Texas Cabaret
1300 NE Loop 820
Fort Worth, TX 76106

Phone: 817-624-1600
11am-2am $3 cover$6 after 7 p.m.VIP requires bottle service ($125+)
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7/27/2014 Drove by the place and saw that the new name of this place is called "Roxy". Glad to see this place is getting a nice touch up. The old Texas Cabaret was pretty rough... Dancers were never much to look at... I felt like I would get second hand smoke from all the smoking that would go on in there and I understand that all clubs have to make money but the two drink minimum for a club that wasn't even that great to begin with was such a turn off that I left and didn't come back. That's why i'm so glad new management and a new look is coming up. I'll leave a review when it opens soon!
(not rated) Idontdrink
7/19/2014 Club reopened New owner, Remodeled and BYOB.

DFW NITES: Haven't visited or confirmed yet, but we'll print this optimistically.
6/29/2014 I can confirm they are closed for re-modeling, but will be back open in early to mid July. Same owner, different management team.
(not rated) W
6/3/2014 TC is Closed for remodel by the new management. Heard it was going to be BYOB

DFW NITES: Rumor SEMI-confirmed! A phone call rang four or six times and then went to an anonymous voice mail...sounds like this club is not active.
(not rated) Wild man
1/5/2014 I like the dollar fifty beers
(not rated) stickman
8/31/2013 The manager Scott is a real nice Guy and the waittress on day shift was really nice and one dancer name summer was the best one there
(not rated) ryan
6/13/2013 Texas Cabaret continues on its gentle upward trajectory.

It's gotten some new decorations, racing flags and car-lot pennants everywhere, probably to appeal to the fans of Texas Motor Speedway.

Also, Manager Scott has set house fees at $20 per dancer, FULLY REFUNDABLE if she gets to her stages on time, skips the drama, and otherwise follows ALL rules.

Innocent -- dark features, C-cups, and big, round araeolae -- says the policy is working, attracting sane and stable girls, driving out the foolish and uncontrolled.

Waitress Care Bear was attentive and witty, and blonde Bobbie chatted me up fearlessly and at length.

Tasia was a dark, ample beauty in 3"-hex fishnets, but my eye was really caught by a hot girl with a 1940's hairdo -- blonde braids and purple fabric flowers curled up with a serious man, maybe a fracker.

When I caught up with the 1940's girl during her set, I realized she was Pink! She performed an absolutely ravenous stage dance and pinched her nips so hard she was driving herself crazy. Pink had awesome eye contact, especially with her glamour makeup.

6/2/2013 Wow what happened to this place? I went in last night for first time in probably 3 months. I've been going to TC fairly regularly for the last 3 years and this place has been going downhill. I went in last night on a Saturday at 9:30 and there were 4 people in the club and maybe 5 dancers ON A SATURDAY NIGHT! It finally picked up a little bit about an hour later but by the time I left at Midnight there were about 8 dancers and about 10 people in the club. The dancers ranked from 4s to 6s and was pretty much dead.

I used to really like this club because it was very laid back without the lights and loud obnoxious music, but it's getting passed up by the other clubs in the area and I'm not sure what they can do to get it back where it was.
Just Passing Through

4/21/2013 The girls are getting better here. Texas Cabaret is now a land of curvy 7s, big tits, round asses, no stick girls that I saw onstage.

There were several biker groups and couples, and they all seemed happy with the selection.

I myself liked Bonnie, who had brown hair and big naturals, curvy but definitely not fat. Bonnie gave me a very sexy dance on a low substage, and she clearly loved being on her back.

Also, I give mad props to Waitress Nina, who is fit as an Olympian and takes care of the customers even when hit with a surprise double.

1/4/2013 I was at this club just before christmas...im a musician (played for Avril Lavigne and Alison Sudol) and travel all around the country (LA california seattle etc) and I LOVE this place because you can have great time for NO DOLLARS (except for cover) alll the girls here are drunk already...the Girls at Other clubs want the money...the gilrs here they entertain you with their conversations without spending a dollar.....at a Hollywood club like would cost you hundreds of dollars to sit with no booze and no smokes

DFW NITES: Imagine how much fun it would be if you DID have money.
Musical Morgan

11/9/2012 Dropped in at Texas Cabaret for a short time early on a Saturday night.

The atmosphere was quite orderly, with a sweet brunette on stage in fetish gear with a leash on, reminiscent of the B in Apartment 23. I will return for her at some point.

DFW NITES: Confidential to GoCowboys19: Your unfiltered observations have been passed up the chain of command to where they might do some good.
(not rated) Instapunter

11/7/2012 Does anyone know where Harley went????
(not rated) justwonderin
9/19/2012 Back again, following up on Pink. She likes cherry amaretto drinks and is tall and blonde, cute and flirty with B-cups, and very comfortable with her work. Pink comes off as giggly but is smarter than she lets on at first, and was amazingly engaged on the VIP deck.

I endorse her and her dances without reservation and hereby declare Pink to be Money Well Spent.

9/12/2012 Manager David has over a decade of experience running clubs, and he is back at Texas Cabaret night-shift making TERRIFIC recommendations!

His staff is attentive, so attentive with the drinks that I can't remember all their names...lucky for me Door Girl Lynn helped me out by phone.

Bartender Rick poured me a couple of stout T-n-T's that kept me there focused on the best things in life, like Pink, who installed herself on my lap in short order, with very pink lip gloss and matching pink flower earrings, a 34C Malibu Barbie.

Waitress Lindsay kept the booze flowing for me, Pink, and Magic, a beautiful blonde Minnesotan whose natural politeness ALMOST keeps her from making mad bank with her natural 36DDs.

I thought I had to leave, but then I discovered I should have one more T-n-T, which I enjoyed with pink-haired Poker Girl Randy wrapping her legs over my shoulders at the bar while making fun of me for having a trust fund.

All the while, Magic patiently waited and straightened my tie and jacket whenever Poker Girl Randy's calves pulled them askew, and she finally led me to the Texas Cabaret VIP Platform, where she was fun, ethical, and focused. If Magic hadn't been due onstage, I might have been there until closing.


Manager David keeps his eye on the ball and makes sure everyone follows the rules. A tall, blonde country girl beckoned from the archway.
(not rated) Instapunter

7/15/2012 Went in to TC last night (Friday the 13th of all nights) and there certainly was something in the air, but it had to be essence of party! There were HOT girls everywhere. Katrina in particular, was beyond smoldering. She was the only girl in a gown (the place doesn't exactly strike me as a place where a girl would wear a gown) but she owned it and totally did an amazing set to some burlesque style music. Other girls were Simply amazing. Blaze and the other girl she was with (Kiley I think) have to be related and I tell you what, they will feature prominently in my sister fantasies for some time to come. I see Harley mentioned in the review previous, and I agree 100%, she is a 10!

That brings me to the music, the DJ (I have heard him called Kyle and K-Mart) was bumping that place hard. He was really bringing an extra amount of entertainment to the party and made the place feel more like a neighborhood bar. He got the manager David to get on stage and do the splits if everyone tipped him, and I don't know if you have ever seen the manager, but he doesn't look like the kind of guy who could do a quarter spilt if he was lucky. It was the most I have laughed in a long time. His pants split more than he did. Moral here is they have got the feel of the place, as a fun dive, down to a science. Music, attitude, and humor were all perfect.

Drinks are only so/so. They stopped doing the $1 beers and now it's $1.50. Seems like a cheap move to me. $3 Schnapps is not what I consider a deal to brag about. Their happy hour is pathetic compared to Bucks or Cab North, but to get that kind of deal you have to mess with Bucks or Cab North. TC is the last club I know of that still has the home dive feel. [REVIEWER WAS UNIMPRESSED WITH WAITSTAFF.]

Overall I have to say that I love TC, and they are changing things, but the problems this club have are not related to the staff, but what I have to assume is ownership decisions. Pricing is just WAY too high. There are several items in disrepair. Just because it's a dive bar doesn't mean the place has to be a rat hole. I say that they are a 3.5 out of 5 because for everything they have going right, until upper management/ownership decide to get with the program and stop charging Lodge pricing for dive quality they will never be what they could be.

