Baby Dolls - Fort Worth
3601 S HWY 157
Fort Worth, TX 76040

Phone: 817-267-7701
$3 after 7 p.m.
$4 until 7 p.m.
$7 after
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3/29/2015 Been coming here for years and have always been made to feel welcome both on day and night shift. One of my dancers of choice is Lilith. She has gone beyond what a dancer is considered as she is a joy to talk to as well as spend time with at the club. She never presents herself as anything that is not sincere, and truly enjoys her job as well as making sure you feel welcome and have a good time. She has a querky sense of humor and an unlimited amount of energy. Even on days that are slow she seems to always be having a fun time and always remains positive.

DFW NITES: IrishMan, that is one of the best reviews we've had in some time. People often write in saying they liked a club or a dancer, but they don't say why. This review is not only gracious and kind, it's also specific. Please write again!

3/26/2015 I've popped in this club several times within the last for years. Gotta be the most down too earth strip club,especially if your looking for some good company. The girls are nice AND good looking which usually doesn't come in the same package. Never sit alone for long without a girl coming over to chat for a bit. I like that most of the time the first words out of their mouths isn't do you want a dance. Which is nice not to be pressured into giving your money to a girl not really worth it. One of the girls id recommend your time and $ to would be NICOLE. She's shy at first to talk to but an amazing dancer on and off the stage and not to mention has a Rockin body.
3/1/2015 Im not sure how most guys feel about stuff like an getting dances from dancers that have kids. I guess it could be a mood killer for some and maybe others not so much, i guess it would just depend on what you like. I generally like to get dances from girls who don't have any kids just cause it makes it easier but you don't know at first who has them and who doesn't until you talk to them. All in all i always have a good time when i go up there.
(not rated) Cobraman250
2/25/2015 Ok lets see here, I have been going to this club for quiet sometime an i always have a awesome time. I have got to know lots of the dancers an waitresses. I just had my 30th b-day party there last September and it was a blast.

DFW NITES: Hey, Cobraguy! Your other feedback was delivered to management, and we are going to spread the word in a couple days. DFW NITES appreciates your diligence, and you WILL be heard, but it will take a couple more days to do this -- Google is making us do a re-design, and it's taking up a lot of our time.

2/19/2015 Last but not least I got some dances from a really sexy girl names keely last night an she really nice an her dances are really amazing. shes fairly new so if you see her i would reccomend getting some dances from her.

DFW NITES: Your feedback has been passed on to management.
(not rated) Cobraman250

2/11/2015 This club hasnt changed since the last time I was here. Lexus is beautiful as ever, very friendly, always cold. Gave great dances and payed attention to what I really enjoy. Lena is another beauty, long sexy legs. I cant stand the waitresses!! Yall keep mentioning vex or Avril now she dances by Lillith and she is [NOT TO REVIEWER'S TASTES]. Lexus, Lena, and another cute lady, didnt catch her name are the ones to look for. Will be returning

DFW NITES: What did the poor waitresses do? Usually the only complaint is that they come by too often.
quiet visitor
1/21/2015 After a few years away stop by for a few drinks.Well is the same with now a $7.00 charge to enter, one time it was $3.00 must be Obama Care! They have added several new t.v.'s. After that the place is the same. Very few Lookers this night in all a good

DFW NITES: Great to hear from you, Barman! Lots of customers feel broke in January and stay home, and when customers stay home, the girls stay home – but things get livelier as February approaches, and Super Bowl Weekend should bring all the A-listers back.

12/6/2014 PART 6 - So in closing, I have always good the best experience there with the dancers, waitresses, playing pool from time to time an all that fun stuff, I will be there for NEW YEARS this year to kick off the new year. BabyDolls is the club to be at, you just can't go wrong, (leslie & avril/vex) you 2 the BEST. See you both again soon.
(not rated) Cobraguy250
12/5/2014 PART 5 - Also I know that VEX like lollie pops so I try to bring her a bag of them every once in a which on my way to the club. Last, I like all the TV's they mounted on the walls which is awesome can catch all the sports action going on at times, an I always get ALOT of singles anf use them to tip the dancers I like when they are on the smaller stages an the waitresses if I'm buying drinks.
(not rated) Cobraguy250
12/4/2014 PART 4 - I all the waitresses are really nice which is a plus an I have a lot of them that come up to me to see if I need anything or drinks so sometimes I like to grab a "cool one" which is a a beer while im there, but on the flip I can't drink to much cause I still have to drive my car back home when I leave the club. I don't want to get pulled over by cops for being drink, hahaha, I sure as heck can't afford that so I have to play it safe which is the way to go.
(not rated) Cobraguy250
12/3/2014 PART 3 - I don't mind going days or nights, either way works for me an I live close to the club which also works in my favor. Like others have said drinks are a bit pricey but thats expected, like for example a red bull runs you like $7.00 when you can get one for $3.00 at gas station or a store but no complaints or anything. Also when Im at the club and if not getting dances from dancers like (VEX & LESLIE) I am always at the pool table paying pool or looking for someone to play against an I always play them, win some & lose some, but either way is fun.
(not rated) Cobraguy250
12/2/2014 PART 2 - I love the atmosphere an the cheap cover compared to other clubs that cost $20 for cover which is a bit much. I have gotten to know lots of the dancers over a long period of time I have been going there, for instance (AVRIL/VEX & lESLIE) are my 2 favorite dancers in the club, they both look really great on stage an a lot of fun to get lap dances from an in my opinion I would say that these 2 hotties are the best to get dances from, but if you want to see Leslie, she is usually on night shifts so you have to go in the evening to see her.
(not rated) Cobraguy250
11/29/2014 PART 1 - Let's see here, I have been going to clubs for quiet some time now specially after a rough at work or on my days off and have really enjoyed BabyDolls in Ft.worth, I usually go during the day when its less crowded an I get a good front parking spot. I really have enjoyed the smaller clubs cause you can go in and always get a good place to sit where as if you go to the bigger clubs most of the seats are full, specially on weekends.
11/25/2014 I stopped in on a Monday and left with mixed feelings. I've been visiting this club since my younger years and I have seen it through the good and bad years. It is coming back from where it fell these last couple years and I am glad to see it happen. I usually come in on day shift and I must say that the girls on day shift have greatly improved. I am glad to see that Bentley is still working there and I love sharing my time with her as well as meeting the new lovely girls. One joy of sunshine to watch was a dancer going by Avril. While I didn't talk to her myself, she was fun to watch on stage; always smiling and having fun. Her energy spread throughout the place.

Marcus the DJ was, as always, entertaining and provided as fun environment.

I highly recommend this club to anyone looking for a daytime retreat or treat.
Old Timer
10/13/2014 Stopped in on a Saturday night for the first time in a while. Club still looks the same. I was a little upset that the prices have gone up as they were already high before. But i decided to stay and atleast check out what they had to offer. I was not disappointed.

The girls that i enjoyed the company of as well as being a sexy distraction are Roxy, Vex, and a very petite brunette. They were entertaining on and off stage.

The DJ also did a good job, playing mostly great songs. Looking forward to stopping in again.
Ladys Man
10/12/2014 Nice small club that has been around for a while. recently updated in some areas of the club. I went during the day and got a nice lap dance from Lisa. Had a fun time.
9/17/2014 So I travel a lot and heard a few guys talking on the plane about this place and that it had awesome girls and a great dj on the weekend so what the hell I stopped in I hadn't been in this place in 15 years and it looks like it did 25 years ago when I went there the first time.

It was clean and cool and the women were beautiful I would have to say some of the hottest I've seen in dfw in years...Tia,Natalie,Nichole and Dallas top the list hands down just drop dead gorgeous...

Now the drink prices are still stuck in the 90's cause everyone else in town has beer under $4 this place was almost $7 such a for the music wtf was I hearing?

Evidently the guys on the plane were bragging about another fellow who was accidentally fired over the weekend who from what they say was a "bad ass dj",I enjoy a good dj and good music but other then the hottest girls on the planet this place is the pits...update the place a little hire a good dj and there is no VIP area,what in the hell is that about?

So please post when this place gets a facelift and I will return until then I'll stay away!

DFW NITES: If you liked the dance roster but absolutely MUST have a VIP area, then try Baby Dolls Dallas.
Airport takeout
9/13/2014 This place was automatically one of my favorite clubs around the Fort Worth area after my visit. On a Thursday afternoon around 5 there were 25 girls in the club. 25!! These girls weren't ugly either. They had asses by the handful.

As soon as I walk in two of the prettiest dancers i've ever seen are on stage and I go to tip both and they were all very nice. One drunk dude gave me a buck to give one of the girls for no reason. Nice.

Tiffany was the only dancer though to come up to talk to me. I let her down easy for a dance because I wanted to see everyone in the club.

The club has a early 90's texas bar feel which kinda weireded me out but I suppose that's the point.

One thing about the club is that it was FREEZING. Was I sitting under a vent? I absolutely was... however every once in a while they turned off the air and whenever I started getting warm they turned the air back on so the whole place kept getting refreshed. It was cool.

This place really seems to have their shit together. It was busy as hell all over the club. Can't stress enough that it was only 5pm. Will definitely be coming back when i'm around the area again.
8/6/2014 I like white girls with phat asses and boy has the roster been upgraded! Well, Thursday -Saturday at least. The price increase sucks but the quality has gone up as well. Thumbs up
7/16/2014 Went to this club last night.

It's been over ten years since I stepped foot inside. It looks just the same as it did last decade. Amazing.

Also amazing were the girls. They have changed, and for the better.

2/2/2014 I stopped by on a Friday and I had as good time. I enjoyed dances with the very energetic and super friendly Vex and her friend Bailey. There were a lot of pretty girls there-too many girls in fact-but they were all nice and I will go back to the club again.

DFW NITES: Too many girls? Talk about a First World Problem! (Or maybe a Second Base Problem).
A Nony Mouse
1/18/2014 It's been a while since I've been here, to be exact 15 years. Man thus place has changed. The girls there always nice to look at. Even though its only a buck to get in, you get gouged on the drinks. What a big disappointment considering I went during the day expecting to get decent priced drinks...what a big disappointment. I'm bought two beers must of sipped them for about 3 hours at least the 2 lap dances I got were awesome. I recommend strictly only for the entertainment, leave the drinking at home.

DFW NITES: By "gouged," this reviewer means "charged normal strip-club prices," around $6.25 for a cocktail, probably $5 or $6 for a beer.

PRO TIP #1: Calls are only slightly pricier than wells (like fifty cents more), so take the upcharge and skip the hangover.

