Stilettos Cabaret (Showcase)
3929 S HWY 157
Fort Worth, TX 76040

Phone: 817-358-9811
Sun-Thu 4pm-2am
Fri-Sat 4pm-4am
$10 after 9 p.m.
VIP requires bottle service ($150+)
$3 until 6 p.m.
$5 until 9 p.m.
$10 after
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1/31/2015 Cowboy Tim back at it in Stellitos Cabaret.

Got a dance from one of my all time favorite dancers Leli!

I mean this girl....beautiful! Smile like a sunny day!

Bout DAT ASS DOE! I don't know how she does it but her twerk is somethin special... Like she twerks from her thigh to her ass cheeks! Makes me want to give her a good spankin cause she's a bad girl! Soft skin, pretty eyes! One gorgeous woman, fun dances!

Special night for her February 14th. She works at night, but even if you don't catch her while your in there, there are other beautiful luxurious women to see. Stellitos is truly Cowboy Tim approved!
Cowboy Tim


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(not rated) imaregular

9/15/2014 (THURSDAY 9/11/2014)

$5 for the cover at about 8 which was fine. I walk in and I find out that it's an urban club which I never mind. The best asses are always at places like this. The most I can say about this place like I said is the asses.. They definitely know how to twerk at this place.

At one point this dancer Trouble comes down to sit with me and starts dancing for me right away. While it's nice to get an automatic lap dance, I don't really like being forced to shell out a tip when I didn't even ask for a dance. Luckily she was okay and had nice tits.

Later Latoya comes down and sits with me which this Amazing ass and huge tits but she ended up being called up to the main stage and had to leave. As soon as she leaves Trouble comes back and starts dancing for me again... I'm not a huge fan of that so I tip her and say thanks and leave the place....

The atmosphere was very late 90's sports bar if that makes any sense. The food however smelled AMAZING. It was run by this older white lady who you can just tell whatever she made was delicious.

This club is just whatever to be honest and it could have more girls for a late night in my opinion. I don't drink but domestics are $4.75 each.. Even I know thats a bit much for a club.
12/29/2012 Well I went in today found out that Mama Patsy is no longer there. I have been craving her cooking all week ! Door girl is sexy as hell on dayshift bartender is [STRONGLY CRITICIZED] and manager [IS STRONGLY CRITICIZED] as well.

DFW NITES: Thanks for the update, TJ. We'll deliver your uncensored feedback to management. Does anyone know where Mama Patsy has gone?

11/24/2012 Loving the change up on Dayshift! Its a mix of rock, pop and rap. The Cook Ms. Patsy can throw down some burgers!!!!!
10/29/2011 Nice place to go. Girls are friendly and not pushy. The drink prices are cheap. Went in on the dayshift and the music was a variety mix. The DJ was even playing some rock and rnb, nice to hear a mix instead of just gangster rap all the time. I will be back soon. Big shout out to the girls that made my visit enjoyable.
2/21/2011 came here after a 10 months absence, expecting a hot reception...anything but, this club has remarkably deteriorated, it was dead, and the hardcore rap, gangsta lyrics sounded comedic in contrast; the dancer quality was fair, but all of them went through the motions, none ever graced anything but the main stage; every dancer simply appeared lazy and disinterested, and there were about 5 club employees lingering around with no noticeable work to do...I don't know why the club bothered to open
12/29/2010 that i like this club and i want j6b here. Jan 052011
8/14/2010 Responding to the jack ass a couple posts down, talking all that mess about butch..You are truley and idiot, if you feel so strongly, why not call him up at the club and let him no, instead of airing out your dirty laundry on this review site since Bucth "KNOWS" you and you are such a long time customer since this place was called "showtime" you mean SHOWCASE you jack ass...since if you scroll down on this sit it has a listing for SHOWTIME and their reviews. you write such a big and sketchy review at best with all you having to say is He told the girls you were a cop, and that you threw something on stage...i dont know how long you have been coming this this establishment, but it has ALWAYS been throw something on stage besides money and you get dealt with. thats just the way this club operates. outr of all the clubs in ft worth, this is the club you really dont want to get tossed out of, i promise tyou that.. if it bothered you so much why didnt you just leave instead of getting thrown out? why come on here and try and sound awesome when you make yourself look stupid?

Butch does what he can with what he has, he never inteneded for this club to turn into what it did, Lord knows i preffered it when it was Blue Collar! and as far as the 5 dollar pitchers being watered down, your drinking high life homie, thats how it tastes! but he was the first and still is the ONLY toppless bar that runs reg. drink prices EVERYDAY all NIGHT!

