Cabaret Royale
10723 Composite Dr
Dallas, TX 75220

Phone: 214-350-0303
11am-2am 4am on weekends PRE-POLE-TAX COVER:
$5 after 7 p.m.
$5 VIP before 7 p.m., $10 after
$6 until 7 p.m.
$10 after
$10 VIP until 7pm
$15 VIP after
4p-8p: $3 domestics & wells
11 a.m to 2:30 p.m.
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(not rated) Logan

2/24/2015 Went the last two Tuesdays between 6 and 12 after work. Kind of slow but good drink specials and some good looking girls. club had about 10 to 15 girls working. Had a real good time, good place to relax after work with some hot chicks.
12/8/2014 I called phone number. They answered. They are open. Fare is closed though. :(

DFW NITES: Yes, Cabaret Royale is open...of course it's open.
(not rated) laker99
12/6/2014 I don't really know if I can judge a strip club because It's a really different experience for my gender. Strippers are a lot more trusting with females. They don't make you pay them first and If you're shit faced drunk and you're a female, they're a lot more tolerant, but if you're a shit faced guy, they're like, you need to shape up.

DFW NITES: Is this especially true for Cabaret Royale?
(not rated) caress
12/1/2014 Cabaret Royale used to be in the up and up but [TWO NEWLY HIRED MANAGERS THE REVIEWER DISLIKES] could be the reason why the dynamic recently changed so drastically.

DFW NITES: Your specific feedback has been passed on to management.
6/3/2014 Stopped into Cabaret Royale last night.

We were also there one night last week.

The signs by the restrooms read Happy Hour Monday to Friday from 4-8 pm with free buffet.

There was no free buffet during our visit last week and last night.

Time to update the sign or fire the kitchen staff.

Both times we asked the waitress and they had no explanation whatsoever why there was no free buffet and they didn't even bother to find out about it.

Do all the big ugly dancers who are near the end of the strippers careers end up at Cabaret Royale?

DFW NITES: Management emphatically DENIES that the daily buffet has been discontinued. Can we get a third party or three to head down to Cabaret Royale and do some tasty investigation?
Concerned Citizen

3/22/2014 She was perfect with every move she made and when i got that lap dance i felt like i was somewhere else. Really wish i could take her out sometime. she had a tattoo with the word melissa on her chest and shes from lousiana, not sure her exact name but id love to meet her again.
9/5/2013 Used to go to cabaret a lot. Is there still a dancer named Roxie that works here? Tall petite Caucasian girl.
(not rated) John
9/4/2013 stopped in today on the way home from work to see some boobs. Got some dances from Athena. They were great, she just needs to wear less make-up, I ended up with it all over my white shirt and dress slacks. She had awesome boobs,definitely work some dances if you run into her.
titty lover
9/1/2013 Been there a few times lately. Its becoming my regular stop. The variety of dancers are truly amazing. The mileage stageside is better than any other DFW club IMHO.

The most incredible lap dance of all time award goes to Rose. Cute and tight. Body of a woman that works out and she used it to make me feel awesome. She rang my bell in one song! I went for a second so she could finish herself. The third song she just curled up on me. No complaints here.

I have also gotten fantastic dances from China Alexis and Carolina. I would get another from any of them. The most enthusiastic was Alexis. She really seemed to enjoy herself. As did I.

DFW NITES: A fine review, thanks!

7/17/2013 I was a waitress here it was fun workin at cabaret I met this guy named John and he was amazing he was there with a group of men for a bachelors party in 2009 hanged out with him at the fare room mostly . Stopped working there and never saw him again too bad he lived hours away from Dallas
4/15/2013 visited this establishment early afternoon, very impressed with the quality of entertainers. When I walked into the club a nice looking blonde caught my eye,pretty and small frame. I finally got her name from my waitress and she sent Sidney over. She really was a sweet and beautiful young lady all around, I dont think I can ever say I ever met anybody as nice and classy in a gentlemens club. I will be back visiting soon. thumbs up to Caberet Royale!
3/13/2013 I am looking for dancer Nevaeh. Can anyone tell me where she went?
1/26/2013 Swing-club syndicate Colette Dallas is hosting a "Lady in Red" night tonight at their spacious-yet-cozy facility right next to Cabaret Royale on Composite Street.

This could be a prime night for dancers at Cab, because LOTS of swinger couples try to entice entertainers into meeting them at Colette (formerly Iniquity) after their shifts are over, and the swingers are civilized enough to pay a girl to hear them out.

Confident patrons might also strike up conversations with these broad-minded folks and get invited along.
(not rated) DFW Nites

1/12/2013 Went to Cabaret Royale a few weeks ago for the first time. It was a Friday and still kinda early. Not a huge crowd, but still a party atmosphere. An excellent waitress (didn't catch her name) was helpful and outgoing. There were quite a few hot chicks dancing that night. I really enjoyed dances from Gia (hope I got her name right.) She is extremely beautiful and charming.

