Fare Room (At Cabaret Royale) - CLOSED FOR NOW
10723 Composite Dr
Dallas, TX 75220

Phone: 214-350-0303
11am-6am or later on weekends
$10 cover$20 after 10 p.m.$20 VIP before 7 p.m., $30 after
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8/31/2014 Does anyone know why the club closed or when it will reopen?
(not rated) KeithWoody
1/27/2013 We've gotten a report of a daylight weekday car burglary at the Fare Room / Cabaret Royale. Break-ins aren't common on a per-capita basis, but they're not unknown, either.

Burch Management has Frontline Security patrol its lots starting at dusk or 7 p.m., whichever comes first.

Still, criminals are nothing if not patient and creative, and the safest option is to use valet parking, which only costs a few bucks and prevents a bad memory.

As the Dallas Police Department reminds us:

LOCK your car

HIDE your valuables

TAKE your keys
(not rated) DFW Nites


Line out the door at 3:30 a.m.

Overall Eternal is like Afterlife earned a scholarship went to college and moved into a frat house

Leggings with fur boots very popular, smartphones on necklaces

Nicely modified beep beep boop boop over hits of yesterday and today

Really bright lasers, less fog than I expected

People jumping around, but in smaller knots, dance circles form not quite battles

Whoa! There's the smoke!

Dance cage cylinders open to the public now you can hop on in and live the dream

Impossible to tell if any one minimally dressed girl is a customer or on duty

Good use of speakers, body massaging bass

Popping locking shuffling

Tricked-out spirit hoods with LED ropes threaded through the chin tassels

VIP area upstairs had a big area separated off for actual lap dancing watched over by Dance Manager Michael

8/19/2012 was ok once you seen a dancer
(not rated) harry palmer2012
6/7/2012 I had a great time sitting with Roxie, a very beautiful and articulate Ukrainian emigree. She is high-quality and worth seeking out whether in the courtyard or VIP.
5/24/2012 JUICY BEATS - LATE SATURDAY - 6/2/2012

The Eternal afterhours dance party at The Fare Room (at Cabaret Royale) comes back this Saturday with JUICY BEATS, featuring guest DJs Mishal and DJ Pierre, with Robert Pennington, too.

3 a.m. to 8 a.m.

18+ only

$20 guys

$10 ladies

First 50 ladies get in free
(not rated) DFW Nites

5/21/2012 who is ur dj now?
(not rated) nice
5/7/2012 In light of the recent upgrades/improvements I visited Saturday night, May 5 at 2:00. The only "Wonderland" I found was in my mind as I "wondered" how this place stays in business. I found the same old same old I've experienced here for about a year -- a sparse crowd with limited entertainment options from sparse entertainers, all of whom were clothed (contrary to the "guarantee") unless they were cage or lap dancing. Add to this NO breakfast buffet and a VIP price of $50 total ($20 general + $30 VIP). With all the valet parking set aside I was hopeful things would pick up for the rave / Eternal. Yes, the lasers are cool – but lasers do not a gentleman’s club experience make. What I found instead was a hyperventilating forlorn dancer who felt ripped off that she paid an exorbitant house fee only to be stuck at a "rave" were lap dances are secondary to dim lighting, lasers, and ear pounding techno. Oh -– and no ravers -– at all. Nada. Just deaf crickets and a lonely DJ. The highlight of the evening was the blown circuit breaker. Ahhhhh, peace and quiet in my solitude.

On an up-note, I met a fun flirty entertainer whose name escapes me – very skinny, dark complexion, brunette, with soft lips and ready to play -- until she had to make an early evening of it. :(

GM John DeLeon responds:

The girls don't pay a house fee for Eternal, and the VIP price will go down to $30 total.

260 people came in for Eternal, but they were in spurts.

The lasers only came on after 3 when Eternal started. We had the snow machine going along, and the power went out when a transformer went out but came back on shortly after.

The girls are only nude during Fare Room hours, not during the party, but they are allowed to do dances upstairs.

Again, these parties are not for everyone, and as much as we would like to have everyone love us at all times, we know it's not always going to happen. We know that some people that were there were bothered because it wasn't what they were used to.

Our ultimate goal is to attract a wider customer base and earn a better reputation.

We know we have some tweaking to do, so we appreciate all feedback.



