Chicas Bonitas
11044 Harry Hines
Dallas, TX 75220

Phone: 214-206-3820
11am-2am 4am on weekends PRE-POLE-TAX COVER:
$7 until 2 a.m.
$12 after
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3/3/2015 I like this place. It's not fancy but that's good for me. I don't care for those high fallutin' joints. The girls are always friendly. Mostly Latinas from Mexico but a few from other parts of Latin America, which is also fine. There's nothing to not like about that. However, if you're looking for variety this isn't the place. They mostly speak spanish only, which also doesn't bother me because I'm semi-fluent already. But even if not they will work with you. The girls are great.

There are always one or two white or black American's there but you rarely see the same one's twice. The variety you get here comes more in the shape and size category. There's something for everyone in that regard and, for me, that's great. I'm not the one looking for silicon on a stick.

BTW, yes, it's true. They girls have to pay the manager $5 for ever VIP song, not just dance... each song in the dance. I hate that. I also don't like the high cover $7, plus the pretty much mandatory parking fee (no street parking) $5. Once you go in and buy a drink you've already dropped $20 that could have gone toward precious minutes of feminine attention.

So, although this hole-in-the-wall ambience may not be most people's cup of tea, it works like gangbusters for me. I like it real. I want to give it four stars but the overhead I've described knocks it down to a solid 3*.

2/2/2015 No Tanqueray? No margarita mix? I settled for an hornitos and orange juice. I got a couple stage dances from cupcake who looked like a writhing shadow in the darkness. I thought she was wearing a body stocking, but she's just that dark with blonde hair snd a happy smile. Her ass was firm, and I wasn't sure where her hands were gonna go next. She was doing the black-girl standing ass dance for some other customer first.
1/30/2015 Dark and loud! ANd I couldn't understand whatever the Dj was saying, and when we sat down he was just growling over the music I think unless that was the music, I can't tell.

When we got there the door girl checked my purse and said, you are responsible for everything you bring in here, so watch your stuff. Wtf?

I went to the ladies room and these girls asked to borrow my car Was something broken? We're they trying to get into something? That was really confusing. This place is too crazy for me.

9/9/2014 Ever since I can remember, a dance in the VIP area costs $25, with $5 going to the house. The place is way too loud, so I rate it 3 stars.
Tex Mex
8/29/2014 I visited this club in August 2012 I meet a nice pretty girl named Celine she gave me a really good VIP dance I came to look for this lady but could not find her it was the best dance I have ever had she had a pretty body and a pretty some I come back for her again soon I don't like that the girls have to give the five dollars to the guys always for every song I think the money should go to the girls but all the chicas are bonitas to.

DFW NITES: We have NOT verified whether or not Chicas Bonitas charges $5 per stage set or VIP dance or whatever, so take that detail with a grain of salt.
7/17/2014 Good place to get dirty looks and possibly take a knife blade for a gringo like me! Also did i mention they take ur DL number and info at thť door?! Fuk that! Avoid at all costs....

DFW NITES: Que? Lots of clubs will swipe your driver's license just to keep TABC off their back, and several of the managers at Chicas Bonitas are gringos or wabs or whatever your preferred term of abuse is, so if people didn't like you there, I don't think it was the color of your skin that set them off.

That being said, if you are not comfortable around Mexicans, Latinos, or Hispanics, you should go to another club.
(not rated) oldskool
4/4/2014 It was a little after 10 pm on a Tuesday night. I had been busy all day and I was looking for a place to blow off some steam and drink my supper.

A friend told me about a place that is like a dream that transports you to another time and place. The place is Chicas Bonitas, what some people would call a gentlemanís club. Well, I am no gentleman but I am always looking for adventure, and figured a gabacho like me going to a club like this would make for a memorable evening.

The parking attendant was pleasant and helpful; he told me how to get into the club. The club itself was hard to find and even from the parking lot the entrance was not evident. Experience tells me that often when make you way into a veiled doorway the result is more than worth the trouble.

