Chicas Bonitas
11044 Harry Hines
Dallas, TX 75220
11am-2am 4am on weekends
$7 until 2 a.m.
$12 after
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I like this place. It's not fancy but that's good for me. I don't care for those high fallutin' joints. The girls are always friendly. Mostly Latinas from Mexico but a few from other parts of Latin America, which is also fine. There's nothing to not like about that. However, if you're looking for variety this isn't the place. They mostly speak spanish only, which also doesn't bother me because I'm semi-fluent already. But even if not they will work with you. The girls are great.

There are always one or two white or black American's there but you rarely see the same one's twice. The variety you get here comes more in the shape and size category. There's something for everyone in that regard and, for me, that's great. I'm not the one looking for silicon on a stick.

BTW, yes, it's true. They girls have to pay the manager $5 for ever VIP song, not just dance... each song in the dance. I hate that. I also don't like the high cover $7, plus the pretty much mandatory parking fee (no street parking) $5. Once you go in and buy a drink you've already dropped $20 that could have gone toward precious minutes of feminine attention.

So, although this hole-in-the-wall ambience may not be most people's cup of tea, it works like gangbusters for me. I like it real. I want to give it four stars but the overhead I've described knocks it down to a solid 3*.

No Tanqueray? No margarita mix? I settled for an hornitos and orange juice. I got a couple stage dances from cupcake who looked like a writhing shadow in the darkness. I thought she was wearing a body stocking, but she's just that dark with blonde hair snd a happy smile. Her ass was firm, and I wasn't sure where her hands were gonna go next. She was doing the black-girl standing ass dance for some other customer first.

Dark and loud! ANd I couldn't understand whatever the Dj was saying, and when we sat down he was just growling over the music I think unless that was the music, I can't tell.

When we got there the door girl checked my purse and said, you are responsible for everything you bring in here, so watch your stuff. Wtf?

I went to the ladies room and these girls asked to borrow my car Was something broken? We're they trying to get into something? That was really confusing. This place is too crazy for me.

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