DFW NITES: For the record, we're not sure what the reviewer means by '[having] to mess with Bucks or Cab North,' unless he's referring to their seating and parking lots, which can get pretty full.

7/13/2012 Went to TC last night and spent 5 hours hanging out. It was the first time I'd been in a while and realized why I don't go very often. The waitresses basically ignore you if you're sitting alone, but if you're with a girl they bug the hell out of you. As soon as I walked in and sat down a girl sat down and started basically begging for money. I explained to her that I had just gotten there and was just going to relax for a little bit, but she didn't get the hint and sat there a few more minutes begging to give me a dance, wanting to sit on my lap, etc. To me that is a big turn off. Also was bugged by another dancer who griped at me for not watching her dance while she was on a secondary stage, later in the night she sat down and started begging for $1 bills to tip other dancers. There were also a bunch of new dancers working there that night, place finally livened up around 11 or so, but until then it was 3 to 1 girl to guy ratio which brought out the jealousy and territorial battles between some girls that was the lowlights.

The highlight of the evening was getting to spend majority of the night with Harley. She is the reason I return to the club and if she ever leaves, I doubt I'll go back. She's a real sweetheart. Very beautiful girl, great smile, great personality, just to spend the evening to with her makes up for everything else. She is head and shoulders the hottest dancer and in my opinion the best thing TC has going for them.

DFW NITES: Awesome feedback! When business is slow, it's easy to get impatient; your review's a great reminder that sometimes a gentle approach is best.

Last time we were in Texas Cabaret, we heard they are fixing to do a makeover, an upgrade, and turn over a new leaf. Are those new dancers the first of many improvements? DFW NITES will keep you posted as we learn more.

6/19/2012 I love this club!
Adrienne Entertainer
5/8/2012 This was our 2nd stop on a Friday with the boys. Our first club almost made us rethink coming here because it was horrible, fort worth needs some improvement,but the good ole cab made our night significantly better. I hadn't been in since around 2003, miss all the old girls. The show they have now is hot and fun though. No Donovan apparently,but the dj had good energy and seemed happy. The girls were all talkative and fun, some cute,some hot,all willing to party with us while we were there. We had about 6 girls at our table and didn't feel like we were being hustled. The drinks flowed freely and made me wonder why I quit coming here, we'll be back this weekend. I don't remember her name, I swear she told me two different ones, but I'm gonna find that little blonde with the moon tattoo and take that girl out one night! Great dancer and smart.
5/4/2012 Bright green neon beckons you of off 820 like a moth to a light bulb. Once inside youíll notice atmosphere like your neighbor hood bar, only with topless dancers. There were several flat screens to enjoy any event. Stage placement was interesting, and the ladies were just as interesting.

A pool table is the first thing youíll se coming through the second doorway. There is a substantial sized projection screen off to your left. Bar is opposite the flat screen and of course fully stocked. The main stage has two poles, and the other two stages are located centrally on the floor, ensuring perfect view of you favorite girl.

There was a great mix of dancers, a little something for everyone. There were black girls, Latinas white-hot girls, each different in her own way. One girl may or may not have been dancing for two, if you know what I mean. Mia was an amazing Latina with a great smile, and a equally amazing set or tits, she was very good on stage, and just as great out on the floor. This was the only name I remember, but there were several attractive ladies around.

Texas cabaret had a good feel to it plenty of amenities. Every dancer was friendly, and ranged in look, to create a good mix. The atmosphere is of a sports bar, down the street in anyone neighborhood. Wouldnít mind stepping in here again.

4/28/2012 With the exception of a few flames there hasn't been an update for Texas Cabaret for a while. Went in on Thursday the 26th of April and the place was a party. Lots of girls, lots of people! Some haters need to understand this is a dive bar with boobs.

It's a small joint and is by design meant to be a watering hole for people who just want a good time at a "local feeling" joint. Cab North, Bucks, and Pinups all try to feel like a state of the art Vegas style club, where Texas Cab has stuck to a neighborhood bar feel.

I don't know where they found the new DJ but that guy is amazing. Scotty the old guy (last time I was in) always played a lot of R&B but the new guy plays stuff that belongs in a club called Texas Cabaret. He is funny too. I hope they keep him around.

Spent some time with a spunky little blonde named Star, she was great and gave a great dance. Scarlett really rocked it out for me too. Perfect body, great attitude.

Drink specials are what kills this place for me. $1 Miller High Life or some other cheap crap beer, and $3 Schnapps... Who makes schnapps your drink special? Happy hour isn't so happy. $2.50 domestics, 4.25 calls. Bullshit IMHO, but what do I know?

Overall I call this place 3.5 stars out of 5 because they have a lot of what counts, girls music and for me atmosphere, but the point of being a watering hole is having drink prices that don't cost more than the girls. I will be back, but until drink price come down to a reasonable level this place will never be what it used to be.

DFW NITES: Great to hear from a fan!

4/20/2012 Good music, drinks ok. Nice girls
2/21/2012 about the comment below...LMAO wow telling someone to watch their back because they have disapproved of the way a stripper acted...

anyway visited this place on sunday night, had bout 3 girls, 1 hottie, a black girl and a linebacker with tattoos... walked right in, since the door girl was all hugged up with some guy in the crowd, then had some squeeky old man ask us to pay her a cover, 6$ a piece cover, plus 6$ beers...little hi dollar for a sunday with no people, shouldnt she be doing her job at the door..also found some [UNIDENTIFIABLE LITTER] on the floor.... (just shaking my head)

hadnt been in in a while, and probably wont be back anytime soon...

DFW NITES: Texas Cabaret does have a rather casual vibe, but there's no shame in sticking up for a friend, so don't judge the poster too harshly.

Also, that 'squeeky old man' is Manager Scott, who has sound advice for the strippers and decades of cabaret experience (in both Oklahoma and Texas), and he does a fine job of implementing the owner's policies.

1/20/2012 Tim, u r full of shit. I know her personally and she is the clasdiest one of the bunch. Possesive? Of what? She is doing jer job as an entertainer. Thats it. She is not there for a relationship. Hell, she is happily married and I know her husband too. If I were u I would watch my back after that remark now that he knows the bashing and disrespect to his loving wife.
11/10/2011 I have recently gone to this place. I have been several times. One big plus for me is that they actually play country music.

Many pretty ladies. Many nice waitresses. A few dancers to be aware of. Mommy T is a danger zone. She talks pretty, and is attractive, but her only goal is to empty your wallet. This alone is no problem, since that is why you are there. But she can be possessive too. Shying others ladies away from you. Personally, I like spending time with different girls. It breaks it up, and keeps things from getting too serious.

8/6/2011 Visited Friday afternoon for the 1st time in a long time. The DJ is excellent and the prices for drinks are pretty good. Wasn't many girls for a Friday. I see that Shana is still working. That girl is nothing but trouble. When you first meet her it is all sweetness but I know a few guys that she really took to the cleaners. Be careful about taking her out. She is one that makes me uncomfortable. Even though she knows I don't want a dance I hate to see that scrawny body prancing around from lap to lap working her magic. I doubt I'll go back for awhile. Bucks is a great place. The girls there are hot and the drinks are just as cheap.
7/18/2011 people listen when i say that dj wizzard is the best in ft worth.and thats comming from the best in the 90;s ok. so if anybody doubts that we can discuss.
(not rated) djmasterc
1/20/2011 After I left Main Stage, I thought I'd drop by Texas Cabaret. It was only $3 at the door, not $5, but that could have been because it was a very, very dead Monday night. I don't know. Drinks are about the average for what you pay in DFW clubs. Waitresses are nice and not too pushy. There are two stages, although dancers tend to stick to only one side of the main stage instead of using the whole thing.

