Flash Dancer Ft. Worth
9317 S Freeway
Fort Worth, TX 76140

Phone: 817-293-5358
Mon-Sat 11am-2am
Sun noon-2am
Mon-Sat: FREE before 7 p.m., $10 until 11 p.m., $15 after
Sun: $10 after 4 p.m.
$6 Hurricanes
Hosted by GSPOOK
$7 Patron
$15 Buckets
Ciroc $4
$100 Bottles
11am 11pm
$2.50 Wells
Amateur Night
$5 Crown and Down
$5 Dances
$5 to get in
$5 Grey Goose
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(not rated) Vido
10/17/2014 Swung by quick. Bright parking lot with armed and armored security, though a few cheapskates still parked on the street. Inside it was crowded and lively, pool table full up, almost no place to sit, smoke and smokers from wall to wall, with girls bouncing ass everyplace else. I didn't stay long enough to give a rating, but there were customers galore.
(not rated) Instapunter

DFW NITES: Your feedback will be passed on to management.
(not rated) mimi

9/11/2014 This place was actually pretty great. I believe I came in on thursday afternoon. Never the less when I walked in a beautiful black dancer named "Monroe" greeted me, told me there was no cover and led me to my seat ( she specifically was being nice I'm sure not everybody gets that treatment). I was definitely the only white person there but I still felt welcomed by the staff and dancers.

There were plenty of woman there... A dancer name Maserati kept bugging me that it was her birthday and she kept asking for money...I gave her a dollar but she kept asking for "at least $3".... Whatever.

After a while another girl with a GREAT ass came up and started in my seat giving me a dance telling me that single tips were okay. She very much knew what she was doing. Let me grab her ass, reach around for her tits, all for singles.

The entire time basically I felt welcomed by everybody. The temperature was cool. The music was not too loud. The entire placed seem livid. Great place to be if you want to make the trip.
(not rated) idontdrink
6/28/2014 Well this club was decent enough in the past but now its more ghetto than ever. What happened to all the different girls?? Its more of a black club now. Don't get me wrong, I love all types of females but I like variety to. Where are the white girls and the Mexican girls? Last time I was there I saw one pretty white girl and one pretty Mexican girl,but both girls were busy and didn't make it over. But I had half the other girls come over and hustle me for drinks and dances. come on give me a break. I don't know how this place makes it. [REVIEWER DID NOT CARE FOR THE GIRLS OVERALL] Very disappointed
12/14/2013 Just hit my name send me a message
(not rated) txkandy
12/14/2013 You should know where to find me ;)
11/14/2013 Im around where are u??
(not rated)
11/14/2013 Well kandy where are u now?? ;-)
(not rated) its me
10/4/2013 Where'be you been DJ Grant Ive been looking for you. I works here for a short time a few years back, day and Night shift and always had a blast at work ;)
(not rated) txkandy
10/4/2013 I just can't believe how [NON-GENTRIFIED] this club has become. Can we please get some white girls? Just a few. This is awful. I used to love the diversity here, but its all one sided now. I'm afraid of getting jumped and mugged if not by fellow customers then by the thug girls. I'm speaking as a black man who wants to enjoy himself. Hope it turns over.

DFW NITES: Flash Dancer Fort Worth's parking lot was packed last Thursday, so their formula must be appealing to some segment of the public.

Or to put it another way, "That's not a thug, that's a feature."

7/31/2013 Im right here whos lookin for me?
(not rated) grant
7/5/2013 Danced here a few years ago...whatever happened to DJ grant?
(not rated)
4/30/2013 Been to Flashdancer Day shift and Night shift about 5 times in the past month (in all). Day shift has a nice (racial) mixture of girls, you should be able to find mexican, black, and white dancers that are attractive.

Most of the fatties are gone, still on or two hangers on...Night shift is almost all black dancers/customers and it packs up quickly so if you hate crowds get there before 10pm so you can survey the talent.

Love the Dayshift bartender w/the big boobs & tats she's so fucking hot it's rediculous, night shift bartenders are super friendly and make great mixed drinks. Drinks are too pricey for my taste and they overdo it on the rap music, but all in all i'd give the place a C+ to B-

DFW NITES: Thanks for the details, and thanks for your patience, BigBiz. The fact checker decided to verify whether drinking a bottle of SKYY would make him drunk and barely made it anyplace this weekend.