But trouble was heading my way. I walked in and sat down, my eyes still adjusting to the light. A little man came running at me. What rule had I broken? No, this was not trouble; it was not even a man. It was the homeliest, worst dressed waitress that I have ever seen at a strip club. But what the hell, you donít need to look good to bring drinks. I ordered a margarita. It was OK. I made a mental note to tip her more for the next one.

As my eyes began to adjust to the low light I could see the charm of this place. It was like being in a Mexican border town. This place has no pretense, just lots of booze, good food and lots of nearly naked girls.

I should point out that all of the girls in the place are Latinas. They were in all shapes and sizes and types, something for every taste, as long as your taste is for Latinas. Iíve got a word for guys who donít like LatinasÖ crazy.

As the booze kicked in and my eyes widened in the darkness, I felt like I was in a Rodriguez movie. Just as I was thinking that a commercial flashed on the TV screen: From Dusk Till Dawn Ė The Series. I hope this makes it onto Hulu. Hopefully if the girls at Chicas Bonitas were going to be sucking something it was not going to my blood.

There were a couple of girls I liked, there were a few that I didnít. A friend walked and joined me at my table. One of the girls I didnít like that much took turns sitting in our laps like it was a game of musical chairs. Another friend joined us at the table. She jumped on him and dragged him to the VIP room while she was still in his lap. He didnít mind a bit.

The VIP room is like a little cabin inside the club. As the night went on that cabin began to fill up with tenants. If the VIP room had not been fixed to the floor it would have been jumping all over the club like it was dancing to a mariachi band.

I was not brave enough to venture into the VIP room that night. While my friends were occupied I found a little Latina with some natural tetas grandes. She was dancing on a small dimly lit stage at the side of the club. For only a few dollars she let me take such a close look at her I could not see anything. Now I know what double D feels like in Spanish.

From the reports from the VIP room it seems the prices are lower South or the Border. This is a good place to stretch your dollar. The booze, the food and the girls are the real deal. I saw only one set of fake boobs that night, and I swear they were on a guy. Well, to each his own.

I left that night with a good buzz, a smile on my face and only a few dollars lighter then when I came in. This this place where any guy can have a great time. Another night I'll come back without my friends and try out that VIP room.
Philip H. Farlowe

3/27/2014 ...will my celebrity be good here? is a Tuesday night, and it is Harry Hines...I am a fan of the brown-skinned I need an ID? I feel so young now...I'm not lying; that is me...where's the restroom? "Los banos"?...yeah, I want one of salt...oh, on...

[TEN MINUTE ABSENCE] you have that money?...haha!, thanks...hold on...


...that was the BEST V.I.P. room I have ever been in!...I was NOT expecting that!...Paris was...[ANTICS REDACTED]...the waitress wasn't in my face...but Paris was DEFINITELY in my face!...hahahaha!...[ANTICS REDACTED] you think she wants to go to a casino with me?...yeah, there's a language barrier, but...she's incredible...WOW!...I mean...
Country & Western

Walking through the double doors, it's five bucks to get in. The security guy was rail-thin and wearing a polo shirt, and he was completely focused on securing the perimeter of the door girl's boobs. Very blonde, very busty -- I trust his judgment.

Past the inner doors, Chicas Bonitas is like Revolucion Avenue! Norteno music con norteno DJ Pedro!!! I think! Whatever it is 94.1 plays, some pop music, but probably half the songs had accordions in them. Viva!

Waitresses patrol constantly with $10.50 shots of Patron set into little stabilizing volcanoes built onto the tray. Most of the other waitresses appear to be efficient, friendly lesbians. I did not buy a shot from muchas-muchas-carnitas Waitress Lupita -- stylish in a branda de Bimbo jersey -- but I did tip her for bringing me napkins and stuff.

The club itself is tiny, maybe about the size of Baby Dolls Fort Worth, but not as efficently laid out. The bar has a fake interior roof like at Blue Goose, and the men's room was tiny, too, with a wooden drink shelf, and the attendant waits outside. But there were some colognes and bins of CHICLETS!!!

All they need is a zebra!!!


3/11/2014 WHERE DID IT GO?