The six dancers ranged from pretty damn hot to past prime. The three prettiest women I saw on shift were Raven, Autumn, and Daisy. Daisy moved amazingly. Raven is a fun talker who can hold your interest. Autumn is just amazing to look at. None of the dancers were pushy. Hustle was really, really low. I guess dances in the VIP area are $30 although, from what I saw, there's no real privacy there so it seems a bit silly to pay extra for it.

I didn't get a dance but still spent money and overall, I had a nice evening. Since there were so few customers here (it topped at seven while I was there), it wasn't as smokey as other reviews stated. However, I can see this place smelling like an ashtray when it's packed and a couple of dancers confirmed it gets pretty bad.

It's not a bad place. If you just want a quiet evening, it can be fun. You just have to be careful when you go. Over all, I'd recommend it and consider going back

10/4/2010 i hear u got rid of my faverate waitress kim,,, whats up with that? u need to get her back.
(not rated) keith
7/11/2010 Went there last night.....was slow in the beginning but things started getting packed later in the evening. I go to TC every now and then, wouldn't call myself a regular but every now and then. They had a bunch of new girls last night so the dancing itself wasn't that great. I think they said there were 27 something girls way too many for that little of a place. There is one girl who stole my heart though, Serenity. She is the hottest thing I've seen in a long time, spent a lot of time with her and it was money well spent.
Just a Coach
5/17/2010 Went this passed Friday. The club itself is kinda run down, but they're working on improving it. The girls are, so so, most covered in tatoos which to me is a turn off. there's nothing wrong with one or two, but whole body covered, GROSS. Range from 110lb to well over 220lbs, all races and hair colors. One blond there who shouldn't be dancing, first off she can't dance, she's super short like possible midget status, with one leg longer than the other, therefore she has to wear two different size platform heels (heighth wise). Drinks get expensive after 9 and there are several of the uglier girls who roam around the club and try to get guys to buy them drinks when they aren't on stage. I bought one for a girl thinking maybe she'd go away, a cranberry and vodka $9.75....I nearly sent it back. Lap dances are supposed to be $30, but some of the dancers only charge $20 which is nice, because there are some of them that should pay me to let them rub on them. Bunch of old pervs there hogging girls. I asked one dancer to come over and give me a lap dance after she got through on stage, 3 hours later the old perv got up to leave, she finally came over and sat down, I got up and left.

Go down on prices, have the dancers go to 24 hour fitness and maybe I'll go back.
New to town

3/10/2010 Been going to Texas Caberet for a while visiting with Sam, and it was fun, now they got the ex-manager from Showtime over there running (should be ruining) the dayshift, and I was told he fired the only dancer I went in there to see. This place will go downhill just like Showtime did. Man, where are the good clubs at?
(not rated) Eddie
10/24/2009 Yes , He was fired he now resides at Country Connection he owns the club , Texas Caberat is everybodies favorite place , its a fun club everybody Parties there , I have noticed that in some clubs they sit around , but this one its a party everyday !!! And night , to be honest with all you I have worked in this business for 24 years , and I know lots and lots of people so I can answer any of your or yaws ?s about any club , I love them all ! they are all great in thier own way , Now John may want or may not sell to Ricks , Thats his Heart , Take care everyone and tip ur waiteresses and Bartenders , and Dancers !!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY WORK HARD !!!!!!!!!!!!
10/11/2009 I was in Texas Cab this Saturday Nite. I come in frequently, but tonight was a BLAST! I have gotten used to the same-ol-same-ol around here, but the girls keep me coming back. Sat though was different because there was (are you ready???) a REAL DJ!!!!! Every one of the ladies I sat with said that he was usually the Sat Day guy. Maybe it is the manager turning things around. Good job promoting him. John!
9/12/2009 I just heard that the little GM with Napoleon syndrome got fired is that true, should make for a much better club now.
Club Guy
6/14/2009 I stopped by with a buddy before the Rangers game on June 13. We planned on just making a quick trip inside to check the place out and ended up staying a little longer. I like the place. The wood stages are something different. All the employees were friendly, the drink prices were very reasonable, and they had some good dancers. Sky was my personal favorite and I wish we would have had more time to stay a little longer. It was a nice first visit and I will definately try to go back.
6/13/2009 I still come and visit this club as a patron now, I retired from dancing about 2 years ago... I always loved coming up and visiting my old crew and all of my old friends, but, last time I visited I only knew about 4 people(which is weird) I heard Mike and Donovan were fired which if you ask me were the greatest! I miss the old days and all of the old crew... We had some great times! Hope everyone is doing well!

(not rated) Shay

6/7/2009 First time in Ft. Worth in 30 yrs. So went out to a couple of clubs. T.C. was the last. Other than it needs new decor and/or a good cleaning had a great time. Has a wide array of dancers, every type and shape you could ask for. Spent almost all of my time with BELLA- lets just say that on the drive back to San Antonio I about wrecked my truck reflecting back on the time spent with her. If I can get back I will!
6/7/2009 I'm from San Antonio was in Ft.Worth on business this last thurs.. Went to a couple of clubs. No offense guys but you need to raise hell about the quality of the clubs. Don't get me wrong, we have some pretty bad ones, but out of the 4 clubs I went to only one was clean, smelled decent and didn't have a couple of girls that looked like they hop on the old man's bike at the end of the nite.

This was the Ft.Worth Gentleman's. Very nice outside and inside.((they need to put a entrance to the parking lot from the access road!)) All the women were very nice looking. Had a real good time with LOLA she has so much energy it was draining just to be around her. And she has a great interest in good jokes. Of course there were exceptions and most of the women I saw ran the gambit of cup size-shape-looks. Hey what ever floats your boat. I'm just saying the clubs need to be cleaned up! I also visited the Texas Cabaret-not the cleanest place I've ever been, expensive drink pricing. But I had a wonderful time with BELLA-good conversation-good dances (almost wrecked car on the drive home thinking about it) I will be back to visit her!
(not rated) donsfinds

4/4/2009 I went to Texas Cabaret after a few months of frequenting another club. What happened to everyone? Aside from the orangatan tits and other bad build traits of the dancers, the drink price held me there for as long as I could physically stomach.
Choked up
3/20/2009 I went there and the bartender or barback was a loser he was chasing everthing that walks when i tryed to get a drink i had to flag a waitress and when i told her so told me that it was her boyfriend and to mind my own business. I the club is going to be ran that way i dont need to spend my money there. When did the club stop hiring girls who look good and hire one fixin to pop out babies. Where i work couple cant work together and when i go to topless bars i go to meet people not to meet ones who boyfriend might spit in my drink. Pick a women to work the bar i dont want to see some boy with long ass hair pouring me drinks.
pissed off
2/28/2009 Kevin, you want to come on a web site thats made for people to give there opinion of clubs and then take a personal attack when you dont like what was said. The fact is is that you didnt even know angel, you only worked with her for one day before she was "done dirty". And i never got a free drink in that club. I ran tabs in there that would rise to over a thousand dollars at times. So dont open your mouth about things you know nothin about. My opinion is and will always be that she was the best bartender there and you all lost buisiness and a great bartender when she was forced to leave. She can even run circles around you hotshot.
2/26/2009 too many blacks

girls stuck up

do forget to pack your gun

2/20/2009 REBEL....so when was texas "caberat" GOOD in your opinion? When you worked there? I suppose being FIRED had no effect on your opinion of the club now did it. Oh well Tx Cab will never be as "good" as the clubs you work in REBEL. Lets see Illusions on hwy 80...nice place. Sillouhette formerly Sinbads on hwy 80...another CLASSY place. Nobody cares what you think Brent aka REBEL WITHOUT A CLUE.
(not rated) Animal
(not rated) Rebel
2/18/2009 Skeeter, Angel was fired almost a year ago...while she wasnt the worst bartender in the world, she definately wasnt FAST by any means...nor was she friendly. In fact she spent more time giving you FREE drinks all day than she did selling any liquor....sales went UP on her shift drastically when she got the can. Why dont you worry about how long it will be until she ditches you for some customer (like she did her husband for you, and her first husband for the guy she left to be with you and so on and so on) instead of defending her honor on some website ( a year late)
(not rated) kevin
2/18/2009 They made a huge mistake getting rid of the best bartender they had. Angel can run circles around anyone in the business. She was done dirty and to be blunt, the managment showed just what kind of club they are by letting her go. Shame on you all!!!!!!!!! Your not a club, your a joke.
(not rated) SKEETER
1/29/2009 this place is beyond being bad. this club has gone so far down hill as far as service and dancers. the danvers would rather act a fool and all the waitresses would rather play around rather than work. i went in for a beer and was disgusted with the service i had gotten. i will never return and suggest no one else does either.
(not rated) average joe
1/27/2009 you know what i was a long time customer at texas cabaret when it was cool and awesome back then but its not like that now. i miss all the people that i partied with and i miss the girls to that use to dance their it will never be the same.
(not rated) James
11/23/2008 This place gets a bad rap on here. Bunch a haters.