4/28/2013 stopped in on friday afternoon, place was slow for a friday. girls [NOT TO REVIEWER'S TASTE], to much rap. the drinks were good, bartender was hot, nice biggins lots of tats. ill be back on her shifts.

DFW NITES: Rap is what you'll find at Flash Dancer Fort Worth. Don't expect much else musicwise, and those girls have customers.
big tex

4/18/2013 I'm visiting the club last week, can we say " wow" everything changed for good very nice and friendly. I can't believe I see Ivy been so long. She still very nice and beautiful. I will be back soon and have a good time again.
1/17/2013 DFW NITES: Don't blame Flash Dancer Fort Worth for Mr. Player being who he is -- you're the one who married him.
(not rated) Confidential to Mrs Wife
(not rated) moose
9/11/2012 unique - fantastic huge breasts with thick thick nipples to go along with her thick body. for her alone, i'm going back.
6/24/2012 Me n my boys used to hit this place every other weekend from about 5 - 8. Between work n school we hadn't been in a while. Went in last Friday and Saturday night..... WTF HAS HAPPENED HERE!!! Where did the bad girls go? The ones with the beautiful faces, and great asses? Zoey, cherry, Mercedes, envy, monae????? [REVIEWER IS GRAVELY DISAPPOINTED.]

DFW NITES: Why not check out the Entertainer Search section in our Discussion Forums? That's a great way to look for girls gone missing.
Miami -n-gucci

6/23/2012 Visited again the otther day. Great time. Loved. The new waitress an bar staff. Great girls madison and ericka. Although the same annoying two girls are there...ill be back for madison and ericka.
6/17/2012 Ivy has left the building.

Therefore, so have I.

DFW NITES: Talk about customer loyalty! Are you following Ivy to another place, or are you giving up strip clubs altogether?

Good question. Her friends seem to find her.

6/14/2012 I had a great time last week with these two girls during the day. The girls are not high maintenance and the drinks are at a reasonable price.
(not rated) Mr.g spot
5/22/2012 So i was at this club the otherday and i have to say that i had a fun time although there was a few annoying girls. One who was very drunk and incessant on drinks and dances and her friend who laughed so loud and hidiouse like. Besides them there were plenty of pretty girls. Hispanic and white. All in all a giod time.
5/9/2012 Went by this place yesterday and man it was boring. There were only 3 girls working and 4 customers. I guess it was so bad the only pretty girl left which left a white girl and some other mixed girl. I did notice they have a diffent dj and the music was a whole lot better but what the hell happened to the girls?? They need to make major changes to this place.
4/22/2012 Went to this place last week and it was so dead. There were only a handful of girls and besides me only 2 other customers. The music was awful. The dj kept playing old ass music. And the whole time the girls were on the stage he was having a conversation with them. The place used to be good now it going downhill fast. Prob won't be back, the place was depressing.

DFW NITES: In all fairness, I expect this club is still trying to get its bearings, but it could easily bounce back with a little money or leadership.
(not rated)

4/14/2012 Visited this club last week on friday during the day. The place was dead, the music was terrible. It was depressing and the dj talked to damn much!! The guy wouldn't shut up and just play decent music. He kept talking to the girls on stage and kept shouting at the girls sitting with customers. On the flip side, there were a handful of nice looking girls but I did notice there were no black dancers. Mostly white and a few hispanic girls. There was only one waitress and she didn't come to my table at all so I had to go up to the bar which was fine because the bartender was beautiful and was very nice and she fixed my drink nice and strong just like I like it. A couple of girls stopped by and talked for a bit but didn't hang around except for this one girl that kept asking me to buy her a shot and then kept asking for a dance. Overall I give this place a 3 star rating. The girls were nice looking enough but the manager really has to do something with the dj and the boring ass music he was playing.
3/28/2012 had lots of fun, loved watching mizz prada and red, will go back to see them
3/13/2012 Went to this club last week on a Friday. The place has changed since the last time I went in there. The music was not as good as it was when the other dj was workin. The place seemed a little slow and the music could of been better but there was alot of girls to look at, all shapes and sizes. The bartender(i think her name was ivey) was great. Very pretty girl with big boobs and wasn't embarrased to show them! Good conversation and good attitude. She turned me on to aother girl melina i think. Pretty girl with a big round azz and she had good conversation too. Was easy to talk to and wasnt bothering me wit buying her drinks or getting dances. I did get bothered by some big white girl after melina got up on stage. Think her name was halie. This girl did not need to be there. She was too aggressive and wouldn't take no for a answer. She almost broke my arm trying to get me to go to vip. Was glad ivey was there to distract her! There was another girl called raven i think, she seemed cool and she was pretty wit a nice body, but then she and her friend started begging for drinks.Manager sum white guy seemed cool but i think the dj talked too much during the songs and the music really needed to b more upbeat. Overall the place was ok, girls were ok, Will prob be back if the music improves and get rid of the overly aggressive girls.