I tried to visit Chicas Bonitas a couple weeks ago, but I couldn't find its famously arroyo-like parking lot, so I gave up.

Turns out, the place has a whole new look. First, they relandscaped the parking lot so it's mostly kinda level and even paved, much of it, and second, their building is recessed from the road by quite a ways, and the their neighbors have put up a signage-blocking fence.

So if you want to go to Chicas Bonitas, you need to LOOK FOR THE LITTLE GLOWING-ARROW SIGN on the east side of Harry Hines, turn into the lot, look for the guy in a red jacket, and get your wallet ready for a good-natured south-of-the-border shakedown.

Seriously! The lot attendant approached and said I could park far away for $5, or right next to the guard shack for $10, and yeah, maybe he might see what happened $5 away, but he'd definitely be able to watch my car $10 away. So I gave him $11.

Even 25 feet away, I couldn't see the building due to that tricky fence -- follow the pavement. On the other side, there was a small taco window opening to a kitchen, a picnic bench, a massive yellow-on-black Chicas Bonitas, and open double doors under an awning.


(not rated) Instapunter
3/10/2014 I like the one dollar of the stage instead of $25 in VIP but I have fun there too
El Santo
1/4/2014 The $25 for VIP is a per dance charge, with the club getting $5. The VIP room is actually just a walled off area which is monitored by a door guy who collects the $5. It is not a place where you actually sit and enjoy your drink. The music is very loud, the dancers are great, and on the negative side, you have to pay $5 to park on a pot-holed dirt parking lot.
Tex Mex
10/23/2013 The worst parking lot you can imagine, and the parking lot attendant picks up $5 per car to park there.

DFW NITES: The parking lot is certainly rugged and unpaved, the kind of place that caters to people with pickup trucks.
Day Visitor
6/26/2013 Too expensive for what they offer: $5-10 to park in a very rough (unpaved) parking lot, $5 cover, and then reasonably priced drinks (depends on time of day). Compare this to the upscale clubs nearby......
1/9/2013 It is topless, not nude. Plenty of attractive, mostly young Hispanic dancers. The comments about it being extremely loud are true; since it is a small club in basically a rectangular room (includes a corner partitioned to be a "VIP" area), there are no quiet corners. I'd rate it three stars, but then take away one for the noise level.

DFW NITES: Que? Thanks for the update. No more gin for the fact checker until he investigates this place.

11/15/2012 One word - loud! (very loud music)
7/27/2012 I have been to this club a number of times now and like the other posters is LOUD in there!! The music is 98% tejano music and played louder than is should be. It can be difficult to hear someone in this place.

The dancers are almost all hispanic. I have been a number of times in the last year and it seems that the quality of the dancers has gone down a little bit. I was amazed the first time at how beautiful the majority of them were. Nice faces that went with even nicer bodies. But last week i saw maybe 3 dancers that stood out, among the others. Most of the dancers are voluptuous and thick. So if thats your thing, then this should be your place.

Bartenders are nice and so is the wait staff. They are too pushy about drinks and will get one for you pretty quickly.
J. Horner

7/20/2012 When they say loud, they are not kidding...there is no hiding from the speakers in this small club. On the plus side, there are plenty of good looking dancers with some diversity, but mostly Hispanic. The music though is over-bearing, so 1 star.

DFW NITES: This is an un-fact-checked review -- every time we've sent our fact checker to Chicas Bonitas, he comes back with excuses about how the lot was jam packed with giant trucks, so he didn't even go in. It sounds like a very popular place, so they must be doing something right.

