Pin-Ups Cabaret
5000 Mark IV PKY
Fort Worth, TX 76106

Phone: (817) 626-5056
Mon-Sat 11a-2a
Sun 6p-2a
$3 FROM 3 TO 7
$6 AFTER 7
FREE until 2
$5 until 7
$7 after

$1.75 domestics
$3 imports
2 u call ems and $2 domestic longnecks
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12/24/2014 Pin-Ups is holding its own, a full club on a Saturday night, with Lot Guard Steve keeping watch over all the cars -- break-ins are NOT an issue at Pin-Ups!

I was pleasantly surprised to see the charming and seductive Becca there, but then again, she's everywhere these days - Cab East, BTs, etc. She and I had a drink and talked shop, and on a wild hair, I tipped The Chef $5 IN ADVANCE to have him make me "a cheeseburger for the ages." And it was!

The standard price for a cheeseburger is $6.50, so I was tipping over 50% for him to put his heart and soul into it, and it was just so damn good! Hot off the grill, juices still running out of the patty, seasoned with some mouth-watering blend I can't place but very much enjoyed. Veggies crisp, just good, good, good. The bun did get a bit soggy, but only because it was so juicy, so that's par for the course.

Pin-Ups usually has a few lookers to choose from, and tonight I liked Paris, a kinda French / Erte / Art Deco looking girl with a short, swooping hairdo, pale skin that set off her sailor tats nicely, and gentle domed tits -- mm mm mm!

Paris said she had only been dancing for five days, but the way she wriggled her hips and moved her toned body, I just don't believe her about the five days...but I *do* believe she would give a phenomenal lap dance. Try Her Out.

From 11/21/2014:

Despite the rain, a damned cloudburst, Pin-Ups was keeping busy on a Friday night, pool tables full, asses in chairs, a steady stream of girls and customers to and from the lap-dance nook.

The bartender's ass was eye-poppingly nice, peeking out from her cut-offs...the view sitting at the bar is tremendous.

A fiery crowd of lads were demaning trapeze acts by fiery Lexi, who was in CONSTANT demand!! I'm surprised she had time to put her heels back on between patrons.

There were several leggy blondes and redheads working the floor, as well as Brandy, a brunette in three-strand fishnets, a leather collar, and a leash, though her customer was the one heeling obediently, following her from stage to stage.

And if you like it a little thicker, Latina Tori was onstage doing major pole spins.
9/27/2014 Bettie Page was my teenage dream girl, so when I saw a club called "Pin-Ups," I just HAD to go in! I love the big Bettie poster behind the front counter and the WWII bomber girl print, and the bartender's ass is AMAZING!!!! I'm more used to clubs where everyone has to wear a collared shirt and a tie just to get in, but I met awesome people all night!
Great Uncle

  • Fearless has an open face, brunette waved hair down to her shoulders, and 32b tits with small, dark nipples. She was looking strip-mall seductive in hearts-on-white cotton panties and solid cork she adapting her regular clothes as dancewear?
  • Lexi is fascinating! She has red hair, full 32c's, pale skin, pale nips, pretty-girl curves. Lexi is bright, articulate, and quite genuine, more than engaging enough to become an All Time Favorite. Get to know her better -- you will be CHARMED!
9/5/2014 Went by tonight after a bad day at work. So glad I did. About a year ago I went here but left after a rude manager told me I had to buy a drink. I understand 1 drink minimums but this dude was just rude about it. Fast forward a year and this place is great. They honor my free door entry voucher and as soon as I sit down a couple girls come by to talk to me. They weren't much to remember but after a while I notice the Bartender is (just like at almost every other club) the most attractive girl in the place so I go sit.. After a few tips to some average dancers, Cali sits down and starts talking to me.. Beautiful girl with D Tits and a GREAT ass. I've been sitting alone for a while so she comes up to me and saids basically the guy who was sitting across from me just bought me a dance.. What?!?!.. I had no idea there was nice enough people like this in the world. The dance was great. She definitely knew how to get me going. I talk to the Bartender Chelsea afterwards and asks if she dances herself and she said she doesn't but she can get a dance for $100 which... I go to clubs often but this girl honestly has the BEST white girl ass i've ever seen in my entire life.. It'll be more than worth it next time I go in.... The entire vibe of this place is great. Dancers were making rounds, people are buying drinks, definitely a place to stop by if you can't decide between the other clubs in the area.
9/3/2014 I am a new dancer, and Pin-Ups Cabaret is the first club I have ever danced at, and I like it a lot. I have met the most interesting people working here -- airline pilots, NASA scientists, you name it. I thought I was going to hate giving lap dances, but I do not mind them as much as I had expected to. Unless the customer is completely out of hand, I am happy. It is very different from my day job in an office.
Permanent Vacutain
9/1/2014 I like the bartendr, there's a waitress here who is a Victoria's Secret model, but she left already, but she's gorgeous, I love her...and the Vegas bombs are great, and BIG compared to don't taste the alcohol and they protect your specials are nice.....
Oil B
7/24/2014 I like Pin-Ups because it's small. I can come in and drink and see some tits, and then just walk out and get to my car -- they have this place under control. When I've gone to [A MUCH-LARGER CLUB NEARBY], yeah, they've got a lot of girls inside, but they just wave at you as you leave, and then there's always fights in the parking lot, cause it's just too big to keep track of. So yeah, I like this place cause it's small, and you can drink, and it doesn't get crazy.
A Regular

DFW NITES: Your feedback has been passed on to management.
(not rated) USMC 0302

6/24/2014 Instapunter:

100% of us go to a strip club because of the girls, not because of the food. If we want food, we go to a restaurant. So, if you just talk about food, you leave the impression that there was nothing else above average; is that what you were trying to say?

