2117 West Northwest Hwy
Dallas, TX 75221

Phone: 469-420-9840
$2 until 7 p.m.
$3 until 10 p.m.
$10 after
After 11pm
$11 Crown and Down
$135 Bottle Service (Ciroc/Grey Goose)
After 11pm
$175 Bottle Service (Ciroc/Grey Goose)
$11 Crown and Down All Night
Half Off All Food
$5 Shot/Beer
$11 Crown & Down
$100 Bottle Service (Ciroc/Grey Goose)
$5.75 Cervezas Mas Finas
Patron/Don Julio:
$7.50 Shots
$135+ Bottles
After 11pm
$11 Crown and Down
$135 Bottle Service (Ciroc/Grey Goose)
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11/29/2014 Hi! I'm Cowboy Tim. And like a lot of you fine gentlemen out there... I consider myself a strip club connoisseur! At least in the DF dub! And one of my favorites is DGs! Dallas Gentlemen's club! Ya see! I'm one of them guys that likes....uh! DAT ASS!

And DGs has it! Booty Shakin Fine Ass Womenz! Whether I go in the day or night..weekday or weekend! I've never been disappointed with the selection of Hot women walkin around in there! Definetly a Hot Spot in the Dallas Fort Worth area! Classy! And Fun! You'll go more than once!
Cowboy Tim

8/19/2014 Lombardy Lane shoulder parking seems to be iffy at best. Having a vehicle sideswiped, broken into or towed seems to be fairly likely. Guess I'll go to clubs where convenient, free parking is available.
(not rated) Milteer
8/13/2014 I know of no parking spaces on Northwest Highway (in front of the club)or on Lombardy Lane (behind the club). Where the non-adjoining lot is, I have no idea. Even so, I wouldn't park in a lot down the street with no club security available.

DFW NITES: The unpaved shoulder on Lombardy is wide enough to park on, but there are no formal spaces, no.
(not rated) Milteer
8/12/2014 The club has really gone downhill since they have ONLY valet parking. I used to drop by, park free, pay no cover charge and then just chill and see if there was a pretty waitress to talk to. If not, I'd leave after one beer. Now, valet is $10 and entry fee is $5 - $8. I have cut visits back to roughly zero.

DFW NITES: We called DG's and spoke to a helpful door girl (who answered in one ring -- badass!). She said that there is free parking on the street or in a non-adjoining lot, but otherwise, yes, the club lot is Valet Only.

But does 'more expensive' always equal 'going downhill'? Perhaps DG's is merely gentrifying.
4/23/2014 Yerah, I like DGs, I know the ownersso I geyt good prices on bottles, and they got girls with the big brown booty, so I save on bottles, but the fucking girls get it all anyway, so it balances out. Cant' remember if they got copper cuips for moscow mules, I love that shit, the copper interacts and makes it acidic, but FUCK man! Them fucking booties!
Senor Medellin

DG's has changed since it got re-opened under Randy Dumas, and I'd say for the better. This now feels like a place where the customers are spending money, not making money.

First, half the parking lot has been fenced off, and the rest of the lot is now flooded with bright lights and Elite Valets working for mere tips. When asked how much, mine said, "Tens are good, but twenties are better!"

At those prices, you can be sure that they're keeping an eye on your car and everything inside it, and if that's not your style, you can go park in the public ditch on Lombardy, where any trouble would be the city's problem, not the club's.

There are some landscaped hedges near the entrance. Nobody wanded me when I went in, maybe because the bouncers all look like surplus linebackers with steel-grip handshakes. I could not drink enough to think I could win a fight with any one of them, and I can get pretty drunk.

To that end, I got a Tanqueray & tonic. The price was stiff ($8.75), but so was the pour, whether thanks to the tall Bartender Dominique or just wise policy, I can't say.

Waitress Ariel invited me to sit wherever I wanted, and within two minutes, Dreamgirl was with me. She had straight hair, a freaky big booty, and chatted me up just fine.

This was on a Wednesday, early night shift. About half the dancers were Urban & Ample, and the other half were long-legged with a pinch of thick.

I had no time for dances, but man, have they spruced the place up. New carpet! 9 flat screens! Raised stages made out of finished wood, not bare plywood like it used to be.

The super neon sign that says DALLAS is still in place, with purple, red, and green lightning bolts, but the throne has been replaced with an extra bar that only serves shots and beers.

They've also added a VIP area called "The Suite," which you can get to with bottle service, estimated by Dreamgirl at $100 and up.

The DJ was lively, playing songs about numbers -- mostly eights and nines, if I recall -- and he kept a close tab on the dancers, clearly reminding them who was up next.