PRO TIP #2: For some reason, it's more fun to have two single drinks at Baby Dolls than one double drink, probably because it gives you more chances to talk to the attentive waitresses and charming bartenders.
10/30/2013 In few words, go in just for Vex. Shes beautiful, edgy, and she can dance both on stage and in your lap.

Club has improved with the new Management. Better music, better girls. So good job to them for bring back the club i knew and loved.
(not rated) Glad To Go Back

9/6/2013 I've been a patron of this club for many years and I usually have a great time. On 9-6-13, I visited the club and had another great time with one of my favorite dancers, Misty...[FEEDBACK REDACTED, BUT PASSED ONTO MANAGEMENT, WHO WILL LOOK INTO THE ISSUE]...On a positive note, Misty and Peaches are my two favorite dancers. Those of you who choose to go to this club, look them up. They've got great bodies, bright personalities, and their dances are very stimulating!
(not rated) Embarrassed

DFW NITES: Your feedback has been passed on to management.
(not rated) Lucky

1/13/2013 I visited Baby Dolls -FW tonight just to see what's going on. Suddenly there was Samantha. After all these years she is still there. I must say she put on some pounds but she looks better to me now than several years ago. Go Sam.
1/11/2013 9 p.m. on a Friday. Crowded, but not standing room only. Waitress Valarie 17 has nice, huge tits and is quick on the uptake -- I talk like a freak, and she wasn't fazed by any of it.

I was only in for one drink, but Raven definitely caught my eye. She has a cute, Gothic, slutty look, with Krylon red hair, a necklace of ornamental brass razorblades, piercings everywhere I could see, and tattoos of skeletal trees growing around an Antiente Texte, probably from the Book Of The Dead!!!! CUTE!!!

Raven had a lot of contortionistette moves (toes over the shoulder, etc), quick and limber and glad to be showing off. Before coming onstage, Raven had been holding court at a table of seven dudes. I think she has personality and talent.

I could certainly tell I was in Fort Worth from the smoke in the air and the number of couples out on naughty date nights. As a Texan, I'm sure Dr. Phil would approve.

10/25/2012 went by last week haven't in a year Bartenders on my visit was Pretty/Roxy very nice and it was slow-saw a dancer named Samantha and remember for 7 years ago this place must have a great retirment plan- in all the small smoky little T.V. here and there
10/13/2012 What happened to this place? It used to be poppin'. [REVIEWER WISHES THE CLUB WAS MORE POPPIN'.]
Titty lover
10/5/2012 I used to regular here a couple years back. I went back a few weeks ago and I didn't see Honey, and I hadn't seen her the last few times I have been there. If someone knows where she is working I would like to know where she's at. She was the bomb diggity
El Hombre Grande
6/10/2012 Stopped by Friday and had a great time with Andi and Misty. They are beautiful, friendly and smart. We shared a few drinks and laughed. It was nice to Renee back as well.

Saw a few nice looking girls on nighshift as I was leaving - Mercedes and Melanie.

I will be back but the club is too small and smokey. how old is the building?!

6/7/2012 I was full of wisdom by the time I made it here, but I must give mad respect to Valerie, who saw me through the night with an expert five-dance marathon. Valerie will not disappoint!
6/7/2012 one final club for the night, actually early Thursday morning, after midnight....the rain was over, Baby Doll's had a few patrons and plenty of dancers....solid as usual, although none stood out, particularly; the party atmosphere was in force, unfortunately my friend and I didn't have much time to spend, but our 75 minutes was enjoyable....drink prices were a bit stiff, at $6 a pop, I haven't paid more than $4.50 since San Francisco

DFW NITES: An outstanding night!

6/2/2012 Walked in about mid day, about the time the night girls were coming on. Wasnt sure about the place because it looked worn, but decided to stay because it had a good size crowd. The dancers looked to offer a wide range in shape and size, but most were decent looking.

Lot of the wait staff were older, but they all helped to make sure I had a good time; Chevie was always willing to joke around and laugh.

Dancers that stood out to me were Charlie, one of the few black girls, who has an ass like no one there, is always laughing and enjoying being there, and Raven, who I spent most my time with. Shes a little, bity thing but has a great body for her size. Her gothic, rocker personality sets her apart, but shes a fun girl that will also hang and drink with you. Very sensual on stage in the dark kind of way, and her dances, while clean, are some of the most intense i've had.

5/19/2012 Kelly, great man-mades, blonde, blue eyes, great dancer and big Cowboys fan. You will enjoy!
5/12/2012 Do not wear good clothes to this club...the cigarette smoke will cause your clothes and hair to stink (basically, do not go during lunch and then return to work, and beware that your wife will smell the smoke on your clothes). The smoke is heavy, and other than the smell, it is second-hand smoke which can hurt you if you have respiratory problems.

DFW NITES: Fort Worth lets people smoke in bars, and Baby Dolls Fort Worth is usually jam-packed, so yeah, you may emerge smelling like the Marlboro Man, but isn't that true for any venue that allows smoking? Just say you had lunch at a hotel bar.
(not rated) Regular

5/9/2012 Okay so I have seen the reviews for this club and I can honestly say not all of them are accurate. I walked in with my friend and my husband both on night shift and day shift. The girls are unique. They may not always be the size 2 that most guys want but I'm not into size 2 girls. We had several dancers and waitresses sitting with us and their personalities were amazing. And there were a range of girls. From little bitty to cushion for the pushing. This club at least gives you a variety as opposed to other clubs who only go with dancers that appeal to the managers. Between all of us who showed up we did pick our fav dancers and waitresses. My opinion everyone should come at least once. The people posting that baby dolls is the stripper nursing home is ridiculous. Go visit.
Fungirl 2000
4/28/2012 Just moved back to DFW from New York after five years out of town. So happy to see how little has changed at BDFW. It's still the same smoky, sketchy, fort building dive it has always been and I love it so. Only saw about five or six attractive women but all were friendly and a couple were mind blowers. One tall lean blonde, Jassie, left me exhausted after a couple dances. It is good to be home.
2/10/2012 I was told there was a change in managers again. So some dancers moved with the outgoing manager and new ones came in with the new guy. My favorite girl Delilah is gone. Bummer. But some of the new girls are fun too.
David D.
1/24/2012 Day shift, just passing through. I'd heard about Annalise, and I agree that she is pretty, uniquely playful, and unabashed. I'm sure she has made many a dollar disappear.

I also recommend seeing Melanie, a CUTE newcomer (looked maybe 20), with a funny scorpion tattoo, shoulder-length brown hair, C cups, and a friendly, focused stage presence.

I only had time for one drink and two peeks, but the party is definitely on at Baby Dolls Fort Worth.

1/22/2012 Hey hey, this is a fantastic place to chill and hang out.. Drinks are alil pricey but the hotties to look for are BENTLEY, AVRIL is lil but very cute.. LEXUS was amazing outgoing funn girl. Just went last week, I will def. be returning!!! This club gets 5 stars cuz of these 3 girls!!! Ps.. some dancers look pregoo

DFW NITES: A lil something for everyone.

12/20/2011 We stopped by friday for a long awaited visit to this club. Met a few nice dancers like Brittney, Red and Amanda. Got dances from all 3. Amanda was muscular and kept her distance. Red was cute but [NEEDED MORE PERFUME] and Brittny was bubbly. brittany was the best.

waitresses kept hounding us for drinks and the managers just sat around and watched tv. dancers were better looking than what was across the street at Cabaret East, but not saying much. a dancer told me a few dancers went to Cab East and took their customers with them.
Mr Freeze

11/10/2011 I've been going there since I moved to the area about a year ago.

I always come to see Delilah. Once she's comfortable with you, her lap dances are more than just a hot body wiggling in front of you. Come see her. Great service. You won't regret you came to see her. A few dances from her in the corner and she'll make you come back.

The rest of the place is cool. Five stages to follow your favorites. They have the annoying bathroom bitch that hands you paper towels after you wash your hands. As if you need help with that. Sucky career choice for him.
David D.

11/5/2011 I went BD Fort Worth on 11-4-11. It is a hole in the wall type place. But it was nice anyway. I got two dances from Veronica and Kimberly. Two really nice looking ladies and great personalities.
11/1/2011 Haven't been there a while "NOTHING" has change one bit. The best thing there are the Bartender's Mitchell and Chris that was working nite shift. is hard to think that this place a short drive from the ballpark/cowboys stadium that they would fix up with big t.v's sound system-and get better crowds from these stadium. the dancer's some were 8's and down hill from that. got a few lap's and a few beer and left-nothing special there
10/5/2011 Hasn't change a bit since the early 90's
(not rated) barman
10/1/2011 First off, the building is much smaller than Baby Dolls Dallas, maybe 10 minutes drive south of Highway 183 on Highway 157, with a Porky's-style neon sign.

The parking lot is crowded and well lit, but surrounded by unfenced underbrush. The best spots in the middle are reserved for valet parking, but even though I self-parked, my car wasn't touched.

There is a food cart on the entry sidewalk with delicious hot links for sale, along with other hot dogs and street tacos.

Inside, Baby Dolls Fort Worth feels like a honky-tonk -- loud music, finished wood, and even a coin-operated pool table, where a hard-living chap was practicing trick shots with money on the felt.

It was very crowded but (unlike PT's Gold Club) easy to move around in, especially on the long, narrow step that surrounds a raised area.

Bartender Michele provided good advice which I ignored. I couldn't taste the alcohol in the Texas Tea, nor could I feel it, but I had better luck after three Tanqueray & Tonics.

The girls are plenty young, a bit country looking, but still plenty hot. Many tattoos were in evidence.

There is a main stage and then FIVE minor stages, which means that if you see a girl you like, you have to wait 20 or 30 minutes before she's available.

Also, since they have a no-stage-left-open rule, sometimes an entire song will go by before the dancer on the last stage has been relieved.

Probably the most un-Dallas part of the club is the chairs. No giant-backed thrones here -- instead, everyone sits on four-legged kitchen chairs or minimally padded swivel bar stools, and they do without a VIP area in favor of a public bacchanal.

Full honors are due to the depraved dancer, Wednesday.