It has its good days and bad days like any other club but I like going here. Its usually fun and it has a mix of girls. Not just blond fake tit chis. But if that is what you want they have those also.

Having said that, I went Saturday. Again the chic with her boyfriend bodyguard was there but this time she had a friend with her that also had her boyfriend there watching.

This guy smarted off to me after I tipped his girl.

Mike, fire these girls or tell there boyfirends to leave and not come back!

They sit in the parking lot drinking. They hang at the pool table and get mad at patrons that get dances from their women.

That shit don't fly.

Please, Mike, clean this situation up before there is trouble. Trouble brings cops and cops make it so we paying customers don't want to come in.

11/22/2008 I have been seeing a few new faces with body figures closer to my liking. Wait staff was very attentive, I only had to call for a waitress once. Mackenzie was hot and so was Kayli. That tattoo on her chest is kickass and she gave me amazing dances complete with a neck massage. Its over all an improving general atmosphere and best of all, no RAP or HIP HOP! I would recommend trying it just to see for yourself.
11/4/2008 Don't kid yourselves fellas...this place is a disaster! It's the reason why everyone "good" left in the first place. If you start to see a decline in the "quality"...why the heck would you spend "quantity"??? I dunno, just a thought...You guys should go to a real bar and stop getting 'screwed' by the fungus queens.
(not rated) Beer Goddess
10/11/2008 Does anyone know where DREW went??? love to hear from anyone who does and Id be pulling out of the driveway with the door still open to go see her again.


10/5/2008 I stopped in last week on my way home. Sat there for a few minutes. Sat there for a few more minutes. Then I spotted the waitress sitting at the bar texting.

So I walked up and ordered my beer from the bartender.

I was there about 45 minutes when I finally left. The dancers seemed cool but the two waitresses working had major attitudes. I saw at least 3 other guys come and go. None of them were waited on either. All had to go to the bar for their beer.

With the cover charges going up because of the 5 buck tax you hate to go somewhere that may or may not have good service.
needa beer

8/16/2008 The reason why this club sucks is because of management and ownership. Mike, David, Bobby and John Faltinski are just trying to score with every dancer they can. Not one of these men are even slightly attractive thats why they are now hiring EXTREMELY over weight dancers to get into there panties. I have worked with all 4 of these men in the past and they are extremely degrading to females. This is the reason why there are no attractive girls anymore.
(not rated) Michele
8/7/2008 Went by and it has really changed the only good looking girl was the door girl, Brandi (I think) the place has really gone down not much of anything going on during the day, not like it was when I left to go TDY in May. Will try the night shift next week maybe it will be better.
Military Guy
6/4/2008 Went to T.C. last night (Tuesday night) with some buddies and had a great time. The dancers were great, they weren't playboy material, but they were definantly very sexy ladies and were very sweet and kind.

Had a blast.