3/31/2013 (Whereupon, Dallas Gentlemen's Club re-opened under the management of Randy Dumas)
(not rated) DFW NITES
3/27/2013 Does anyone know if this club is open Saturday and Sunday afternoon? It used to be open at around 2 pm, but lately I have found it to be closed then.

DFW NITES: Dallas Gentlemen's Club is currently closed, but it's due to re-open in early April under the old-school leadership of Mr. Dumas.
(not rated) Tex Mex

3/23/2013 SHEEEEEE'S BACK!!!! Come see your girl! I will be greeting you once again with that fine customer service! Can't wait to see each and every one of you! This place is back better than ever! Managed by good people, with good people! We will have an open date for you soon! Love You ALL!
Lori/ Jordan!
3/13/2013 DG'S will be back in FULL effect!! Look for us in the beginning of April. The MEN that made that club a success are back where they belong. I have never worked for kinder people in my life. The Dumas family treat their employees with dignity and would never sexually harass you or terminate you for not sleeping with them!! I don't know what "Hater" said but his/her name says enough!
2/28/2013 Lori (aka) Jordan is that you. I was friends with Daniel and Dolores.

(not rated) CW

2/26/2013 Randy Dumas is back. Club is coming back better than ever. Randy is going in doing a complete overhaul and reopening better than ever. You can go by they have an employee explaining everything!
Randy Dumas Is Back!!!
2/19/2013 Hey Nickster!!! It's Lori! Nikki called me and told me about the review on here!! lol I am no longer working in the clubs! i got my nursing license and doing that now! the new owner took over and kicked us all out cuz we were loyal to randy! From what ive been hearing...randy(the old owner and his brother(mark, The guy that sits next to me) are taking the club back on march 1st! If this is so.... which i'm pretty sure it is, alot will change again! Hell, you just might see me at the door again! Take care and remember...March 1st....things will get good again!

DFW NITES: Let the record reflect that we just received a review from "HATER," who had nothing nice to say.

We haven't confirmed any of the above allegedly inside news, so take it with a grain of salt, though a review like "HATER"'s often shows up after hirings and firings.
(not rated) Lori

11/23/2012 DG's my spot mayne.....I can always go and have a good time just watching sum of da baddest girls,jam 2da muzik, eat sum good food, and watch sports on them big flat screens. Drinks a lil high but they have sum of the baddest dancers out of alot of strip clubs i been too.
YoungChris LTV
1/12/2012 Me and a friend went there this last Monday night. It was packed.

This club has changed so much for the better. The waitress told me the place has a new owner and he has cleaned the place up. I had a lot of fun. Everybody was friendly and the dancers hot.

(not rated) NICKSTER
6/2/2010 i was in there tuesday looking for my girls ....when a waitress told me that they fired my waitress patty...where are you at patty....ill go where ever you are....
(not rated) billjo
2/17/2010 i go to this club about every 2-3 weeks.club has gotten better over the past 6 months with the girls and the way biz is handled.Bebe is an awesome bartneder in AM as well as Nikki at night..girls getting better..if you are there while it's slow you tend to get hounded by the waitresses every 2 minutes but overall a good experience this is only club i go to..good drink prices..
6/13/2009 GHETTO. GHETTO. GHETTO. The customers are wanna be pimps and the women who work there are hood rats who look like they all just got back from maternity leave. Where is Brie and DJ? They were the only girls who took care of their bodies and worked out. And the drinks are super watered down. If you want to see girls with jiggly huge asses with no boobs and big guts then go here.
Not a fam
1/6/2009 Went to this club last wed night shift, I guess it was latino night cause thats what the dj kept screaming all night over the music and shit very annoying. As far as the club goes its pretty nice inside but that doesnt always make a club good. The place is nice I guess they got it that way by over pricing weak drinks. I never been to a strip club where each bar serves you a different drink when you ask for the same one and for 8 bux a pop i expect to get the same quantity not just ice. I asked the shot girl who sells you a capful of whatever for 4 bux why some drinks are weak she told me the bartenders only hook up the drinks if you tip them Im like damn every one wants a tip at this fuckin club.I suggest getting drunk before you come in here as the drinks are a rip off. As far as the ladies they ok but they dont get naked and dont let you touch for nothin I know that this isnt a whore house but damn can I put my hand on your ass I done spent 100 bucks on ya stuck up azz. Ladies mostly black latina which is cool but most dont drink guess thats why they so uptight.The clientele mostly wannabe rappers and thuggs which is cool I can hang but quit trying to impress these broads and get in my way of scenery ya digg. Ok club dont see much difference from all the byob clubs out there youll get more drink and better mileage.
12/22/2008 Went thier WEd night. It was cool drinks are expensive 10 dollars for a crown and coke comeon with that shit if you go tip a bartender or waitress she'll hook you up with a good drink not no watered down shit that I was gettin till I knew the deal. Besides that it was cool kinda crowded no real private area to get dances some of the waitresses and shot girls are actually hotter then some of the dancers which is cool. I had a good time only real problem was the drink prices which I dont usually mind but at least if you gon ask 10 dollars for a lil glass of hen and coke at least put some liquor in that shit next time im gettin drunk b4 I go in there. As far as the ladies there are more black girls then anything a lil bit of latinas but they were mostly the waitresses didnt see no white girls but its all good Ill be back.
12/19/2008 i was there the other night on saturday night with friends...our waitress was the sweets person ever,she always cleaning our table...she take good care of us...and got us the girls we want to have at our table....thanks alot patty....we will be back to see u and harmony,marassa,lovely,ryan....thanks for the good times girls......love the dances......
7/5/2008 Tonight was a great night I went to DGC and the place has changed. It's gone through a total make over inside. Too bad the girls are 5's and 6's. The music was good.
Cooter Seaker
6/7/2008 This club is living in the past.