DFW NITES: Awesome details, thank you.

2/23/2012 After a few beers I decided to give the ladies a go round but they were no where to be found. Finally a group of the came thru the side door which let in an unpleasant bright light to such a dark place. I have to say after visiting with several ladies I didn't find one worth my money or time. Lots of cash and no one to spend it on. I will be taking my money elsewhere.

DFW NITES: Thank you, Tex. We have sent the review that you wrote to DFW Security Services, who I'm sure will discuss those issues with the owner.

2/4/2012 [AT FIRST, REVIEWER WAS UNIMPRESSED WITH MOST OF THE GIRLS, BUT AFTER DRINKING HALF A BOTTLE OF STRAIGHT PATRON...] thank god i met a girl named diamond cute simple and didnt ask for money so i went with her good luck fellas fyi the drink special are the only thing that club has going for them
big spender
12/30/2011 ivy thanks for the super dance wil be back soon
(not rated) u know
12/20/2011 Service road north on I-35W, still way south of I-20. On the sidewalk are some potted plants and a cloud of red balloons, but under the sign are two bright, bright lights like the Eyes Of God, one looking south, one looking east. Car burglars beware, especially with a watchful guard from DFW Security Services under the awning.

Five bucks to get in, passing through a split curtain into a cloud of cocoa butter scent. Inside it's dark, with a big main stage and two small low stages, maybe 60 seats total. HD TVs are on the walls, showing sports with bar-sponsored messages: "Good friends buy drinks for each other! Slainte!" and stuff like that.

I was buttonholed almost immediately by the friendly Kisses, but I wanted to soak the vibe in for a while first, so I bought her off with a top-shelf margarita ($10.25).

I could sit in Flash Dancer for hours just for the music, which is like an extra-Macced-out 94.9 -- purple, purple everywhere, both to puff and drink -- and the human interplay is very low-key. Waitresses come by...occasionally...the floor man walks by...occasionally...and the dancers seem to have mostly found customers earlier, whom they hop off to do their stages and then hop back onto after they're done.

I'm no connoisseur, but I think the girls there are mostly thick, which the crowd (urban and Latino) liked just fine -- almost every dancer was with or working on someone.

I got the most vigorous stage dance of my life from T.K., muscular but still feminine, and full of energy, and then I got a lap dance as well. Their VIP section (no upcharge) could seat four, maybe a cozy six, all in a circle like a Denny's corner booth.

Bottom line, Flash Dancer seems like a fine place to go.


11/26/2011 sure club has cleaned up

pros: 2.50 coors lights

Visible security, well lighted

bartender is generous

good mix of music

3 stages, no one begging for drinks

cons: an odd mix of big out of shape Latina/black dancers with no personalities - big, not thick
That Guy.

11/24/2011 flash ft worth has new management,new bartenders,and some new girls. day and night shift. they all came from the arlington flashdancer. i saw ivy there on nightshift bartending but she told me she still dances on friday dayshifts. also saw todd the dj and zac the manager. hopefully they can turn this club the way they had it in arlington and get rid of all the rifraf.
10/23/2011 Went in Saturday morning. Plenty of girls. Some beautiful ... I talked to a few girls. Karma very sweet, beautiful face .... Gemini and Mercedes were the girls I liked the most. They had great conversation and beautiful smiles. They weren't begging me for drinks or for a dollar everytime they had a chance. I got one dance from Mercedes. Which was exactly what I needed. I will return just to see her.