6/1/2008 They all went to Cabaret North.Two street pass texas cabaret on your righthand side behind longtide mobilehome sales office.
(not rated) Big Spender
5/28/2008 visited texas cabaret friday afternoon and didn't know anyone that works there anymore, what happened. where did they go?? place is a ghosttown ,my favorite watering hole is no more .
5/11/2008 Wow Great club....as soon as i walked in i was greeted and asked if i wanted a beverage by a beautiful waitress named nycole. she was good 2me throughout tha nite i never had an empty drink! tha managments great,tha dancers OK...bar tender heather GREAT...will most deff. cum back2 c my great waitress nycole n bartender heather!!!
5/6/2008 man what happened here?!?!!? stayed 2 minutes then left....ALOT of big girls, and the ones who werent completely fat had saggy stomachs....not something i wanna see topless!!! i'll find somewhere new to haunt, thanks
4/22/2008 O.K. yeah the cab has gone down hill since I started there three years ago and not eveyone is what I would call stripper material, but everyone has there own taste for girls. I miss the old crew that we had that made going in there the best night of the week. But there are still some of those girls still there and make it worth it. So just come in and grab a beer n a bitch and hopefully you'll get a down ass chick like me to party with. see you there D
(not rated) D
4/5/2008 My friend was cheated out of $65 by a dancer and the help of management(DAVID). When he asked about his money, they asked us to go outside to talk, but they never talked...just told us to leave. This IS THE WORST experience I HAVE EVER had at a club. If you do not wish to head this warning, be VERY cautious of a few dancers running a scam and management helps them.
Jason Smith
3/7/2008 Went in there a couple of Fridays ago...club has went severely downhill in a matter of months. Most of the girls in there were plumpers, and the ones that weren't were at the most a 3/10. Plus they make you "valet" (park your own car) for $5 now. As if the $6 beers weren't enough.
3/5/2008 Very big girls, walked in and right back out.
3/3/2008 Went in this past weekend for the first time and was NOT impressed. The dancers were lazy and even had the nerve to complain about my waitress dancing on me. If they were that worried about it, they could have asked if I wanted a dance instead of sitting at the bar all night. The girls were too snobby in my opinion and had nothing to look at. But great waitstaff if you just want to have a few drinks! Oh and it must have been amature night...not sure!
(not rated) jimmydale
2/8/2008 Nice club, rockin DJ, overweight snobby dancers. Too bad.
1/10/2008 Went in on tuesday and had a blast. waitresses were great. Spent some time in the vip room with a beautiful red head named dixie. I will be back.
1/9/2008 Came back here after a while looking for a good time. WRONG! Most girls here really shouldnt be a professional dancer to put it lightly. What happened to the hot blonde with tiggo bitties that did the cowboy routine? I agree with the last guy, when I found out who the entertianer of the year was, i couldn't believe it. NO TITS and nothin special really. NOt cumin back!
johnny high
1/2/2008 It had been a while since I last visited TxCab, and was told it went down hill, but come on!!! When the so-called TOPLESS entertainer of the year should keep her top on cuz there's nothing to see, that's bad!! What happened to this place? Where did all the awesome chics go? GET THEM BACK!
get real!!
12/8/2007 Texas Cabaret is not about glitz and glamour but it is a fun and usually friendly place to spend a few hours and meet some interesting women. I found it a bit high priced for the accomodations but wrote that off as a sign of the times. There are several very pretty and friendly dancers who will make you feel welcome and not leave you sitting alone until you are bored. The waitresses do a good job of providing service and the music is not so loud that you cant talk to one another.
11/9/2007 Visited the club about 7:15 on a Wednesday and was told this is a nice hideaway to visit a couple months ago from some buddies . Lets just say there not my friends anymore!!Quality wasn't very appealing.,won't be back anytime soon
down low
10/13/2007 I used to work at Cab...yes it has changed- but change isnt all that bad. What I really noticed more then anything was the lack of interest. It was like everyone was on auto-pilot. Donovan is still rockin, Mike is still there as well. The couches are long over due to be changed out. Went in with my fiance and spent a few hours and had a blast. Didnt notice to many Big girls, just alot of young girls who didnt seem interested in being there.
(not rated) brinn
10/8/2007 I'm going to have to agree with 'Wino', not much class there anymore. I miss Shapril! And where the hell did the bartenders go? Mike D. has got some trailer trash wanna-be porn stars in there! TC needs to bring the 'sexy back'! Peace out.
(not rated) Paul
10/5/2007 haven't visited texas cab in some time,but I was in the area on a sales callin the area. This place has slipped quite a bit since my last visit in May.
(not rated) wino
9/30/2007 WHAT HAPPENED to the X-Cab??? I visited Saterday night and it was HORRIBLE. the 3 dancers that stopped by our table didnt opt for introductions before demanding a table dance and a drink (a fake drink at that), and they were all RUDE. This place used to be the bomb, now it just needs a bomb dropped on it. Bleeech.
(not rated) Amber
9/28/2007 All I have to say is they really should reinforce that pole for those big girls.
(not rated)
9/26/2007 Not at all impressed with the club. When I went, all Julie wanted to do was let us all know how her boyfriend had left his wife to be with her. I can't imagine anyone leaving anybody to be with that.
(not rated) Chick
9/25/2007 I have never been so disgusted after a night in here. My buddy smelled like dirty 'you know what' after a dance he received in this place, and only for $30, i wonder what an actual table dance would've costed...$3? Anyway, the girls were ok from a distance...some of the girls sat at our table and had an ok time. It would've been better had the waitresses not been drunk off their asses and got us our drinks. And who hired that annoying monkey with braces? Excuse my language, but i don't know her name. If you want any of mine or my colleagues money again, you would fire everyone you have there and start fresh. We shall continue our voyage further away to New Orleans Nights.
(not rated) disgusted beyond all reason
7/31/2007 The girls at cab have gotten very big but some people like that. its not what it use to be.
(not rated) 411
7/8/2007 WOW.....Friday night was a blast. A friend and I visited Texas Cabaret for the first time in a while. I must say this place is alot more customer friendly than the club I have spent the last 10 months at. Managers walking the floor in suits making sure everyone was having a good time, shaking hands and comping drinks. They made us feel like we belonged there. Jumping behind the bar and even helping the (very busy) waitress out by cleaning a table or two, all with a smile (I seen anyting that compares since CLUB LEGENDS closed) leaving all the "drama and bullshit" to thier well versed bouncers. My only complaint was the slow bartenders (in thier defence the bar was packed). It took a long time to get fresh drinks to the table, but we remedied this by getting buckets of beer. To have all this plus the (new to the bar) Main Stage crew ERIN, LIBERTY, DAISY, SABRA, and SE7EN all at the same place....... UNBELIEVABLE!!
Mr. Wonderful
6/12/2007 If anyone is wondering where tha heck Stefanii the bartender went....she's at the Underground Icehouse now.....oh...haha...and that comment below from 'tip'...maybe you wouldn't have been 'hit up for gas money' if you indeed tipped anyone....plus it's right off the highway so get over yourself...lot's of vagrants walk the highway...much love to all my girlies at Cabs!!!
(not rated) beer goddess
5/25/2007 This is a dive. Right away we were hit up in the parking lot for gas money. The waitresses are very lazy... wait n wait for a beer. BIG girls here! A chubby one mixed in here or there is one thing but some of these girls are huge
2/19/2007 I went to texas caberet for my 27 th birthday with some friends never been there before .it was small but the girls I sat with kicked ass and knew how to party they all showed me a good time especially gloria and tatam..smoking hot I gotta come back! great music too!
12/14/2006 Dude, i doubt that you had to wait that long for a beer. *note* if you tip the bartender, she might wait on you. just a thought, i dunno, call me weird. Yah, like you'd die if an alcoholic beverage didn't grace your lips in 2 minutes...get a life. And those people i was 'flirting' with, tip very well. Are you short or were you hiding behind the game? -cuz i don't remember someone ever bitching that much about a beer before. maybe the price, but that's a different post for me...thanks all to you who come in and actually have a blast, much love! beer goddess
(not rated) beer goddess
12/1/2006 Lousy service, bartender too busy sitting on her ass drinking and flirting. Couldnt get a beer to save my life. Tipped on girl who offered to show me "her goodies", and left. Low class.
(not rated)
11/4/2006 Yeah the cab has gone dowm hill a bit but they still are tryin to make the most of it. some are ulgy some are pretty but, if you can't play the game how are you supposed to have fun? Me and bud's go in there and always have a good time. there are those girls only after the money but what do you expect your at there job. But if you actually sit and talk with a girl you will feel right at home and have the best of time ever. my favorite is Diamond she works night and at times day, she is very sexy and yes at times she is busy but she is workin. and every time i go in she always makes it a party. Thanks girl see you soon.
10/26/2006 Ok so this club is much better then Main Stage. Way more customers and the girls actually make money just by tips off stage. I went with my boyfriend just fora night out and I actually had a great time. Thanks girls. Much better then the girls anywhere else.
10/7/2006 Hey guys! This is Stefanii, the bartender at Cabs. All i'm seein' on this page is a bunch of lame comments! I have so much fun at work, and i try to make sure everyone is having almost as much fun as me!!! Why would you go to a strip bar with $3500 in your pocket, stay for one beer, and try to say no one would come to your table? Allright Captain Obvious...if you would have tipped a dancer or two, you might have had them at your table. Duh. I'll be back to post more some other time...I'm too busy having fun at work! See you at the bar!!!
(not rated) beer goddess
9/27/2006 Edited out the unnecessarily ugly comment girls usually dont cut it for me...This club USED to be A+++, but what the hell happened?
9/21/2006 What the hell happened to this club? I've been going to this club for years and has slowly fallen apart and now it has hit rock bottom. Where did all of the good girls go? All thats left are the fatties and idiots. Won't be back. No stars from me anymore.
(not rated) not impressed
9/20/2006 Went to NON for a bachelor party, the girls were really lame. We actually made 2 get up from our table. Boring and superficial, will not return
8/1/2006 Snob city. Girls would be pretty, except they're too whiny about how slow its been. I went to check out some of the girls named on here, and was not impressed. Sure, they were like playmates, but with defective parts! Bought one dance, listened to the dancer tell me how "well usually its, $30, but SHE charges $40."

When theres a sign posted that says "VIP $30"

And I had already asked her if It was $30 and she agreed.

Then she whined the whole time.

7/28/2006 went, stayed for one beer because I'm not into fat chicks, and I'm really not into paying high beer prices to see fat chicks take their clothes off. bad, very very bad.
7/25/2006 Went in with $3,500.00, left minus $10 (one beer and a tip). Wwas prepared to BLOW money, couldnt get any of the girls to sit. Asked 3 girls for a dance, they said "give me a minute",and never came out. Will not go back..girls are stuck up, Waitresses piled up at the end of the bar while I waited for a drink, dancers sat around complaining about "the losers that never spend money".... Well. This loser was prepared to spend money, and won't return.
(not rated) Not a Fan
7/17/2006 7/17/2006...I visited TC a couple of weeks back. The club is very relaxed. The "free burger" was actually pretty tasty. I felt very comfortable. I recommend the club for a night out because I felt like everyone was having fun and down to earth. I don't like "stuffy" clubs. Most of the girls are attractive and personable. My favorite dancer was Rikki. She has it all...great looks, great body, and great personality!! I love the cowgirl outfit! Thanks Rikki!
(not rated) Hottie
5/19/2006 Party like a fucking rock star !!!! TX. CAB is the FUCKING BOMB !!! I love this joint, it's a bit of a drive for me( I live in S.Arlington) but it's always worth the trip. O.K. who is this Gloria chick? Man she is so fucking hot and can dance like no other girl in there. It's obvious she likes what she's doing and from what I could see she probably does real well. Hell, she got 60 bucks outta me and it was the BEST I've ever had. WOW!! Great crowd for a Thursday nite (5-18) everyone seemed to be having a great time and that's how it always is every time I go to TX CAB.
5/8/2006 I went in on friday...the place was packed. The music was great...but what is going on with the waitresses? it took 30 minutes just to get a beer. There were definatly some good looking girls but Tessa was by far the best...she was cool to talk to and gave an awesome dance...well worth it!
5/6/2006 First off, pissed off guy needs to learn to spell before calling anyone dumb or stupid. We could'nt be more entertained by you're lame ass complaint! Oh, and i eat my food before my shift starts you arrogant embecile. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your crotch and your arms be too short to scratch! I hate you with the fire of a thousand suns. Thank you for the fuel in my fire.