INSTAPUNTER REPLIES: If you scroll down a little, you'll see I wrote about the girls on that visit in an earlier review. Sometimes I break my reviews up into smaller pieces, but to clarify, Pin-Ups has great food AND hot, friendly strippers, as you'll read about in my upcoming girls-only review. Peace.
(not rated) Not Important

6/22/2014 What do I like best about Pin-Ups? I can smoke a cigar in there.
Penn Gilette
5/11/2014 Pin-Ups Cabaret is looking to hire talented, motivated entertainers for IMMEDIATE employment.

Must have a strong work ethic and be comfortable interacting with a mature, upscale clientele.

Take care of your regulars in a safe, supportive environment with great food and an experienced staff.

Call (817) 626-5056 to schedule an interview.
(not rated) DFW NITES, on behalf of Pin-Ups Cabaret

5/7/2014 PIN-UPS - MORE DELICIOUS FOOD - 4/25/2014

Another great encounter with The Best Kitchen In Fort Worth, with two, maybe three new menu items.

The salad was farm fresh, made with romaine lettuce and tomato wedges and a layer of thick cucumber slices and honey mustard (other dressings available).

The brisket taco al Guillermo was served on a double tortilla lined with melted cheddar, like a mini-quesadilla. The brisket itself was richly marinated and falling apart, and the salsa was mild, fresh, with a trace of cilantro.

For the main course, I had the Slap-Yo-Mama spicy pork chop. The name sounded New Orleans, so I'd expected something blackened, but it's just as well it wasn't. There was only a light brushing of spices, and they had a delicate flavor but YOW they were hot! The meat was very tender, , and maybe a third of the bites had a rich vein of fat in them. It was SO GOOD! And the Texas toast was perfect.

My compliments to the chef.
5/2/2014 PIN-UPS - VIBE & GIRLS - 4/25/2014

Pin-Ups Cabaret had the easy camaraderie of Fort Worth's own Hell's Half-Acre tonight, the people of the city gathered in friendship, a crowded lot and a crowded club, and $100 well bottles all night. Hispanic Bartender Gina never let me wait for a drink, and the DJ said the specials and dance names clearly and competently (though he never said his own).

I got chatted up by Aliya from India, a short girl, medium-dark skin, soft with curves but not fat. I thought she looked Polynesian, but she had big gold hoop earrings (probably 24K), and she got plenty of Mexican stage action, which should tell you something.

I was intrigued by a tattooed girl in a flowered headband on straight blonde hair. With perky 30Bs (estimated) and smart eyes, she looked like a hot, young Cheryl Hines.
3/17/2014 Multiple return visits suggest Marissa was but an apparition, an inspirational rendering of the angelic bestowed upon the unworthy - grace freely flowing from a benevolent deity capable of understanding that those who need love the most often appear to deserve it the least.

In the clearing stands a loner

A romantic by his trade

And he carries the reminders

Of ev'ry word that layed him down

Or cut him till he cried out

In his anger and his shame

"I am leaving, I am leaving"

But the loneliness remains....

But I digress.

Is Pinups worthy of your consideration?

Perhaps any establishment that offers hope for chance encounters with celestial beings is.

DFW NITES: Speaking of celestial beings, DFW Nites is a Platinum Sponsor of Weird TexFest 2014, a conference on all manner of mysteries, like sasquatch, UFOs, and even angels.

Weird TexFest is happening just down the road in Glen Rose from Friday, March 21, to Sunday, March 23, 2014, and we invite anyone and everyone with an appetite for adventure to join us there. The main event is Saturday, and we will hit the clubs afterwards.

3/13/2014 Visited one night in the first week of March, senses dulled, in no shape to resist being swept away by the storms of life I felt bearing down on me.

A new waitress, Marissa, lifted my spirits and lowered my blood pressure with a smile and the touch of her hand.

Only later did I realize she'd stolen my heart. Well, she can have it if she believes in lost causes.

Marissa, I bought you many beads that night, but your elegant neck is meant to be adorned by pearls.

DFW NITES: Elegant!

3/12/2014 I came in on march 10th and I thoroughly enjoyed the service provided by Anna the door girl. She was kind and courteous and tended to my every need, she was also kind enough to point out peaches who she thought I would like and I can say for sure that I did!! Thanks again for the great night.
3/4/2014 When in last week and met a lovely girl named Katrina. Her eyes and body were stunning, very seductive young woman. Will be going back soon to see her. Her table dances were definitely worth my money.
2/28/2014 I'd like to put in a good word for Danni, a blue-eyed MILF with natural C-cups and pleasant tattoos. She tempted some dollars from my pocket, money well spent.
2/12/2014 Went in last night and had a great night got several dances from a drop dead gorgeous girl named elise and had a fantastic time. will be back again.
satisfied customer
1/10/2014 In honor of The Best Kitchen in Fort Worth, DFW NITES has donated a beautiful poster of a 1940's hottie in cookwear (think an apron and not much else) to Pin-Ups Cabaret, which was proudly displayed next to the order window as of last Saturday. The poster is worth seeing, and their food is worth eating -- it really is delicious. Try it if you haven't already.
(not rated) DFW NITES
1/9/2014 We had a great night at Pin ups cabaret tonight 1-8-14. The barmaid was fast and the drinks cold. There were dancers for all types. Caught the eye of a little blonde cutie and never got her name but will go back and find out!