7/2/2012 Crazy loud, with no quiet corners, so talking is next to impossible.
Tex Mex
6/2/2012 This club is crazy ears were ringing for several days!
6/1/2012 first visit here since December, no rating because it's hard to grade this either like what they are and have, or you don't; 100% hispanic this night, both patrons and dancers unlike before when 20% of dancers were black or white....various looks, one super cutie (Arlene), and a few heavy latinas. almost entirely spanish music, you could easily pretend you're in Mexico here...VIP is like others said, zero privacy, zero noise abatement; I had one VIP with another guy and his dancer right next to me, 24 inches or so, I barely noticed, I zone out in VIP and don't care who's watching....others do, of course, so stay away if that's not your style
(not rated) Penis
5/12/2012 Problem with "VIP" Area is that it is basically just a shared, walled off area used just for dances at $25 a pop (the club gets $5, and the dancer gets $20). You cannot really sit there for any length of time, and there is no real privacy...also, it is just as noisy there as anywhere in the club. Did I mention that the music and DJ decibels will ring your ears for days to come?

DFW NITES: One of the many shades of VIP. As to the volume levels, I guess we'll have to break out our noise meter and take some readings, but for now, Party People, consider this report of noisiness UNCONFIRMED.

2/17/2012 Jasmine has the perfect ass and was very friendly. This is a nice club to be if you like latinas and voluptuous women.

DFW NITES: MB, please email us at We would love to have more reviews from you, or anyone who shares your tastes.

12/30/2011 Mostly cute hispanic dancers, fair prices ($5 cover, $5 to park, and about $4-5 a beer), lousy VIP area, music is way too loud, particularly at night.

DFW Nites: What is lousy about the VIP area?

8/12/2011 Awesome place if you know what your doing, girls Anastasia, Erica, a black PR chic can't remember her name, and Daisy will treat you right!!!!!
11/13/2009 Yes,

And it now is a full bar
(not rated)