Love you, too. Shamu and Tweedle dumb.

Way to reply and impress. You give credence to any slights.
(not rated) beer goddess

5/3/2006 omg i went there sat night sat at the bar and the two UGLY ass bartenders OMG the fat one was rude and looked like she cared more about her food then her tips the other one was just plane stupid just stood there all the time i think you need some HOT girls behind the bar at 5.25 a beer who wants to see shamoo and tweddle dumb behind the bar? get this place back up to snuff wheres jen she was Hot! kick ass bartender!
4/27/2006 just wanted to say hey to all the girls that are still working there ,and the floor guys to . love you guys ....belle .
(not rated) belle
4/14/2006 Its the blonde waitress with the bird nose that is rude. She spends too much time trying to get a date or hanging out with her favorites. The pregnant waitress is cool and there is a new big chested girl that is really nice and takes care of business. Going in there tonight and will ask the rude girls name. Also love the dancer Autumn. Great boobs!
dollar man
4/8/2006 4-8-06 Went to go see all my girls and of course Donovan and the place was packed everyone was having a wonderful time and all the ladies looked exceptionally good. Im glad to see Cabs back to the way it should be and Im looking forward to going back. Great job you guys I love yall
(not rated) hailey
4/8/2006 I have been going here since 01. It has its ups and downs. The women are sometimes hot and sometimes in bad need of a slim fast. I have always had fun though. The waitresses have always been fun as well. Unfortunately there a couple of little snot nosed brats working there right now. I feel for them having to deal with men that are drinking but how dang cocky can you be? You are a waitress and to be honest the two skinny little girls I am talking about aren't that hot. I have no need to go back for a while. Guess NO will be getting my $ for a while.
bar dude
3/30/2006 I went into TX CAB on Sat.nite 3-25 and the place was packed. Wall to wall beautiful ladies but one inparticular stood out to me, her name was Gloria. OH MY GOD!!! This girl is fucking amazing, and by far the best dancer in the place!! So sweet and nice not to mention gorgeous I also met this other hottie named Shay, wow, she has the biggest cans I have ever seen, like porno star style, unbelieveable and she is cooler than the other side of the pillow!!! With these two ladies at TX Cab it's no wonder it's ALWAYS packed !!! I'll be back very soon !!!
Nate the Great
3/21/2006 On it's way to closing if changes are not made and get a little more variety in this club(hispanic, white, black, and asian).

There are two girls there worth making the trip Tessa and Shay! Those two are sooo damn got its unbelieve-able Tessa looks like a barbie doll/ play boy model. and Shay looks like a porn star. seriously you need to see these hotties.


I take the last comment I made about there not being any got girls in there. I must have gone on a bad night cause there were plenty to choose from this time. dude Tessa Is by far the hottest woman i've ever seen. oh my god this chic is Perfect from head to toe. not to mention She's got a kick ass attitude. I love that girl and that club now!
(not rated) big spender

3/16/2006 I Think the club is great they alot of very pretty girls. I will be back as much as possible! I really think Kimber and Sway and Amanda are really down to earth girls and sexy too! Thanks for a great time girls. Love it
3/15/2006 We frequent TC about 3 times a week and spend lots of $ I really think all the girls are doing a great job ones that stand out in my mind are kimber and sway very entertaining but only one complaint the management sucks! awareness
(not rated) awareness
3/14/2006 3/14/06....I recently moved back to town and decided to visit last Saturday night, different is not even the word for it, I mean I remember when Cabs was the best place to work and the most fun and comfortable place to hang out. At this point management is extremely unfriendly and most of the girls are inexperienced and boring. On that night Donovan wasn't working and man did it make a difference, I dont know who was the dj but in my opinion he should probably look for another job..On the upside I went back on last Tuesday and felt so much better when I got to see Shay, Natasha and Nadia also the dj was a bit better (still not Donovan) at least i could understand what he was saying. I'm not sure whats going on over there maybe the management should lighten up and let everyone have fun and make money like we used to. All I know is I love it there no matter what and all my girls still kick ass. I'll be back soon and maybe then we can party like we used to. I love you guys
3/8/2006 Haven't been to Cabaret lately, and I hate to say that the new management at TX Cabaret is appalling, dissrespectul, and downright rude. The waitresses were slow, the bartender is not much to look at even with the weak ass drinks she was serving, and the dancers were nothing special (highly understated). The only cool thing about that place anymore is still the rockin' ass music. The dj was pretty cool. Won't be back.
Big Spender
3/6/2006 . "TESSA" is back. I cant wait to watch that sexy ass while I drink a nice cold beer! !
(not rated) Really excited!

Went in on friday and saw Tessa the sexyest girl ive ever seen in my life! I tried to get a dance but she was in the private room the whole night. i went back in the next day and got the most AMAZING Time Tessa has it all brains beauty and a great sense of humor. definately a perfect 10.
freak n da sheets

2/21/2006 does anyone know where monet went? she was the sweetest girl i have ever met....she kept this place rockin..i came 3 times a week just to see her...shes drop dead out of this world Gorgeous! let me know if you know where shes at!
(not rated) obooty
2/19/2006 Oh my god i've been told that the butt twins are back .And had to go find out for myself on Friday the 17th i went in there to check it out & i saw one of the butt twins It was Cheyanne shes only working a couple days a week so go in and ask for her she so sweet & fun .She does this flip thing on the stage that will blow your mind .the BUTT TWINS shes not fake in anyway Shes has got this butt that will make you melton a hot summer day.And i did'nt see Marilyn there but i ask And said that she was back thats good they need more girls like these two.The dj was good like always. The New Manager has done wonders already for the club.which they needed that .Even the other girls ways hot or from what i could see of them .I coulnt keep my eyes off Mrs. looking good girls keep up the good work i'll be back two see yall .Paul
2/12/2006 Went to Texas Cabaret for a friends birthday on Friday, good looking girls all around, then came Shae, the hottest, funnest chick I have ever met. Not only gorgeous but what a party girl, loves to have fun, she's worth the trip!

I had the best time with TESSA ! This girl is no ordinary stripper she doesnt drink or do drugs which is very rare in that line of work. she was soooo damn hot! I'll gladly go back just to see her. USMC


I normally go into N.o.n but a couple of buddies made of come into T. C. to see this girl Tessa. The music was great atmosphere was relaxed beer was inexpensive and TESSA is the sexyest woman I have ever seen. I definately like this place better!


I heard that Tessa Broke her foot. does any one know when she'll be back? I don't know how much longer I can last if any one hears from her please tell her to call Frank. and to get well soon.
(not rated) old custmer

1/30/2006 1-30-06

Well, since no one can say anything nice...I will! Yah, so what the girls come and go, but you can always count on a good time with a good attitude. Beer may be a little much, but it's the atmosphere you're paying for(otherwise go to a nudist colony!)lol. Everybody likes something different, and here you can get just that(big, little, sexy, funny, etc.) Something for everbody and everybody likes something!

So git yer butts in here and party! Beer goddess
beer goddess


At first when I looked around I didnt see any hot girls but then I saw TESSA ! Oh my god!!! That girl makes that club worth while. I suggest calling to see if she's there before making the trip out there! She's definately worth it!