[Edited for clarity]



(not rated) daddy

6/28/2010 this is actually Flash Dancer. I went in a few days ago, and met 4 beautiful women. Alize, Jessica, Mercades, and Eternity. Great dances, beautiful faces, great personalities. If you wanna go somewhere and make is worth your while these are the females you need to hit up. They play all kinds of music, great bar specials. This is where you need to be. Hit them up!
chris a
6/16/2010 Went 2 this club 2 chill til trafic let up there was a country ugly bumpkin naned dlyla or wendy w a cracked friend raven they were begging 4 money and i defin declined i met a cute blond jessica and got dances frm her and the country bumpkin actually got mad bc of that. Wow the club was ok in general ill come back 4 jessica not the ugly hoes word of advice 4 dlyla fix ur teeth and face
Big chris
4/12/2010 Went to flash,first time there met a awesome manager named crystal,then inturn turned me on to a dancer named jessica,wow,what a hot ass on her.....The club has many pretty women,d.j.-greg very cool!Very accomedating to all customers!Liked music,and girls no cover 11:00 7:00...I highly recomend cumming here..Big PAPA
(not rated) big pappa
6/9/2009 went to this club now flashdancers this weekend and OMG can i say they had this man lookin bich in there i thought some balls were going to fall out....my waitress was kinda rude she came to pick up some empty cups then slams it on the table cause i didn't order another drink due to the ATM was broke(rude bitch)think her name was haven....got a dance from a girl all i can say is shower bitch...one girl was cute don't know her name think the dj (by the way was boring)called her good hair she did some kind of pole trick wit her legs flyin everywhere kinda cool, might go back they have a few girls that are good lookin
sir mix
1/30/2009 jim did u pay the 400 tab,and get your typing skills down u suck
(not rated)
1/30/2009 Well all i have2 say is its not harlem nights n.e more,first of all flash dancer is it,all they do is try n scam u out of ur money high priced watered down drinks,lap dances for 20$ that aint worth tha money and when u complain they get tha big monkey bouncers 2scare u into payen those ugly scammen hoes,and dnt get me started on my waitress i ran a tab with a waitress named AMY 1st of all bitch takes 2hrs to get me a beer,than the cracked out bitch ran my tab up over $400 for shit i didnt even order! I will never cum bak and is starting a potission 2shut this place dwn4 good!!!!!!
10/30/2008 was great but now its just not the same since they lost their liquor license
Vizion Alexxxander
10/14/2008 The name says it all for this club. That is where the club should be located. Rat pit. Small small club. I only saw three dancers, all black. Unless you are in to that kinda thing, white guys need not go by. No private area that I saw for dances.
9/29/2008 Me and a friend of mine went to Flash Dancers, formerly Harlem Nights, to have a few drinks and see what changes they had made. We were met at our table by a beautiful and vivacious blonde dsncer named Cherokee. Guys I'm telling you she is a star attraction there. She's tall in her heels, long legs, firm everything, hazel eyes and blond hair past her shoulders, she says she is 34-27-34. I believe it she's slim, sexy and wore a fedora hat to dance to AC/DC "She's got the Jack" You have to go check this lady out. Flash Dancers just got HOT baby!!
9/20/2008 This club has changed names to Flashdancer. I visited this week and found a treasure. Hurricane Ike displaced Michelle and Galveston's loss is our gain. She is by far the classiest and best looking dancer in Fort Worth. She is experienced and is money well spent for a private dance. I would imagine today is her last day so you better hurry. This lady is not what you expect at this kind of place.
9/10/2008 I visited Flash Dancer ft worth over the weekend and they had the nicest day shift! it was really laid back they bartender (jaye jaye) even got on stage and showed the new dancers how it's done! the dj was a great dj and the waitress was kinda cute abnd flirtatious! They have some cute day dancers and they are all cool and laid back so go check the all new Flash out it's so worth it!!


