Club Onyx
10557 Wire Way
Dallas, TX 75220

Phone: 214-545-5600
11am-2am M-W 11A-5P ThF 6p-5a Sa 6p-5a Su PRE-POLE-TAX COVER:
$7 cover
$50 VIP
Sunday - 03/29/2015
THE BODY XXX--- March 29th
From 7pm – 2 am
$3 Wells
$3 Imports
$10 You Call Its
$100 Bottles
$0.25 Wings
$3 Wells
$3 Domestics
$100 Bottles
From 11am – 2am
$2 Hennessey & Grey Goose
$2 Wells
$2 Domestics
From 11am – 2am
$3 Wells
$3 Mascatos
$100 Bottles
Ladies Free Until 11pm
Hosted by A.O. From Kiss My Kicks
From 11am – 2am
$3 Ciroc (any flavor)
$3 Wells
$100 Bottles
From 11am – 5am
$5 Hennessy
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10/16/2014 Let me start off by saying security was on their job. I was there at onyx on October 9th with my girlfriend. We enjoyed ourselves and onyx got some nice ass females in there. We from shreveport, la and the clubs out here don't have nothing on onyx. I will come bk when I can. It's a stripper by the name diamond that really showed us some love. We was sittin right next to the stage and when she came to us, my gf was impressed. We want to talk to her and see what she is about. Hopefully we can get in contact with her. But everything else was on point. Servers, bartenders, and the whole dam club was on point. I will be comin bk

DFW NITES: Thanks for writing, Redd! And thanks for appreciating ALL the people that make a club great! Once Diamond sees what you wrote here -- we can't even SAY how happy she'll be! Let us know next time you're in town...DFW NITES is always looking for diverse writers, especially those visiting Dallas.
9/3/2014 This club is cool, some fine women with nice asses and tits.Then you got the others,the women who look like they haven't ate in years. I don't like skinny women with no ass but I guess you got men who do *shrugs*. I usually go on 2$ Tuesdays, sadly most women don't wanna give you a lap dance for 2$. The going rate for a lap dance is 20$, I feel 20$ for a lap dance is way too much. 5$ lap dances has a better ring to it lol.
8/8/2014 [INFLAMMATORY REMARK REDACTED], and being a black man I DO know the difference!

DFW NITES: SIR! We can't print stuff like that! You'll be more effective if you give us the specifics that drew you to that conclusion.
7/20/2014 I was at Club Onyx when [REVIEWER'S RIVAL] was acting a fool at the front door of the club. People were looking at her and shaking their heads. Someone call the police. This girl is going to jail soon. I can see it coming. She's out of control. Leave the drugs alone [RIVAL]. They are taking over your life.

[RIVAL] is old and outdated news. Bring in the new and better pole dancers who shows that they have class

DFW NITES: This is presented solely as a specimen of an Attack Review, pure Jerry-Springer-style slander, and while we should pay no mind to the content, the style might give an insight as to the temperament of the locker room, which is said to be feisty.
(not rated) MISS DO
2/12/2014 Well, they have decided that a smoke machine is (cough, cough) just the latest, greatest thing. All I can say is that it is not good for people who have allergies and asthma.
Night Shift
1/12/2014 One excellent dancer/gymnast is named "Showtime," and she will be one of the feature dancers at the up-coming Pole-a-Thon on Sunday night, January 19th. She told me that three dancers in the contest will be from Onyx, and from what I can see online there will be excellent dancers from other clubs there. I think some might be from out-of-state. Note though, that special event cost in the $30 range (tickets are being sold online).
Old Timer
1/11/2014 Still good here. When I return now, girls I have met before come by to say "Hi." I remember a few names, and some of them have taken time to remember mine. On Friday and Saturday nights, the club starts a steady stream of dancers, one song on 5-6 stages. The place is definitely fun and friendly, so I continue to recommend it. Only cons: music is a bit loud, and it overwhelms the speakers which then hum. I suspect a few adjustments could fix that.