I dropped by the Fare Room tonight and saw some big changes:

First off, the place no longer smells like a museum of spilled beer; instead, it smells like vanilla, courtesy of the scented water-based fog machine.

Second, it's better lit than it used to be and seems cleaner, despite plates being left around everywhere. If anyone is looking for employment as a floorman who does MORE than the minimum, I think you'd get hired quick.

Third, the Leggs & Eggs breakfast buffet had not just breakfast stuff, but also baked chicken, fried catfish, and hush puppies. No bacon, but the chef is going to be...corrected about that.

Fourth, GM John went all out on some major lasers. These things make cones and lines and flat shapes and all kinds of stuff in many different colors, and the effect when they're zapping through the vanilla smoke is AWESOME!

Fifth, those lasers got here just in time, because the Fare Room is stepping into the ring with Insomnia and Temptation (Jaguars afterhours) with Eternal, hosted by Robert Pennington, with DJs on the main stage, 18+ / ladies $10 / dudes $20. It starts at 3:00 a.m. and goes until your conscience gets the better of you.

Still fifth, the next afterhours event at the Fare Room is "Wonderland," with an Alice theme. It happens tomorrow, 5/5/2012, and the upstairs area is still 21+ / BYOB / lap dances available for the usual price.
(not rated) DFW Nites

5/1/2012 I guess this isn't really a review but more of a statement to the people of Dallas: we are in the process of making some changes and have been since I got to this club in mid-January. So I'd like to thank you for your comments and suggestions.

I'd like to reinvite everyone out to the Fare Room as we have changed the atmosphere, music, some new girls, and I'll see what I can do about the seating. And to whoever reposted my Facebook post on here, thanks.

DFW NITES: Glad to hear it! I took the liberty of reposting from Facebook, because it seemed like news folks could use. We will be sending a reviewer by to visit the improving Fare Room before long.
(not rated) The GM


We have an awesome week planned for the Great people of Dallas this week

1. Best lunch buffet every single day starting at 11am-2pm

2. Every night @2am we have an amazing Breakfast buffet in town.

3. Only club in Dallas to guarantee all the girls BUTT ASS NAKED ALL THE TIME

4. Thursday Night is Ladies night all ladies free and a $300 cash prize to the winner of the amateur contest.

5. All buffets are free(((( BOOM!!!))))

6. BIGGEST fight of the Decade on 16 flat screens and 2 giant 16' foot hd projectors . ( Mayweather vs Cotto).

7. Eternal After Hours Wonderland edition.

This will be as usual one hell of a week here at the Fare Room (((BOOM))))

8. And best of all I just invited you to enjoy all of it with us

(not rated) DFW Nites
4/26/2012 Was loud.

seating horrid ... banquet hall seating

most of the girls just weren't all that wish I had just gone home.

Sadly the best part of this was the buffet that helped me sober up.

DFW NITES: The Fare Room is a great option to have at 3 a.m., but you're right, the seats are much better in the VIP area.

(not rated) DFW Nites
11/18/2011 Funny. I also noticed that skinny girl. She told me her name was [NAME REDACTED]. I tried talking to her but she was not all there so I focused my attention elsewhere , ended up having a good time.. I was in a couple of days ago again and had to ask about that girl, I was told by management that she was no longer eligable to work there...

DFW NITES: We were unable to confirm this sad story, but we encourage everyone to take care of themselves.

11/15/2011 Weeny it last Saturday night with a few friends. The first dancer I noticed was extremely thin. I thought she was either bulimic or doing much worse to herself. After about 10 minutes in we noticed that she had moved to a table in the center of the club, sitting by herself, talking to herself, and crying. The rest of the dancers weren't that bad, although some could use time at the gym, but seeing the thin chick just made me feel pity. This club is a shell of what it once was.

DFW NITES: We were unable to confirm this sad story, but we encourage everyone to take care of themselves.

10/26/2011 COME ON DOWN TO THE FARE ROOM GENTLEMAN'S CLUB LOCATED @ 10723 Composite Drive, Dallas, TX

(not rated) REBEL

10/25/2011 Come party @ The Fare tonight. Were having a halloween party and free buffet. So if ur ready to get excited and exhausted. Come join us. We dnt stop til the sun comes up.

This isn't a review, but DFW Nites is happy to let The Fare Room spread the word about its party. Enjoy!