6/18/2011 went there the last Monday and got a dance from a girl named as hell. The drink girls are a pain in the ass and stop by every two minutes. Stay away from a dancer named Krista. She will try to rip you off.
blue eyes
10/28/2010 Went there Sunday night(10-24-10) Wasn't really impressed until Sophia came out. All I can say is OMG! This girl was rocking. Lap dances were awsome. Definately need to check her out.
8/13/2010 went there thursday, just for a couple of drinks. i saw a beautiful ebony black girl named jada. she was the cutest girl ive seen in a long time. i spent most of my time with her. i would go see her everytime you went in there!!!!!
7/29/2010 Terry was at jags ftw
(not rated)
7/7/2010 is mang terry still workin here? i worked with him 10 years ago and was trying to find him.
(not rated) sage
4/8/2010 Wow Some rocking hot bodies today...
2/27/2010 2-26...Stopped if for a beer or two today hoping I would see my favorite dancer ...mia or nina something in that ball park. Short latina girl with the best natural tits I seen in a long time! She wasn't there! I settled another hispanic dancer alrhough I didn't catch her name I left a pleased man.
(not rated)
12/25/2009 Dropped in yesterday (yes Chrismas Eve) during the day. Have to say I had a great time. Several good looking girls on day shift. One little blonde that gave an amazing dance was Lyrica. First time I've been to a topless club in years and must say I'm happy overall even though I spent too much on dances :)
12/17/2009 smokin hot waitress Brittney.beautiful black girl,great legs,great smile.wish she would get on stage.
11/20/2009 Stopped off here again yesterday afternoon just for a beer and a chance to do nothing for an hour, and saw that Ebony, the very cute black waitress, has moved to dancing, this time as "Jessica", and this this was definitely an excellent idea. The delectable Jada has been joined by three new black girls, all pretty cute and very nice and enjoyable conversationalists all of them. Finally, that petite little chocolate colored waitress with the Hale Berry hair cut and the nice eyeshadow is a stone cold knockout...YIKES she's hard not to look!

My main complaint is that this place can't seem to chill a damn beer and one of the bartenders said they don't have a freezer. She offered me some ice for the warm Corona...YUCK...But WTF?...How can a bar not have a decent cooler? At least have a coupole of nice ice barrels or something. The waitress asked if I wanted another one and she looked like she was wondering all this stuff also when I said probably not.


11/19/2009 was in last nite 11/18 for a short time.saw a hot latina that danced there sometime ago,Tiffany.smoking hot little thing with a great looking ass.also saw a new asian girl not sure what her name is,real pretty with great legs and an ass to die for.was told she comes in from time to time.still the same bunch of tired looking dancers that try to hustle you,the skinny blonde that always want to give a massage and the black girl with the huge is always way too smokey and the managers are totally fucking worthless.i do like the hot blonde at the door,smokin hot!!
10/24/2009 Ten years ago Baby Dolls used to be rockin' but it's gone way downhill. I went yesterday for the first time in several years and spent a couple hours in this place on day shift. It was pretty much like I remembered it from three years ago...only a couple of really beautiful ladies and a whole lot of trailer park types with big tatoos and to many mimles on them...a red neck haven more or less. Also, a warm Corona ran me $8 and the wait staff pesters you every 3 minutes to see if you want another drink. There's a difference between being attentive and being intrusive and they need to figure it out.

I love black women and there were only two in there but fortunately these two made up for the rest of this place being a waste of time. Jada's a petite, elegant dancer and Ebony's a very classy waitress, who I gather is thinking of dancing again since the money's better. Both are drop dead gorgeous. Jada's 4'11" about 105 and really a nice intelligent lady who is great to have a conversation with. I popped in spur of the moment unexpectedly so wasn't carrying a lot of cash, enough to buy her and Ebony each a drink and a couple tips but no table dances...and she didn't try to hold me up for that either which I appreciate. She sat and conversed with me for quite a while and I'll be back to see her again when I can tip her better.

Ebony is 5'8", very personable and beautiful..a model's figure, not skinny but slender. She also sat and had a beer with me just talking. Both these girls are ultra fine and a pleasure to be around. These two were the only women in this club at least on that day that needed to be working in a strip club at all quite frankly. I gave it 3 stars based soley on Ebony and Jada, one extra star for each...otherwise it would have been 1 star at best.

10/10/2009 so it seams like scarlett is tring to let everyone knows where she went as if we didnt all know. as for the girls that are currently there yes there are some not so hot girl and some not so sweet girls but for the most psrt they are all pretty nice. had a great time a a few beers and left. not a bad bar for a hole in the wall club!
(not rated) hummm
9/27/2009 Cheeks the smokin hot blonde was dancing last nite.OMG that girl has the finest ass I've seen in a long time.nice perkt titties too.couple of nice looking asian girls dancing and lots of blondes.talent pool was ok,but Cheeks is the queen in this place.
9/12/2009 cold beer a little smokey but what is d deal with the dancers. 2 came around askn 4 money 2 buy diapers n another 2 pay bills. what happened 2 hey how u doing or would i like a lap dance. just straight beggn. i know yall are low priced h oes but come on have some sense n a little dignity. than a few old timers like this tall mexican girl n a few others that should have retired a long time ago. hint, if ur older than 22 give it up. most of us already wake up next 2 that sad sight everyday. love u caroline!
9/2/2009 went in last week and couldn't believe my eyes when i saw the hot blonde door girl on stage dancing.don't know her name,they call her "cheeks".smokin hot ass ,don't think she's dancing all the time but she needs to be.
(not rated)
8/7/2009 I stopped in here on a Monday night. I was prepared for not the best and I had a real good time. An enterntainer nammed Teran gav eme a few dances, I highly reccomend! She is a classy lady. The wait staff were fairly attentive. Hopefully I can stop back there soon, a real good time
8/4/2009 OK, went back again and this time it was much better. there are still some Large girls but a much nicer variety than when I was there last. Day shift was not bad at all. Got some dances from a gorgeous spinner named Abbey! she is absolutely gorgeous! I will be back again soon!
6/30/2009 Stopped in the club a few weeks ago. Last time I was there was 2000 and the road was two lanes. I need a regular to let me know if black waitress Suga is still working there. Thanks.
6/26/2009 My coworkers and I used to waste a lot of money on drinks in this place a few nights a week and get nothing but boring dances. In the last month at least two hot blonde dancers have sat with us and told us they don't do any dances here but they'll meet us outside the club after work. So for the price of 10 drinks we have a lot more fun and the girls are hot if you don't mind some big tattoos. I'd rather spend my money on her than the overpriced drinks. These girls even have their own web sight with their pictures and prices. I didn't know they were so organized. This is the club to meet girls!
6/13/2009 got a dance from Abbigail the other nite if you want to call bouncing up and down on my nuts dancing.It sucked and won't waste any money on her.she's a hot spanish girl with a nice juicy ass but she is hit and run and the dance sucked bigtime.
6/13/2009 was in BDFTW thur.nite never seen that many dancers in here at one time.was told that alot of girls are coming over from Dallas.lots of blondes if thats what you like.I prefer the hot young asian and spanish girls like Passion,Holly,Jasmine and Foxyess.The little Foxeyess is so fine.Jasmine is great to sit with and that ass is hotttt.But Miss Passion will rock your world back in the dark corner.Love that fine little ass of her's.They even had some hot young waitresses working.Unfuckinbelievable.One was spanish and another was a brunette and she should be on stage.
5/30/2009 Can you say Nutri system? Nothing but overweight nasties dancing here! Won't be back for quite awhile!!!!
5/27/2009 Stopped by Memorial Day and Black Snake was right very hot girls. He wasn't lying about CatLynn. I gave her a cookie. Niki is hot but too old for me. Jade very hot exotic dancer, beautiful and very limber, must be into yoga. Still the hottest club within 20 minutes of DFW. My pilot buddies and I have spread the word around the airport. BD on 157 is the hottest club in town.
Big Deek
5/22/2009 been in a few times in the last month.things here haven't changed in the last 10 yrs. except for the fact that a hot dancer is getting very hard to find here.Courtney is the only dancer here that fits that bill.Ashley the hottest waitress anywhere is still here.Courtney has a tight body with a sweet botty that bounces on stage and makes my pants go crazy.way too many thick nasty tatted up dancers here and most of the waitstaff ain't much to look at
5/14/2009 Stopped in the other night ...was still pretty decent, no upcharge at the door, met a girl named Caroline super hottie, Def.dont mind getting dances from her...also saw Frank from Franks Wildlife working there as a floor boy...its funny watching him flute around the floor in a tux, ponytail all flappin in the wind...LOL DJ's are pretty decent, except the old guy in the fedorra, slurrin his words all together, in his titty bar voice

but for the most part place is not bad, ill definantly sneak it again some time

5/4/2009 My black bruthas need to visit BD for some hot white hiney.They luvs the real man's action. Nicki got some hump goin on for an older chick, smooth and tan. Little Katlynn is a spinner and tite little bootie. They treats us rite. Most definitly be back. Smokin white mamas. Be kool.
Black Snake Moan
4/26/2009 So every once in a while I pop into this club. I HATE it b/c its dirty and smells like a mixture of Ass and Cigarettes. But on the upside, I ALWAYS BANK! What i dont understand is WHY do YALL GUYS LOVE IT IN THERE?????? I will never understand! There is no VIP area, its a square hole. Now, Jag's right across the street is a nice, new, pretty , clean, smelly good club! Why the heck do guys NOT go in there? I pop on there about twice a year also, and this last yr its been AFWUL!! Guys, Go in! The girls are fun, friendly and the more of yall eventually the more girls!! Im hoping when the cowboys stadium opens it will revive it!!!!

(not rated) Cameron

4/23/2009 what a shit hole.visited last friday nite late.what a bunch of nasty looking dancers.too fat,skinny with tatoos what the fuck do the managers think hiring these dancers there was one fine looking asian girl ans that stuck up spanish dancer Holly.never got my wallet out of my pocket.Ashley the waitrss looks hotter than ever
4/14/2009 Went in for a time to relax and saw Sin and my goodness she has a nice body very nice, will be going there again.
4/6/2009 Went to BDFTW last week and had a a blast with Elishah waiting on me. She is the best and fun. Saw Alexa, a petite beautiful hispanic dancer, for the first time in a year. Great to see her back. She is hotter than ever. Also saw Stacy, a Hot Blonde. Of course she's always smoking hot and fun to kick back and talk to between dances. Another sexy waitress Ashley was also fun and nice to see.

You have to bring the party if you want to see the party.

4/1/2009 I wanted to comment on the club too it a nice club for being Small they have nice girls there. And the drink service is amazing courtney is hot
(not rated) smooth
4/1/2009 Scarlet is very hot she not only has a great body, she has a great personality. She can always make u smile cause she's always joking around.
(not rated) smooth
4/1/2009 DAMN! that dancer SCARLETTE is smokin'!!!!!

I totally recommend that you ask for her, cause she is a sexii bitch who gets me goin'!!

(not rated) ms blast!