DFW NITES: If you know their names, let us know your favorites.
Old Timer
1/4/2014 I've been there several times over the last several weeks, and everything was above average. They do have free parking in a well lit, paved parking lot, but be careful of one severe dip along the outer front edge of this parking lot. On week-ends, there was a pat down at the front door, but it was not an issue...good security is welcomed. the door girls were honest and friendly. No one did anything out of the ordinary...just being friendly and the door girl volunteered that Hennessy shots were $5 that night. I tipped a dollar at the door. Bartenders and waitress all good. Drinks were fairly priced. And, most of all, there were plenty of dancers, and always several came by to introduce themselves. I can recommend it for either day or night visits.
Old Timer
4/29/2012 I've been to each strip club in Dallas and the only thing I can say about Club Onyx is it needs to get rid of the big dude that wears the steel toe shoes. He turns too many customers away. The little guy name Joe Mack is a headache at the fron door. He overcharges in the skip line and he runs moneyakers to other clubs. I was there waiting in line and by the time I got to the front of the line he turned me and a few professional atheletes away. He tried to charge us 75.00 a piece to get in club Onyx. All 15 of us quietly steps out of line and went to DG's

Then there's the Mexican girl working at the front door who has the bad teeth. Who is she. She so hungry for tips that my girl who went on another night was cursed by her. I think the front door girls name is Cynthie. Onyx needs to get the front door together.

Great details! We look forward to many more reviews from you, Evaluator.

4/29/2012 At Club onyx I noticed that this club is making a lot of positive changes. The mean waitresses are gone, the rude security is gone, the sluts and whores are gone. The club is slow on some nights but thats because they have cleaned house and opening door for new comers, better girls, better bodies and better atmosphere.

Silk and Felix are my favorites, Silk is about busness and she can make a drink that's so dam good you want to hire her for all your parties. She doesn't take shit from shitty people and she makes sure all patrons are accomodated and treated well.

Felix is the go-to man to assist with handling the smooth running of the club. I can't wait to see what they do next to beat out all the fake strip clubs
(not rated) adult

10/6/2011 Hands down the worst club in Texas.
4/19/2010 fuck this club it fucking suck the management is some ass holes all the bitches in there are prostitutes they let under age people in with no id if you tip them something it needs to be raided the fucking skip line is ridiculous 50 to skip fuck that somebody needs to do a raid on that place there is sex in the club and on the outside you better have your gun on when you go especially on tuesdays i would never recommend this club to anyone between them and dg's you got to duck and dodge bullets be very very careful when you go
12/4/2008 This club is now Onyx and is owned by Ricks, International - a publicly-traded company. Almost 100% black dancers - most very attractive. However, last weekend the club was BYOB and customer energy was low. It was a holiday weekend, so you never know.
8/3/2008 I was surprised when I went in a couple of months ago

because I had'nt been in about a year. Metal detectors at the door, getting frisked also? Still had a decent time,

not as good as it was two or so years ago. Sunshine was the best. Were did all the nightime girls go.