6/20/2010 went on Ladies night and it was awesome. there was sooo many goodlooking ladies. the crowd was crunk and they had drink specials all night long. the only problem i had was the d.j. singing along to every song he would be okay if he had a voice like usher...but he dont! some customers were throwing money like it was no tomorrow...just stacks of ones,it was wild. i WILL be coming back again
4/18/2010 came to Stilletto's Friday, the day shift rocked, some nice-looking sisters, $5 pitchers (the beer was heavily watered-down, however); the night shift lagged, I was there untill 9:00 pm, and about 2/3 of the night dancers kept their tops on, and left them on as they rotated from stage-to-stage, so I was happy to leave..the hustle was strong, as others have talked about, but not overbearing...not sure what was going on with the night dancers, but a group of 8 female customers showed up at the beginning of that shift, perhaps some of the dancers did not care to expose themselves to a raucous group of lesbians?
4/7/2010 This is my second attempt to post a negative review on the visit I had...I believe a day either side of March 24th...on the night shift. I gave this visit 1 star only because zero wouldn't show up as a review ranking. My earlier review went unpublished...profanity and a few other reasons perhaps? Fine...but I'm not giving you guys a reason to ignore or censure this one.

First off, having been in this club for YEARS going back to when it was Showtime (see my other reveiws, all favorable and posted over time) you would think that by now the owner would know I'm a CUSTOMER, especially since I've approached him (Butch is his name) in the past to discuss something, and in fact HE ACKNOWLEDGED THIS on this last visit so he obviously knew who I was...yet I was still treated like dirt here on this visit almost from the minute I got there, and the girls on the floor told me that the owner told them I was a cop and to take necessary precautions, which basically meant being shunned all night by the dancers and followed around by the bouncers...not why I came in to spend money, I can assure you. One girl told me you said you'd fire her if she danced for me. WTF is wrong with you?

Butch...starting with the OBVIOUSLY do know something shady is going on if you have to tell your employees to change their behavior around any one customer who comes in...OBVIOUSLY you not only know but also approve since it brings in business...but second, if I WERE a cop I could have busted the club long ago and haven't so think about that...but then also consider the fact that on the night in question I was also drinking a pitcher (on duty cops can't) and's the best part...YOUR OWN EMPLOYEES TOLD YOU THEY KNOW ME AND THAT I'M NOT A COP. In fact the lady I came in to her invitation BTW...she told you also, but apparently it was more about some weird kind of jealousy thing on your part with her sitting on my least that's what several other dancers thought...that you weren't getting her to "comply" with whatever you "wanted from her" so you singled her (and me) out...pretty stupid really.

Finally...tossing a paper 3"x5" paper flyer on the stage when the DJ says "throw something on stage"...well that's not really a federal offense now is it? I mean it is a bar and people drinking in a bar sometimes get a little reason to round up a posse of bouncers, etc...fact is I'd had enough of being treated like crap so I was leaving and felt it an appropriate gesture to let you know how unpleasant the visit I had here was on this occassion and how disgusted I was at the treatment I got from you.

I feel bad for the young ladies who have no real choice but to dance at Stiletto's for whatever's obvious from the ugly dilapitated look of the club, the way you don't back up your girls when customers get out of line and even how you summarily fired someone recently for no reason AFTER you indicated what they asked for was OK...well obviously you don't value the contribution the ladies make. My 2 cents worth...we come to see them not you nor do we care for your goons giving us a hard time. I'm far less inclined to visit again knowing how you're treating people who work for you as well as customers.