7/16/2008 All i really want to say about this club is you guys can try all you want but the name change is NOT going to help much.The place is still a dump and the girls are still below average.
6/12/2008 great job whit. you brought good taste and beauty to ft. w. about time you got yours, congrats bp
big papa
6/12/2008 had not been in awhile. now is Flashdancer FT.W. day shift is laid back with few ladies, but each is fine. Day shift mgr. is a fine ass woman who knows how to throw party. if you liked house of babes you'll love flash ft. worth. you r awesome Whitney
(not rated) huey
1/26/2008 Club is 3 out of 10. Me and sum buddies visited and had a decent time but drinks are kinda high for the scene and the girls are so so. the cover charge at the door is way to high for the experience $15.00. the VIP section lets just say what VIP section nuff said....
4/24/2007 It takes an awful lot for me to find a way not to appreciate black women because I worship the sistas, but this place is a complete shit hole...worst club in the metroplex and it's not close. I could live with the crappy furniture and the thick smoke everywhere and even the music 3 levels to loud, plus I've been to every black club and generally don't mind the "urban" atmosphere at all even though I'm white, but he dancers at ths joint are just flat nasty. To call these skanks hoodrats would be an insult to hoodrats. I got agressively hit up for table dances the seond I walked through the door, as apparently they rarely see white dudes in this dump, and I got the feeling I was safe only cause I'm 6'2" and 250 pounds. There's this one skinny ho who asks you for money for nothing..."I need $20 honey" I gave her $5 to leave cause I was afraid I'd catch a social disease if she got to close. If you like ugly crack ho's who treat you like shit and kick you in the balls if you don't appreciate it you'll love this dump. One star only cause zero won't get counted.
3/7/2007 without a doubt the worst club I have ever visited. did not feel safe. will not go back
3/29/2006 i went to this club and the drinks are very overpriced!!! However i did have a good experience with a couple of the entertainers..one of them named "Goldie" .. most of the staff is very friendly, and other than the drinks being overpriced i was impressed with this club
Oreo Momma
3/9/2006 It's a good laid back place to kick it with your boys and have a drink but the strippers ain't bout nothing. I probably seen 1 fine stripper out of the 10 that was there the time I been.
(not rated) Lurch
7/9/2005 Myself and a few co-workers had a visit with this club during "superbowl" a couple of years ago. We really loved it. Everyone was so polite and maade us all feel at home. We are currently employed here in Floria at "Hollywood Nites". Yet we are looking to re-visit soon. Just wanted to say thanx for a wonderful time and to "D" we will see you soon......


7/5/2005 4/5/2005 I finally went to Harlem Nights and I really don't understand the not so good reviews. I was there from 5pm to 11pm and I have to say that my experience was great.The day shift manager's name was Greg. This gentleman definately seems to care about his customers. He takes the time to speak to you, and even hang out if needed. Everyone likes to feel important and this establishment really tries to do that. I can't remeber the bartenders name during the day but she was really nice to drink with and talk to. night shift is alittle wild but fun all in the same. Thanks all! I will definately be back.
3/13/2005 had the chance to catch the new club in January with my wife the girl who was a waitress was cool, the over all club review for the day shift was in my opinion boring.

Maybe I'll check out the night shift.

2/5/2005 Sylk, I still want to take you out to dinner @ Antares. Won't be back in town until after April 15, though.

(not rated) Out of State Guy

1/31/2005 I miss the old hob.I been dancing for three years and by far that was my favotite club.All the customers were always cool,and there was always money to be made.What was management thinking when they let it turn into this??I tried to work for OJ(the new manager)he is very rude especially to white people.It just doesnt feel the same.I want the old house of babes back!!
(not rated) ex- dancer
11/29/2004 what the hell is going on with this place???????been going there for years always lots of changes but this one took the cake all black club on this side of town come on guys your going to run down hob or should i say"harlem nites"into the ground and might not recover this time ....I talked to a couple of girls and I never thought you could ever get fired for being white in America. Couldn't even get the "new" bartender to get off the phone long enough to get a frikkin' drink....nothin' but rap and hip-hop, whatever happened to rock and country? By the way, does anyone know where the girls are? Bad move on the owner's part, I want my HOB back!!! Oh, and another thing, what's up with the beer prices? $6 for a damn beer, when I had to wait 10 minutes for it! Whoever knows who owns this place needs to tell him or her how to run a business right.
(not rated) kuntryboy
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