texas red 8-2-08
texas red

6/23/2008 What happened to make this club need metal detectors?
you know
5/13/2008 great club
(not rated) collo
4/30/2008 As a former VIP I went by P2 Tuesday afternoon to see how the club was doing. I spent about 4 hours, 2 hours before 7:00 p.m. and 2 hours after 7:00 p.m. The afternoon crowd dancers and waitstaff are pretty much the same as before the cub became "modernized". After 7:00 everything changed, it just wasn't the same ol' P2, no fun.
(not rated) LL
4/27/2008 Been a few weeks since I was at Plat 2. It was kinda slow, but the girls were decent and the place was still pretty nice. I went there Sat. nite April 26. The place was packed to my surprise. But I thought I was in Harlem. Fat, ugly dancers...pimps...hookers in the parking lot...etc. Most of the customers wore sunglasses and hoods and were using one hand to hold their pants up. It was the worst ghetto looking place I've ever seen. Worse than Dallas Gentlemans Club. Got frisked going in, paid $10 cover charge. I stayed about 5 minutes and walked out hoping I didn't catch a bottle in the back of the head while leaving, being the only white boy there. I'll NEVER go there again!!! STAY AWAY!! NOT SAFE!!
(not rated) Buster
4/11/2008 My girlfriend and I, both in our late forties, drove the Ferrari to this club, only to be denied entrance by an arrogant, disrespectful young lady behind the counter. It seems my well-dressed girlfriend, who is also a grandmother, had left her purse and driver's license in the car. (We visit other Dallas clubs, and not once has the question of ID come up for us.) I was informed, in as nasty and condescending a tone as the cashier could manage, "Look, I don't care who you are, if she ain't got no ID, I'm NOT letting you in the club." Well sure, rules are rules, but clubs that seem to go out of their way to speak down to their customers will never, ever be the object of my attention or spending.
4/8/2008 Bye, bye P2! Another end of an era. Akin to the closing of the Santa Fe and Texas Showgirls. I have been a VIP member of P2 since it opened. Last Tuesday when asked to renew my membership I had to respectively decline. P2 was a great club ran into the ground by poor management. (IMHO) I am just a customer. Being a regular customer, I always had a good time and got to know many of the managers, waitresses and dancers. I hope to see many of them at other clubs around the metroplex. BYE, BYE!

(not rated) LL

4/4/2008 Stay away. I heard there was a new club in town, realized it was the old Platinum II so I gave it a shot. Should have brought a gun (but the new bouncers would have found it). Yes, metal detectors at the door. Big thugs on the floor, and all the girls are thug whores. This is going to be the worst club in Dallas. Service sucked, all ghetto rap music, so lound you can't even hear. Pimps every where, and packed with all the types of people you never want to come into contact with. It's like all the prisons let out with a one way pass to Platinum II NOW G5 starplex, must stand for GANGSTA to the fifth power.
(not rated) love hound
3/14/2008 fantastic service ...beautiful girls of all types fantastic management (friendly laid back)beautiful atmosphere and exceptional vip!! The best club in dallas...dayshift exceptional!!!
(not rated) senor donkey
1/21/2008 I visited the club on Sunday 1/20/07 and had a really

terrible time; This girl that was talking to me kept

flrting with the DJ ( tall blonde dj) and they would gesture back and forth (they obviously has something goin on between the two) but why didnt she just go up to the djs

booth and flirt with him there, i went to the club to have a good time ! then she asked for a drink, but checked with the tall blonde DJ first, Came back and said that she wanted a specific drink because that was what the DJ I just simply asked her to buy the DJ a drink herself and that I was waiting for another girl ! this is what I call LOW CLASS BEHAVIOR ! AND THIS TALL BLONDE DJ VERY UNPROFESSIONAL ! HE SHOULD NOT BE WORKING THERE !

mr fun

1/20/2008 I think management is absolutly horable. Absolutly rude, that was the worst visit ever. Every thing else was great. But wow hire some new managers during the day.
1/16/2008 Been here a couple of times in the past few months (including last night), prefer it to our old standard, BDD (which we ditched earlier in the evening). Chairs are comfortable, Shiners are a standard $6, dancers were all fine (and they actually show effort on stage). Cover was $5 when we got there around 9ish. Not that crowded, and the music they play is a bit older, but those are both plusses in my book.

Also received the best laps I've had in maybe two years from a hot little Asian number named Jaya (sp?). Seems to know exactly what dancing is all about.