My only issue was 1- my waitress wouldnt give her number ;) and 2-the sound, I couldn't understand a word of what was being said over the microphone and would have loved to know the little blondes name. Bad acoustics but not bad enough to

We will come back friday and hope the sound is fixed by then and that the foxy blonde is working and will let me buy her a drink or 3
scott p
1/8/2014 A relaxed night at Pin-Ups!

It is worth walking in just to see Door Girl Cynthia, looking as sweet as the new girl on the cheer squad.

Manager Justin is running nights right now. He used to be here when it was Main Stage, then he was at BTs as DJ Spider, then he roofed for a while, and now he is back where he started.

Princess is black with short, straight hair, on the thicker side, wearing a bikini and thong made from purple slips of silk the size of gum wrappers.

Debbie was a girl next door with straight brown hair to her shoulders, with a firm ass and dreamy Vaughn Bode-style stars tattoed down her side.

Star is a black girl, sweet, good natured, and quick to approach at the bar, with B-cups under a pink-and-black top.

Michelle was LATE to stage in a pink one-piece with black piping, in rectangular glasses (but no real Geneveive Pearson vibe). She had big legs with endurance, C-cups of youthful firmness, and her back was stronger than I had expected, but I didn't get a chance to sample her, because a husky Hispanic was tipping nonstop for both of her stage songs.

1/7/2014 Positive vibes to GM Bill!
(not rated) DFW Nites
12/11/2013 The hottest girl of the night was Roxie. She looked dynamite even when she was sucking down shots in a ski parka, but when she changed into a mini Catholic schoolgirl skirt and tie, great hair layered down to her shoulders, my friend focused on her like a laser.
(not rated)
11/23/2013 Bartender Devon at pin ups is great
(not rated) Kenny Kingston
11/23/2013 The mellow night and cool air made for a peaceable crowd, including a trio of cowboys enjoying themselves.

I saw a long-time I-Gotcha favorite, Sabra (pronounced "say-bra"), a striking girl with elaborate delicate tattoos, pierced nipples on her B-cups, in a red corset with black laces, and rhinestones in her makeup. Sabra surprised me during the stage dance by pinning my arms to sides with her ankles. Sabra is happy!

10/10/2013 It was another fine evening at Pin-Ups, with friendly bikers from Milo's Crew at the pool tables, and the waitresses in football outfits using cell phones for shin guards.

Tori looked just like Katy Perry from the Last Friday Night video, and she was roaming around looking for a wooden ruler to swat customers' knuckles with during her stage set. I offered to loan her a club, but that stickler, GM Bill, said no.

The highlight of the evening was meeting sassy Sam, with brunette straight hair, in her early 20s, and chock full of twisted, twisted thoughts -- there was no joke that was beyond the pale of Sam's alabaster skin. She wore a neon fishnet body stocking and gave me a super-skilled and seductive stage dance. Victoria's Secret says Sam is a 32B, but she thinks of herself as an A-cup, and I agree.

9/6/2013 Was just at Pinups...Bill has that place rocking! 25 knock outs taking care of a packed house! Just saw a mind blowing 20 girl lap dance for a guys bachelor party! Great time for all.
bigdaddy 9821
8/3/2013 The parking lot was full, I had to drive to the back, crossing under the sodium lights and Lot Attendant Steve's watchful eye.

My own eyes nearly popped out of my head when I got a gander at the new door girl is a va-va-voom rockabilly doll with a major rack in a leopard-print zip top, a porn star kustom krafted for Von Dutch or Coop. She says she doesn't think she could dance, but I say we should keep a positive mental outlook.

The steadfast Bartender Dan is gone, but the cute and clever Bartender Ashley is here, as is Barback Austin, as polished and hardworking as an Aggie -- buzz cut, tie clip, on his feet the whole time.

Barback Austin WISELY consulted DFW Nites when deciding to get started in the adult industry, and he is pleased as punch to have landed at Pin-Ups, which is living up to its reputation on these pages.

The real find of the night was Tori. She's 22 and has been dancing since she was 18. Tori has straight brunette hair down to her shoulder and was doing pole work with pure fitness and stripper strength, abs well defined, this girl is a potential superstar: smart, beautiful, and disciplined with perky 32-B tits.


6/29/2013 this is a nice club. the girls are nice. me and my friends had a great time when we went a month ago.
6/8/2013 Great customer service...Bartender Dan is the reason I started coming back, he always treats me right... Bill, and all the managers, they always take care of me. My favorite girl is Daisy. She knows how to hold a conversation and I don't have to get drunk to look at her
5/3/2013 For my last stop on a seven-club spree, I hit Pin-Ups Cabaret. I was impressed by Lily -- as in Munster -- with streak of white in her dark hair, big-but-nice naturals, D at the very least. Lily gave me a very vigorous stage dance, popper her nips into her mouth, clacking her shoes, and just coming off as horny, horny, horny. Lily is an attraction.

One of the guys who makes Pin-Ups a great destination, rain or shine, is Big Eric, a star floorman who can stop most trouble before it starts, and happily stops the rest as needed. GM Bill is a patient man, but where his patience ends, Big Eric begins.

But after seven hours of drinking, what really blew me away was the pork chop dinner I ordered. Butterflied in house, beautiful white meat, ordered spicy, it was just SO GOOD, fried in butter, spiced while it cooks, served with the loaded potato, this pork chop could go toe-to-toe with the pork tenderloin I've had at one of the upselling-est clubs in Dallas.