3/31/2010 well let me just say i was once a dancer here,and nothing much has changed!!!! their are still drug dealers,trash dancers,fucked up stages, dirty bath rooms,water down drinks,oh and dont forget about the bartenders a mess they are so rude!!!!! butch 2 faced ass want to be cool then turn his back on you.he got rid of the best female entertainers that was their.the clients are better since after the shooting! i give it time it will be right back rachet. they need to use all that money they making and get front stage pole fixed.....
2/24/2010 Stopped by here Saturday night about 10:30pm on 2/20 and could not believe my eyes because it was jam packed. Mostly Stiletto's has had about half a dozen dancers of varying quality at any one time but this place was wall-to-wall fine black honies in there doing a birthday celebration for one of the girls on this night. There were about 50 girls working, with a dozen or more truly beauiful sisters. If Stiletto's could pull this off every night this would be the hottest club in the Metroplex. My only complaint is the smoke...if they'd invest in some smoke eaters it would be easier to stay in there longer.
(not rated) tomcat
1/20/2010 This place is really rocking, beautiful girls, cheap drinks, not like any other strip bar that i have been in. Good music, great atmosphere and televisions everywhere. Went in on Monday $5 pitchers of beer, any drink, door and even lap dances. Don't know who's new concept this is but its fun. This will be my favorite to chill.
11/20/2009 What the last guy said about the hustle is true, but I found in here if you ignore anything but your drink or may be a pool cue for a half hour you can sneak back into the hive without getting stung. Any time I've come in here and immediately tipped or gotten a dance I've been bombarded with the car salesman approach, which I hate. Sit back and take it in a bit at a time and it's a lot easier to avoid getting harassed for drinks as well. In any case I suppose it's a small price to pay if you're looking for wall-to-wall Nubian queens because nothing else will do.
11/19/2009 showed up mid-week, plenty of girls, I had thought this was not a majority-Black club, simply a plurality....but there was only one non-Black dancer, out of 15 or so; some of them were hot, but the hustle for dances (and drinks, in 2 cases) was non-stop, it was every 4-5 minutes, easily; the music was ALL hardcore rap, nothing else; at least at Jaguars, down the street, the girls sit in your lap while they hustle you, and are a bit smooth about it, at Stilleto's they are direct, and some seem to feel their defense, there was very little money to be made without table dances, but I suspect it has become a vicious circle, guys don't come when they are turned off by the constant hustle, which creates a bigger need, and more hustling...I have seen an alarming trend of over-hustling, this year, but Stilleto's raised the bar
Ho Chi Minh
11/14/2009 Swung by here again this afternoon, about 6 dancers, less than I expected for a Saturday and only one or two worth the time. Found what I was looking for immediately though in Keyonna, a sexy dark chocolate spinner type at 4'11", about a brick over 100 pounds, super toned and so petite with a VERY NICE little ass. Got a couple dances from her, take this as the gospel, you won't regret it. She knows how to move her body, knows just how to "fit" with you like a puzzle piece and isn't afraid of sharing. I'll definitely be seeing more of her in the future. No blatant feeding frenzy of chicks asking for dances this time...guess it pays to dress
10/24/2009 Dropped by there yesterday for a bit on day shift. Lil Kim and Tender are very cute, petite and fun. The chick who jumped me 30 seconds inside the door with a sales pitch for a table thanks I like to do the asking. I think it's probably better at night cuz the day shift looks pretty bare of customers.


8/14/2009 There is usually no less then 6 girls and up to 16 at any time during the day shift now and with 3 dollar u calls till 9pm it definantly helps, and they even play a large amount of rock music during the days, they must be trying to get some of the blue collar crowd back in there during the day time! its a totally differnt staff now also, new waitress, new bartender, new manager, all on day time!
(not rated) Buddy
6/18/2009 Is there any particular reason that there is usually only one girl working day shift during most days?The lone girl is Kara who is pretty great but she can only spread herself so thin if there are more then 2-3 guys in the club at one time.Otherwise the club itself is nice enough(the lowered drink prices help a bunch)
5/7/2009 wow, this place is a lot of fun on thursday with the 2 dollar beers and hourly specials they run. whiteboys even showing up to get some rub with booty in there, i will be back.
(not rated) shrek
3/29/2009 Checked it out last night, wasnt too bad drinks are still better priced then any place in town, hip hop music all night and loads of girls , had a few new ones in there last night looked pretty good, this place runs like 200-300 people a night thrue the door....and they started the pool tournament back up with no buy in and 100 dollar prize!....def. better then peeps or hard bodys
(not rated) Kal-el
3/25/2009 My boyfriend and I went a couple of weeks ago for Ladies Night and we had a blast. Erica is my favorite, she really knows how to show you a good time. This club is pretty decent.
7/7/2008 went in last weekend, and man o man, its really ashame to see this place go form an OK blue collar joint to the Black Hole it has become, one white girl the rest are black and the music is NOTHING but hard rap wich most isnt even air played, a bunch of shit no ones ever heard of before. Plus it just smells nasty. the owner has really let this place go down hill, i liked it better when it was nude. They really need to clean house and get rid of EVERYBODY and start over!
That Guy
3/31/2008 Really gone down hill. I used to be a regular until they started opening the doors at 4:00 rather than noon. Was a good place to stop off after work but now if you walk in at 4:00 you still pay cover and no girls show up until 5:00. Mostly none paying friends of staff there early now. Open up at 2:00 and things would be moving by the time those that stop off on their way to or from work. Right now they have lost those early regulars, so they might as well not open till 7:00. Not for me until they change.
3/3/2008 Went early on Friday 3/1/08, around 5:00 pm. $5 cover. Only about 6 dancers inside, buit it was early. All looked good to me. Few patrons, not much tipping going on other than me, and even then the dancers were rather inattentive, so I left after a short while. I may give it a chance again to see if this is the norm.
11/15/2007 If your into blacks, Stilettos is the place to go some of the nost beautiful black women i have ever seen. Most have good personalities, and are far from being ghetto. Big Bubba's Bar B Q is still a hit. I dont know how he fixes those ribs but I make sure every that everytime that i am in town i eat some. I see that we have new bartenders, and DJ Ghost who really adds atmosphere to the club. For an outstanding night away from mom and the kids i recommend Stilettos. I am the bald headed Marine sitting at the Bar talking to Somethin Special. Come up and introduce yourself and I buy you a beer.
9/9/2007 this place is a nother peeping toms,the bartener is rude,bug nats in the drinks,place needs to be shut down by the city
(not rated) klan
8/27/2007 they seem to be trying to balance out the girl ratio white and blacks, and they have a pool tournement on fridays and sat. nights at midnight , i won last friday, the pot seems to get up in the 100 dollar is good, new bartender Indigo is a hottie!