1/6/2008 I heard they hired the DJ Jeff Head back, that's the best thing they could have him more.
12/26/2007 went in last Sat. evening befor Cowbao was dead,very average looking dancers and I'm being kind.don't know who the new manager has gone to shit,won't be back
12/21/2007 I agree that it's too dark. When I was in there you could just barely tell there was a girl on the stage. I don't expect midday sun but the girls at least should be visible. I haven't been back since (about three months)so I don't know if it's been fixed or not.
(not rated) Happy
12/6/2007 Hey, visited P2 Tuesday had a rocking goog time. By the way the GM that lead to the club going downhill (IMHO) is gone. Meet a great waitress Sheri and dancers Sunshine and Rachael. Maybe this club will get back to what it was about one year ago "A Great Club".
10/8/2007 I would tend to call BS on the review that said that the club was too dark... What dumbass wants a Strip club to be bright!?!?!?! Get a life! P2 is still a good alternative to BabyDolls. Love the chairs and the ladies are hot enough to have lots of fun. I always have fun with some very attractive ladies when I go.
10/6/2007 Went there on fri. oct. 5th. It was horrible!! I normally write good reviews about clubs but there was nothing good about this club. Lets start with the was to damn to dark to see anything!! The dancers were ugly and had no dancing skills at all. Out of all the girls in the club (roughly 30 to 35) there were only about 3 that were decent looking. I wont EVER be go back here again.
9/11/2007 Went to the club this last Sunday. I thought I would watch some football there. With all those tv in there you would think on a Sunday that they would have more then just one game on. Any way lots of very sexy women there. No BBW OR BBL there. I did see a old friend how ever, Grace I missed her but it was really cool to see her doing so well. I wonder how the rest of her sisters are doing. Any way love this club, But the DJ kind of plays out dated music.
Just me Dave
8/5/2007 Went by today, just for a few drinks, small crowd for a Sunday afternoon. Cold cheap beer, some nice ladies dancing, what more could a man ask for?
7/2/2007 Had a great time
6/30/2007 A friend and I were on our way to the clubhouse and drove past the Platinum Club's huge building and decided to go in. The Platinum Club II is in a nice location and the building and furniture are top notch. The cover when we went was $5.00 and the place was not crowded. There were plenty of girls to go around but I am only rating this place a 2 because of the general attitude of the dancers at this club. The dancers here seem to have an aura of conceit surrounding them and have seemed to forget who is paying their bills. My lap dances were frequently interrupted by my dancer's friend coming and talking to her. Later in the night I had a lap dance with another girl and I told her that she was hot and she responded with some smart ass comment I can't remember. A simple thank you will do just fine even if you do hear the same thing all night long. This same dancer went on stage and a club employee decided to come down and shower her with 1's. This would have to be the most disturbing event of the night as the two were obliviously seeing each other and would explain the lack of personal attention during the prior lap dance. This event also serves as an excellent example of the aura of conceit in this club. I wonder where all the 1's that this club employee showered on this girl came from? The best way to explain how I felt in this club is to think of a party where no one pays any attention to you, where you watch one self absorbed faction have fun amongst themselves while no on else is, and the kicker... a party that you paid for. If personal attention is what you are after this is not it. If you are interested in going with some friends and shelling out some singles with reckless abandon… go for it!
5/28/2007 I have visited this place twice in the last month and I would go more often if I could afford it. I travel frequently so I get to visit a lot of different strip clubs but this one is high up on my list of favorites.

Many pretty young girls and most very willing to please. Physically the club was very clean and well kept.

If you want a really good time pay the $100 to get to the upstairs VIP. Up there you can get the extra special dances, It's worth every penny.