1/27/2006 All I have to say is I'm in love with a stripper! Tessa is so damn Hot. Ihad a great time.
r .u .n
1/19/2006 Well, decided to check out TC based on reviews here and word of mouth after a lackluster visit to my old favorite club, BDFW tonight. I have to say I was a bit disappointed. Waitresses were alot better looking than the dancers, only two were slightly above average, well 3 but she was a tad chubby. Ne ways, seems the industry has gone downhill, least in Fort Worth. Granted, I chose to visit this club on a Wednesday, so might try it one more time, but about the same BDFW has been since the new year and that aint saying much. Entrance fee and beer was higher too. Two stars only b/c the waitresses didnt hound me to buy another beer and were cute. Definitely not recommended based on this night.
12/31/2005 12/27/05 Went to Texas Cabaret for lunch - I don't go to these places often, but the girls were really smokin' - especially Madison! She is sooo tiny and with a butt that just kills me - but mainly she talks to you like a real person and not like she trying to work every dime out of your pocket. The food was pretty good at a decent price. I will definately be back!
12/24/2005 I read on this web site about Tessa and thought I would check her out. HOLY CRAP! This chick is smoking hot! She looks like a playboy model and to make it even better she gives THE BEST DANCE! Every thing I read was true but better. The music was great and so was the company. I definately recommend this club!
12/21/2005 I visited the Cab on the 20th and spent time with Tessa, she captivated me with her beauty well she enterained me with her charming wit. Her dances were not only spectacular, but left me desiring more. Can't wait 'till the next time.
12/11/2005 OH MY GOD!!!! Shay is back dancing, and wow is she smokin these days, I dont think Ive seen her ever look hotter, get up and see her!!!
12/3/2005 where did monet go? i think that was her name?! she brought your place to life! she is sooo funny! her and diamond both. not only that she dances fucking awsome i swear i have seen her in a music video somewhere!!! get her back if you want more customers, all my boys came in there for her too....now they dont want to go there anymore!!!! GET HER BACK!!!!
11/29/2005 I went in to the cabaret last night and met the most gorgeous girl i've ever seen. Not only is Tessa smart and funny but she gives THE MOST SENSUAL dance ever! I will definitely be back for more!
(not rated) topdawg
11/27/2005 To all you locals - as of 11/26, Shay is back doin' what she does best... dancin'. The beer is ICY cold, the music is LOUD and the women are HOT HOT HOT!!! Big tits, little tits, blondes, brunettes, redheads, long hair, short hair, statuesque, petite... they've got it all. What more could a guy ask for?
10/18/2005 Texas Cabaret has changed alot the entertainer of the year 2003 being a manager how sad is that then you stupid arrogant ass jon go and get rid of donny the only good thing you had left

well anyways i am just upset that shay isnt dancing because she gave a good raunchy dance


10/14/2005 Does anyone know where Cheyanne is? I used to go in there once a week sometimes twice a week.The reason i always went during the week was she always made me feel welcome & i'm off work 2 days in the week. i've been going there forever since marilyn & Cheyanne are gone & the day shift manager sucks hes not friendly at all they don't run any ddrinks specials anymore i've been goimg to this club since Ron was Manager. Cheyanne & Marilyn was one of the first girls that i sat with way back thena; Ill never forget these two girls because they called their selfs the butt twins & was it ever so true these two girls had an ass that most girls would love to have,they are all natural i never had to worry about the gossip. were are these two girls at,& Ron needs to come back to bring back some life in this club..................................If you know where the butt twins are please let me know....... i keep hoping that if i go in there they will be there at least one of these girls & as far as management they need to get a new one are find Ron,Kyle or even Kevin thats better than what these girls have the dj does an excellent job (just need a new day manager) and the two butt twins again they will back in the swing of things & set for the winter.

Hope to go in there & see these changes



10/12/2005 I went to Tc friday and had a blast. I partied with Monique and Autumn, talk about a great lap dance both of them at the same time! They are some crazy party animals. But if you go see them fill your pockets up because they both can drink you under the table. There are alot of hot girls and the dj was rockin the club. I will be back friday to see my girls.
10/7/2005 I stopped in for a little while, I have not visited in a long time and was concerned about the image here. Im not sure what happened but the entertainment has gained alot of weight! When did overweight girls start dancing, cause thats all there was. There was a pretty girl there,Allie, but boy does she think the club runs around her. The vibe of drama in there is felt when the first girl sat down, my suggestion is to get some thinner girls that actually dance and not just sway back and forth. Good luck to the club, but there is alot of work ahead of you.
(not rated) greg
10/1/2005 Well this was my first time to go there i had a faboulous time i sat with this entertainer that was real busy very sweet and nice blonde i believe her name was Cheyenne she made me feel welcome. if and when i do come back ill be back to see her. i received several lap dancies & she was very professional .i had a good tome need more entainers like her. thank you the guy from georgia
out of town guy
9/9/2005 Went last Sun -- good time; had a blast with Martie the One Woman Party......bartender took good care of me.

Spent some and had a good time; isn't that why we go?

9/1/2005 Was out riding, dropped in to say hi to the ladies. Brinn is still there making everyone laugh. They have added a few new girls, beer still almost frozen. Audra the bartender wasnt there but it was fun.
8/24/2005 Donny, is that you? That long haired, tatooed, freak of a bartender I used to dread working with? Where in the hell have you been at??? ( BTW when did you go from being "Donny" to "Don"? Bastard... I thought you dropped off the face of the earth. Yea, I had to leave the state of Texas very unexpectedly so I havnt been working @ NONsince about mid June I think. Im back now and plan on tring to go back to work there very soon.....hopfully. Straze is working as housemom over at the new club in Mansfield, Showcase. I believe I heard that Shay is now the housemom at TX Cab thou. Not sure if thats true or not. Dj Mikey followed my footsteps and started to work at NON shortly after I did. Actually quite a few former Cab co-workers started popping up on a regular basis. Saw David once at NON. Him and his girlfriend(?) had their baby, and man is he not THE walking example of " pregnancy weight gain in men during their partners preganancy". Lol, you know I had to mess with him on that. NON is (or was) a nice change of scenery thou, but I still miss the Cab alot.

I was real surprised but glad to know you were looking for me. Good to know you're still alive anyways. Stop being such a antisocial hermit, and drop me a line or two back. like me.

(not rated) K

8/23/2005 Drop by Texas Cabaret the over the weekend. Saw about four of the orginal entertainers. Where has everybody gone to? Can any body out there tell me where "Straze" is? Man for those of you who knew her she was a cool ass housemom. To Kim at NON I see your no longer with the club either. I'll stop by to say hi. DJ Dee keep up the good work.
(not rated) Don
8/12/2005 Nice to see Diamond do her thing
7/31/2005 Went in on Saturday night for the first time in a while. They are getting the pretty girls back! Hopefully, they will keep them. Beers are still pricy and the music was loud, but I will be back!
7/24/2005 Texas cabaret is one of the best places in ft. worth. Only because of two girls.... Victoria and Tessa. They both give mind blowing lap dances. THE BEST EVER! Anyone who wants to have a GREAT time ask for them.
7/12/2005 ..Went to Cabaret for the first time Saturday night and it was rockin'! The DJ is cool as hell and - I must say - GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS! You have to go just to see Tessa and Victoria. Our waitress (Cindy) was hot too! Why ain't that girl dancing??? Definitely a blast!
7/8/2005 SO if you really want REALLY cold beer and hot chicks while you are "at lunch" go check out Brinn and Marilyn. They will make you laugh, and send you home with a smile..TRUST ME!!!!
6/15/2005 Nice club, intimate atmosphere, friendly dancers and staff. "Natasha" is worth making the trip.
6/7/2005 I dont work here like previous posters. Trust me, this is a dive. 3 fans running instead of the ac on? really bad. All fat or flat. Go see for yourself.
5/9/2005 Reply to Belle's comment... Every girl mentioned in the review is still there! Except for Belle... This club is really rockin these days. Donovan rocks the weekends, and the girls are awesome! The new management is really kickin ass over there, changes that were made needed to be made. Come in and have a beer or two!!!!
5/8/2005 OH MY GOD !!!!! I am so in love with Rachel !!! She is hotter than two rats fucking in a wool sock !!!! Legs to heaven guys and the ABSOLUTE best dances!!! Rachel is quite an ASSet to the big TX. Cab. You gotta see this chick, I mean where do girls that hot come from? I go to ALOT of strip joints and TX.Cab is no where near where I live but it's worth the drive out there because the place is always jumpin' with major league ass. Rachel if you see this I'm sure your not surprised. The Bombcat says leagalize it!! Be good kids and be sure and say hello to the House Mom Shay and "the twins" next time your @ the big TX.Cab. Be good or be good at it.
Nate the Great
4/16/2005 Reply to anti-big mac: Yeah this is the "oriental" Kim former, bartender/waitress @ the Cab. Didnt realize I had such a fan base considering my not so lady like demeanor(and thats nicely putting it lol)....but flattering nontheless and I appreciate anyone who has been wondering of my whereabouts. I quit the Cab (not fired as some have been wrongly informed) back in Oct of 04 and now am at NON (aka New Orleans Nights) out by Camp Bowie. Obviously moving to a new club I have been knocked off the the higher end of the totem pole and have to work my way back up and put my time in order to bartend again. So once again my official title is as a waitress lol. But I like it here...the girls and management are cool, plus the $$$ aint so bad...what more could I ask for? But thanks for asking anti-big mac. NON is where Im at and still work night shift. The tables are sectioned out so if anyone wants to swing by and say hey just ask for Kim and they can show you my area. Tues thru Fri only. BTW I'm not married....who keeps spreading that rumor?
(not rated) Kim
3/12/2005 Visited Tex Cab for the first time in a while Friday night 03/11. it was ok. Nothing special but the management didnít seem as bad as some have said here. They could use some better waitresses though, dancers were ok and seemed a little too focused on just getting their $20. I know that is what they are there for but for $20 a pop they can afford to work it a little bit. Many of us customers donít make $20 every 3 minutes :o) I would go back. Maybe it was an off night. The girl that posted previously should post a note in entertainer search. If itís the old waitress/bartender Kim that was oriental than I am sure there are many guys wanting to know where she is these days. She was hot and her husband was pretty cool as well.
anti-big mac
3/11/2005 hey they should bring back all the good girls back like natsha, nadia, iris , belle ,alley ,shay, and all the good girls they let go and donnie happy late birthday from belle .and ron we love you and miss you and sorry i left so sudden ok i had to bye. 01-02-04