the old man is actually spending some cash to help this place out!

hopefully it will be coming out of the rut its been in with all the bangers and thugs that hang out there, and turn it back into a decent blue collar club again

8/23/2007 went they yesterday at lunch and the place was poppin. bitches were shaking that shit for my dolla and it was all good. the only thing had me trippin was some crazy ass white boy on the mike spitting random chaos i hadnt ever heard. he must be the nite dj brother or something but they both sound like they were on crack. still had a good time though not a bad nite at the sharpie tip
rod woodhammer
8/6/2007 This club is really turning around, the after hours is really a plus, lots of new girls, and a new bartender CARMIN she is hotttt. Jeanie is back with her usual self. Welcome back Jeanie. If you are a Texas Hold'em player then this is the place playing tournaments on Monday and Wednesday. $100.00 Chip leader, $25,00 Highest Hand, and $25.00 for a Royal Flush. Come meet the new dealer Jimmy you will like him very professional. Still the same old cheap prices.
8/2/2007 i dont know why this club is listed as moderatly expensive, because it has the cheapest cover and drink prices of any club ive been too
(not rated) dirk diggler
7/26/2007 I have found the afterhours spot, open til 4 am on friday and saturday, $5.00 cover, no drinking between 2 and 4 plenty of women, Bubba is cooking breakfast, best pancakes in town. Still got plenty of ribs. Tables dances are $10.00

really had a good time. No problems, good music and a party atmosphere. Come see for yourself. You wont believe it.

7/26/2007 Hey man this place is happening. Went to da 2007 Stripfest Sunday, that was the bomb. If you like black women, cheap prices and good music then this is the place.
(not rated) Q
7/18/2007 the place has changed for the better. i went in there friday 13 and there was actually a few white dancers! i talked to one of them, she had blond hair big boobs and a nice build wasnt bad to talk to either, she could drink though!the other girl wasnt too friendly. will be back on friday and sat nights to see the first one, i think her name was ivy? plus the drinks are cheap there.
big money
6/19/2007 Wow Things are Changing Looks like they Have A new mananger, seems pretty cool, he promises some changes for the better....lets hope he makes them happen hopefully he will get some of the old girls back(malibu carmel, reesie and a few more) and keep a few of the hot ones, like mirage andand fanasty and who could forget toni at the bar, music seems alot more alive with the new dj and he will play just about anything you want but all in all still a great time !!!!!
4/20/2007 The next time you go to Stilettos ask for Big Bubba, this guy has the best ribs in the country. Fantastic food, cold beer, good music and beautiful women what a combinatio. I recommend this place even if you don't care for the topless ladies, and the cheap prices, the atmosphere and food is well worth your trip........
4/20/2007 4-19-07 I had the time of my life my 21 birthday, the girls are great, management gave me a autographed t-shirt, they put me on stage and the girls beat my ass. A day to remember. Complimentary door, cheap drinks and a hell of a lot of fun, a day i will never forget.
4/12/2007 i have visited this club a few times now. i love the atmosphere and the ladies have gone out of their way to make sure i hae a good time. i luv the mix of ladies in the club especially apple. finest woman i have seen in any club with just the right amount of attitude. pnt is now my 2nd favorite club.
papa john
4/3/2007 My girlfriend works at the club, I personally thank Butch for his concern and attempt to make the club not only a safe workplace but also for thew safety of his customers.Granted the metal detector will not stop violence but it works the same as a lock which keeps an honest man honest. Thanks again for your concern.
(not rated) Q-Ball
3/31/2007 I don't see what all the comotion is about, i read your web page to find that that they have the prettiest black girls in the metroplex. The cheap drinks and the music was not all that bad. Seems to me that some of the opinions are bias and uncalled for. I had a very good time. I would like to thank FANTASY, LUXURIOUS, APPLE and especially TONI, the bartender a very laid back comfortable atmosphere and so what if they have a metal detector at the door, maybe you shouldn't have things in your pockets to worry about. THANKS AGAIN FOR A GOOD TIME..
4 Speed
3/29/2007 Went in about a week ago, looked ok, wasnt bad, still cheap drinks..butch has been spending alot of time there recently, maybe things will start to look up...Saw a girl name Secret, kinda ghetto but was she hot, just something about her body, and her table dances were excellent...JJ is back and he seems to be doing his best, wouldnt give you much for there DJ, he talks a little much and most of his lines are extra stupid....all in all i will be back soon
3/12/2007 I welcome the metal detectors, I thank the management for the concern for the patrons and employees. enlight of the tragedy the happened at a Ft Worth club this week this was a good decision, the detectors will never be able to stop a situation like that but it may assist in preventing it from happening again.
(not rated)
3/9/2007 What the hell has this place turned into the court house or what. They expect you to go through a fuckin metal detector before entering the club. Damn if you have a set of keys in your pocket or anything metal you think the world is coming to the end, bells, whistles and everyone looks at you like you are crazy. If you plan on going in be sure to leave your toys at home.
Big Baby
3/9/2007 The ladies whether black white or what ever have been nothing but nice to me, and it sure beats the hell out of where i just came from.
3/5/2007 Just got back from Iraq pleasant to see familiar faces, thank god you have a new bartender, Toni is a doll with a great personality.Lots of new girls, new look, and JJ is back. Cheapest prices in town, You can get wasted on $1.00 well drinks and bottle beer is still under $4.00 . Don't know where they found Bubba but that dude can cook some serious BBQ Glad to be back and definitely will be back to see Toni and get some more of those ribs.
3/4/2007 white girls think thier black