11/11/2009 Is this place still opened?
(not rated) Day Shift
7/23/2009 My homeboy came from Louisiana to visit and we both saw this club and decided to stop by. We're both black and were a little skeptical being that the club is all latina. Honestly, I have to say we had a great experience. The club isn't 5 star in looks...hell, it's not 2 stars in looks, but the attention you get and the atmosphere is pretty cool. It was $10 to park, $15 to get in, $5.25 for a bucket of ice, and $25 for lap dances. The dancers are some serious hustlers so every 5 minutes you'll have some chick sitting next to you convincing you to get a private dance.
7/19/2009 Went this past thursday, had a blast. Maybe I am alittle biased being that i am latin. Its a simple place but U go 2 a strip club for the women not for the cushy atomsphere and seats. They play great music (all latin) and the women (only saw latin dancers) are hot. Some dancers are lil old, but overall a great mix to pick from. My buddy spoke no spanish but still had a great time. The boxing match between the dancers were great, yes actual boxing with gloves (only on thursday)..The entrance is a little pricey after 7 25$+5$ parking...But the dancers and the bar girls all have great attitudes and are ready to have a good time. Will definitely be going back....
7/16/2009 Overall this club we have is fun every time we go. The dancers for the most part are good looking and I have not met one dancer yet that didn't have a good attiude. As it being a hispanic club if you dont speak spanish some of the girls won't approach you but many do speak english!!!The club is well lite but play limited type of music. The cover is a little pricey and you have to pay for parking. Other than that if you can deal with all the negatives that I mention then i am pretty sure you will have a good time!!
El Dominicano
5/9/2009 Chicas is not for everyone however I really like the place. No fancy carpet, tables, etc. but a comfortable place to go kick back. I'm as white a guy as it gets but have never had a problem, very welcomed. There is a mix of girls, mostly hispanic that go from super hot to super heavy. Girls are friendly and give great dances. They are not clubs like Padoras where the attitudes stink from the parking attendant to the girls. I've been a few times over a long period and not much has changed. Very typical for 2 - 4 song music breaks between dancers. Not at Chicas, they always have at least one stage going and usally 3, management will not let the stage be empty.
(not rated) PACO
2/16/2009 Ruby!! Very very SEXY!! Granted, there are some nasty girls dancing, but RUBY is the Real Thing!! The best Dance I've had. She remembers, it was her first for the day!! THANKS!!
(not rated) Rwatcha
10/17/2008 Hola, bueno yo fui a chicas bonitas el sabado pasado y me lleve los horrores de mi vida....para empezar la entrada esta carisima $15.00 dolares pero bueno de eso me di cuenta despues, no pudo decir nada de la chica de la puerta que es muy educada y buena onda su nombre es dina el manager estaba afuera un tipo prepotente y sangron que te mira de cabeza a pies y el otro con el que estaba un salvadoreno tambien muy prepotente. entre ocupe una mesa, la chica que atiende es muy amable y tambien muy guapa su nombre es candy bueno dulce ero yo le puse asi, tanto ella como la de la puerta deberian de ser bailarinas estan mucho mejor que muchas que vi yo alli, de momento se me carco una chica de nombre temptation, she is so funny!!!!!!!!!! me rei bastante es muy simpatica y me dio un muy buen baile vip, despues se me acerco la mujer mas fea de recuerdo su nombre pero de lo que me acuerdo es que era baja de estatura, medio gorda guatemalteca o mexicana y baila musica tropical, merengue salsa cumbia aparte de que le huele. yo no se ustedes pero yo creo que uno va a esos lugares a ver chicas hermosas y te reciben con eso???? mejor no!!!!!!!!!
el tigre
8/19/2008 Ok so, I went to this club on monday with a buddy of mine. I mean they charge a $5 or $10 parking fee to park close to the club. But my friend and I did not want to do it, so we decided to go park across the street. Its good. We enter the club, and was a $20 cover charge. We finally enter the club, and meaning we were the only non latin people, but there was an old white dude there and he was making it But there were very nice good looking latina girls there. I mean the overall atmosphere is alright, I mean its not the greatest or cleanest place, but I had a fun. The private dances are $25, but its worth it. I didn't have one, but my friend did. I actually made a good friend there with one of the dancers. I mean she wasn't expecting me to have her do a private she just kicked it w/ me. I think we click...LOL! But she cool. The only problem I had was that one of the dancer asked if we spoke any spanish, and we said no. Then, rudely she just walked away. Man, that was a drag. WTF...she's a dancer, cant be so picky...btw we were making it rain too. LOL! But we stayed until the place closed 2 am in the morning. I had a good time.
7/3/2008 I went yesterday and all the reviews describing the place were pretty accurate so I wasn't too surprised when I walked in. It's def. not the fanciest place you'll visit. It was $5 for parking and $20 to get in. There were plenty of girls. Most didn't have the best bodies you've ever seen. Only a few were in tiptop condition. Vanessa was especially beautiful girl but didn't speak english :-( real sweet though! All in all it was a good experience just don't go in expecting 10's.
6/27/2008 I went there and I like the TV's and Big Screens with sports on it. If you ask nicely the manager will change it to something else if its really on. There was a flooding of the restroom as I was leaving. I was there for the Chicas not sanitation. BYOB was cool and I was there about Nov 2007 - I had a very nice sexy time in the VIP with a Chica Bonita named Kimberly (She wasnt white).
Don J
3/31/2008 HOLE IN THE WALL CLUB!!!
ex stripper
2/11/2008 is da best club i ever went in my life 02/11/08 chicas bonitas
(not rated) poroto
1/24/2008 Went on a Wednesday afternoon and there was a 5 dollar parking fee and a 15 dollar cover. Seemed kind of high for an afternoon but I figured the BYOB would make up for it. Inside, there was only one other customer and about 7 or 8 dancers just sitting around at the bar. Most of them were in the 4 to 5 range but I did find a diamond in the rough and got a very, very nice VIP table dance. After that, I was constantly approached by other dancers wanting to take me to the VIP and I was quite suprised by their poor attitude when I would turn them down. Again, most of them were heavy-set and not very good looking. When I would politely decline their advances, it seemed like they took it personally. One even went so far as to cuss at me. Obviously, they have a very high sense of entitlement and it made for a poor over all environment. I finished my beer and left and don't plan on returning.
6/7/2007 06/06/07 - I've hit Bonitas a few occasions and it's had its good and bad moments. Frankly there's nothing glamorous about it and it's practically a hole-in-the -wall, very smallish place, but in fun it's practically like a stripclub saloon straight outta of a " From Dusk Til Dawn" movie ... if you like BYOB, hot dances,sexy-delicious latina dancers, Reggae-tone/Tejano music, and don't mind partying with a largely mexican audience who are having a great partying time as well, then this club could suit you. ........................................ ...............THE GOOD..................most lap-dances i got have been fairly hot and it can be reasonably inexpensive for a lap-dance out on the floor which is $10 or 2 for $20... ( $25 for VIP ) -~ ~ ~ BYOB helps a lot with no girl to drink up your tab, Ok Management, improved security, parking convient space, valet parking available, and the club stays open late to about 4pm on Friday-Saturday. ~ ~ and of course , there's plenty of Latina dancers ( which i love like hell !) and occasionally a pinch of salt and pepper ( white & Black ) dancers as well. ...- whether stage, VIP or floor dances i've usually enjoyed myself very much in this area ~ ~ and the waitresses ( though scarce in numbers ) have always been courteous and friendly.- The music itself may not suit every visiting customer but i could definitely tell that there is always lively,up-beat, partying energetic atmosphere on most occasions ..............................................................................THE BAD .................................... while you will have a few hot, nice-looking dancers on the scene, you will also have your share of hog-fatties and very average-looking girls. ~ ~ ~ At times the non-english,language-barrier and communication can be very difficult when you're trying to get with better-looking dancers. There seems to be a constant turnover rate so it may be hard to keep a fairly good number of quality dancers in this club if they come thru there...... The restrooms are very small,crowded and smelly, and the floors(no carpet) tables and torn-up chairs can be ridiculous ...... There are few occasions the club will play an occasional rock or R&B but primarily be hearing Reggatone and Tenajo sound notes, so for those who cannot tolerant that of non-english music the club atmosphere may be somewhat akward and annoying..... Don't expect the VIP room to look like much - it looks like a card-board maze once you're inside. ... The club crowd can massive and large late in the night , so the spacing/seating can be over-stuffing and available seats can be out-right difficult to impossible to find at times! .. On the busiest nights. It'd be best to get there somewhat early or you could be shit out of luck )...........................................................* * * * perhaps this club is not for everyone - but at Chicas Bonitas , i have to admit that i've had fun & really enjoyed myself the few times we've visited, It tends to be less expensive, friendlier, better managed and less hustle-oriented than it's prime competitor Pandoras (right down the street) - i do plan to visit Chicas Bonitas again.