DFW NITES: Does C-Roy sell J-Bombs mixed with Sunny-D? Glad you've found a place you like.
New C-Roy Fan

12/31/2012 I went on Dec 28, on Friday evening around rush hour. It had to be slow day because of the holidays. I had couple of beers at the bar. Took my time while choosing my dancers not a very good selection except when I saw this girl at this stage. Took me awhile to meet this girl but she was well worth it. She was great girl. Her name was Kimber, she had a glass figure body, with brunette hair that was down her back and model face to kill for. I sat with her for maybe 30 minutes or more. I wish I had more to talk but I had to and she also because she was a day shift girl. She was only one that look great compare to the other ones that they had. She had no tattoos and was polite . Hope I can get a chance to see a her again.

DFW NITES: A fine review -- tell us the good stuff!
(not rated) Easy E

9/28/2012 was there from 3-4, slow. Good variety of women. Probably some of the most comfortable chairs, especially the half brown ones. Decent music.5$ gets you straight to vip but there isn't any seating around the vip stage. Main stage is huge, secondary are pianos... Interesting. Apparently there may be a free lunch buffet. overall it was alright...I would proly go back just for the seating.

DFW NITES: Cabaret Royale spent quite a bit on fresh seating and general remodeling a couple-three years ago, and it must have been a good investment.

9/25/2012 I visited Cabaret for lunch after a 4 month break. The steak and salad from the menu was excellent. The ladies were not that aggressive and that might be because I sat in VIP. I finally got Claudia to sit and chat for a while. She is a great person but don't think dancing is a career for her. Overall great food and views but I like a little more crazy in my personal entertainment

DFW NITES: When a customer thinks the entertainers need "a little more crazy," I don't know if the hiring manager gets a medal or a write-up. Either way, this is certainly news. Thanks, Little John!
Little John

8/23/2012 Went in a few weeks ago and had to come back! Stopped in last Friday and this place was pretty crowded, but not in a bad way. You could still find a place to sit, but dancers were definitely busy entertaining customers.

I started out at the bar to watch whats going on and to view the dancers before sitting down with one. Bartender was great and made sure anyone that came up the bar was taken care of immediately. A few dancers stopped to get a drink and sat next me and I had some good conversations with them. I finally found what I was looking for and ended up having a great night!!

DFW NITES: Thanks for your review, Mr. Horner. Next time, why not let us know who the real talent is, so we can ask for her by name?
J. Horner

8/13/2012 Spent the afternoon at Cabaret yesterday on Sunday. Waitress service was great and there were a surprising number of dancers available, several of them pretty hot. The best of the dancers was a good-looking blonde, Sydney. Great body (ass and legs to die for), good looks, and great table dances. And she can hold an intelligent conversation between table dances with a sharp wit. I'll be going back to Cabaret very soon!

DFW NITES: Cabaret Royale was long known for having dancers with good conversational skills. Are they returning to form?

7/27/2012 I hadn't been awhile, so decided to see how this place was doing last friday night. Before going in, I heard that this place was starting to go down hill a bit...but was suprised to see that is not the case.

Still a $5 cover and plenty of seating. Seemed odd since the parking lot looked to be so full. Main floor around the stage was pretty much empty. Most patrons seemed to take a seat at the back or the side of the main floor. Never made it upstairs, so i cant confirm what that area was like.

Quality of dancers was pretty nice!! A good mix of white, black and latina dancers and all seemed to be very friendly. None were pushy and none seemed to have an attitude when told i didnt need company at that time. (i prefer to see what the place as to offer first). Two dancers actually came by later to see if i was still having a good time.

It was a low-key, friendly atomsphere from both the wait staff and dancers. Will definitely be visiting again!
J. Horner

6/22/2012 Following a hunch, knowing that Baby Dolls is served by the kitchen staff from Cabaret Royale / the Fare Room, I drove over to Cab to see what was cooking.

Indeed, the buffet was still going, free with purchase of a drink, and the buffet staff was hurried but helpful and held off breaking it down until I had a chance to fill a plate, which the lead chef made a special trip to the kitchen to bring me.

The salad bar island was okay. Bag lettuce mix, baby carrots, red onions, big green olives with pimientos, big black olives, six dressings, and croutons, with cheese cubes and shreds available, too.

There were watermelon pieces & Portal-style three-layer cake slices for dessert, but I didn't try any of that. Instead, I ate the blackened sausage -- some Hill-Country miscellany, not quite kielbasa -- in a thin, sweet sauce, maybe Carolina BBQ? -- and tasty chicken breast in a cream sauce.

Other stuff I didn't try but looked fine was breaded catfish, mashed potatoes, brown gravy, corn niblets, and steamed broccoli.

Most of the dancers were polite and let me eat and take notes without any drama, very professional, but Waitress Sirina was WAY too pushy, "Blah blah blah, my feet hurt, hey, let me hook you up with my friend -- you like blondes? -- hey, she's my friend, so I always hook her up, so let me bring her over here, blah blah blah."

Cabaret Royale is coming back together, with the girls getting more civilized and the atmosphere more relaxed. The dancer population is higher up on the big-n-natural scale than it used to be -- shooting for Escapades overflow?

I would have stayed for some dances, but didn't want to be badgered by that pushy waitress, so I chugged my drink and left early.