3/13/2009 Some Thurs,Fri,Sat or Sun try Caitlin. If you don't like the dance I will pay for it. She looks 17 but dances like a seasoned pro. Some of the hottest dances I have ever had, my knees started to buckle going out the door. This club has dancers as hot as any in the metroplex.
Rigger Mortis
3/11/2009 From Igor: somehow my message got listed on the wrong club, this was meant for Cabaret North, not Baby Dolls. Sorry for the mistake, I must have been drinking too much when I posted this. I've been to Baby Dolls several times and enjoyed it a lot, a good place to go. Highly recommend Baby Dolls. Again my appologies Igor Javutich
Igor Javutich
3/11/2009 I have went to this club for many years, through their good and bad times, never really had a problem here, for the most part always a good time here. When they finally got rid of the doorgirl/bartender/waitress/bad dancer Karen, who goes and lets her back in? I just dont get it. Having her beg for drinks or money just isn't attractive for a club. Please let her move on to wherever she is going.
Just Me
2/19/2009 Daisy snow
2/10/2009 Igor, what the F##k are you talking about!
(not rated) A
2/8/2009 For such a fast responce, still sounds like a conspiracy from someone who was canned. Again I say every visit I have made was very pleasant. Usually when people are canned its because they had their own ideas how to run the club which apparently sucked, so they were gotton rid of. If you don't like the place go elswhere. Most of the time when people are let go they just couldn't cut the mustard so the look for a place more compatible for them, good luck to them, I wish them well. Igor Javutich
Igor Javutich
12/30/2008 There is an older waitress with black hair that looks like she has osteoperosis working there that always seems to have a bad attitude while she's trying to hustle drinks. I'm sorry that life has dealt you a hand where you find yourself living your twilight years hustling drinks at a topless bar, but I'm there for a good time, not to get dirty looks by grandma when I don't buy a beer from her.
12/21/2008 I went in to see my old friend Tamara and found out that she is retired and is now the daytime housemom who's idea was it to take one of the classiest woman off the floor and stick her in the back? She was the reason I went to this club,always made me and eveyone else who meets her leave with a warm smile she is alot of fun and a great set if I may add. From what I saw she is in better shape than most of the younger girls there.Tamara if your reading this you are missed by alot of us men that appreciate class,humor,and your undying beauty inside and out.Bring her out of the back and bring the class back to the club!
(not rated) disapointed
12/16/2008 went to BDFW on 12/12/ the place was pack and it was like a home coming there Kaycees was there and hanging @ the bar doing her shos and lookin still good, Samantha was also there. Courtney the bar person was haing her birthday party. the club itself was like time stood still the drink prices was the same and the same old music "no change 80's 90's. in all a good time there thank to scott,paul, frank and the staff
12/13/2008 Wow, what an addition to the Baby Doll's staff. I'm talking about MONICA. This is a very beautiful statuesque brunette that has such a mischievous glitter in her eyes when she smiles. Her and Morgan are bookends that are both beautiful and delightful to talk with. They are intelligent and will talk about anything under the stars EXCEPT under the covers. They are women of class and Baby Doll's is a classy place. So, next time you are looking for a classy lady to spend some time with during the day, look up Monica or Morgan. Tell 'em Fred Flintstone said HI!
Fred Flintstone
11/23/2008 i went to babydolls because i heard corey was in town. but when i got there i was told she got fired b/c some guy shoved her and another girl down and the managers did not want to kick him out b.c he spends money?WTF?? so they fired one of the HOTTIST girls thats ever worked in that crap hole????? i dont get i guess the message they are sending is if you spend money you can hit the girls and get away with it? nice.. im going back to dallas and this club gets NO stars all the girls here look like they just did a bunch of crack or snorted a bunch of white. where is dunkin?? why would he let these managers trash this club so bad? the bartenders are gross and rude and the wait staff is fat and old. what a disgrace
11/11/2008 What ever happened to MJ she was the shit!!! She was one of the hottest girls there, has anyone seen her?
Just Me
11/11/2008 where is sage? eveytime I have gone up there to see her she's not there. she is very smokin! if anyones post up and let me know.
miss her!
10/29/2008 Please read my review in questions and comments. Housemom!
(not rated) Mary Jane
10/6/2008 wow
(not rated) soupbone
10/6/2008 This club has come along ways from 2 years ago they have a lot of hot chicks and some hot bartenders too i've been in town on business for about a month and have gone to the club about 12 times it's a very cool place to hangout the only thing is the older djs don't get the club pumping like the one young guy they have he really rocks it out! And he is not scared to throw a little hip hop in there which is a nice change of pace from their normal country theme but, so if your looking for hot chicks and some fine bartenders that make good drinks i would definetly recommend this place!
10/2/2008 Thank the lord they got rid of the door girl/bartender Karen ... I got a bit tired of her asking for drinks. FOr the most part, the club was kind of cool. The dancers werent the best, but I would go back.
Just Me
9/5/2008 I used to hang out at BD a few years back and loved a dancer they had there named "Harley" a Puerto Rican girl from NYC. she has a tat on her right thigh of half a womans face and half a skull divided by a black rose. She has a Myspace page under the name Edna Jones (not her real name I'm sure)so you can see who I'm talking about. I'm headed into the DFW area next month and was wondering if anybody knows where she is working...I'd love to lay eyes on that sweet ass of hers again.
(not rated) Smokey
8/14/2008 chocolate chocolate chocolate yeah your right what a fine hiney she has and i just love me a hot colored woman and she is hot august 12,2008
8/14/2008 sorry i disagree went in on sunday 8/10/08 the only girl that came to talk to me was chocolate she was amazing and very beautiful and i might say very talented dancer lover her company
8/8/2008 Who the hell hired the hood rat Chocolate?I came in for some fun and this person ruined it for me,she thinks she is the hottest thing in the club her attitude was a total turn off! She was at the table behind me and all she did was put down EVERY single girl in the place and talked so loud it was annoying so I moved,and for her hind area which she thinks is the finest in metroplex ( her words not mine) is full of tats and bruises so please someone let her know that she and her attitude aren't welcome it will make most of us move right out the door!
(not rated) attiutudes not welcome
7/13/2008 7-11-08

It isn't the nicest ,newest club around, but it sure is fun. The drinks are kinda pricey, but hey its a titty bar, what you expect? Ashley is a great waitress, she will take good care of you and is very honest . As far as the girls go, there are some good ones with different styles. SAMANTHA, is a tall raven haired beauty, who is as sweet as she is hot. COREY is a smoking hot blond with a California attitude very edgy and bold. ANGEL is a sexy hot exotic hottie who is an amazing table dancer. And finally ROBBIE, my favorite, she is beautiful,has a perfect body and is cooler then the other side of the pillow. So for a nice little small local club it is just right. Not all the girls are good but there is usually a few that will make it worth your while.