When you visit Pin-Ups, get at least one thing from the won't be disappointed.

4/19/2013 A half hour early in the night shift let me get a piece of Amy, who looks shy but doesn't act shy. Amy is blonde, with a big smile, her tits are tiny but perky, and she loved it when my girl tipped her on Stage 4!

There's a new dayshift bartender, too, Hayley (or was it Callie?), with dark hair, long legs, and an intriguing alternative look.

And did my eyes deceive me, or has Waitress Alana taken the plunge?

3/28/2013 Millie cut a striking figure in a black-hearts-on-red top, a thin black collar, and calf-high black PVC platform boots with metallic stiletto heels. Millie's stage dance was saucy, like a good girl gone bad, showing off her strong, wriggling hips and doing the splits, giving off a fun fetish vibe.

Also, I know I've praised the food at Pin-Ups Cabaret before, but it's worth praising again. I had wings and a cheeseburger, and the quality of the meat was really, really good, especially for the prices, which would be reasonable for a regular bar, let alone a strip club.

And ordering food will give you more chances to chat up the Pin-Ups waitresses, who are all cute, cute, cute, like Waitress Alanna (formerly from down the street).

3/16/2013 The place is packed, all out of table space, totally hopping!

Congratulations Pin-Ups!
(not rated) DFW NITES

3/13/2013 Another sighting of a Lesbian Date Train, three girls all snaked up to tip the girl on stage!

Everybody's welcome at Pin-Ups!
(not rated) DFW NITES

3/9/2013 Ive been a faithful customer for a long time even back from when this was main stage. Its my home away from home.

It looks a lot classier since the remodel and I like the new menu. I love this place!

3/2/2013 Had an amazing time with Sky. Pretty sure she could increase the prices of those dances, so I was glad to throw in more tip than usual.

The club met expectations. I was consernced about the volume of cars at Bucks, so went here as it had good reviews on this site. Was not let down and appreciated the hidden aspect since it seemed to allow for more personal service and an opportunity for a schmuck like me to spend some time with a real pro.

Don't go to strip clubs much, but Sky may be just the incentive to get me back much sooner than usual.

Sorry mortgage company...Now I've got more important things to spend my money on.

2/5/2013 I dropped in last Wednesday after work looking to relax and have fun. I usually don't get out this to club since it's a little far out of my driving range but I was in the area and decided to hit it. I'm glad that I did.

Popped in at the start of the night shift and after a few minutes Winter joined me. We talked for a while about various things, having fun and enjoying ourselves. Eventually went to the back and had a couple of great dances.

It was definitely my best visit to a club in a while, and Pin Ups never seems to disappoint, and I hope I'll be able to get back out there soon.

DFW NITES: Excellent choice!

2/2/2013 I like the pool table and the cheap drinks!
Brazos River zguy

OMG the food at Pin-Ups is so freaking good -- farm-fresh technologies from future farmers, even down to the salad with ranch. The half-pound ribeye was marinated in something savory and sweet, like a light teriyaki sauce, with good bacon, butter, and cheddar on the potato. The hot wings are hot, but more flavorful than the average wing. And he food arrives in a timely fashion, which can make all the difference some nights.


Ruby -- a solidly built Latina in a white-and-blue cotton nightshirt.

Nikki -- afresh-faced brunette with nice implants and black velvet shorts. The stage dance indicated quality.

Waitress Vanessa is TOO CUTE in hornrims, Vans, and sweater-knit calf-high socks, AND she has Afterlife moves! More interesting by the day.

And Say! What have we here but Tiffany, a pretty black dancer with expert booty-fu, so much muscular control she could sit on a xylophone and play Beethoven.

Tiffany was in a pink two-piece with a sprinkling of rhinestones, filled up nicely with her big round tits. Tiffany did such a classic urban stage dance that I was compelled to peel off five singles and throw them in sequence.

1/16/2013 I visited the club a while back maybe 2-3 months ago met an amazing girl named Chasity she was fun energetic and an all around awesome chick I went back to the club when I flew in the other night and she was no where in sight one of the other dancers said she no longer works there I do hope she comes back or someone give me a heads up to what club she switched to

I give the club 3 stars only cuz she is not there

DFW NITES: So all clubs Chasity isn't at get three stars? I don't know if this makes you the most particular or least particular reviewer ever.

Still and all, we'll inquire as to Chasity's whereabouts and try to give you an update.

UPDATE: We hear that Chastity probably won't be back before summer.
Big daddy

1/11/2013 come see us parking lot securtiy we keep your car safe tips for the lot attdent appreciated/WE KEEP OR PATRONS SAFE thanks to all our vistors

DFW NITES: That's Steve, the chief parking-lot man at Pin-Ups Cabaret. He watches over the vehicles AND the people in any and all weather.

1/11/2013 Came to Pin ups on Thursday around 6 pm. I had a great burger and the company of several beautiful ladies drinks were just the right price. The dj was playing music from rock to country to pop to r and b and a little bit of rap which made it even better cause I love all type of music. I got a couple dances from kristilynn and Elizabeth I really enjoyed the company of both women. I stayed til about 8 pm[...]

DFW NITES: We've missed you, StripperPro, and we genuinely appreciate your focus on the things you liked about Pin-Ups.
(not rated) strippro

12/20/2012 Pin-Ups Cabaret is finding its place in the sun, holding its crowds, and getting its own vibe, more of a neighborhood bar with tits than a waiting room for VIP.

