Baby Dolls - Fort Worth
3601 S HWY 157
Fort Worth, TX 76040
M-Th 11am-2am
F 11am-3am
Sat 11am-4am
Sun noon-2am
$4 until 7 p.m.
$7 after
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Ok lets see here, i went by the club today around noon and i had alot of fun, got to see Jasmine who is super sweet and is really good to get dances from. On the flip side i have noticed that Courtney is not there anymore. She has quit recently and thats to bad cause she was one of the BEST and sexiest dancers there and her lap dances were OUT of this amazing. So when i was there today i was looking for her so the club is just not the same without her. But i did get some dances from a few new girls and dances very well. All in all i had a fun time.

DFW NITES: Thanks for keeping the reviews coming, CobraGuy!

The club is fun and the girls are nice, but I am dissapointed that the adorable girl I met last chrstmas isnt here no more. I remember her by her sexy elf costume, and she was tattooed up. We got into a big discussion ovrer her back tattoo bc she had a poem by Edgar Allan Poe on jer back. I found it very intriguing to find something so deep among thid crowd. I cant remember if I got her name rifgt, but im Kmost certain it was vex. Where did my elf go?

The club is still one of the best, abd I saw a litjle of her style in some of the other dancers, and most of the girls I talkef to were sweethearts.

DFW NITES: O how they miss that Vex...if ever she wants to be found, we'll let y'all know.

lonely santa clause
Visited 11/17, and had a terrific time. Place wasn't packed, but had enough dancers and customers to keep it interesting.

The door girl and staff are doing a good job. I like how they are friendly, but not pushy.

I had several dances from Lauren, who was simply fantastic. She's a buxom blonde with a sweet disposition. The combination of looks and personality make her a 10. She is also a terrific dancer.

One of the things I really like about this club is the no pressure atmosphere ofthe dancers and staff. While we all know they are there to make money, I got the feeling they wanted everyone to have a good time. Their management staff is doing a good job.

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