5/7/2012 May 4 -- in spite of the attempted rejuvenation I still find this a sad sack amongst Dallas titty bars, particularly when this was THE PLACE in it's glory days. Even a year or two ago I used to get jazzed for the bartenders (if there were only more Mavericks in the world) but tonight's crop were surly at best. Still, Im drawn to it because of the nice space planning -- open main room, dark, intimate back and side room, back bar (closed on this night), upstairs VIP (worth it for the quieter bathroom mostly) and "Champaign" room and private rooms for the moneyed. If you want an up close and personal experience for a few minutes or a few hours, it can be found here. Unfortunately, the dancers are fair to middlin', as are the clientele. It's like a big man cave with boobies - a good place to chill with your buds and not be bothered by much of anything - which can make for a long night.
(not rated) crabshell2k
4/26/2012 Lots of girls most ranged from a 4 - 8 but were a couple that were 9 one would have been a 10 but I don't like tattoos.

MY first impression was that the club needed a refurbishment and younger waitresses, I don't think one was under 50.

That being said the girls I talked to were extremely nice and the dances were the best I have had and one was more of a make out session rather than a lap dance, just no downtown.

I will be back soon.

DFW NITES: Don't be afraid to praise your dancer by name...they love the free advertising.

Also, if you can't decide which girl to go with, Waitress Rosa will steer you right.

4/16/2012 Went late Friday night. The place has filled up significantly with both customers and girls, but it still feels like it's sorting out its vibe, getting everyone acquainted.

I was only there for about 15 minutes, but the girls I saw on stage were like two 6s, a 7, and an 8, which suggests the club is still doing open hiring. A lot of guys were getting dances, though.

Outside in the courtyard, there was some girl-on-girl Jerry-Springer-style yelling going on, "You don't even KNOW SHIT about it, bitch, so don't EVEN try to tell me that!"

Still, that's the sound of a new club filling up its dance roster. I'm sure they'll filter out the trash once they've got the luxury to turn girls away.


In a major realignment of resources, the management team and all the established dancers* have been re-deployed over at Baby Dolls Dallas.

The effect is that Cabaret Royale is in the middle of a Year Zero, and it's anybody's guess what kind of vibe and culture this long-established club is going to develop.

The most noticeable change at Cabaret Royale is that nobody knows anyone anymore, and the floormen seem to be taking a wait-and-see, hands-off approach, with no preconceptions.

As recently as last fall, most of the customers were repeat business, and you could drop by any night and expect to see at least a half-dozen familiar faces. Last night it felt more like an airport terminal, with strangers all around.*

Is this bad? Not necessarily. There are a lot of clubs around, so why not start from scratch with a Team B? I look forward to seeing what happens, and by all means, send in your reviews.

And if you've recently dropped by and couldn't find any of your favorites*, just hop in your car and you might find her down Shady Trail at Baby Dolls Dallas. Good luck!

*Except for the physically flexible Bailey and the wise and helpful Waitress Rosa.
(not rated) DFW Nites

3/16/2012 Made a quick visit to cabaret royale, the cocktail waitress was fun and friendly, the dancers were ok. Not a great night, maybe we were there too early. The vibe and patrons were a little scary, not the fun fun fun kinda place on this night. I guess I'll have to try it another night!
2/5/2012 Cabaret Royale is on a hiring boom, and they are specifically looking for some of our brave men and women just out of uniform. As they put it,

"Veterans have the best attitude and we love a patriot join our squad today ! go to and fill out an app"
(not rated) DFW Nites
7/31/2011 Went to the club Saturday night. The girls are average at best. but the kicker is the wait staff, I had to serve my self the whole time Iwas there. Finaly after a waitress asked if I wanted any thing Isaid yes. 20 mins later I said forget this. I wish there was negitive stars to give.
7/14/2011 Another wonderful night at the friendly Cabaret Royale, where the demimondaine elite meet and greet. In this case, I got to chat with a friendly biker who recommended I try Jameson & 7-Up, which tasted kind of bland, but still less grody than a Royal Fuck, which is evidently integral to Fort Worth's civic identity.

The dancers were friendly but not pushy, a joy to interact with. Kiki especially deserves high marks.

2/12/2011 Usually stop by about once a month, usually pretty happy with they have to offer, I like to go during the week Tuesday or Wednesday so there's not a lot of action and the girls actually have time to hang with ya for a 'lil while before they insist on a dance.

I'll agree with Krafty .. I was pleasantly surprised with Mystique .. she was quite the curvaceous vixen. I couldn't tell if we were at a strip club or in a hotel room .. pretty intense.

I'll be back to see here .. for sure!

sale y vale!
joe the Janitor

1/27/2011 What happened to this place? Some friend and I went there for lunch yesterday. We did not see one good looking dancer while we were having lunch. Where have all the good looking dancers gone?
1/15/2011 i needed to see if my previous posts were accurate, so i stopped by on fri 01/14 to check out the club during the daytime atmosphere. as stated before, the daytime is much better than the nite. the girls are friendly, want to sit and talk for a while, and an overall better selection. on this visit i was introduced to mystique; a lil latin beauty with nice assets in all the right spots. had some good conversation and some very nice dances :)

the waitress (erica) was great as always. combine the two and you have a very nice visit, with more to come.

