Baby Dolls - Fort Worth
3601 S HWY 157
Fort Worth, TX 76040
M-Th 11am-2am
F 11am-3am
Sat 11am-4am
Sun noon-2am
$4 until 7 p.m.
$7 after
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PART 3 - Well anyway i usually go to the club during the day shift cause i know alot of the dancers and waitresses and its not as crowded which is what i like. but i decided to go that sunday night and i had really fun time. You just can't go wrong with Babydolls. Its ALWAYS a good time either day or night. its a good time. its my favorite club.

Oh and By the way, i heard that Avril/Vex or Lillith is not there any more and has not been for about 6 months. she'll be missed around there. I love babydolls, in my opinion its the best.

DFW NITES: Enjoy your favorites while they're dancing, folks! Tomorrow may be too late.

PART 2 - While she was making her way around the stages, i met a girl name CASEY, who was really cute, i talked to her for a bit and she asked me if i wanted some dances and i sure lets go. I never had dances from her before and though i would try someone new, and im glad i did cause she was really good at her dances. I got several from her she was edgy and alot of fun. i also tipped her when she went on stage and got a couple of more right before i left for the night.

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PART 1 - Lets see here i decided to go up to Babydolls on Sunday night cause around 8:30 pm cause i got bored sitting at home. Well after a few minutes of being there, i saw ROXY there, i had not seen her in a heck of a long time. She looked really sexy and i talked to her for a while and i got some good dances from her. Her dances are awesome and she even looks good on stage and i even tipped her several times.

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