Dancers are available, of course, but at Pin-Ups, you can drink your drinks, play a few games of pool, or watch the Cowboys without hearing professional small-talk every three minutes.

Any North Fort Worth couple with a girl (or two) is down with spending quality time at a strip club, and more than a few Sapphic sweethearts have been recently sighted at Pin-Ups.

Kaylee, hot and blonde, has graduated from waitress to bartender, and the sky's the limit after that, so stay tuned!

The DJ is speaking fast and well, and the Christmas lights are up just in time for Pin-Ups' End Of The World Party TOMORROW, Friday, 12/21/2012.

If you haven't tried it yet, come on down, show the door girl that DFW NITES free web coupon (remember to tip!), and see what's new on Mark IV Parkway.
(not rated) DFW Nites

(not rated) TheManCalledHawk
11/9/2012 OMG I just saw Lisa, the most amazing little anime waif EVARRRR!!! Dark blonde with actual freckles, looking like the delectably vulnerable protagonist from Sucker Punch, a slender 32C with silver eyeshadow in restrained artlessness, as successful a way to convey youth as drawing X's on the backs of her hands.

Does anyone have a white van I can borrow?

11/8/2012 I have to admit I didn't have high hopes for this club being it was a Wed night and the parking lot was empty. I was not really wrong. However, this club has great potential. The decor is excellent, the staff is exceedingly friendly. The dancers were some of the most friendly I have met in a while and the waitresses were incredibly attentive and super hot. The waitresses were actually much hotter than most of the dancers, this is not a good thing. The dancers while friendly were kind of lazily dancing and I understand since the crowd was really small. That being said they were not pushy and incredibly friendly. And you can't beat the drink prices.

This club has some great potential and I will be revisiting it on a weekend to get a better feel for how it is when busier. The decor is awesome and it is a place I can bring the wife since she is not into the look of some of the other clubs around. If they have great weekends this place can be a winner instead of a hidden gem.

I am giving it 3 stars mainly because of the decor and friendliness of the staff. I had to knock it down for lack of clientele and lack of energy.

DFW NITES: The more you visit, the better the selection will become, and you're right, the staff is excellent.

10/21/2012 I am so glad that I did not let the fairly empty parking lot on a Saturday afternoon discourage me from going inside. The staff was extremely friendly, the club was clean the the drink prices were reasonable. I enjoyed spending the afternoon with Elizabeth.
Wild Bill
10/19/2012 This club is the most interesting club iv ever been in due to the theme. Its called pin ups and they have bomber art from world war II and pictures of Betty Paige on the walls. I really liked the feel of it on the inside. Everyone working there is really nice and the food was great. I came on a Tuesday night. There wasn't a ton of girls working but that's true for any club on a Tuesday night. The girls were mostly good looking and good dancers so i don't know why others have complained that the talent isn't very good looking. I find this untrue. Really good laid back club, I recommend coming here!!
10/5/2012 Came in yesterday and floated between day and night shift, from about 4 to 8ish. Had a great time. Food was amazing and I will come and get more. Kim did a great job, you can tell she knows what she is doing. The managers Bill and Mike were on hand and were also really cool. Sucks that the ATM was out of order but they were still able to pull money off my card from the bar. The Bartenders Kelli and Dan where back there as always (good to have a place where the same people are there when you go in) and were laughing and joking while they were keeping everyone in a good mood. The girls here are great, friendly and just good people. They are here and actually get to know you instead of trying to get your money. I think it was Lisa and Rhiannon that I was talking to for a while as they were telling me about there fire show. While I was not able to stay and watch I will be back to see them again. So in Conclusion, Bill, Mike, Kelli, Kim, Dan and the rest of the Pin Ups Crew, Keep it up guys. This Place rocks!!
9/23/2012 I just wanted to point out a few things.

I absolutely love this club, and I drive over an hour just to get there from my house (that's how much I love working there). I love the fact that our patrons enjoy my shows and I appreciate everyone that comes out to support us. I wish that it were possible for me to come out more often than I do right now.

I see some people on here that claim we need to hire better looking dancers or more talented dancers, but you are going to have to understand that we already have very attractive and talented dancers. We have hired some that have come and gone and we bust our asses for you guys cause we do appreciate you and we love when you come in.

We are doing the best that we can, although it is your job as a customer to support the girls that you want to continue seeing, bring your friends, spread the word that we are here.

We are still a new club for the most part and I agree that we have an awesome bar, waitresses, bartenders, managers, and floor hosts but sometimes us dancers get overlooked because we ARE sweet and hospitable to everyone that comes to see us. We carry ourselves respectfully and we are willing and ready to serve you.

In my opinion some of us have the ability to hold better conversations and can be more entertaining than most dancers that I have met at other clubs. This club's success is based on a team effort. This includes all the employees, dancers, and customers.

When I first started working here Bill told me something that stuck with me and I think about it everytime I walk in the door. He looked at me and said,"I want to make this club #1" and I think that he's doing a great job. Ryan (day shift manager) has caught the fever on this ambition as well. They have worked wonders in this place and they are the ones that keep us motivated and coming back.

One thing that every customer has to understand about every club is that us dancers do not work FOR the club. We come in on our own time and we do not make an hourly rate from any club.

Most clubs do not care whether we come or go because we are always replaceable, but the managers at Pinups Cabaret show a different light on our treatment and they work WITH us and truly care about us. They realize that WE as dancers have a choice about where we work and they treat us with respect.