6/22/2008 sat.nite 6/21 what a bunch of nasty looking dancers,and I'm being kind.wanted to ask for my $3 back.didn't see Asia, Arianna or Chrystal.If they aren't working this place is a waste of time and money.
6/15/2008 This place is getting a hell of alot better at least the ac are working now and the girls are still med to hot
6/13/2008 Went in on Tuesday afternoon and to my delight I saw that Tamara was back! She has been gone the last few times I came in,but now that she is back I will be too. Great "lady" one of the clubs best!
(not rated) Delighted
5/24/2008 05-24-08 been going to baby dolls lasts couple of months,nice friendly girls,met karla on the day shift very nice funny and easy girl to talk to. great club hope it stays around for a long time karla five stars baby dolls four. thanks to baby dolls and karla al
5/21/2008 been going to baby dolls for the past 3-4 months,i met a very nice lady named carla not sure of the spelling she is a great dancer and when she sits with you she really listens and not off in another world. she is a very pretty young lady and main reason this place gets a five star rating from me,hope she stays around for awhile.
(not rated) al
5/19/2008 I have been going to this club for quite some time and as a regular i was shocked by the way i was treated there friday night 5-16. it was about 1am and i have just finished getting 4 dances from a smokin hot blonde, so afterwards i sitting there and i seen a dancer stumble out of the dressing room. she looked over at me with her hand out as if she needed some help to walk. she then stumbled over and purred in my ear and then spun in a few circles and gave me a couple of hugs. after about a minute i decide to tip her a few bucks. 3 bucks to be exact. she then looks at me with a sad face, ( this whole time she has not even said a single word ) and gives me my 3 bucks back. she walks off, next thing i know the bouncer comes up to me and asks if she danced for me , i said no. he then says "well just give her 20 bucks so i don't have to deal with her later." ... So since when is that my problem , thats you f***in job. long story short he demanded my money and if i refused then my problem were only going to start. i was shocked. What a F***in jerk. i was scammed and he knew it and went along with it. i'll tell you what, thats a good way to run off good business. Hell i even told the main manager about it and he said that he would go and talk to the bouncer and get to the bottom of it. i sat around for 30 minutes just to watch the bouncer and manger play grabass and laugh at me. I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO BDFW. and will try to talk anybody else from going there, who wants to be scammed.
5/10/2008 arianna and asia are the hottest girls in this has the sexiest legs and that ass is soooo fine.wish she would show it off more.if you like hot little spanish girls arianna is the one.great personality and those titties are so fine!!!
4/18/2008 Met Arianna and Holly the other night in BD FTW.2 smoking hot spanish girls that were great to hang out with.Got several dances from Arianna and they were great.will be back soon!!
(not rated) jeff
4/3/2008 I cant belive the girls, this club at one time had a standard its better now than it was in Dec. but still terrible when u add the attitude that u get from girls I wont be back I wonder if they will ever get the quality back because they look desperate
4/2/2008 Well I went to BabyDolls last Saturday night to see Serenity,unfortunitely she wasn't there, so I took a seat at the bar. As the night went on I watched how the managers were running things and I was surprised to see how well they treat the staff, although there is one manager that I hear most of the girls complain about and thats Rod. Not only from what I've heard but I have also seen myself,he just seems to have no compassion or sympathy for any of the girls
2/21/2008 Was in sat. night with 2 friends had a good time what i noticed was that we partied all night and didnt miss a beat only planned to stay for a few min but lasted all night
1/21/2008 stoped in the other night and saw that corey was back, i dont know for how long but it sure was a treat! shes beautiful and has brains.
1/17/2008 I've been going to this club of and on for 20 years and I haven't visited for 2 years, so when I went back I was very dissapointed the girls there are fatter and have bad hygeine. You would think that in the last 5 years they would have hired new dancer's but I see the same old saggy implants. The waitresses are dry and rude or either loud and drunk. But there are a couple of good things about it the music hasn't changed, which is good, and there a couple of beautiful dancer's there. For example. Samantha, Bently(Asian persuasion), vanessa(a chocolate treat), summer ( a barbie doll and her boobs are real) lala ( a sweet newbie) nadia ( problably one of the best stage dancer's). Really what I'm trying to say is at the end of the night the club may suck but the dancer's are worth it.
1/6/2008 Was at BDFW few days back. Lasted about 10 minutes (no not that it was how long I stayed). Whats the deal? Where did the special treatment squad go? Any info?
12/28/2007 droppd by Thur.evening right before 7pm.all I can say is what the fuck is the guy thinking about hiring these fat ughly old tore up dancers.I mean what a bunch of DOGS.The only bright spot in this dump was China.One fine ass thin carmel colored lady with the thickest,longest nipples I've seen in a long time. She was fine ass hell and I don't know why she is wasting her time in this dump.
12/26/2007 very expensive beer, about 5% of the ladies are worth looking at, and are like vultures,the waitresses are just as bad.
12/7/2007 went there two weekends ago on a friday night place is really improving on the rid off the obese ogers that they had workin rid of the retard dj that let you know every other song that he was fucked up!! got a lapdance from a few girls....Honey,Bentley,Arianna,and i few others but these 3 WOW!! Samantha is always there and always a fun time!!
12/2/2007 Saturday night I saw a new dancer. She had to be 5 feet 4 and 160 pounds easy (maybe 170)! Now I understand that some girls are not my style, but I have never..and I repeat, NEVER, seen a girl this big dancing at BDFW (at least not on night shift). It's a lucky thing corporate doesn't come around much. Back in the old days, the GM would be gone. But with all of the new clubs opening, the GM pool is pretty thin nowadays.
(not rated) just me
11/23/2007 Visited on Wednesday and met a lady named Tamara WOW she was a hot older woman also met a couple of others but the names escape me after meeting her.The club is definately looking much better.
(not rated) Kevin
10/21/2007 i just recently went to d club this past friday and i must say it kinda goes one way or the other. now there r sexy ladies n there (and a few i will especially mention in a minute) but d dj who i heard is d reguler one is just killin d place. i know they wont ever replace JOE but damn who is d idiot that hired that guy. seriously!!!!! i was there 4 many hours and it seemed the dj was tryin 2 run me off, BUT, i had great company with some of d girls that kept me there.SEXY ASSES yall know who yall are Caroline, Honey, 2 name a few. this one lil hottie, HOLLY, i believe was her name, great person 2 talk to. very responsive. actually 4 once i didnt feel like is was talkn 2 a brick. more MY style. SEXY ASS HELL may i add. i never sat with an empty drink which was defnitly a plus. 4 all yall regulars wouldnt u agree its NOT as UPSCALE as it used 2 be? had lots of fun. i noticed d management needed a clue, its a business grow up
10/21/2007 New evening manager makes this place tolerable again. As stated below, some of the old girls are coming back. If only they would spend some money inside this club. It's a good place to go chill. Now that you don't have to rely on their broken a/c.
10/19/2007 To the guy that said they were all dogs,maybe at night but you need to go in the daytime that's where the HOTTIES are!I think they put the young overweight chicks at night so you will drink more beer,I know the drunker I get the better they look.
(not rated) Dick
10/9/2007 I don't know what was worse, the smell of old BO and vomit or the looks of the girls. There wasn't one girl there that I would want to see undressed.
10/9/2007 dude... are u joking? this place has been great the girls are getting better, last night i saw corey, bently, holly, all the old hotties are back and a few new ones!! better dj to, i really couldnt understand the other one... i give ft worth 5 stars for the improvment
9/24/2007 read some previous reviews saying things had improved in here.don't think so.was in Friday nite,still a bunch of dogs working here.Saw the hot little spanish dancer named Holly.allshe does is walk around acting like she's too good to speak to anyone.what a waste,she's the olny hot girl in there.
9/6/2007 I was there on a tuesday nt and wow the bartender from dallas i think her name was Dawn is smoking hot. On top that she can carry on a conversation and make a great drink. She is single im going back to ask her out soon.
9/3/2007 Thanks for moving my review to the appropriate spot. I slipped. Haven't been to BDFW in ages and after reading some of the comments, I'm not anxious to make a visit. It wasn't all that great when I used to stop and sounds much worse now. No A/C? Purchase $4 fans? Unbelievable.
(not rated) Italian Guy
9/2/2007 Italian Guy, BDFW does not have a VIP booth. I believe you meant to post this review for BDD, as you do state in your review. Thanks for the head's up. I moved the review to the Dallas location's page.~Blaze
(not rated) just me
8/27/2007 to the guy that said Tamara was 39? dude she is in her mid 40's,I have to agree with you she's HOT and there are also others in the upper age group that are Hot too like Celeste,Jennifer,Chris with those ladies there I will always come back,gotta like the older Hot ones!
8/27/2007 Went in last week, that new girl Tamara is very hot. She may be 39 but has the body of 24 year old, great sense of humor. Will be back to see her, starting to get some very hot girls in there.
(not rated) PJ
8/24/2007 hey guys the a/c is wroking girls are coming back, caroline is beautful and sexy as ever, the managers are a great staff and getting better yes i will be back
8/19/2007 the a/c works, i was honestly kinda cold which was alright, Serenity looked amazing, will be back sometime soon hopefully
Danny (MOB INC)
8/18/2007 Today they finally got some aircondioning going again not real cold but comfortable. Met alot of new ladies today one named Tamara she was very sweet and alot of fun, and looks great for a lady in her mid 40's. Will definately go back to her.
8/15/2007 As a long time BDFW customer, I agree with the recent posts lamenting the club's decline. But it's not new, it's been on the decline for a couple years. The problems start and end with the management. The recent AC problems are a ridiculous example of their lack of concern for customers and staff (it's August in Texas, for god's sake). Then on top of it, they'll sell you a tiny hand fan for $4 - anywhere else they'd give you the fans and maybe lower the prices as a way of apologizing. You have to laugh. And then there are the managers who insist on micro-managing activity on the floor, badgering the waitress and upsetting customers with their constant intrusions. Good management would be welcoming and otherwise invisible. Here's a novel idea: make it a fun place to be (like it used to be) for customers and staff, and there'll be more customers who will buy more beer. Here's another idea: hire managers with management talent rather than IQ-test-failure-minimum-wage lackeys. Try giving a damn about those of us spending our money there. There are still some attractive dancers like Caroline and Julia, and fun waitresses like K/Courtney and Karin, that I go to see. When I know those few are not there, I'm not either.
8/14/2007 Havent been to BDFW in about 4 months and don't plan to return. Havent enjoyed myself in about a year actually. I remember Paige. She wasn't my type at all, but Id still buy her a few drinks and get one or two dances from her on occassion. She never seemed envious or distrustful. But people can change, I guess. Still don't see why there is all the hate. The club run down, past its prime, and simply isnt fun anymore. I agree with those that say this club has dancers that cant measure up the the normal average girl you might meet at a bar. I am in my mid 30s and not some old ugly cheap fart, but Id rather spend my money elsewhere. It *is* all about the dancers. But it always helps if you have great service. The managers use to care, the waitresses like Lesa and Patty use to care. My ex got me going there and we would have a blast. I use to go there 3 times a week off and on for 4 years b/c of girls such as Desirea, Drew, Shawn, Lindsay, Angela (Harley), Kylie, Sarah, and Nikki among others. Id spent sometimes $200-500 a week there. And I remember when it was rocking with KC and Tiffany and some black girl who was hot hot hot (though not my type again). The place was a dump, but the girls made it fun and the atmosphere was electric most of the time with the DJ pump up the jams. Once Sarah and Nikki left, there was Corey and a few others, but it never was the same. I tried to enjoy myself, but just couldnt get back the below average dancers. Why spend $7 for a beer, when you can talk to girls and hang out with girls that are better lookin and better communicators at a regular bar? Some of the girls have moved on from the business and some are now at BBD. I will always remember the good times, but this club is overthehill and dead. Gone and buried. To the haters who don't like Paige, she never did anything to me, but she will never measure up the the girls who roamed the club 3-5 years ago. Until they hire new managers, remodel the place, bring in food and get the waitress, DJ and girls like they had in the mid to early 2000s, this club will always be gone like the wind. I dont think they will ever recover. I will drive 45 minutes to BBD now, instead of 10 minutes to goto a place like BDFW.
Former BDFW guy
8/13/2007 Broken A.C.???????? The A.C. has been broken in this club for 20 years. The only reason customers kept coming was because this club always had lots of sexy ladies and the management made this a fun and casual place to hang out. Rich or poor, famous or just your average guy, this was the spot for having a fun time.....Alas poor yorik...those times are long gone. The politicians couldn't kill this club nor could the vice. It was done in by the demise of the management who built it in the first place. Upper management decided to pay inexperienced fools tiny wages to babysit. And in return they got foxes in their hen house who decided to give control to the ladies who look their best on their knees in the office. The type of ladies one would not call a lady. NEGATIVE FIVE STARS
(not rated) broken a.c.
8/12/2007 We HAVE quit coming in. In case you haven't noticed, the A/C has been broken for a month. They have huge floor fans in there and little fans for the bartenders and door girls. This is usually a good sign that a place is about to close. When they won't fix the bare necessities, it shows that they aren't willing to invest any money in the place. The dancers step off stage and stand right in front of the fans. The dancers and waitresses are sweaty and irritable. You don't DARE get a table dance as the girls drip sweat on you. Your beer gets warm in 10 minutes. It is 102 degrees outside right now. I guarantee you it is at least 90 in the you think I'm going in??
(not rated) just me
8/11/2007 um sweetie you need to get over this club because everyone is bashing it and your defending it, i have been coming here for years and the only dancer here worth looking at would be caroline, they need to fire all the fat girls and maybe they would get more bizz, why come to a club to see some fat a$$ dancing around naked EHH i get that enough at home!
(not rated) robert