the night shift
(not rated) belle

2/8/2005 Hey I was scrolling through the reviews for this club to see how everythings been going since I left in October and read the comment from Tim. If your last name starts with a "R" will you give me holler next time you visit this site? This is Kim the used to be bartender/waitress at the Cab. I switched phones and never got ur new number
(not rated) Kim
2/5/2005 Well I went in to Texas cabaret last nite (friday) and whoooooooooa!!!! Hell yeah rock n roll party lets get it on! DONOVAN is back as prime time DJ! Not that the other dude wasnt any good, but man Donovan is da man. He keeps the energy level up whenever hes around...and always has plenty of hot chicks on his list! Not to mention playing the kick ass rock n roll I wanna hear and playing it TOO LOUD! JUST LIKE I LIKE IT! ILL BE BACK AGAIN AND AGAIN! DAMN I HAD A BLAST LAST NIGHT! OH YEAH, Natasha ...1 hot rusiian babe...Tessa RRRRRROOOOOOOOCCCCKKKSS! seriously Tessa is incredible! I reccomend this place for a wild crazy night out on the town!
1/24/2005 I was there too. Saw the floor man (bouncer) ask a dude to leave because he didn't have a drink in front of him. The dude had been drinking but for whatever reason had stopped. However, he was tipping almost every dancer. I realize that a bar makes it's profits from alcohol sales but, I'm sure the dude paid the 5 bucks to get in and, he was tipping the dancers frequently. And, if the dancers aren't happy (ie; making $$$) they won't stay either. Oh well, maybe this new manager will be allright after he get's his feet on the ground.
1/24/2005 I also visited on the 19th. What the H*ll happened to all the regular staff? Met the new Mgr. He seemed like a nice enough guy but, it appears the changes he is making has already caused this club to lose several of their staff and maybe some of the regular customers. Note to owner(s)....if it ain't broke, don't fix it!
1/23/2005 Haven't been since the 19th, noticed management changed recently & was so not impressed!!Times are a changing- and not for the better!!!!
bar guy
1/22/2005 It has come to my understanding that Donnie the main bartender was terminated the 21st of January for being 5 minutes late??!! My self being well known and respected in Texas Caberet, I'm under the perception that new management is in the process of elimination of existing employees; Sraze, Ron, Ron (floor management), and replacing with less attractive,productive,and less of a people orientated staff. I myself tend to visit this club due to the outstanding overall ora and professionalism that stands out with these employees. It will be a pondering thought to visit this establishment due to these factors. BRING BACK THE OLD STAFF OR LOSE A LOT OF BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sincerly, Tim-Detroit. PS. Go Wings
12/14/2004 One word......................Rachel!
11/22/2004 this club is cool.
7/2/2004 July,02 2004 Just wanted to give a shout out to the awesome bartender over there....no not the hot little asian chick...but to Donnie. It's a little late but happy birthday old man ...love ya!!
(not rated) Smiley
5/21/2004 This place is a joke! Two visits in a row now I have got "cool" beer, not cold. Its way too small, the cover is too much for this hole and theres alot of "flapjacks"! I've only been going here lately because its only 5 minutes away for me but I'm not even gonna bother in the future.
5/11/2004 Went to tsg on sat. night 5/8/04. Had not heard good things about this club, but was surprised. Not many people were there, the music was okay. The best looking dancer I saw was Dani, she was beautiful and a great dancer. Not as nice as some of the other clubs but definetaly not the worst in town!
4/14/2004 Rachel is THE BOMB !!!! She is hotter than two rats fuckin' in a wool sock !!! You gotta see this girl, all legs baby !!! Yummmie !! Where do girls like her come from? It's worth it to just go to the club just to see her,absolutely without a doubt. I luv u Rachel !!!!
Nate the Great
4/9/2004 Wow! Was at Tx.Cabaret last night and met the lovely Rachel !!! Man this chick is nothing but legs !!!! Legs to heaven !!!! You have got to go and see her!! Long legs, long beautiful hair, yeah she was smokin' and there are alot of hot girls there but Rachel is the one I'll be back to see!!! I love ya sugar !!!!
3/26/2004 Drinks are WAY overpriced....girls a average to above average, maybe one or two that will knock your socks off, but for the most part kind of ho-hum. Small place....gets really crowded with seedy to downright hostile patrons from time to time. Could be much better than it is. The high drink prices left me feeling slightly violated.
3/3/2004 i think cab sucks the girlsare stuck up and rude, and it it way to small no roomto movie around.i willnever return
1/29/2004 went by sinbads tonight and it was closed... heard it burned down. Is that true? and if so fred going to reopen????
(not rated) old cust
1/27/2004 Visited the Cab this Sunday.(1/25/04)First time there. Got there earlier on in the evening and it was pretty dead....I guess considering it was a Sunday thats understandable. Very few girls to begin with but as the nite progressed I was very impressed with Savahnna and Libby...both beautifull knock em on their socks type of girls. SEXY SEXY blondes. Beautiful bodies and so nice. The wait staff was friendly enough....althou i got short changed from some waitress in beetle juice hot pink tights. Dont know what her name was but that was the only damper in my night....other than the really high beer and liq cost there. I really liked the tall red headed one thou...Rachel I think she said here name was. Gorgeous smile that girl. Before i knew it my pockets were empty.lol I guess thats the whole point thou. Oh man and was the asian bartender ever so hot!! I think her name was Kim. Chatted with her for a bit. HOTTIE to say the least and quick as a whip. I would have given my left leg to have that one dance for me. Must say i had fun and over all I find the Cab to be a cozy little hole in the wall. I will definetly make a future trip out there. The beautiful girls ( savavhhna, libby, kim and rachel) definitly make the high beer cost worth it. PARIS
1/17/2004 Was at Texas Cabaret again on 1/17/2004.. with a few friends. Had a gerat time with Bell and Natasha(truly a goddess)... Had a great time and I will be back for more... Keep it up guys. Davina is also cute to look at.

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(not rated) doug

1/5/2004 went in there Sat. Couldn't get any girls to sit with us. Our waitress was the nicest girl there!
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