Mac 10

4/24/2007 i visited chicas bonitas in october of 06. the place was great!! it was only 10 dollars at the door on a tuesday and no parking fee that i encountered. the girls were killer as well. it had a good variety of all body types and races. i prefer the thick mexicana women and there were some friendly ones there. the building itself gives you a cozy mexican type saloon vibe as well as the patronage. check it out, its very easy going and but most of all the bitches are bad ass!!
3/8/2007 I went with a buddy to several clubs but will heavily agree with most reviews. We went in November 2006. we paid $10 to park and it wasn't even in the immediate parking area. Then there was the $20 apiece to get in. I will also agree with the other reviews that the women were large and average looking.(I'm being extremely generous). but in all fairness, the guys and dancers all seemed happy with each other. I on the hand went back to the Clubhouse.
(not rated) qman
2/5/2007 Chicas is fun. I love it! Especially JADE. She is a hard working girl (If you are lucky to find her at work!). Hi Jade!
12/15/2006 This is the most over-priced club in dfw area. It takes 10$ to park and 20$ to get in. After you get in, you dont even have seats to sit. Half the people in there are always standing. The place is full of thugs. But the worst part is there are only like 2 girls out of 30 girls who are not ugly.
stripclub expert
11/3/2006 Been to CB bout 4 times. It is small and sorta rundown, but the girls make up for all that. These girls are very attentive and if you are looking for a good time, then this is the place to visit. Just like in all strip clubs, the girls are there to work (not to go home with you) and these girls make your dollars stretch. Will be back soon..
(not rated) Kingracso
11/2/2006 This here club is rough. Reminds me of boys town. You have to pay to park if you want your car to be watched. $20 to enter. Place is small, dark, dirty, chairs are nasty. Always busy and I feel sorry that my homies dont have nothing better to do. Should be $10 entry and get security in place of the vallet.
10/31/2006 10/28/06

