Baby Dolls - Fort Worth
3601 S HWY 157
Fort Worth, TX 76040
$4 until 7 p.m.
$7 after
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Me as well as a few of my girlfriends went here for a birthday celebration and girls night. We had a blast and enjoyed the companionship and dances of Lilith. They were friendly, beautiful, and made our friend have a great first experience.

Nicole were two others that we thought were beautiful and enjoyed watching them on stage.

Ladies Night
Went here for the first time after reading all the positive reviews ob here. Although it looked to be a slow night the night I went, there was no lack of beautiful women. I was greatly attracted to two dancers in particular, Rabbit and Lilith. They were both edgy and had a rock vibe and also were a joy to look at and talk to. I would love that there was a diversity of women's figures as I enjoy a variety to chose from. Will happily return again soon.

Two that I was kind of put off on were [NAMELESS] and [REDACTED], both beautifil but seemed sort of stand offish.

DFW NITES: We'll pass along your feedback about those two dancers to management, so they can up their game without feeling singled out. Thanks for writing!

New Guy
Friday at 6pm in Baby Dolls Fort Worth. The place was pretty busy with most of the men being Mexican. They had 4 or 5 stages which girls were doing two songs each. If you like variation in women, this is your heaven. There were many girls (at least 30), all shapes, all sizes and all races with most being attractive. This is also definitely a party club. At the bar, the guy two stools down was getting [A DANCE AS GOOD AS] a private lap dance. The girls were very friendly when you come over to them at the stages.

It was definitely a good time. I clearly recommend as you have to find “your type” since it was such a wide spectrum of ladies.

Evil E
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