black girls are to ghetto

drinks are watered down

drink prices vary

sound system cracks

music sucks

parking lot trashed out (love my tires to much to chance it again)

chairs are hard

tables are dirty

bathroom (it would be cleaner to have a bucket on the floor

trash on the club floor

to many pimps and dealers

managment is doesnt exist

girls fight to much

stages are falling apart

hostle enviroment

cover varies depending on who is on the door.

this is from a 3 month review . visit times and dates varied to get random data
(not rated) nakedtruth

2/23/2007 brief visit on Tuesday, my Friend did not like it and insisted we leave...which prompted no argument from me, the dancers were average, at best, the club layout is horrible, one big rectangle with poor sightlines...the beer price, at $3.75, gives this club the edge over neighbor Baby Doll's, but Baby Doll's has 2-3 times as many dancers, and better looking dancers...may try a solo visit soon and give it more time
Ho Chi Minh
1/19/2007 This club has got so much potential. I would love for this club to be like Pandoras in Dallas. They got lots of room in the back, a centerstage that can be equipped with bars and a buffet area if only someone would get the nerve to do it!!!. I love Kahnani, the waitress, and hope to come back.
1/9/2007 I made my rounds to 3 clubs near each other last weekend. Since I was in the mid cities area. I will post this same thing at all 3 clubs. First I haven’t been to Stiletto’s for a while. Last time I went it had really improved. This time it was bad. Girls were not good looking and most of them big or over weight.I will skip Stiletto’s for a few months then go to see if it improves.
11/30/2006 My condolenses to the club and the dancers who are missing their DJ. Stillettos is a great club, glad to see this place up and running. Girls are very sweet, management is great also.
(not rated)
11/9/2006 Thats correct the DJ was killed by some street racer punk, while walking home the other night, the event took place justpast BD's
(not rated) Saint
10/30/2006 Well I went here last Tuesday, October 24, and it was a somber yet nice event where they had fun remembering the DJ. Apparently the DJ past away in fatal crash. The dancers were all nice. Elise is a great long-haired brunette that gives good dances. Apparently she may be leaving the club though. I was sad that Khananni, the hawaiian waitress was not there. If you ever see her, you would beg her to be a dancer. The previous posts are correct that they are doing good things now here to change the image and IT'S ABOUT TIME. I always love it when black dancers are cool dancing to rock music. But still there is way too much ghetto rap.
10/22/2006 Stopped in again this weekend. Not as many girls as last weekend, but most of the ones there were very nice looking. Two very very HOT. If your tired of paying over $5 a beer, go here, it's only $3.75. And your not harassed to buy drinks, or at least I wasn't. I'm not a pool player, but they have 4 tables with new felt. 2 by the bar, 2 in the back corner. Cold drafts in glass iced mugs are $2.25. I do not drink mixed drinks or shots, so do not know the price of those. Next week, i'll have more time, wil get some dances from at least the 2 hottest girls there. I would give it 5 stars, but the music was mostly rap based. Just didn't go over well. They need to mix it up. So will rate it a 4. 5 for the girls and atmosphere, 2 on the music.
10/16/2006 This seems like a nice place. Haven't been there in years, noticed the name change. the process of updating, thanks! ~Blaze I had a few beers, need to go back to check it out more, has much potential compared to how the other clubs around here went down hill fast.
(not rated) John
10/15/2006 I went here Saturday night. I must say I was very pleasantly surprised. Last time I been several months ago, it was horrible. But now it is great. Maybe they have new managememnt. There were a variety of girls. About 50-50 black / white. Maybe 12 girls, most very nice looking to hot, except a few overweight ones. I do have to say even though they all were very nice and friendly, a few were very pushy on the dances, a little too pushy. But I'll go back. One girl very pushy on getting tips on stage. I do not like it when girls motion to get you to the stage and act pissed off if you don't. Or they ask for an extra $1. Girls, a word of advice, too pushy in that way does not get you any extra points or dollars from the guys. That will keep me from not going as much. But I will be back.
(not rated) Rick
10/14/2006 10/14/06 - R.I.P. Dj Richard!