8/8/2007 one... screw all yall that have a problem with this club, if it sucks that much to you then quit coming in!!!! two... not all the dancers are ugly and torn up so get your facts striaght before you bash on people. three... yall are the pathetic losers coming in there spending your money anyways because you cant get attention from girls outside of a stripclub. four... learn how to spell if you think your so much better than everyone else!!! five... welcome back keith!!!
f**k yo couch
8/5/2007 This club is so dissapointing. The girls are not what they used to be and the music is terrible! I guess I just miss the good old days when joe was there and the old GM. Will not be back!!!!
8/2/2007 looked like a retirement home and a lost stop for fat dancers that need to be waitresses. the girls are mean and rude to. page is a pushy fat girl that got mad when wouldn't get a dance from her. sorry my hips ar fragile i was scared she would try to sit on my lap and i would be flatted. i'll never go back
(not rated) no fat chicks!
7/17/2007 to just me: yes these managers have no taste whatsoever, i have been working there for a good while now and am about to take a leave of absence because these managers don't seem to care about the girls that actually are decent people, unless you are doing extras for them in the office. about the girl with the tattoo skin, those bruises are from her pimp considering what she does on the side. these managers need to get their act together if they want to keep any of the decent girls there!
(not rated) dancer
7/16/2007 went last weekend, saw some new faces and i guess a new dj, i did not see the girl who i came there to see(Serenity), it was an ok time i guess, i will be back sometime
Danny (MOB INC)
7/15/2007 7-14-2007, evening: The managers must not have any standards for dancers anymore. Tonight I saw one dancer with dark, foot long bruises on her "Skin" - back, hip, and thigh. She looks like she had just been beaten up. I saw another very skinny blonde dancer with no front teeth and no chest at all to match. Then I saw a girl dancing that I had seen escorting on Craigslist and Backpage just last week (they had another popular Craigslist escort working there last month). There was a dancer with a tattoo about Pain scribbled across her chest. The 70 pound dancer who is obviously on some sort of substance was not here tonight. This was the worst show I have seen in years. Good thing Jaguars is across the street now.
just me
7/2/2007 Most of the girls at this club have been here for a while but i love it when they leave and come back, seems like theyre new again. I ran into Serenity this past weekend. She looks amazing but seems to have gained a little weight.
6/28/2007 With every bunch of apples your bound to find a few rotten ones. However, this is a fun place to hangout especially at night. You can see the whole club from almost any seat in the house. Yep its that small, but it is fun and you don't have to walk to far to the dancers on stage. I also like that the stages are not too high for us short guys. It may not look like much, but most of the dancers are pretty and waitstaff are fun. Some of the new bartenders in training need to learn how to mix drinks better, but a cold beer and a shot of patrone is never a bad choice. Dayshift I would suggest a dance from Trinity, and nights from Sweet Caroline or an asian dancer name Vuy. No food except the occasional hotdog vendor outside, but they do delivery from other places. It's not a five star just because you do have to watch the counting of your change sometimes at night and the place does need a renovation.
5/27/2007 Why do people give this bad reviews. Must be from other clubs. I went back again, first time since I last posted. This place has changed for the better. Just about every girl went on stage was very good looking. They must have had 20 gorls at least, and I will say maybe 3 didn't belong on stage. About 5 or 6 above average to great. The rest were extremely good looking. My complaint is still the waitresses ripping you off. Always trying to keep your change. I take away a start just for that.
5/15/2007 this club was doing great when jeremy bigum was there, even when it was no touch at least the girls were hott! now that robert is running it babydolls ft worth has takin a turn for the worst!
(not rated) club junkie!
5/12/2007 its been awhile since a review has been on here so here goes it, i went in friday night and unlike most fridays, the club wasnt all that busy, i see alot of new faces, and not alot of faces i was used to, i did see Serenity talked to her for a lil and got a dance from her, beautiful and smart, its nice to see someone in there with aspirations
(not rated) Danny (MOB INC)
4/22/2007 I voice my opinion like everyone else, people have different tastes, what one may like someone else may not. I will stick with what I have said before, the girls there are beautiful and I always have a good time when I go, add 3/4 of a star to the 5 i have given
4/22/2007 Posters are correct on this club. It has gone way down the hill, but prices have remained the same or more. Nothing to what it was in the past and the girls are not very desirable. I've seen Paige, Jordan ect. ect and if thats what your bragging on, you guys need to check out a different club. Subtract 3/4 star from the one given.
4/21/2007 I have never seen so many nasty looking,tore up strippers in the same club at one time.All you guys bragging on Jorden,I don't get it.Zero stars.
(not rated)
4/20/2007 went by last nite,had the dj contest going.What a fuc^&*( joke.The only hot dancer was some little blonde from BDD.I think Devin was her name.Man they got some thick girls trying to dance.This club needs a complete house cleaning.NO STARS. Karen was working behind the bar,sees fun to talk to and pretty hot for a girl with 3 kids.
(not rated) butt man
4/20/2007 i went in on thursday and saw that corey was back! only for the dj thing though, it was great to see her again ,we caught up and got some dance's, she gets hotter every time i see her!!! there was alot of pretty girls there from other clubs, to bad they wont be staying. babydolls is done.
(not rated) old school
4/15/2007 Tonight was a good night, aside from the fact that the girl I usually go to see was not working. But Serenity as in the past caught my eye. I got a couple of dances from her. Not only is she a beautiful girl but for the time we talked, it seemed she had a matching personality as well. So thank you Serenity, she has my recommendations to anyone going in there.
(not rated) MOB INC
4/14/2007 Old regular who decided to give this club one more try after some relatively positive reviews. Absolutely horrible... girls Id find on Harry Hines. Don't know what you guys who gave this club above one star was smokin... NOT RECOMMENDED!!!
Trying again
4/13/2007 I went the other nite, there were a few bigger girls, but i liked the atmosphere. MOst of the girls were hot and very willing to sit down and have a few drinks. Waitress were hard to come by though.
4/12/2007 i was in the other night and wow what a change!!! this place used to be the club to be at, now its run down just like all the dancers,and i do mean all! there was not one girl worth 20 dollars in there! this place has gone way down hill!
(not rated) robert
4/10/2007 i was up there friday as well, the place was bangin with beautiful girls and loads of people, definately a good time that night
(not rated) MOB INC
4/8/2007 WOW!!..this place has changed for the better. Haven't been in maybe 3 to 4 months. Went last friday night. It was hard to move around, parking lot was full. 70% of the girls I seen was very good looking to hot. Seen a few over weight ones, but you get that at any club. Definately will stop in soon. I agree with JR's comment as the waitresses always try to keep your change. That's why I get my beer / drinks from the beer girl in front or at the bar. If I do order from the waitress and she offers my quarters back, she gets a $1 tip. If not, then she only gets the quarter or .50 cents, or whatever it is. I'm not sure if I hit it on a good night or if that is just hopping again. I didn't get any dances so can not comment on that. The 4 or 5 girls I did tip, talk with, seemed very nice, not the hustler type, except one that came over and ask for a dance without at least introducing herself first. To me that is a "no thanks". But again, that happens at every club.
4/4/2007 Knew Paige when Army Reserves she trim down and is the only thing that get me to go back. The rest still sucks!
4/3/2007 I was voicing my opinion and Paige is a thick girl but beautiful and to be completely honest with you and everyone on here, her body type is what I go for, I'm not going to say anymore about you in response to your comment, The objectionable review has been deleted. It had no place here and was our oversight.
(not rated) MOB INC
4/2/2007 Been gone a few months and return and this place still sucks with the Whole staff and dancers. The waitress do not know the prices of drinks and they all have like to keep the change. The bartenders measure the mix drinks "oh" please I can't give you more.But I can give a lot of ice! Some of the dancers are rude. Even on a down nite.
3/26/2007 once again, i rolled up there with friends and had another great time, Paige is a beauiful girl as said before, better music tonight than recent, and if Paige happens to read this, thanks for putting a smile on my face even if it was for only a little while
3/25/2007 I was at babydolls on saturday night, I had a great experience with the girls that came by. All in all they are good looking and very nice to talk to. I think it is definantly a variety and drama free. Their drink prices are a little high, but why go to a club if you want to complain about drink prices-you are there to spend money not save money. I will definantly be back.
3/24/2007 To Paige, Well first off I had a good time Friday at BDFW, with the excetion of the country music, as for Paige, she is a beautiful woman, she jumped my ass for moving my legs so she could walk by, but it was b/c my feet were gettin stepped on by drunks and assholes alike, so this one goes to Paige, thank you for jumping my ass when I went to tip you, your a smartass and I like that, and I would pick you over "Jordan" any day
(not rated) MOB INC
3/24/2007 this club sux its hot as hell in there for one...GET THE AIR CONDITIONER FIXED!!! and the girls are horrible, everyime i come in the same sad looking girls are there, i can understand why they never have any new girls or at least any worth tiping, lets just face it this club used to be good but now between the managment and the dancers babydolls ft has turned into a dump! i cant belive this is burch managment....sad very sad...
(not rated) sux
3/18/2007 so i went in to bdfw friday night and i felt like i was at the ranch but instead they got all the ugly girls from there and there sucky dj!i dont no about anyone eles but theses girls seem to get worse everytime i come in. a lot of them are cute but over weight, why are the waitress's hotter then the dancers? i got one dance from a brunette, tosha she gave a good dance but her breast felt like goo?
(not rated) rob
3/15/2007 Baby dolls ft. worth is the greatest. why? The girls are cool as hell if you want to hang out and shoot the shit with someone and if you want a lap dance you have a variety to choose from. theres one waitress that is bad ass i think her name is jordan if i remember correctly she was so sweet and you can shoot the shit with her and shes honest and blunt which is great. theyre are kinda on the expensive side but you get what you pay for.
3/12/2007 People keep going in on a monday or tuesday complaining about the girls. Why are the hot girls going to waste their time on those days. BDFW has a lot of hot girls you just need to go in on the weekend. The beer is priced pretty average for a strip club by the way. I am pretty sure that Jags is going to give them extra business so hit them up on a friday or saturday when there are more girls..
3/9/2007 Went in tonight, thursday, around 8 and the club was pretty busy. the girls overall were very nice to look at and to talk to. this club compared to others is more laid back and a place where you can have fun as well. overall good choices in music. beer a little high but not expensive. i had the chance to meet and get dances from a few of the girls. there were 2 dancers who stood out from the rest but don't remember their was tall, blonde, thick and looked like anna nicole (the alive version) and the other was tall, black headed, and thick as well. both very sexy with great faces, tan with big tits! i will be back!
2/23/2007 went here Tuesday night, a lot of cute girls with good bodies, decent crowd for a Tuesday, waitresses constantly asking if I wanted another beer; a few of the Dancers seemed vacant, like they were going through motions while their mind was somewhere else...completely tuned out, one Latin Dancer danced fully clothed, may as well have been a bikini bar price a little stiff at $5.50 a throw...but overall a decent experience
Ho Chi Minh
2/21/2007 you are right Larry the good days are GONE, but dancers you wrote are good and love there jobs. The good days has gone pass us and a lot of people have moved on to better lives and other clubs. Myself I miss the hanging out at the bar with the people you knew and having a GOOD time buying drink and did not give a hoot spending money.Maybe a little fixing up better ads might bring this place back up
Wild Hair
2/20/2007 some of the other guys on here are right this club is not what it used to be but the one thing i do know is they still have some extremely hot dancers in there, from the old days...paige, paris, and alexis...just to name a few. i went in on friday the 16th, and the place was packed like the old days! there was one dancer that i spent most of the evening with that has been at this club for a few years now and she's still as sweet and as sexy as can be. PAIGE has the sexy curves of a real woman and i love her eyes, so suductive and exotic! she knows how to make a man feel wanted. i'll definetly be back for more! WOW!
(not rated) larry
2/19/2007 Please send a squad of B-52 and destory this place! This place have gone so far down hill with the dancers and the waitress. The managers don't care about nothing just numbers in what they are selling and reporting to headquarters that all is fine. Fix this place up with new T.V.'s lighting, check out the Hustlers dancers that cheat you on dances. The mix drinks have soooo much ice is water.I no know is a strip club and prices. But pour like good shot or mix.Just stick to beer they can't water it down.
2/19/2007 It's true, it is no longer the way it used to be a few years back. It is not overly crowded, you can actually sit down for a change and when your ready for a dance you don't have to wait for 20 min. in a line of dancers with their customers. Those where the old days. It's more laid back. The dances where horrible last summer but a change of managment has made a big differance. I had a great time with one dancer but she was very busy since she is sexy as hell! Petite, brown-eyed, brown hair Latina. She always smells good and never trash talks about any of the other dancers. She can hold a good conversation when slow.
Will be back
2/17/2007 was there on the 15th it was quiet,the beer was cold at the beer station, the service of the waitress was loudsy, the managers should ban the celluars on the waitress carry then and talking to whoever they to.the word is service not to wait for the waitress to finish they out going and incoming call. the place is still go down hill. toss a lifesaver to this club and bring it backup before the Rangers hit the field in April
2/15/2007 I was tired of going accross the street so I decided to go to my old favorite. The place was dead. two cute dancers but couldn't get a beer. The waitresses would walk buy sending text messages on their phones and not even ask if you needed a beer. I'll be curious how things go when the Ranch clothes. Will BD step up to the plate or will the "new" club get all the over flow business?
2/9/2007 I stopped into the club last weekend.I haven't been there in a long time. I miss the way it was, but I still had fun. One of the girls told me that Dominique and Kaycee. Hope they come back soon.
(not rated) oldschool
1/27/2007 I used to be a frequent visitor to baby Doll's Ft. Worth. I even stuck with them during the summer of 2004 when the air conditioning was broken for what seemed like 3 weeks.