12/14/2010 stopped by after the mavs on saturday 12/11, to watch the fight. kinda a slow nite, girls just wanted to get a dance and go....... no wanting to work it at all. got ired of that s..t and left. had money to spend, but the girls were not worth it. daytime is actually better... that's a shame. drink service was better than dancer service.
11/8/2010 What is going on with this club at night? When I first started going a few years ago there were lots of beautiful dancers and waitresses. Now it's nothing but old, fat waitresses and very few dancers. The dayshift is so much better. Hot girls everywhere, friendly staff, everyone seems like they're in a great mood during the day.
10/17/2010 I went into CR on 10-15-2010 around 10pm. I have been here before, not a regular though. I found a spot in the back, dim lit. Got a few dances from Sasha, she's very aggressive. I enjoyed it though. Got a dance from another girl, didn't remember her name. As I was about to call it a night, I noticed a pretty brunette on a side stage. I wanted to see if she was pretty up close, boy was she ever. Her name was Star. I asked her to come see me when she was done. It took about 10 mins for her to finish her stages, but she was worth it. She had natural tits, with hips of a goddess. That's what caught my eye. That and her natural pretty brunette look. I stayed about 20 mins with her. I then had to get going. Overall, it was a good night. I hope to see her again
8/29/2010 Yeeeaaahh...I might go for it and be a bit more sympathetic if she had been a cute little blonde with perky tits, but alas she was a black haired, heavy set, older lady...probably pushing sixty.
(not rated) Jack
8/26/2010 Jack, maybe your waitress was trying to communicate to you that she was available OTC? Just a thought.
(not rated) ?
8/23/2010 I love going to Cabaret at night. The women are beautiful, fun, and more likely to spend time getting to know you before dances. Waitresses and bartenders always remember my drink. I happened to have a Sunday afternoon off from family time and need to get away. I stopped by for happy hour and was suprised to see it fairly quiet. A waitress that I'd never met before, named TLady, sat me and brought me my first beer. I started some small talk with her and all she could talk about was how she needed to make money or else her electricity would be shut off. I changed the subject by having her find a girl to keep me company, but every time she came by to check on me she'd bring up her stresses again. I probably won't have her wait on me again.
7/30/2010 So i paid for two dances with this girl. It was my first time getting a dance at CR. It was somewhat busy and there were not a lot of seats where I could get a dance. We settled close to where the bathroom and she just turned the seat so we could get some privacy. At the end of the first dance she had already unbuckled by belt. I was wearing some pants that seemed like they were made for lap dances. In the second dance , she unbuckled my pants and took out my little dude because she said she wanted to see it. She started playing with him and I couldnt believe that I was FINALLY seeing some extra action. Sadly we were cut short . She told me to buckle up about halfway through the second song. After that we just finished up a regular lap dance.

I do talk spanish so i guess that made her comfortable.
henry rosoe

7/6/2010 i was there on Sat the 28th around 8pm. First of all it's a bait and switch pricing. I was charged 10 at the door then I was told had to but a $5 item inside. THEY DIDI NOT MENTION AT THE DOOR THAT DURING A BOGUS NOBODY FIGHT NIGHT, THEY WILL CHARGE YOU AN EXTRA $5. The manager on duty is obviously not customer oriented and wanted to kick me out....Not worth goind there. The only good thing is the Blond dancer from Ok with the Viloa tatoo on her wrist
(not rated) pain in the ass
6/12/2010 Went to Cabaret on Thursday and had a great time. I was in VIP and had multiple dancers come up and talk to me, after about an hour a dancer named Lucky came up and struck up a conversation. She was very personable and has a great body. After about 20 minutes I decided to get some dances from her and they were great. She knew just how far to go to have a good time, but not to far to get into trouble. I will be going back and seeing her the next time I am in town. I will also be recommending her to all of my friends.
5/27/2010 I stopped by last Thursday evening and immediately headed upstairs. After a few drinks, a dancer stopped by and plopped herself down without any warning. She introduced herself as Lucky and ordered a drink with us. After a few songs I got a dance from her but she was too drunk to dance and sat down to start trash talking everyone that passed by. Completely unprofessional and a damper on the evening. When she got up to go to dance on stage, I found Kazhmira and my night got so much better. I ended up with a hot girl, some great dances, and the best VIP service I've had in a long time from a cute girl named Amber.
5/21/2010 Okay I am not a regular strip club regular. The last time I was a strip club was for my birthday in March of this year, prior to that it was more than a year. Well it has been more than a decade since I went to an all nude club. So I decided to go to the FARE Room which is next to Cabaret Royale. That was a waste of time, I went there at 7 PM on a Thursday. LOL how can you run a strip club with no dancers I spent 30 or 40 mins there and one dancer did a show and she didn't even do all nude. So I walked over to the Cabaret Royale.