It is NOT couple friendly. This is their right but when we were told that my wifes cover would be over 20 bucks because the club was for Gentleman we just told the door girl (Red head, bad fake boob job, Delaney or Delynn or something) we would just go down the street.

There are too many clubs in Dallas to get ripped off at the door by a two bit chunky red headed door girl. She was very rude also. Told us to learn to read because it was a gentleman's club for gentlemen.

If you are a couple looking for fun go two blocks North, East or West and you will have a good time.

To make matters worse we saw her let in a Bull Dyke for free while we were standing there. Gentle men only, no couples but Lesbians ok because she said the Lesbian was a regular that goes there all the time?!?!?!

5/21/2008 For those looking for a club atmosphere with good looking striper's then DG's is the place to be. The drinks are a little high, but strong. Great club if your looking solely for a hip hop spot.
stay fly
4/11/2008 I usually go during the evening shift and have a pretty good time. One of those places where once you get a dance, the rest of the dancers pay more attention to you. Something I've found best to do in all Dallas clubs is to ask each dancer, before you get a dance, how much they are. I've forgotten this a couple times at this club and had the girls tell me $30 (after the fact) when I knew they were only $20. I just paid to avoid a big thing with the management, but you should have seen the disappointment in her face when I gave over $500 worth of dances to another girl....lol Always ask how much dances are even if you know.
Frequent visitor
4/2/2008 i have been going to this club for about 4 years seems to be going through changes dayshift has actually got some pretty hot girls especially morgan what a sweetheart.drink specials changed no more bottled beer specials only draft

10oz $2.75...the bartenders are awesome on dayshift bebe and christina are always good conversation.the managers always friendly on the dayshift anyways during the dayshift

waitresses tend to get attitude if you dont tip double your drink order.but i will be back this club is all about good times

2/24/2008 I went to this club Saturday night to celebrate my birthday. First off, this club is being remodeled and looks totally different than it used to. They have turned the old VIP into the entrance and put a bar there. Other than that, I got a really good dance from a super hot chick with glasses (I don't remember her name). She had a really good attitude. But then my night went downhill when our waitress (some eighties-looking white chick)told another girl (while she was dancing for me) that I didn't want to tip her. WTF? Where did that come from? (I was giving out 20 dollar tips, and how the hell would she know if I wanted to tip anyway?) It really turned the group of dancers at our table against me (which sucked), but in the end I just tipped more to the cool chick with the glasses. But the club was good as always. Good hip hop and lots of booty-shaking. I'm going to ignore that dumb mullet-headed waitress and give this club five stars because I always end up having fun.
11/11/2007 My visit to the "G".... All I can say is, On the day shift it seems to get pretty interesting!!! They are starting to pick back up. Reason - I say this is b/c They have a lot of pretty girls, but there is this one "Sexy Lady" - named Sade'. She is fine!!! But, there is something about her, maybe her smile. Honestly, She turns alot of heads, boy is she a heartbreaker... As well as the waitress's, I give most of them two thumbs up for makeing sure I'm good. Just to end off on a good note, I give the club 4 stars for entertainment!!!!
1/26/2007 I had not visited this club in 4 years (I had been living in a different city). All I can say it is not the same club now as it was then. The clientele made me vwey uneasy, and the dancers were nothing special. I cannot recommend this club to anybody who wants to go to a nice club.
1/24/2007 All I have to say is...Laurie, I went in last Wed night. She was the first thing I saw when I walked in the door and she simply took my breath away. I figured, why not stay out at the front and talk to her, it can't possibly get any better inside. I began to conversate with this lovely lady and to my surprise she was not only beautiful but very friendly also. When I return to Dallas I will make it a must to stop by and see Laurie.
(not rated) E from ATL
10/31/2006 I worked at this club for over 8 years.