He was struck by a speeding motorist. He will be missed but will always remain in memory.
(not rated) A Friend

10/11/2006 There is new management starting this week, I hope he will make some changes for the better. Please come in and see new changes.
(not rated)
10/3/2006 I go to this place at least twice a month and have come to be known as the guy with the "foot fetish". I agree considering the location, this place has tons of potential if someone would stand up. I personally hate the Manager and GM here. They are stand out idiots. One major example of to go to the club on first Monday Night Football game of the season and into the 2nd quarter i went there. This place had CNN, FOX News, and FOX 4 on all the Televisons. Either a major hatred to NFL or he was too busy trying to remember what happnend 5 min ago. The girls are meadiocre, occasionally a real beauty dances there but for some odd reason they leave. The waitresses though are great.
9/23/2006 The most bizarre spot on the planet. I like rap music but for some reason this place makes me hate rap music. Go figure? I have an appreciation for healthy women…You know J. Lo or Beyonce will work……….But this place has taken it to the extreme. These ladies arenot healthy they are really healthy. (No Bueno) LOL I do understand that it is a stripclub so I am not looking for a spotless floor but this place was unacceptable. Based on location this establishment has a lot of potential. Wish someone would step up a fix it.
(not rated)
9/17/2006 I went into the club friday 9-15-06 and what a waste of a cover charge. this club has alot of potential but not in the direction they are going. The music selection sucks, it seems like every song was a gangsta rap song played on a slower speed than it needed to be. I didn't reconize a single song. All the women were BBW if thats what you want to call it. Between the fat(not phat) dancers and the ghetto music, this club is obviously catering to the less disireable. Next time when i pass by i'll just keep driving another 10 seconds and pull into Babydoll's, I'm sure they have a better music selection and thinner dancers. Too bad this club don't have a satisfaction gurantee, i would get my money back for my beer, cover charge and my gas for going there.
9/10/2006 this place sucks!! the women were real fat.. i thought strip bars suppost to have skinny women.. not this place.. i saw 1 black ckick she was so dam big she should not even be on stage.. that was gross..they only had 1 white stripper and she was big.. where are all the skinny women at?? this place gets no stars from me..
(not rated) bill
9/1/2006 yucky,dirty place...

dirty behind the bar...

no managers in site...

no girls, no customers...

limes and lemons not fresh...

loud rap like music all day...

place sucked...
(not rated) so what

8/1/2006 Thanks for the info. ~Blaze
The girls are great. Pretty, REAL girls, fun to talk to. Music was a little rap heavy, but the girls made up for it by providing REAL entertainment. I paid several of the girls just for time and company, rather then dances. I will try danced next time. A+
7/20/2006 Went in looking for Jessica, who apperentlt only worked there a week. Liked the club, cheap beers, the music was better then last time. If they get Jessica back, I will be in every day
5/8/2006 Man did management screw up bad. They let the day shift bartender slip out of their hands. Without her this place suxs. I won't be back. What were you thinking?????
(not rated) sadsack
4/30/2006 Stilleto's good clean club if you want to have a nice relaxed afternoon drinking cold beer and being stroaked by some really nice women. I've been in on days and nights and personally I perfer the day shift because the girls are a lot more friendly and how a kickass bartender. If i was management I would take care of the bartender I think her name is daffney.

Night shift has in past over charged me a couple of times when I run a tap. Need to let them know that most men know what they spend but feel if you have to steal to make ends meet then I only hope it catches up with you. Please change name to Shillito's for future postings.

4/28/2006 Went by to see what all the commotion is about, unfortunately I was not able to find the skinny rude bartender, the dance music DJ or the ugly girls. Really let me down , instead I found a very attractive bartender, some slow waitresses, but CHEAP bar prices, it's a little dark out but they are friendly. The place is at least clean, the music isn't so loud that you can't talk, good atmosphere. If you don't believe me come see for yourself..
4/28/2006 I've been going to Stiletto's ( which by the way is the real name of club and it's topless now) for a couple of months now and it's very clean and they try to keep the undesireables out. The girls are sweet and will just sit and talk if that's all you want to do but if you want more they will trip your trigger. Prices are reasonable but they need to have drink specials or happy hour would help. I can tell you one thing they don't pay the day shift bartender even close to enough because this little beautiful freak runs her ass off to make this place work and believe she isn't half as appreciated as she should be. She dances around with a beautiful smile and green eyes to die for to keep place upbeat even when business is slow. If you go there be sure to say hi to Daffney the day bartender. Annamarie will prove to be a very sexy lady who enjoys singing and dancing, and let's not forget Ginger, Teanna, Candy sweet and Maraoge.
4/25/2006 Let me say I almost didn’t find the place to post. The name is wrong on the website .