The club was full of hot looking girls and some not so hot as normal in any club. What was nice was that the hot ones as well as the not so hot, were all friendly. On my birthday I had made the mistake of going to the S. Rhino were not one girl even glanced at me let alone asked for a lap dance, seem they did all their action in the VIP only.

But this review is for the Club Royale. I can say I like this club, which felt easy going, and if your getting hustled for a lap dance, it is a good hustle that leaves you happy even if you turn them down.

I am sure there are more upscale clubs in Dallas, but I like eye candy I can play with. The club also had a mix of girls, white, black, asian and not all blonde airheads. Yes blonde airhead make great strippers, but sometimes you feel like a nut, some times you don't.

4/23/2010 thursday 04/22 had some time to stop by for a drink. the vip waitress remembered my drink, brought it promptly, and followed up the good service during the entire visit. Diamond came over and had some good conversation. eventually i could not resist her sex appeal and got some dances, which were very seductive and so relaxing. good visit.
12/29/2009 I go to cr in the at evenings and i met a well built,nice,blonde,big breasted girl named Danni! Good conversation and a great entertainer! Worth the visit to C.R!!
nice guy
10/31/2009 10-30-2009 - Just got back from Texas and several visits to Caberete Royale and had a sweet time. CECE was the BOMB !! 38D Black,Stacked and in a small package(5'0) tall. Huge Nipples which I love with a nice point on the end !! Very nice smile and young too- (24years old). I highly recommend her.
10/17/2009 stopped by on friday 10/16/09 and sat upstairs for a while. first thing..... waitress service was the worst i had seen in a long time. dancers had a nice selection..... found Precious and the day got better.
10/8/2009 I visited Cabaret Royale this afternoon (10/08/2009) at around one o'clock for the lunch buffet they have. I didn't see my favorite waitress so the next girl that stopped by, a waitress named Hillary, took our order and when she came back told us our total was $9.50, I handed her $10. She gave me a weird look and then walked off without even offering our change back. She walked up to another waitress within earshot and said, "Oh my god, those assholes only tipped me two fucking quarters." Now, normally we tip at the end of the meal, and pretty generously especially with great service. My buddy and I went about our lunch and Hillary never came back to offer us refills or extra plates. A dancer friend of mine came to the table and she stopped by to take her order adding, "Well, can I have a drink, too?" Normally I'm happy to oblige, but after her rude and apathetic behavior I said, "No, just bring us her drink please," She rolled her eyes and when she came back slammed the drink down, and officially lost her tip from us. While, we always enjoy our lunch and happy hour at Cabaret, we will be enjoying it without the service or lack thereof from Hillary
(not rated) Rob
8/14/2009 Visited the Cab on 8/9 day shift and spent most of my time with Mystique (a gorgeous, intelligent lady with curves in all the best places). There seemed to be a lot of girls working for a Sunday. But what led me to post this review is what happened after the day shift took off. I moved out from the 'quiet' area and back to a seat near the main stage for a while. Somehow, my brain wasn't working (you can guess why) and I left my wallet in the chair. A night manager found it and tracked me down to return it. He left while I was checking, but all the cash and credit cards were still there. I wouldn't necessarily say that was common behavior in this business, but it was good to know that sometimes a customer is treated well. CR isn't just a fun place to visit, but I feel very comfortable there.
(not rated) Big D
5/2/2009 Visited BDFW during my annual trip to the area with my friend Dave on Sunday afternoon (4/26) and Monday evening (4/27). Found Micah to be a pleasant companion on Sunday, but my good thoughts of the club vanished Monday when a waitress removed money he had set aside on the table for a dancer while he was receiving attention from said dancer. When Dave interrupted the dance to tell the waitress to leave his money alone, she started shrieking that he was accusing her of stealing, drawing the attention of a bouncer, who insisted he pay for the dance before we left.
The Alaskan
4/6/2009 check the Oval Office in Washington D C
(not rated)
4/2/2009 Where's all the good looking girls? Went in Wednesday and it sucked. What has happened to this place?
(not rated)
1/10/2009 had to work the weeekend so stopped by for a drink on saturday 01/10/09, some good some bad. it was busier than expected, big selection of dancers (not many to my taste, but a selection) with good energy in the club. vip was busy with the stage open, but bad drink service. a surprise and disapointmet in the same visit.
10/16/2008 After far too long a hiatus, I found myself on familiar ground last Tuesday (10/7 dayshift) and the girl at the bar remembered my usual drink. That's a good sign... Anyway, it didn't take long before I was chatting with Billie, a 4'11" gal with cute feet and glasses. She had some cool insights into how psychology runs our financial system, and she punctuated her opinion with some nice dances that reminded me of what I've been missing. The good times are between our, um, ears, guys, and sometimes we need that reminder.
Gray Geek
10/5/2008 cool
mike jones
7/23/2008 I went to the club at lunch time and in the afternoon with my pass from the Fare Room (they are both in the same building). The ladies were mostly 6's but maybe I'm picky (I don't like large bellies). There are a few girls that are just amazing though and if u treat them nice and talk to them, they'll really give u something extra. My recommendations are Eva, Octavia, and my fav, Cameron. Cameron alone is the reason I'm giving this club 4 instead of 3 stars. This club was busy throughout the whole day with girls around all the time... make sure to bring a lotta dollar bills.