And enjoyed it most the time. LOL

But as yrs went by this club has gone down hill. Everyone that used to be my customers are scared to go in there.

That isnt a good thing.

I basically got fired after 8 years all because i wanted to go home early on the night shift because i had a day job and was extremly tired from working 5 days back to back in both jobs.

But nope i had a certain manager be very very rude and mean to me. So i guess i quit or got fired whatever you wanna call it.

Michael was always so sweet to me as well as Ricki and Dustin the DJ's.

I wish i could go back there just to visit but i'am to scared!

All i have to say is good luck Randy and i loved working for you!
(not rated) x employee

9/21/2006 Cheap beer And man Go see the Asian Girls. One is named Asia And another is named Mulan, Hot Hot Hot.
the man
7/11/2006 I have been going here off and on for 14 years. Love the place. Always have a good time. But I don't get why a waitress has to try to pull a fast one with the change just to get an extra buck! During the happy hour a beer is 2.50 I usually give em 5 bucks. isn't 2.50 tip enough so you don't have to try to short change me? The girl with the big pony tail at the top of her head will never get my drink order again. Its not about the money. Its just too much work to have to watch her play her stupid change game! Heck I would give her the extra 2 bucks just to leave me alone! LOL
just a guy
5/1/2006 Went here on wed april 26 night shift.This place is pretty ghetto not by the building or the dancers but the clientele alot of pimps gangmembers and thuggs in this place alot of the guys asked me if I wanted to buy some drugs I guess the girls arent the only ones trying to get their hustle on at this place.As far as the ladies go they look alright I think alot of them have pimps because most were sitting with guys and not getting any dances instead giving them money.Dont come here by yourself at night you will get jacked by the low lifes that frequent this club so I suggest you come with a group or wear your bullet proof vest alot of hating going on if guys see you having fun and getting all the girls attention so be fore warned.
4/30/2006 I have visted your club 3 or 4 times. The atmosphere was very upbeat. The waitstaff was good. The Dancers were above average, maybe they can improve somewhat on pole dancing. And making eye contact with the audience. Eye contact makes it feel more personal and exciting. That keeps people returning back to your establishment.
3/28/2006 I stopped in yesterday evening to see Elise and Jayla. They are so damn fine it is unbelievable. The DGC club has hired some new dancers. I was concerned though. During the day shift I paid my regular waitress $20 to enter the VIP area. That night the night manager asked if I had paid to enter the VIP, since I did have a VIP bracelet. When I told him I paid my day shift waitress earlier. He said that it was free to enter the VIP during the day shift. I just got ripped off by the waitress. Other than that everything was great.
Big Daddy
3/22/2006 I went by the club the last few weeks. The door girl Amber is really hot. She should be dancing, since she looks better than the majority of the dancers. She could make some tips from me for sure. Mandy is a great waitress and only gives the best attention to her tables. I saw Elise for a brief moment prior to leaving on Friday. She is always oh so hot!
Big Daddy
3/19/2006 I, have been to Dallas Gentlemans Club a few times and for some reason I keep hoping it will get better. The ladies, though some are sexy as hell are not allowed to have very much fun because of Dallas laws. Which, apparently the ;aws are not the same a short distance way at other clubs. From what a dancer told me you can't touch the ladies like at other clubs and to me that is just not good fun. So, as fine and sexy as the ladies are I will have to go right down the street and get a real dance.

(not rated) tate

3/1/2006 I stopped by the club on Monday. Mandy was working, but was not welling to keep me company. I would really like to get to know her better. She seems really nice and has some great assets if you know what I mean. Dancers were a little few and far between. The club was a little slow. Saw a few new faces. There seems to be quite a bit of turn over of the dancers, but the drinks are always reasonable.
Big Daddy
1/31/2006 I went by the club yesterday during the day shift and ran into a former dancer at BDD that I had not seen in over a year. She was really friendly and gave a great dance. I will be back. They have also hired some new waitresses, and I must say Mandy is a knockout. Keep up the good work guys.
big daddy
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