My point in this message is that if YOU, the customer have complaints about the girls that light up our stage or you have a downward opinion of them then do your part to keep us good ones there.

I'm not saying that everyone that comes in has to spend a fortune, but if everyone contributes (even it's only a little bit) then we will have an easier time keeping good quality dancers. So, come support the good guys and help us become #1.

Keep in mind that we are open throughout the day as well and we would love to see you in soon. Just keep in mind that we are so much more than just a bar and we are the only one of our kind!

DFW NITES: Well said.

9/21/2012 Decided to drop in on a weeknight, just to see what I would run into. As always Manager Bill

Is there to greet you right as you come through the door.

The first thing My eyes hit after that was a

tall slender blone on a spinning pole, strategically placed for you to see as you are flirting with the beutiful

door girl(I failed to catch both names, and kicked myself for it.)

Once inside it was nice to see everything is still on point,Waitresses were fast, friendly, and

provided excelent service. A nice spread of all types of women were waiting for your enjoyment. Black,

white, hispanic, and I may have even seen an asian....

Lisa was first to occompany me, with a bouncy atttitude, and a friendly smile. She had a tight

Little body on her, and she knew just how to use it. I enjoyed her company for a while then she was off

for another lucky gentleman.

Just as I thought I was alone, Alize, decide she wanted to sit and chat with me. Long black hair,Perky tits, Great ass, and legs that just kept going. This girl had an amazing smile, she seamed to be enjoying herself. She told me she realy enjoyed working at Pin Ups. Said they were like a family there, every one watching each others back.

All and all I was only in for a few minutes, only Forty Five or so, and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, As I always do. I only wish I had more time...

9/12/2012 Pin-Ups recently hosted a fantasy football draft party in VIP catered with rib-eye tacos cooked on-site. The crew was there from 6 p.m. until 2 a.m. , so keep Pin-Ups in mind for your next board meeting or if you need a place to watch the stock market during the day.

I tried two of their new taquitos, served with a blend of sour cream and picante sauce, another mild flavor choice from Pin-Ups' kitchen, going against the trend of hot-for-hotness'-sake. The chicken was good, but the beef was better.

When the siren wails, that's the bomb warning - any bomb shot (as in, Red Bull mixed with whatever, perfect for your next blackout) just $6.50 for the next two songs. If you are blacking out, though, management will see to it you get home safely, so don't hold back just because of the value.

Lala was sweet with long, black hair, a fancy corset, and a very forward stage set. I sense good lap-dance potential.

Bonus Insider Tip: Floorman Joe recommends Prada for her winning attitude and great ass-ets...the plot is thickening...

9/6/2012 Went there a few days ago to grab something to eat and have a quick beer on my lunch break. The food was amazing, got me a burger and I loved it. The cook, Kim I think her name is, does an amazing job and I will come back just to have her cook for me again. Loved It!!!
9/2/2012 First off let me say the remake of this place is great. The Stage is still awkward and not sure how you can fix that. The feeling before was like a barn, it now feels like a bar. Sadly that was the only plus I saw. [DANCERS WERE NOT TO REVIEWER'S LIKING]. There were WAY to many waitresses on hand that were constantly bombarding you. I was bugged by a dancer for the short time that I was there. [REVIEWER WAS BOTHERED BY AN INSISTENT DANCER]. Then a girl came out to dance with a hula hoop. Really? Do we need bits?

The waitresses were way hotter than the dancers and that's not a good thing if you're a strip club. The hottest waitress was a voluptuous blonde wearing a tight Rangers t-shirt and short white shorts and nude pantyhose.....she was HOT!

Suggestions for the "new" club. Go get some hotter dancers if you can, try to make the club "smaller" it's too spread out, maybe move the pool tables out of the back and make that area another private dance area.

DFW NITES: You're right that the waitresses at Pin-Ups Cabaret are pretty darn hot, but I can't believe you left out that the girl came out with a hula hoop THAT WAS ON FIRE!

There are two fire-dancers currently working at Pin-Ups -- you really can smoke in Fort Worth, folks -- and that is a bona-fide star attraction.

Also, it's expected that a lot of dancers will be returning to the club now that the old DJ was let go for fuddy-duddy-ism and playing the same setlist day in and day out, and before you ask, no, it was not DJ Joe Virus.

Last but not least, Pin-Ups now offers half-bottle service (375 ml of the hard stuff) for $65, which comes out to maybe $5 a shot, a fine price point for serious drinkers who don't want to break the bank.


Pin-Ups Cabaret has tightened up its stable of dancers, a consistent bevy of 7s and 8s, including personable Malia Renee and contortionist redhead Ariel.

7/6/2012 I have been dancing at this club since it was Mainstage, I have to commend Bill and Ryan on the amazing job with the place they've turned it around completely. So much fun.
6/15/2012 I went here last week on a weekend night. I like this places look, a nice interior with a lots of posters of classic pin-up girls. This place has a bathroom attendantÖ I now that this is supposed to be classy, but have never liked having to pay some guy who has just watched me pee so that I can use the sink.

There was a nice variety of girls in this place both ethic and style wise. The club seemed a little dead for a weekend, but some of the customers were as interesting as the dancers, most notably a female couple who were paying girls for dances. I donít know if they were friends with some of the dancers or if they just like to go to strip clubs. Either way, I am for it.

A petite blondish girl with song lyrics tattooed on her sides came to my table and hit me up for a drink. It was kind of forward but she cute enough that I probably would have bought her one without her asking.