(not rated) rebel

9/30/2011 hey alex its fantasy. i used to work there a while back buti had to stop because this guy had started stalkin me and followin me home.. i was wonderin if yall needed any more help because i am desperate for a job.. i will probablyu be coming up there later today adter my friend goes ta see her husband in jail... c ya soon

(not rated) fantasy

8/6/2011 Went last night and got a dance from a slim little thing named Paige. To bad I did not have enough money for more
(not rated) ?W
4/5/2011 went this last saturday night with my brother. we paid for the vip and went in, only to realize we were one of the few tables there. we left to get some drinks next door and by time we got back, we almost had no where to sit anymore!! it got really busy and there were tons of girls. we ended up being suprised cause we werent so happy at first. we had a great time! my brother later realized tho that one of the girls he got a dance from must have been working on her period! lol but it was still a great time.
1/25/2011 Went last weekend, it was a lot better than earlier visits! Great dj and music, not so ghetto. Still some of the gals were out of shape and and I agree too much lesbo action, but it was good.
12/14/2010 I went a couple weeks ago. Although I like a little bit of the girl on girl action there was WAY too much! There were two to three girls mugging down on eachother on the stage! and the DJ was going, oh man I love it and let me tell you they were NOT faking it,I was around and it was real. I also saw two other girls in VIP performing a sex act on eachother during a dance. This is not my fortee, but if it is yours this is the palce to go. There were three girls that say they live together, three white girls, one with a giant bottom, bad teeth and platinum hair and the other were painfully skinny hanging on me trying to get me to pay for this lesbian action. I wasn't turned on by any of it, the blonde smelled like she had just smoked a j, too boot.

Otherwise the girls were kind a cute, there was a pretty one named Carmella and another named Karma that were very pleasant and nice, plus Angel who I knew from Baby Dolls.
jacob vasquez

