about the place on N. Main and Refinery St. in Fort Worth.
(not rated)

10/22/2011 We may have spoken too soon. The place is locked, with no sign except a FOR RENT sign. It would be suitable for conversion to a cabaret-themed haunted house, if anyone wanted to act fast.
(not rated) dfw nites
10/22/2011 DFW Nites is proud to finally have a review page for Panther City Cabaret. We know some of you have been there, so please fill us in on how you like it.
(not rated) DFW Nites
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