6/18/2008 Went by last Thursday night. The lineup didn't seem like the A team, but there were enough cute to hot girls mixed in to keep my attention. Big screen didn't have the game on:( Must be broken again. The bright spot of the evening was meeting a sweet looking girl named " Jennifer" (I think). After a couple of dances from her I could barely remember my own name! She certainly made up for any shortcomings from the club or the fairly week lineup.
6/7/2008 Stopped by on Friday 06/06, after being away for some time. Don't really know what prompted the changes, but they were a pleasant surprise. Upstairs had a waitress at the door to seat me, get my drink promptly, and make a dancer suggestion (which just happened to be one of my favorites, Precious). Upstairs stage was open and drink service continued it's quality during the length of my stay. Precious is unforgetable!!!!!! This visit will guarantee more frequent visits!
12/11/2007 As fine as it was to walk back into a room full of half-naked women (Thursday dayshift)it was even better for the bartender to remember my drink after 4 months. No familiar faces on my side of the bar, though, and I had fun with Gabby and Ashley. The latter is a blonde spinner who gets really close without being really there -- she reminded me of the non-juggler who was just "holding the real juggler's place" until he got back. But as for Gabby, just wait your turn, dudes.
biker guy
8/16/2007 Visited Cabaret on night shift 8/13. It was early and the place was not to crowded but there were some customers and average dancers. Met a really beautiful waitress name Kristie and the two bar tenders at the main bar. We had a good time with those girls. Dancers were sparse but they were there. Larry from VIP came down to say hi, but my friend didnt have on a collared shirt so we couldnt go up. Had a good time for a Monday night though.
Club Name Bob
8/4/2007 I stopped by and noticed that this club now has a new managers. Sorry to see that Massoud is gone what happened to all of the old dancers? Where did these come from they all act like prostitutes I hope that management and the new GM quickly rectify the situation by bringing in some new clean dancers. They need to do a much better job in selecting and bringing in new talent.
8/1/2007 A consulting job finally made its way out of Accounts Receivable and turned into something I could spend, so I turned up at CR's door Friday afternoon and they welcomed the Prodigal Dork inside. Waitresses told me I had been missed, bringing my favorite drink unbidden, but none of the dancers were familiar faces. I chatted with Cherry for a bit (she's likewise at Square One, and her eyeglasses make it easier for YOU to spot HER -- ponder that!)She gave me an extensive, almost expensive, vision test ("Can you see this?") and sent me home with things that had never been in my data set before. Clearly, this calls for more testing...
Gray Geek
7/27/2007 I brought clients in a few nights ago and wanted to show them a good time. Drinks were reasonably priced and our waitress was cute. But.. The most embarresing night of my life. Not only were the dancers aggressive but one named Tristan made several of us so uncomfortable with her drunken 'dances' that we closed our tab and went down the street. I apologized to my guests and promised such things arent common place in Dallas. The lack of class displayed prevents our return.
7/17/2007 This club has really turned around! They have 50 or more girls every night. I know this because DJ Tre lets me see his dance list. I remember about 6 months ago this was not the case. It's good to see somebody seems to care about this club again. Needless to say, I will be back!!!
club pro
7/14/2007 friday the 13th was a good visit overall, even though i did not find Precious in the house. a couple of others caught my attention.....Niecee(?) & Alysha were not girls i had seen before, but were both eye cathing & personal. they are the type that will keep me returning. vip waitress and bartender service was very good. the club was slow ,but the number of dancers made it a nice atmosphere.
3/17/2007 i had some time so i made a stop by CR on my way to the airport on fri 03/16, and was able to visit with Precious. she was beautiful as ever, pleasant, a smile that is delicious, and a desire to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. in addition, the VIP waitress service was beter than past visits.
3/11/2007 When we walked into CR we thought this was the place to be. They definately have the best looking females I have seen at a strip club. Liquor was priced reasonably and there was plenty of attention to go around for me and my buddies. However, I ended up in the champaigne room and had my wallet lifted out of my pocket and money taken out of it. It was one of 2 people and the manager didn't seem to care one way or another. It worked out financially for me in the end as I only paid what I owed, minus what was stolen. I left with a huge bad taste in my mouth and probably won't be back.
2/18/2007 The new managers and dancers they are hiring from the Penthouse need to go somewhere else. The Cabaret Royale is to classie for all that. The CR will go down because of them! Mark my words it will end up just like the Penthouse. Closed down!!! Get some class!
(not rated) Very concerned
2/17/2007 i stopped by on friday 02/16 for a couple of drinks and noticed several new dancers......very nice overall with the BEST thing being that they seemed to be all natural.....good (too much fake stuff in some of the other clubs). did not get to stay long and talk with many this time, but i will be back soon. upstairs is constantly changing...... good or bad? i'm not sure yet.