7/7/2010 I went on 7/5. I was sadly disapointed. As soon as I walked in, the manager said I had to buy a drink to stay. Who makes their patrons buy a drink, even when they are not thirsty. I ended up asking for a refund after only staying 5 min. There were only 3 girls in there and the service was bad. Dont expect to get any money back they take from you , b/c in small print above the entrance, they tell you no refunds. Cabaret Royale is next door and is 100 fold better, with a staff that will treat you awesome. Avoid the Fare room. Rude service, dingy atmosphere, and all around sausage party.
3/6/2010 Went in last Tuesady, had a chic named butterfly dancing, i recognized her as nikki, a featured dancer here on dfwnites. she has been gone a while but is still HOT! When she came back her name was taken so she chose butterfly, once i saw her dance i know why the name, awesome tat between the legs! She was one of about 15 girls there, everything was great, from service to music, will be going back on the weekend to see more, the buffet was ok especially for no charge! this place is picking up again
2/28/2010 I have lived in Dallas all my life, and visited many gentlemens clubs, but the Fare Room is a personal favorite. The Cover charge is reasonable, the dancers are hot, there is a main stage with multiple other alternative stages with the dancers changing stages every few minutes and adding new girls into the mix over time. There is also a free breakfast buffet comparable to IHOP. Highly recommended
(not rated) EMC
2/15/2010 Total shit..... Man are the women really women? Most look like dudes! I went there on a Friday night and it sucked....
(not rated) jeff
1/17/2010 Went late last night, not bad. But the dancers that looked good to me just had to much ink. The one with ink on neck would have gotton more of my money
(not rated) ??
1/3/2010 I have recently gone twice to the day shift. The VIP is 30 dollars now since they insist on the purchase on one item such as a bucket of ice. Anyway the girls are very hot and ripped. The day shift usually only consists of about 5 girls but if you ask the manager, they will start circulating ladies from next door. The new policy for splitting the bigger half of VIP for $75 juice buyers is stupid for day shift since the area sits empty and the remaining area is small and not private enough. Of course strategic alignment of the chairs can be a big plus. That being said, management does a good job of keeping the girls sober and of very high quality. The free buffet until 2:30 is okay. The economy has brought prices down too. This is definitely worth a try.
Keith Woody
12/20/2009 I went to the Fare Room a few times. Most of the girls in there were sexy and the buffet was off the chain. It's my favorite club to go too. It's mostly dead with the most of the B-Team dancers working until about 1am. Everyone was cool from the hostess to the dancers and bouncers.
(not rated) Velvet
5/2/2009 Went to the fare a few weeks back. Not bad , was dead untill around midnight. most of the girls were all around good looking. did the vip. i was impressed with the service. plan on going back soon.
1/24/2009 Overall good time. Music and atmosphere good. Ricky-manager-takes care of you. Beware MORGAN black hair middle of back, total scammer. Had a good time at club but not with MORGAN.
11/15/2008 This club was expensive and engages in deceptive advertising. This is not a nude club but claims it is such. The girls dance nude at their "option" --translation very few girls dance nude and the staff was rude. Finally, the girls were not attractive with the exception of 1 or 2. I will never go back to this place. Dallas is the worst city for nude entertainment that I have ever been in. Steve
(not rated) steve
9/29/2008 went to the fare room last week and it was so dead in there the dancer they did have were nothing special to look at. I was going to leave but there was a very sexy bartender who caught my eye on the way out. I don't remember her name but she was short blonde and drop dead sexy so I stayed awhile longer she was very sweet to talk to and made me feel better about being sober and paying 20 buck to get in to see necked fat strippers . I don't know if I will be back but if I do the bar will be the first place I go.
(not rated) jeff
9/27/2008 Went to the Fare VIP area a week ago and had a nice time. Nice girls and good atmosphere. Great breakfast at 2AM. Only bad experience was a waitress who never brought back my change. I told a bouncer who was happy to help, but he couldn't do anything because I couldn't identify the waitress. Just bring a lot of ones so this doesn't happen to you....or better yet know learn the name of your waitress.
9/19/2008 The only problem with this club is the owner forgot to employ strippers. Pay the $20 fee and risk a place with no ladies and a manager that will not refund your money.. BUYER BEWARE!!!
8/23/2008 Most of the women are strickingly sexy, it would be more enjoyable if the place had better lighting. It was darker on Friday than Monday.
7/23/2008 II went to the Fare Club in the afternoon (5-8pm). I liked how there was no charge for parking and no crazy bouncers. They were all cool. Unfortunately, at that time of the day, it was completely dead. I was the only customer there so I had all the dancers to myself but they all weren't very impressive at all. I ended up feeling guilty if I didn't give the dancers some money. The only thing that made up for it was Natalie, she is an awesome dancer with an AMAZING body and really great to talk to. Had an awesome time after meeting her. Go check out the club but not too early.
7/6/2008 This place has been awesome in the past but as of recently (last month or so) it has been sucking. They have become extremely cheap on the Air Conditioning so it is uncomfortably hot. Hot, not in a good way. Also, the music has been declining as well. They do not play enough Hip-Hop which winds up hurting the dancers most of all. These problems could easily be fixed but it appears as if they do not care. I have complained about these two particular issues the last couple of visits, yet there has been no attempt to fix them. Therefore, I refuse to return until I hear it has been fixed.

The moderators have no way of knowing if this is true or what precipitated the incident. Could be the son was the person who started trouble. How can someone cousel another on whether the club is now safe?
(not rated) chante

4/2/2008 this place is dump i was a faithful fare patron back on greenville.

it was like cheers everyone knew your name an

awesome party atmosphere the girls were hot day and night.

the mgmt has gone downhill bigtime even thought some mgr are the same..they need to give out complimentary rolls of toilet paper with the buffet because all it does it put ya on the toilet for 20 minutes and the food is cold not warm at all.i went on a thursday night 3.14.2008 and it seemed like stretch mark city very unsexy and unattractive dancers...i almost asked for my $20 back for the cover...i will not be back.......

2/27/2008 what happened to this place?!! i was there last april and had a great time. hotties all over the place, place was packed and the party music was pumpin. i returned last friday night. nothin really goin on. girls were not that great. bunch of thugs lookin for cheep thrills in the crowd. some dude in vip kept drinking my alcohol. this place has really gone down hill since my last visit. horrible :(
11/12/2007 A sexy latina with a beautiful smile, standout from the few

dances I received in VIP. Sorry did get a name, but would like to see her again.