One of the girls was pretty hot, a girl with wings tattooed on her back. The problem was she never took her top off. She looked like she had some nice boobs under there, so what up with that?

I had some food which was OK, but I was more interested in the girls than the grub anyway. All of the staff treated me well. The my experience was good enough that I will come back to this club, but letís have angel wings take off her top this time, OK.


6/7/2012 A word of respect for Renee, who is sweet, black, bold, and direct. Check her out!
6/3/2012 Me and my buddies went the other night shows were nice, we had an awesome waitress tori. This cute little red headed vixen, everytime we needed something she was on top of it. I bought a nice dance from Cristy Lynn. In the end it was an awesome night.
5/29/2012 It's been nearly a month since I last visited, and I had a decent (yet uneventful) time. A note to all however: the price for dances back in the VIP corner has increased from $20 to $30, so don't get caught offguard when you take or are taken back there.
5/25/2012 One word, UHMAZING. the hospitality starts immediately in the parking lot fron Steve. Always slip him a few bucks to take care of my ride. Once in the club the cute blondie is always there with a smile on her face, getting us even more excited to get into the club. Its so relaxed and warmwelcoming here. it's my number one spot. Bill the manager greets every person and is ontop of everything you need. A dancer always there and that's always looking good is Angel. Shes amazing. Gotta get a dance from her. She is one of the sweetest and sexiest girls there. Pinups, you are the place to go for me!
5/19/2012 Is it normal to charge $50 to a card for a tab that was only $22? Just wondering

DFW NITES: That $50 was a pre-authorization, just to make sure your card had some room on it. The extra $28 will be freed up in a day or two, and if it doesn't, contact Manager Bill of Pin-Ups Cabaret at (817) 626-5056.

5/19/2012 I just wanted to say thank you for the sweet compliment. Come on by again sometime and I might just have a dance special for you;)

DFW NITES: Not many people can make our fact-checker blush, Ariel, but he turned as red as your hair just now.

And see, everyone? Pretty girls (and bartenders, lot attendants, floormen, managers, valets, and cooks) love it when you say nice things about them, so if you had a great time or have found a special favorite, WRITE A REVIEW ABOUT THEM!

Let the world know how great they are, and odds are you'll be getting the special dance, the strong pour, or some other VIP treatment before you know it.

5/16/2012 Back for more!

First off, day-umn how about that Ariel? Slim with red pigtails that went all the way down to her ass! Super agile, very lithe, and capable of twisting and turning her hips like her mom was a belly dancer.

Ariel says she doesn't have a trainer, it's all natural talent, and whatnot, but I've a mind to double-check with a dance or three.

Second off, day-umn how about that 1-pound ribeye they call a Bettie Page? It is thick, juicy, and delicious, easily three times better than the half-pound Jane Russell steak. The fried onion strings were a delicious garnish, and I added a little Worcestershire. The steak was tender, almost coming apart with a fork, and wonderful.

The plate was served so fast, the loaded baked potato hadn't had time to melt its toppings, but after a few minutes, the cheddar, green onions, bacon, and butter had conspired and commingled into a non-low-fat delight.

5/14/2012 As soon as you walk in you have this lovely girl named Ryan greet you very nice and sweet.... Very nice lights show 4 stages ... The Dj jimmy playing a mix of everything good music.. The Bouncers very nice and making sure me And my friends doing ok... The dancers are nice .... There's this Latina dancer named angel very sweet and Hott.. Go check her out!!!!!!! JAmeson very nice and energetic!!! Not that busy yet but awesome drink special 2$ Tuesday all night wed 1$ beers thurs 3$ u call ems.. This club is very nice and I will be back soon !!! Check it out well worth it!
5/8/2012 My fiance and I visitied Pin Ups on 5-5-12 with a buddy of ours. We entered the place as engaged and left as husband and wife....that's right, we got married as we sat there with our buddy who was also our reverend. Joe (security) was the wittness for the wedding. He was very nice to do so and was cracking up that we actauly were doing it. He went and go the manager who came over to see the marriage license proving we just got married, took our picture and then offered us VIP membership. Everyone at the club was amazingly nice from the time you park until the time you leave. It wasn't very crowded and the hot to not hot ratio was about even. The club was very nice though and we look forward to seeing it get better and better as it continues to gain popularity.

DFW NITES: Awwww! How sweet!

5/3/2012 Pin ups formally opened up the night we decided to stop in. the smell of fresh paint, and dollar bills is the first thing I noticed on the way inside. Bill and his boys have opened this place up, and I must say there on the right track. Very fresh, very new, pool tables, flat screens four stages, and yes beautiful ladies.

Everything from the seating, to the stages, are done right. Thereís a swing stage and three pole stages. The light show was great with lights on the dancers and the floor itself. Paintings of different Pin-ups line the walls, to remind you where youíre at.

The bar is located in the center of the floor with a stage on its tail end. They were running shot specials all night, and the drinks were mixed stout. The kitchen served a full menu seamed to be running great. The music was mixed by a do on an elevated platform and once again was a good. Greta mix of rock, rap, and even a little country.

The dancers were very diverse, there was a country girl in daisy dukes, and black girl in leather, and a Latina named angel who was just amazing. Jameson was a great tease on the stage, and was very energetic. There was Tyler, who climbed to the very top of the pool, several time to slide back down in some of the greatest positions. I didnít seam to be the only guy in the house enjoying these ladies, in fact there was a full house, and everyone seamed to be enjoying themselves.