But the past few times that I have been in there, the quality has really gone downhill. I am willing to put up with the smoke and the expensive drinks (it is a topless bar, afterall) as long as there is some eye-candy in there. I guess girls like "Dominique" and Kimberly M. weren't going to be there forever (if they are working elsewhere, I would love to know where). But the newer girls just don't do anything for me. I don't want to insult any of them, so I'll just leave it at that.

Maybe when the new place just south of Baby Doll's opens up, the competition will force Baby Doll's to get it's act together again.

1/16/2007 to act like girls don't get gas! that's hilarious, really b/c when girls go to the dressing room we talk about everything and yes some girls come to the back and say, "ha ha ha i just pooted on a customer." some guys just deserve it!
(not rated)
1/15/2007 myself and some friend went to this club on saturday and one word come to mind Trashy. the males of our party commented do these girl know of perfumes or they have b/o.The service was good the price a little high, but it is a strip clubs.myself and girlfriends of the party left after one hour of this place
(not rated) kat
1/14/2007 went to bdfw sat. night and once again only a couple of hot girls, one was the beer bar girl, corey, the other caroline. fortunately the two make up for the rest. the whole night some very large dancer kept hating on the only two hot girls there. obviosly some ones jealous. no wounder my life long favorite club went down the tubes so fast with gils like that.
(not rated) turnthepage
1/14/2007 went to bd sat night,got some dance's from isis and page..i loved isis that girl could dance..but page...i could have sworn that girl farted on me. i dont no that was just not sexy. kinda scared
(not rated) tim
1/12/2007 o man i when to bd last week with some of my buddies, all the dancers looked really trashy...there was one that was so fat she could make her fat dance....till then we'll stay in dallas!!!
(not rated) ben
1/12/2007 i got some dances from rebel,shes hott!
(not rated) micky
1/10/2007 In answer to your question - Cory will be back dancing after her boob job heals. If you saw them before you know the need.
(not rated) tobilly
1/9/2007 I made my rounds to 3 clubs near each other last weekend. Since I was in the mid cities area. went to Baby Dolls FW. Wow has this place changed. Last time I went other than a few decent girls, the place really sucked. Now it was hopping again. Some nice looking girls, a few very hot. One use to dance at Stiletto’s I use to see sometimes. Now will hit Baby Dolls more. Wish I was in the area more. I will say Frank’s if you want more one on one time with a girl, since it is less busy. If you want more a variety to choose, Baby Dolls, because they have more girls and 5 or 6 stages going all the time. Frank’s, you get 1 or 2, sometimes 3. Rarely 4 stages I guess, not while I was there, but still less girls. Maybe 30 girls at Baby Dolls, a guess, but seemed like 30, at most 12 at Frank’s. But I will go back soon to both, hopefully in a few weeks.

i went to bdfw friday night, and pretty much was just hanging out next to the beerbar girl her name was cory? i dont no why she wont dance that girl was beautiful!! ill be back just to talk to her!

12/29/2006 wow that hot little bolnde britney is something. She is cute little bubbly and a lot of fun to talk to. She gives a good table dance and knows how to work it on stage she only works thur-sun and dont seem to get there until 10 or 11 but man is it worth the wait she is awsome
(not rated) JNJ

THIS IS THE CLUB TO GO TO TO HAVE A GOOD TIME AND NOT BE PRESSURED. Use caps again and your post will not appear