I have always respected the reviews given on DFW nites. They are usually fairly c/w my opinion until 10/28/06. I went to chicas bonitas hoping to see very attractive latin women. Instead, I saw what I consider 2s, 3s. I looked for an attractive women for about 30 minutes and did not see one. In addition, I felt that I was in a "barrio" in Mexico. It was the most run down strip club that I have ever been in. I think more people need to provide reviews for this club because it is not worthy of 4 stars.

7/18/2006 This last saturday we(a couple of friends and i) visit Chicas Bonitas, man it was the one of the best places. We will sure be back to visit all the latin babes soon.
7/3/2006 I made my first visit to an all nude strip club today. I must say that it was an experience. The girls were pretty cute. I spent most of my time with Rose, she was friendly until I didn't want another VIP dance. She dropped me like last weeks news. She gave me a pretty good dance. I then met SELENE. She is a cute african-american beauty. She gave a great stage dance, she came down and visited with me for a long time. She didn't pressure me for any kind of private dance. She was cool just hanging out. I will be back for some one on one time with SELENE.
first timer
6/6/2006 Go to chica's often days and nights great club. I hear that TEXAS SHOWGIRLS is closed now what a shame. chaca's bonita's could use some more room it's such a small club, that it would be nice to have some moore room. anyway love the latin ladies at chica's lot of fun thanx, just mee
just mee
5/24/2006 ok so i went to chicas bonita on saturday n i went 2dai well its a small club n all but its all goot. there is dis one dancer named channel n let me tell u she is somthin special. she was so nice n goot to mee. well yea dats bout it.
4/19/2006 Well, i went to CB last friday night. $5 to park, $20 door, $10 dance and $25 VIP dances. I felt a little out of place compared to the crowd. i was in my work clothes (kennth cole dress shirt and slacks). i guess most of the dancers thought i was a cop or something cuz the majority of ppl were too casual. the dancers were mostly 6's or 7's....there was this one chick who was drop dead HOT, but she kept lookin the other way...i guess she prefered dancing for people in Dickie;s cuz she wudn't leave their table (and I was lookin for VIP dances). i did get a dance from Natalie. she didnt speak any english so I had to use my 8th grade spanish, but it worked. she gave a great dance, but i've had better. it's okay, but nothing to die for
3/20/2006 it wasn't the bomb. greatest woman and i had the best lap dance of my life. it was just incredible. A+ in my book.
3/10/2006 i liked my stay there all the girls was nice exspecially michelle
da bomb
3/1/2006 I stopped in on a Friday afternoon after reading a review on this site. I was a little nervous at first since I am a white boy but everyone was very friendly so I didn't feel out of place. The cover in the afternoon was $10 and its BYOB. Most of the girls are hot and sexy. Table dances are $10 and VIP is $25. I opted for a VIP dance from Grace one of the sexiest girls there. I was expecting more than what I got for $25. I'd compare there $25 dance to a regular table dance at Baby Dolls. Not as much touch as I like. Overall though it was good and cheap. I'm sure I'll go back.
1/14/2006 went there last week on a friday, about 2pm in the afternoon. just need to get out. well i was pleased!!!! i did'nt think there would be much going on but there was!! it just depends what you like, love latin women so it was all good!!!! lots of lovely, all sizes but. there was three sisters there, all from mexico or so they said. lusiro, annie, glase, all hot bonitas. man thought i was going to spend all on my on lusiro. she was the oldest of the three. she did'nt dance nasty but left you lot for the mind and could she dance just the way you would want so you could go home not smelling like you where at a strip club, you know how your old lady is. staff was greate and loved the music. everyone was haveing a good time and had no problems. parking was better then before they finaly paved it. do'nt think your going to sit if not there before 7 pm. lusiro said they plan to make the club larger and they were owned by the people that own the club house. i will be going back next week when i get in town going to new laredo mexico this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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