I first made into this club a few weeks ago during the day. At first I was surprised to see no girls, but this was not a bad thing. I found it a nice quite experience, no overly loud music and no girls trying to hustle money

The staff was friendly and always had something to talk about. Than around 1 or 2 the girls started to show up. They also were pleasant to talk to. So for the daytime its feels like a regular bar, nice and comfortable. When I’m in town I’ll make sure to come back.

Than I made the error of staying over for the night crew; I was expecting the same attitude as the day crew. I could never imagine such a difference between the two shifts. The bar tender for the day was fun, and made you want to come back. Even though her humor was dry. The nighttime bar tender was the complete opposite. She had no expressions at all and rarely talked. I had to order my drink from the waitress (I was sitting at the bar) just to get one.

The waitress’ seem more interested in talking than taking orders from customers. They seemed to all hover around the front door, next to the most colorful man I have ever met, or around the bar. He was the best part of the night..

I know no bar is perfect they all have their problems this is just a known fact.I understand that a day crew has fewer problems due to fewer customers, but of all the bars I’ve been to, the night shift is in the top 10 worst. Now I’m not saying the day shift is the greatest. They do how ever make an attempt to make you feel welcome. Unlike the night shift, that seems disjointed to have to work.

So for my next visits I’ll be going during the day when I can, and avoiding the night.

Ps: Management your nighttime bartender scares me, I’m not sure of her name. She’s a small skinny thing that never talks, smiles or anything. I’ve wondered a few times if she was alive. I don’t say this to be mean, normal people just don’t act that way.


4/16/2006 Went in Friday they have new management and a few new girls,drink prices are cheap Ill be back!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3/7/2006 please get some girls.this club won,t make it with the girls you have now.the dj thinks it,s a dance club
3/4/2006 this place is a joke,no girls,sorry managment,save your money go some were else
1/28/2006 I went last Tues night and the place was totally dead. There were maybe 4 or 5 parties in there, and only 2 dancers working. Normally that would be a bad thing, but it was only $5 to get in, and the drink prices were about the same as one would pay at a normal bar. Except this one has a stage with strippers on it. Since there were only 2 working, lapdances were not available, but the girls did make an effort to talk to everyone. All of the employees seemed like they were having fun, and they were getting along great with the manager. Both of the dancers were pretty hot also. I don't know what grade it would have earned as a strip club that night, but if you were to grade it as a regular bar, it was great. Good music, good drink prices, friendly staff, and good service. I'll try to catch it when it's a little busier to see if they do as well.
Mickey Vegas
1/17/2006 11:05:00 AM I must say the club itself is great, the atmosphere was just like a topless bar should be, open, roomy, big stages, dance poles, they have it all. They even kept the swing. The music was not too loud or obnoxious, and the doorgirl and bartenders were all friendly as could be(I didn't use a waitress). It was a Friday night around midnight when I went in and they had a cheap cover and cheap beer that was COLD ! The only drawback is they didn't have many girls working. I saw probably less then 10, and I think they were only working one stage. The girls I did see weren't bad. All in all I'd say if you just gotta see some skin and need a cheap cold beer in a nice atmosphere, this could be your place. -- If I could make a recommendation to the Managment, it would be to quietly recruit some dancers with bonuses, and get them over there to coincide with some media advertising and dance specials ! -- Love the Club !!
Mr G
12/28/2005 First they have just started day shift about 3 weeks ago in the middle of december, what else would you expect, there wedsnday nights are good, and all the other night are descent aswell, they have texas hold'em tournaments on weds. and sat and sunday are pretty packed......they are getting new girls in everyday, and i saw they got rid of that gothic cottage cheese bowl they had working there during the day , thats def. a i will give it another month or so to get up and goin full storm...
12/25/2005 This club has just opened the day shift the management is making drastic changes to the day shift starting after new years day
(not rated)
12/23/2005 Nothing special here, for me. Actually only one girl in the whole place and she was nothing special. I thought a Club was suppose to have several girls tyr to make you feel good and enjoy yourself. This club did none of that, maybe I was ther at the wrong time. It was about 2pm, but if your open you should be open, right.
12/12/2005 Went in around 5 o'clock. No dancers. Two very disinterested people at the bar. I won't be back anytime soon.
11/23/2005 Stilettos is now topless, come by and see the new changes and the drink prices are cheaper than most topless bars.
(not rated)
11/23/2005 WOW! this place is great had a Whole bunch of new ladies, and they are gonna have a day shift startin this week, and oh yeah THEY are TOPPLESS, and everything is Cheaper than any other Toppless bar i have ever been too! this place is Bitchin!
Tylor Durden
11/18/2005 It will never be the same now that Larry has left town, but I still enjoy giving AL shit. The cheap bastard never paid me when I worked there, but that's OK. That's just AL. I still love the "atmosphere". Chad is managing, which is great- he is one of the good guys. You can go in a drop a few bucks and know somebody will keep the girls in line... no BS.