11/23/2006 I visited this Baby Dolls Saturday November 18th. The club was busy but the dancers were just ok. Its gone down hill some since the "old days". I would have left but the best looking thing in the place was a waitress that came up and asked me for a drink. If you ever go here be sure and ask for Heather. She is hot and pays attention to you. I know there is a club going in down the street from here. Not sure what the name is but it will be interesting to see how this club does when the new one opens.
Money Man
11/18/2006 To Paige and the respond you wrote. This club was at one time to have a good time and the dancers, the managers the bartenders and some others. Now at this writing I was there with a group on friday and ready to blow some cash. But the dancers were so fair to none. the dance in the back were so weak we stop and had a few beers and left. the place the ower does not give a damn just sell the beer. the dj was so loud we all had to shout just to get a drink. I say go to Dallas and to a total nude bar byob. Paige Samantha is time to move on
(not rated) poolman
11/16/2006 Simple fact if this club is going down hill I saw no evidence yesterday during the day. The place was full of customers, Dancers, and Drinks. Even one of my old friends is back JULIA. Go try it out and you will see.
11/13/2006 i know that everyone keeps saying that our club is going down hill but i don't think so. i've been there for 4 years now from the good to bad and back again. i still make just as much money as i did 3 years ago. so what i don't understand is how guys or girls can say that the quality is down...when myself (paige), via, corey, aiden, and/or samantha, just to name a few...are here and ready to take your money. open the door of opportunity and your money is gone!! my thoughts on someone griping about the drink prices, especially someone that has been "so called" visiting our club for years and years, you are retarded bc the drinks have always been the same amount. and you can't say anything about the waitresses not being around to get you drinks bc they are constintly walking the floor!! most of the time there are too many and guys get annoyed that they keep getting hit up for drinks. the music selection kicks ass and just to let you know we can give dances in short chairs but you wouldn't know that bc all you do is complain. why would we want you in our club if that's all your going to do anyway. put it this way if you don't like it then don't come back but obviously alot of guys and girls do like it still bc we are the shit!!!!!!!!!
(not rated) dancer
10/22/2006 No one stopped me so I went to baby dolls. Got there at 7:02. Paid 3 dollar cover. Looked at a few hags and left at 7:24. Nightmare! It's offical baby dolls fw is over.
(not rated) longtalltxcowboy
10/20/2006 Is it true that the good lap dances BDFW is know for are gone? Was gonna go tomorrow nite. Can anyone tell me what the deal is with the lap dance? Six feet, 6 inches, 6 miles?
10/17/2006 i just wanted to drop in and say hi to anyone who is still around...i see Chris n Jennifer n Morgan are there...HI ladies its me lidia (housemom) i just wanted to say i miss everybody n i hope everyone is havin a good time n makin money , whos around from when i was here n whats the gossip ive missed?...if housemom Kris is still around tell her to call me or i will find her ha. well thats all folks...madi where are you?!!!!
(not rated) lidia
10/10/2006 I'm not a huge fan of this place because there are tons of better clubs but it has one dancer that is worth the price of admission and $100 in drinks and tips if all you do is go to see her. Eva is a stunningly beautiful black girl working on day shift. She's tiny and petite...about 5'1" and a brick over 100 pounds but very well proportioned with no fat at all, and this lady is pure class. She's very friendly, has never tried to hustle for table dances that I can see, and has a way about her that makes you want to get a few any way. I'm not exagerating when I say that she's Playboy material. I can't figure out why she's working in this place...she belongs in a much more upscale club. If you love gorgeous black women with no tatoos, piercings, or ghetto attitude, you'll love this lady.
(not rated) Tomcat
9/22/2006 yeah i was up a bd the other day and got some dances from this lil mamma named samantha , girl was fly and had the moves! tight lil booty to.
9/17/2006 I went in to bdfw on friday 9-15-06 around midnite and the place seemed really packed. There were alot of new girls and new waitresses. the beer was cold and everybody was friendly and attentive. I had such a good time that i went back on Saturday 9-16-06 and had an even better time. There is a big breasted all natural asian girl there, i can't remember her name,but she has to be one of the most nicest girls i have met in there. Just her alone will make me go back , soon.
hot shot
9/13/2006 This club use to be alot better dj think his name is Jack... or Jeff...or somthin like that, music is stale and he sounds like he's deepthroating his mic. Few of the oldtimer girls look ok, but the new selection of broads are piss poor and it seems like management still doesn't know how to run that club to it's potential. They always seem like they are too busy sittin at the bar to actually do anything productive for the place. Btw, have they ever heard of "shot specials"? the drinks are overpriced and watered down. Sorry BDFW, I won't ever be back. I'll take my biz to the Dallas scene.
Porpous Dick
9/13/2006 my mother is 42....and yes, BDFW has dancers older than that
(not rated) Allen
9/12/2006 not a slam....but when I visit a strip club I don't want to see dancers the same age as my mother.....thats not a turn on, The comment begs the question, how old is your mother?
(not rated) Allen
9/10/2006 There is a lot more dancers working on dayshift now. A lot of them are new. Have to say though that Morgan is still by far the classiest and most beautiful there. Love her new lace dress she bought. WOW!! I don't like the new waitresses there though. They sit around and do not know how to work the floor. Me and Morgan sat there for several minutes before we got approached for a drink. Well that is the only thing that was wrong with Tuesday but want to keep my best girl happy and she was really thirsty. Will keep coming back on Tuesday's.
8/31/2006 i went into bdfw monday night was pretty dead but i had a blast with corey the hott blonde. shes got a great smile and bubbily persionality. very beautiful. i got a few dances from adian as well. good music and cold beer keep it up!
8/8/2006 In reply to the dancer who recently returned to BDFW after an absence of a few years: first of all I am a dancer that has been in and out of BDFW since 2001, as with all clubs it has it's ups and downs. I will say that the management is more professional than the majority I have encountered in 5 years of working there, also they have made a great effort to clean up the club so that the dancers are not getting mauled and propositioned every 2 minutes. If the atmosphere is no longer "banging" as you say it could be that there is less "banging" and more dancing and socializing which is what topless/nude bars were created for in the first place.
(not rated) DANCER
8/7/2006 This club is packed and stacked defeinetly on the rise I'd suggest it to anyone. I was there last night and it reminded me of the way the old 157 used to be. Keep up the good work!
luv it
8/7/2006 I went to Baby Dolls this weekend. it was a blast. Very hot girls, Aiden and Heather are alot of fun. I meet a regular Little Steps, that guy knows how to party. Everyone there was great. Christi was our waitress all night she took good care of us. I'll be back this weekend for sure!
8/6/2006 What a blast! I went to BD's Fort Worth on Saturday and had the time of my life. I'm not for sure why there are so many negative remarks about this club, but they are all wrong. The music was great and I met the hottest dancer in the place (Jennifer). This woman can make you laugh, but yet she has this class and beauty that can stop you right in your steps. Her eyes are magnifying! I will be back.
8/3/2006 edited for unnecessarily harsh comments about dancersThe wait staff is horrible. They sit around with customers while i sit there for a good 10 minutes trying to get their attention. There are a couple of dancers that i thought were hot. Can't remember one of the girls names right now but she was busy. She had huge tits and blonde hair. Wow! Beautiful eyes too.
not impressed
8/3/2006 I have been in this club a couple of times the last 2 weeks and there are 2 girls that could be dancing in the hottest clubs in New York or Vegas and they are Marilyn and Jennifer. This Marilyn looks exactly like Jessica Simpson only HOTTER! Jennifer has the hottest body of anyone in the place. I visit the best clubs in the metroplex, but these 2 are as hot as they get,
(not rated) Rueben
8/3/2006 what has happend to bdfw? this club was bangin 2 years ago they always had hott girls and a badass waitstaff, and yesterday i started work there again and the girls were VERY unattractive, they hire anybody. it looks like a honkietonk bar? the waitress's are horrible and the manigers are to busy flirting with the donkeys and hippos. i wont be back to work here. and ladys AKA dancers if u want to make money ... i dont sugest this club.
(not rated) dancer
7/24/2006 BDFW may not be full of glitz and glamour, but it does have some ladies with class. Jennifer and Chris are two of those ladies. If you want to have decent conversation with a lovely lady, then you should visit this club on weekend day shift. If you are looking for something unlawful, you will not find it here. I will stay a customer as long as Chris and Jennifer are there.
7/23/2006 Reading the reviews is entertaining, however when dancer bashing is involved I have to make a comment. Chris and Jennifer, are very hot and sexy dancer's. They may be older than many of the other dancer's, but these two girls have it going on. Not only are they sexy, they can also carry on conversations that are quite entertaining. Age, has nothing to do with being sexy, beautiful, or totally hot. My three favorite girls in the club are Chris, Jennifer and Morgan. Honestly they are the only reason I go in Baby Dolls.
7/22/2006 wow i really can't figure out what you guys are talking about but i stopped by last nite to see the dj and he had 30 plus girls on his list by 9:30 and i saw quite a few of the that was hot and as far as music ask a dancer most of them will dance to what ever you want to hear
7/20/2006 i went in to bdfw saterday nd saw the chris and jennifer everone was talking about... those two are the oldist ones! they look like someones grandma
(not rated) discusted
7/18/2006 On Saturday, July 15th,I had a few "doubles" with Chris and Jennifer. The girls were very sexy, professional and lots of fun. It was the most fun I've had in a long time. Jennifer also is working Wednesdays.
(not rated) jack
7/15/2006 I used to go to BDFW at least once a week, but lately the quality of dancers has gone way down. The place seems a lot slower than it used to be. I miss seeing some of my favorite dancers like Janelle. Maybe it'll pick back up again. Seems to go in cycles.
7/10/2006 only one dancer got my attention it was emily. if you are bdfw stop in and get some from this hot blonde you cant miss her with blonde hair down to her ass
(not rated) d
7/2/2006 this club is getin worse and worse.. te service is slow the manigers sux and the girls are ugly... what the hell happend?
(not rated) danny
7/1/2006 I visited BDFW and ran into the lovely Erica who has since returned. She still looks as hot as ever and has a very friendly personality. Erica will chat with you for a few minutes instead of immediately asking "Wanna dance?". I bought several dances from her and had a great time at the club. BDFW seems to be improving a little and I will be back.
Giggly Customer
6/29/2006 Well sneakepete must really like his girls anorexic and 18 to 24 years old. Guys do not listen to him. I have been a fan of Morgans for over a year and she is one of the best ones there and i would rate her a 8-9 for a lot of reasons. I do admit though that he is right about the waitresses. The good looking ones they did hired turned into dancers. They can't seem to keep any good looking waitresses. The place has been dead. Was there June 20th and felt bad for Morgan so gave her all my money. I know, a sucker but well worth it. Everyone has their own opinion and what they like.
6/28/2006 I used to go to BDFW alot during 2005 mostly to see a hot puertorican dancer by the name of daniela who I thought was so sexy, and when I went I had a blast. Now there were only 5 dancers working. Went back for the first time since aug of 2005 when I was there I did notice there was alot Edited -please refer to rules of posting...~Blazeand the dancers were making money so they didnt seem to mind. I wouldn’t say it sucks now but just not many dancers. Its just the ladies are less attractive in my opinion. Just not as much fun and cant give it a higher rating as I did before mostly because my old favorities are gone. Ben
(not rated) Ben
6/24/2006 Although a few of the other dancers were running there mouths off that Morgan quit, she didnt she only took some time off, I would say she is a 6 maybe 7 on her best days, I say that only because I perfer dancers alittle younger & slimmer, she does have very large brest which is always a plus, I heard Jen is back but havent seen her yet, day shift is still kinda slow with not more than 5 or so dancers there, waitress's are still old, fat and ugly, if you must go weekend nights are the best times to go.
6/24/2006 Went in yesturday Friday and saw Morgan on one of the stages and was shock to see her since someone there told me that she quit. LOL. She was smokin hot and looking better than ever, if that is even possible. There were plenty of girls and the place was pretty busy around 5.
(not rated) Mike
6/22/2006 Went in there Wednesday and Jennifer happen to be there. Which i thought she works weekends. The face is nice but she does not have a supermodel body. There wasn't a lot of girls there and was very disappointed when i found out that my favorite waitress Michelle was gone. Bring her back managers!! She livened the place up and boy could she sell.
6/21/2006 6/21/06 Now I know why everybody raves about JENNIFER! She has supermodel looks, fantastic body, very, very sexy. She is worth a drive there. She looks about 28, but she says she is a little older. Looks like a college girl. I am sure there will be a line waiting to get dances from her. Pepe
6/20/2006 I visited Baby Doll's for the first time on Saturday the 17th. A very beautiful and sexy dancer named Jennifer sat and talked with me for quite awhile. She was very personable and made my visit to BD's quite enjoyable. I will make another visit soon. Thanks, Jennifer
6/20/2006 6/17/06 - Jennifer is back,, but cool, not very warm or as friendly as I remember. I recvd dances from a Chris who is a very hot blonde, probably the hottest dancer in there, pure professional, very sexy, beautiful.
6/16/2006 Ok, here's a heads up, "Jennifer is Back" Weekends are looking a lot better at BD's Fort Worth
(not rated) John
5/25/2006 Very disapointed 5/22/06, only saw 4-5 girls total none were worth tipping, only saw one manger, he was to busy flirting with the dancers to every notice I wasnt being waited on, I can only give 1 start due to lack of dancers, no management, and poor service,
5/25/2006 I went in to baby dolls around lunch time friday and although it was kinda slow there were a nice selection of girls. Mckenzie and Trinity caught my eye. I will be in again on my next lunch break.
5/21/2006 Dave, you mean May 23, right? Thats Tuesday. Definitely will be there to see her. Haven't been there since she went on break. Will have a slightly dirty martini at my table waiting. I heard the place has been quite boring in entertainers. Not worried though Morgan brings it. Ready to get back to partying at my favorite tity bar.
(not rated) Mike
5/17/2006 Morgan is still working there. I just got done talking to her and she is just on a two week break. Went on a cruise and will be back to work May 22.
(not rated) Dave
5/10/2006 5/6/06 Day Shift Haven’t been to the club in a few weeks, so I visited on Saturday hoping to see Jennifer, as she only works weekends. She has by far the best personality and attitude of any dancer I have ever met in any club. She is gorgeous. When I was told she left Baby dolls over a month ago, it ruined my day. I kept asking if she was at some other club but couldn’t get an answer. The other 5-6 girls are old, heavy and ugly. Yes, the waitresses will keep bothering you for drink. And yes, Morgan is married to one of the managers. With Jennifer gone BD only gets two stars
5/5/2006 I went to the club Tuesday, May 2. It was the first time in a while. I have to admit, the club is doing much better, and the dancers are much better looking. There is one dancer in particular, Chloe, that is drop dead georgeous. I spent a lot of time with her, and was not disapointed. She is a sweetheart, and I will be back to see her. I do agree though, if you don't have a drink on your table, the waitresses will bug you non stop.
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