Baby Dolls - Fort Worth
3601 S HWY 157
Fort Worth, TX 76040
M-Th 11am-2am
F 11am-3am
Sat 11am-4am
Sun noon-2am


$4 until 7 p.m.
$7 after
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Visited 11/17, and had a terrific time. Place wasn't packed, but had enough dancers and customers to keep it interesting.

The door girl and staff are doing a good job. I like how they are friendly, but not pushy.

I had several dances from Lauren, who was simply fantastic. She's a buxom blonde with a sweet disposition. The combination of looks and personality make her a 10. She is also a terrific dancer.

One of the things I really like about this club is the no pressure atmosphere ofthe dancers and staff. While we all know they are there to make money, I got the feeling they wanted everyone to have a good time. Their management staff is doing a good job.


DFW NITES: Your feedback has been passed on to management.

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Loved the club, but not sure if i trust the reviews on here. Saw the review about the dancer nicole and it was signed by the same nasme. Seems like some self promotion to me. I was not really that impressed by her myself, and i did feel pressured for a dance from her.

I have been here before a few years age, and i rmeemner a different club than what it is todeay. The girls there now are not even opretending to be acting anymore. Last time i was there I sat with a girl for 3 hours. She askedc for a dance afrter abo0ut 20 minutes, but when I said no she pretty muich took it in stride and still stayed to keep me company for antother 2 hours. It was unexpected that I ended up paying her for her time ansd i figured tyhat the girls are like that there. I believe she danced by Avril.

My last visit showed me this club is no different than the rest. The girls are hotter than most, but the experience i had this last weekend showed me that it's all the game we all play. The vixen i met my first visit was a rarity and i wish more dancers were as real as her, even though it's a part of the busisness to make the money, so brought a sencerity that is rare in this crowd.

With that being said, the club is better than most i have been to, but has lost something that made them ubnique in my opinion.

DFW NITES: Another fan of the gone-but-not-forgotten Avril! Thanks for writing in!

Many reviews here are written by people who just got back from a wild night out, and typos and name confusion are common. That reviewer's name is Odie (he wrote another, soberer review the next day, but the first one was better), and you can write him at the email he left...just click the "Nicole" and fix the squig. Also, did the Nicole you sat with *sound* like the review?

Incidentally, if someone is going to the trouble to self-promote, they'll probably follow up with charm and salesmanship rather than squander the lead they worked so hard to bring in with a crafty review.

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