1/20/2007 i have made it by a couple of times and seemed to have missed Lola; has she moved? the last trip was not wasted though, got to talk with Precious (very nice.... her smile will melt you away). service in upstairs was better than some previous visits. seems like a lot of turnover in dancers.........keep hiring. tried a couple of other places recently, but still come back to CR..... comfortable.
1/13/2007 I came on sunday. It was real slow. Amber was really hot and quite nice. She is also a great dancer. she used to be a waitress. she has short blonde hair. we had a amazing conversation. I like she was not in a hurry or pusing for a lap dance!
10/27/2006 Something was wrong with the picture dayshift 10/25 -- plenty of great-looking dancers on the stages & a couple more at tables, always new ones showing up on stage, but they all vanished after #3. Lola chatted half a minute with me between stages, remarked that her birthday is Friday, but that was the last I saw of her. Dang! I need to get me some VIP!!
(not rated) biker guy
9/25/2006 i stopperd by CR on friday and was immediately greeted at the door by the lovely waitress Leticia.....she was friendly and prompt with service (would have liked her to come by a lil more often, but ok). Lola sat for a bit and did a very good job of getting me to relax and start the weekend off right. nice visit :)
8/19/2006 The smog machine is not a good thing...
Infrequent Visitor
8/10/2006 I visited Cabaret Royale on Sunday, 8/6/06, and the place wasn't totally dead, but there were as many dancers as customers. With regard to the beauty of the girls, it was a notable step up in quality from The Fare Room next door. Cabaret Royale has no cover on Sundays before 7PM. Also, there's a combo deal where the VIP for The Fare Room includes VIP access at Cabaret Royale. The main stage looks really great. It has dramatic lighting, good fog/smoke effects, and a cool hair fan for the dancers (you'll just have to see it). The club is very upscale and the mileage is very low. Expect less than 30 seconds on a two-dollar tip. There were too many pretty girls to remember them all, but Alexandra was young and incredibly fit, a 10 of 10 in the body, 8 of 10 in the face. She also gets a 7 of 10 for the naughty factor. The cuteness of the girls is almost on par with Silver City, which is good, except that there were more middle-aged ladies here (Silver City has mostly college-aged girls). If you like your girls MILF-ish, this is heaven, but it's not for everybody. I was a little bored, though there was nothing that made it a bad experience, and that says a lot. Be aware that VIP dress code requires a collared shirt at all times, and the whole place requires a collared shirt after 7PM.
The Dew
8/7/2006 To jack and donald you must be new to the sc sence first of all 95& of everything that comes out a strips mouth is a lie Edited as it wasn't a review of anything..
(not rated) Larry
8/6/2006 Who in the world said that rude comment about Sydney, she's a young girl thats only 26, this person must be blind.
(not rated) Donald
8/4/2006 I'm responding to the comment made about Sydney at Caberet Royale. Sydney is a beautiful 26 year old that made excellent money and that looked absolutely gorgeous up close. I'm a good friend of her's
(not rated) Jack Money Bags
7/26/2006 I've missed more than I've hit around here lately, but when they remembered my usual drink at the bar (wed dayshift) I could sense things shifting. Shawna did marvelous things for a lousy one-dollar tip, but had guys clustered around her last stage. Lola was likewise in demand, and Cici just starting on her rotation when I saw Hilary. Most of the indicators (tall, toned, short hair, impish grin) said she'd be sassy, but her dances include those little noises that make the illusion pert near complete. Music matched the mood this time, too, so I think CR has their collective groove back.
biker guy
7/17/2006 To all of you that never met Mary Mathews like me and my family. Mary was one of the most un-selfish people that I have ever knew she watched mychildren like they were her own. When we found out that our son was allergic to the cat (Kitty), with no questions ask, she took her. She would give up her umbrella 2strangers in the Cabaret parking lot so they wouldn't get wetShe would just go back to the dressing room and fix her self up. Her and her Fiance (Lucky)helped us in so many ways. I watched her give money tables away so other waitresses could have a chance to make tips. Once she found money on the floor and waited, till she found who it belongedand gave it back to them. Mary, you will be missed.
(not rated) Another Friend
7/13/2006 I visited cabaret royale on tuesday afternoon 6-11, the place was basically dead but it was after 2pm so that was to be expected, there were about 15 girls most were 6's but there was a few 8's, I had a good time with lola she is a hot little spanish babe, giner was fun man can she dance, the only bad was I meet a blonde name sidney (she looks better on stage than up close) I told her I would give here 200.00 for 12 dances she excepted, I gave her the 200.00 up front and she gave me 2 dances and she said had to go use the bathroom and make a phone call that was it I never seen her again, I aksed the manger and they told me she had left for the day I told them what had happen and they pretty much said it was my fault and I shouldnt have gave her the money upfront, kinda funny cuz she told me I had to pay upfront cuz last time someone got the dances and said they were going to the atm and never returned, other than that it was nice I just hope she uses the money to ge her hair fixed or some botox hehe, I would visit again but will probably stay away for awhiile,