4/28/2007 I like everything about this club. Been going there for a couple of years. However, when they jacked up the cover charge to $10, I'll be taking my business elsewhere.
4/17/2007 Went there Friday and the day shift was rocking. Malana , Diamond, Cassandra all were smoking. Will go back.
4/14/2007 I ventured over to Dallas a couple of weeks ago to check this place out. I was getting bored with Jag-wired and BD 157. I ended up going 3 times in the last 2 weeks. I had fun each time. I thought the girls were hot. I like a mix but have a thing for Latinas and they have some hot ones. Plety of blondes also if thats what you like. The buffet is awesome and cheap drinks until 8. I did not like that several girls were allowed to chat on the cell phone while on stage. The worst was this asian, latin looking girl. She was leaned up against the pole on the back stage sending and reading text messages. One girl sat down on the back stage and started talking on her phone. There were plenty of guys tipping so its not like they were bored. Of course as long as us dumb guys tip girls like this it wilol continue to happen. Maybe the management will stop it. I hope this place does not close down like the other post said.
4/7/2007 I really hate to hear these rumors about a club that I really did enjoy going to work at. Hopefully it isnt true and it all is rumors. I miss my girls that are still remaining at Plat, and hope that you are all making that money$$$$. Love always Zona
(not rated) zona
4/7/2007 well here it is, I worked there for over a year and learned that no matter how faithfull you are to the club on your schedule and staying over or working when you are asker to "DO a Favor" cause they are TOO short of dancers, That the management doesn't look at that when it comes to you and GOSSIP!!!! I was fired from there and I really liked the club and still do, the customers are faithfull to the club as well as the girls. But, it took ONE person to screw up my income that supported child and myself. I dont know who that person is and dont care I just hope that KARMA will take its place. I want my job back and am willing to fight for it but now,... I hear that the club may be loosing their license and having to shut down due to a few things that have happend since I was fired. GUESS IT WASN'T ME AFTER ALL!!!!! I hope that this clubs management realizes before it too late that they got rid of the girls that helped them make money not the ones who really needed to go. I still have a few friends there and would love to see them, but its not going to happen, I am not allowed due to management and the LIL LIES or RUMORS(I should call them), THANKS ALOT!!! Yours Truly,. This is not a review obviously. This should be in the forum and not here. But it seems so heartfelt that I did not want to delete it without it being seen. Its an exception, not the rule.
(not rated) X-Dancer
3/18/2007 As to the comment on all the girls weighing less than 100 pounds, the club must be Bi-polar. Was by Saturday night and there were only a couple spinners. Most were normal size and a couple were plump.
Little Tex
3/3/2007 Summer gives great dances, and all my money ends up going to her.
(not rated) CORONA1
2/26/2007 Ist time at club and evrything was good. I found a REALLY hot girl took me to vip area. Everything was good until I saw the next guy was getting better treatment,
mr.nice guy
2/23/2007 I was disappointed to see that all the girls at this club look the same...there used to be some brunettes and a real hot redhead that wore these long black boots. What happened to them? Bring back the variety, guys!
2/20/2007 all i can say is i worked at that club for a month and a half and wish i hadnt, 1 of the nastiest clubs i have been to, and like the last post i noticed while i was there that most the girls were my height (5'7) but weighed a 100 or less pounds and looked like crackheads. the money was definitely not worth putting up with the guys crap when i make the same at the club i work at now without losing my self respect.
(not rated)
2/18/2007 Unfortunately, a manager who will remain nameless does not allow for girls that weigh over 100 lbs to work at the club now. What's wrong with being a size 7?
(not rated) ThePrettyOne
2/15/2007 I will go along with the last post. I went to the vip area with a young lady last month, unfortunaly I dont remember any names. I gave the waitress a card to put the champange on and I was planning on paying for the dances in cash. But since I stand longer than I wanted, so I told the waitress to put everything on the card. I agreed on the amount on the slip I signed but no one told me that my card was ran for 800.00 dollars just to make sure I had money. The good thing was it was put back in my account a few days later, but the bad thing was that several things did not clear it the amount of time it took to fix the problem. I guess I was stupid and nieve, just a warning to others, make sure you ask if there is going to be a pre approval charge.
2/7/2007 I HAD been going to P2 for a long time, even before when it ws the original Platinum. I like the way the VIP is set up, but many of the dancers are not attractive as far a SC standards go (the Lodge), and I felt that since I was not an "old and/or fat" man, the girls, even waitresses, ignored me. So, I will never step foot in that club again!
(not rated) schobbyist
1/7/2007 on the comment the guy left about the shower!!! what girl do you know that would get herself all ready to go out and then jump into a shower?? the only way, that i know possible, a girl would just go HOP into a shower for YOU is if she was getting paid way more than what her time is worth b/c after the shower guess what she's going to have to go to the back and get ready ALL OVER AGAIN for YOU!!!!!! do you think we, the dancers, want to waste our time doing that and not making crap off of it!
(not rated) dancer
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