Since this was our fourth stop of the night, it was refreshing to see something new. The paintings on the wall, the chandeliers changing colors on the ceiling, even the brad new carpet. This place has something about it, and itís great. The dancers even seamed to be having a genuinely good time. Looks like pinups should have a pretty bright future I urge anyone to go check it out. The place is new, but the ownership, and management is not new to the game. They know what there doing and it shows.


4/28/2012 me and a few of my friends were trying to find a place to party last night we stopped at bucks but we didn't like it so one of my buddies said lest go to this new club down the road pin ups i was like OK we pulled into the parking lot and were greeted by two parking lot attendants which has never happen so we went in and was greeted by a very sexy blond at the front desk we stepped around and man the place was amazing love the light show and the girls are sexy as hell and the security guys Dan and Joe made sure we had a great time and the drinks were cheap to shot specials went on all night me and the guys plan on going back tonight pinups is our new hot spot fellas check it out the girls treat you like a king you wont be disappointed
mike wilson
4/27/2012 Tonight's the night to see if you can out-drink Clo from the Russ Martin Show on KEGL 97.1, The Eagle, but you've only got two hours. Can you drink enough to win?

Clo will be down there from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., and you can get in FREE with your DFW NITES web coupon right above this review.

We fearlessly predict that there will be many shot specials tonight and a score of hotties to choose from, all at Pin-Ups Cabaret!

(not rated) DFW Nites

4/27/2012 Visited last night, First time since it had opened up and I have to say that I had a blast. Came in around midnight with a couple friends and was greated by a good looking blond named Ryan who informed me about everything, was great to walk in and see someone like that right away.

Entered the club and was then greated by Dan and Josh who were walking around the floor all night and keeping an eye on things. Great guys, whatever I needed they were there right away.

Girls were great, good looking and very sweet. I can not wait till I can get a chance to head back again and I will make sure to come back!!
Nightclub Man

4/26/2012 Pin-Ups is no place for no-accounts and ne'er-do-wells!

A dancer tried to bullshit me by saying the club "was closing soon" -- at 1:00 a.m. -- so I'd better get a dance from her right away. I told her that wasn't true, and she hightailed it.

Manager Bill got wind of this and had her off the floor in about 10 minutes, protecting the customers and the honest dancers from this scheming bad apple.

I wanted to make some time with Krissy, a big-tits-on-slender-frame marvel, but this crazy cowboy from Billy Bob's was hogging the stage while she teased him and tried on his hat, so that was a no-go.

Angel, a skinny Latina, has a nice tattoo of Marilyn Monroe wearing a bandanna, and she is smart and full of ideas on how to get more customers in, like cross-marketing with DeHorney's Barber Shop in Hurst, right next to Northeast Mall.

4/26/2012 Closer to home. All the girls from BT are here. It was a little loud but ok

DFW NITES: Not all the BT girls have made the switch, but yes, a lot of their dance pool comes from there.

4/25/2012 Now open! Just north of Bucks and the post office sorting facility, just south of Cabaret North, Pin-Ups Cabaret is freeing us from the tyranny of only having three strip clubs within five minutes of each other.

The building? Covered in stucco. The parking lot? Crowded and well lit, watched over carefully by a guy with a cowboy hat and glasses I've been introduced to a million times and Justin, a former Marine and railway worker.

Behind the parking lot is a ravine with great audio, full of frogs whose croaks sound like ping-pong.

Inside, you are greeted by the lovely AND friendly blonde door girl Ryan. Tip her!

All the staff, from DJ to floorman to manager, are in dress shirts and ties, at least, strictly high class!

Fresh new casino carpet (what other kind is there?), but this place is sticking to the concept in a pretty hardcore way.

For instance, the walls don't have photos of girls on it, but vintage-style pin-up paintings instead. The best one is a black-and-white piece of WWII art showing a girl with propellers on her nipples -- "FULL BOOST"!

The menu also follows the pin-up theme, where every dish has a nickname. "Lili" is the jalapeno poppers, "Veronica" is the fried pickles, and so on.

The entrees are named after real people, but there's no logic to it. If Bettie Page (5'5", 36-23-35) is a 16-oz. ribeye, then why is Jane Russell (5'8", 38D-24-36) an 8-oz. ribeye? Why is Marilyn Monroe a salad?

When ordering, I recommend saying both the nickname and the food, just to be clear. My waitress thought a "Jane Russell" might have been a cocktail.

The waitresses here wear black leather corsets and red sequined shorts. They don't come by like two-minute clockwork a la BT, but you don't have to wait long to get your drink refilled.

I saw crafty fellows knocking around on two small red-felt pool tables.

There is a secluded VIP dance area ($30 per dance) watched over by a painting of a muscle girl, for those extra-muscular dances, I reckon.

Giant cobblestone pillars hold up a wall guarding an extra-classy VIP area ($50 per hour to be in there, plus whatever you negotiate with the dancers).

In a very Fort Worth touch, the main stage has a spaced-LED backdrop that shows colored patterns, like a chunk of the Tandy-Radio Shack building blew off in the tornados and management picked it up and mounted it on the wall. I've seen nothing like it anywhere else.

4/21/2012 Visited pin ups tonight for their grand opening, didn't plan on staying long but ended up closing it down. They had it going on hot girls good music cold beer and an amazing light show. This place has changed! I'll deffinetly be back.

The extra-special VIP Opening party is this evening, Thursday, 4/19/2012, at 6pm.

Text PINUPS VIP to 25827 and get your special invitation to see this new club from the very beginning.
(not rated) DFW Nites

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