7/8/2006 Mary has not died yet she is still alive in ICU, lets all say a pray that she will pull through,
(not rated) DANCER
7/5/2006 I am sad to say that my favorite waitress Mary has died. She was really a sweet, kind and full of life to be around. She will be greatly missed!!!!
(not rated) Friend
7/3/2006 They changed their policy about VIP parties again for the better. They will put the VIP buffet down stairs (free) again. Apparently charging $15 for buffet was a flop. I will be there on July 25 :)
(not rated) Regular
6/27/2006 "..Greetings, I recently visited The Fare East and spent some time with a young lady who was not only totally gorgeous, but she had some true depth to her personality. Tiffany was a pure joy and by far the sexiest girl I have seen at a club in a long long time. I will definately go back to visit her again!!!!!!!! " - - Flip
6/10/2006 CONGRAGULATIONS! the management seems to listen to it's patrons and make changes when necessary. after reading other negative reviews concerning VIP area; my visit on friday 06/09 was very positive. plenty of dancers and waitstaff, with a good atmosphere.
5/31/2006 may 30th VIP 5-8pm. this was the worse VIP party ever ok its vip night which means everyone is treated like a VIP not anymore its 15.00 cover to go upstairs and forget what the flyers all say "free buffet" there is no more free buffet there was a guy walking around with a small little plate with 1 chicken wing and a carrot bite, also the 1.00 drinks are only well drinks made with the cheap stuff, just when things were starting to look up they did this.
5/18/2006 I outran the UPS dude this time around, so cooled my heels at CR (day shift, 5/17). The girls behind the bar were first-rate, down to remembering what I usually drink. Most of the dancers were busy, including the lovely Lola, but did me the courtesy of eye contact and a smile. Then I spotted Blake, a naturally well-endowed girl with a terrific face, sitting alone a few stools away. Chatted her up, even asked where she prefers to give table dances, but she kept breaking eye contact and checking her cell (for messages, I suppose.)Either there was something stuck on my teeth, or she's very worried about something, but it made for some Twilight Zone moments.
biker guy
5/3/2006 After Veronica told me she was moving to Vegas, I feared CR would lose the will to go on -- I very nearly did. But when I stopped in (dayshift 4/28) they were soldiering on bravely. Waitstaff was quick but unobtrusive, management seemed extra welcoming, and Lola, a lithe latina, helped me feel a little less nerdy. Two thumbs up for her dancing -- okay, so that isn't my thumb, but you get the idea. I think they're gonna survive...
Gray Geek
4/11/2006 Great place to spent the day, Great food, Hott girls, and the new manger Gary really made us feel at home, Me and my friends will be back,
Mr cool
4/1/2006 friday (03/31/06) afternoon was the worst visit ever! went upstairs to VIP, no dancers on stage on a friday? saw a waitress, bartender, & manager.... but none ever came to our table to offer a drink in the whole hour we were there; so we took our business down the street. whatever changes are going on in VIP are not working.....not worth it. the dancers, now that's a different story.... still a very nice collection of women, so we will probably give it another chance later.
3/11/2006 friday afternoon before Spring Break and I had a lil time to relax, so a stop before the evening rush turned into quite a rush of my own. Saw Veronica available, so we chatted for a bit........then she gave a table dance that relieved all my tension.......WOW! So keep your eyes open for Lola OR Veronica....... a lil latin flavor ;)
1/22/2006 Went to Cab on 1/18. Saw the most beautiful man...EVER!! Who's the big, tall drink of water? Hottness!! I thimk he name is Thomas a.k.a. C.P. :) Maybe someday we'll meet again...
(not rated) C.P.
1/16/2006 Ran into CR this Monday 1/16/06 at about 2:00PM for some lunch and good views. No cover suprisingly, and they let me upstairs for free too, what a suprise! This is my 2nd trip to CR. The 1st time was a month ago when a group of buddies and I came on a friday night and had not even stayed for 30 mins because the atmosphere was dead. The only saving grace then was Amanda, the most beautiful and unique looking cocktail waitress ever, and the funny bathroom attendant guy. Anyways that was then, this is today. At first I was worried things were going to be lame, because I had to help myself at the bar each and everytime. No Amanda in sight since it was dayshift, just unintersted waitresses. But the dayshift bartender was super cool, and she really appreciated my tips. Anyways, I guess thats just more money for girls... I was making so many trips to the main stage to tip I was worried I'd lose my seat. Got 2 or 3 lap dances from Sabrina a super spunky brunette with tasteful tattoos, you could tell she was having some real fun in that jurnt, and 1 from some other super cute blonde gal that was tagging along with her. Although I didn't get her name, she was very nice and even let me decide when she should start dancing as she was very good at pretending to be intersted in my conversation (ha hah). I felt bad that I had to leave before her stage rounds were over, as I was supposed to get another dance. I'll make sure to make it up to her next time. But all in all, I think it'd be a good idea for anyone to visit during the day. I cant give it all stars, because not one waitress checked on me. But still, its a good balance of laid back and fun, the buffets good and the entertainers thier really work hard to make a customer feel happy.
1/12/2006 1/11/06...Cabaret is a great club. I always enjoyed my visits there. The dancers are attractive. Managers are friendly. Kind of crowded on 1$ drink nights.
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