Who gives a shit if some of the girls are topless! You try finding pretty girls to work half a block away from the jail. Cut these guys some slack. This place is fun! The girls are laid back; none of that Men's Club prima donna BS.
(not rated) MC ToneDef

11/1/2005 I wanted to kick back and relax after a long day at work. It was kinda slow. But, I was treated very well by staff. Sexy ladies really know how to dance will return very, very soon. Was told by staff member Wednesdays & Saturdays are the best days to attend to see alot of ladies. I can't wait!!!
Nice Guy
9/21/2005 I was suprised to find that Showcase I had changed its name after returning from Afganistan it had really made some changes, sports on the TV's, and it looks like they are going TOPLESS . I was suprised to find advertising alcohol prices that was unbelievable for a nudey bar. From the advertising they have finally got a new web site if they do what they say, this should prove to be interesting, Finally you can go to a titty bar and not go broke. They were playing Texas Hold'em on Wednesday night with believe it or not a good turn out. Butch keep up the good work, the new table dance area is great, especially to be abl;e to listen to the ball games.

I will definitely be back to see what else is being done.


8/13/2005 you can change the look,but still crappie managment and dj this place is a joke,save your money go to babydolls
(not rated) nightrunner
8/13/2005 Went in tonight and it was good,place has shaped up abit and looks great,saw a few familiar faces,there was this one girl Cindy she was incredible great body and a red head to boot,wow she was smokin,alot of great girls ,i cant it says there going toppless soon i cant wait this place was great!
8/12/2005 Yes we will be selling liquor and beer sometime after the first of september, and no we arnt going to be charging out the ass! the club is still under great rentovations and when its gone toppless it will be selling drinks at CHEAP prices, cheaper than any other toppless bar around thats a guarantee!! and expect 20 to 30 new additions to the staff of girls
(not rated) Angelus
8/4/2005 Wow, this place looks a lot better than it used to. I would say if you guys closed it for a bit than close it again cuz it definatly made a difference. just a lil more tweaking and it could become a great club. which would be a good thing since i have fond memories back in the day when i was younger and came in when it was showcase. im even seeing some of the old faces back like the old man that reminds me of boss hogg and that goth DJ, whats his name? anyway, looking good, i work right next door and i would hope that it gets even better so i can get a weekly GTG with some of my bro's from work to follow me out there.

btw, are you guys going to start selling beer soon?? i saw a sign. PLEASE tell me you arent going to charge out the ass for drinks like every other club. the whole reason i used to like this place was i could come in with a 12pk, and have plenty of cash to spend on the girls, giving them a good nite, and me a good nite :) i dont want to have to waste all my cash on the bartender just to pull a beer out of a cooler. I would rather spend it on the ladies. Dont mess it up and push all the people off to the clubhouse for BYOB reasons.



7/29/2005 We are open
(not rated)
7/8/2005 To the valued patrons, we are sorry that we will be closed for a few days from 7-7-05 till 7-11-05 for some much needed repairs. We just recently took over ownership of this club and plan to make huge changes. I hope you will come back and see us in the future and once again we are sorry for any inconvience the closing may have caused.
(not rated) Management
6/25/2005 ...we stopped by this club after hearing of the new name change. We were greeted by a slim, cute waitress who helped us to our seat. She was very friendly and should have been dancing on stage! The girls on stages varied in looks and ranged from cute to had no business dancing nude in front of people. There were no true knock out gorgeous dancers, but all the girls seemed to have great personalities. DJ played good music which other clubs cannot seem to do. I was able to get a good "view" when tipping and liked what I saw! Butch, I'm assuming u are the owner from your previous post, so my next comments are directed towards you. The lighting seemed weird at times. Sometimes it got real bright and then got dark. That light changes were annoying. I prefer a darker club. The lap dance area needs improvement. Baby Dolls next door has more private lap dance areas. I'm not talkign about private rooms, but when I got some dances, the customers at some tables swiveled around to watch my action. I mean, hell, I paid twenty bucks for a dance, not them! I felt they were getting laps with me and it was annoying that those cheap bastards wanted to get a freebie look. I would like to see a paid vip area or more private area for dances either free or for pay. A dancer told me to check out the Fare in Dallas if I liked this club. I liked my visit to Stilettos and will return. Butch, I hope to see some minor changes and keep up the good work! It's nice to management of a club requesting feedback from customers!
5/13/2005 Went in couple nighjts ago place was slow there were very few gils, changed the paint on the outside looks better,but the inside still looks the same ,a little dark for my tatstes,i might give it another chance if they get rid of thet bald guy!
No Like
5/6/2005 Showcase 1 now has a new name STILETTO'S CABARET completely new look inside and out. Still TOTALLY NUDE/BYOB we have a lot of new girls and open for suggestions and for those of you that are not fimiliar with the location you can purchase Beer at the BREWS THRU next door. Thank you for your comments if we are not aware of likes and dislikes they can not be corrected.
(not rated) Butch
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