9/17/2007 I recently visited The Fare East and spent some time with a young lady who was not only totally gorgeous, but she had true depth to her personality. Tiffany was a pure joy and by far the sexiest girl I have seen at a club in a long long time. I will definately go back to visit her again!!!!!!!!
(not rated) Dick. Dickhurtsher
9/17/2007 whats up with this guy with the mohawk??? he keep looking at me like he wanted to kiss me! i went there to visit with the doorgirls and some manager looked about 35 with a mohawk was checking me out. i was kind of freaked out and i left, iam a regular at the fare, but i dont know about this guy, he really creeped me out!!!!!!!!! if he ever reads this i just want him to know i dont like men, i like women! keep the old guy with the mohawk off the floor, he's gonna scare off all the customers!
9/6/2007 the fareroom a great place to hang out and check out the babes. however, be careful cause the artist might be checking you out.

one goes to the fareroom to enjoy good music and hot ladies. the atomosphere is great but can do with out the artist checking men out.

the fareroom is a great place to go and have some good cocktails and good times.

note if the artist doesnt hit on you. ie 30 year old man in a vest and mohawk "hitting on men".

7/24/2007 i got tricked by one of the dancers into giving her money for unwanted dances. she sat with us at the table and was chatting and she was talking about she liked us and all that and wanted to dance for us anyways.... I told her i did not want a dance but she was like thats kool i still want to dance for you. So at the end of her dances she told me i owed her 40.00 dollars for dances she gave me..........that i never asked for because she was missing teeth and i was trying to be nice and give her a couple of bucks to help her out.... anyways i ended up getting escorted out by the blonde spiked hair manager and he had me handcuffed and he believed the stripper. thats alright though because i know plenty of people that i will have to just refer to the many other gentlemen clubs in Dallas ft.worth. I work for one of the most prominent companys that plans many different events and has a very large client base. None of them will ever visit the Fare again. so for the 40 dollars he kicked me out on just cost the Fare a large amount of money......hope it was worth losing clients for a stripper who is tricking guys into lap dances...... her 40.00 cost the club a whole lot more money than you would expect.... july,24th,07
6/30/2007 Took a bunch of buddies to your establishment tonight. Glad that you are open longer than most places, but expected more nudity, and for more of the head turners from just a couple months ago, when I was taking all my clients there? Where's the sexy tall wild chick, bubbly blonde with the arm tatoo, and the dark haired chick with the booty? Why does it take a huge ordeal to get seated or track down a waitress who wants to serve side drinks or gather dancers? Very disappointed and hope forth of July offers more, as I expect some long weekends needing after hours.E
5/28/2007 Went in this club friday night for the first time in a long time. It was pretty good. I paid 50 for VIP and went upstairs. It was slow at first, but a waitress greeted me right away. One small stage upstairs but very decent area. The girls were all ok, especially a hot blonde named Nikki. I watched her dance from the main stage to the side stages and she can really put on a show on the pole. She is very friendly and not pushy and she did not reek of alcohol. Bri was another hotty, that had a great personality and a super smile. I was there from 7 until 3am and by midnight, the place was wall to wall and i counted like 54 dancers. The music was variety old rock with some R&B thrown in. In general this club was great and will definately return.
4/27/2007 Supposedly all nude, but I went there Thursday April 26th and it was "DJ Night" No nudity, but still a $20 cover charge. The atmosphere here is "distant". Place looks like a big palace on the outside - but the main room was small. didn't do the VIP room though (for $50). This place simply isn't a good time! Unfriendly distant dancers - no cozy place to go for a table dance!
3/26/2007 Went in this past weekend was kicking as usual. Probably the best BYOB club in the metroplex. Only bad thing was I asked where nikki was and heard she was on vacation, damn, she makes the club eve better, will go back again, but think i'll call first to see if the best dancer is there.
3/19/2007 Went there yesterday for old times sake and it was crazy. No one was there. The dancers were basically dancing for themselves..2 years ago Sunday would have been as busy as any other day. The music was still good tho and Nikki was great as ever..
(not rated) Justice
2/28/2007 the fare room is a joke the managers r a joke brian the gm cant even control his own club or take care of custemers coplaints whats wrong with this picture me and my wife went in there tuesday nite did not even set down and ask for r money back and the fat manager incharge said we could not even have r money back kicked us out because i had to go piss thats messed up then we called the club and they still would not let us talk to the gm brian shrump i guess he does not have time to talk about custemers coplaints if he doesnt care about whats going on in his club why is he even there PAY BACK IS A BITCH this club owes me a star
(not rated) smartass
8/10/2006 I visited The Fare Room again on Sunday, 8/6/06. It was only $30 for VIP, which is the cheapest I've seen here. The VIP includes access to the Cabaret Royale's VIP, too, which is so-so, but worth checking out. It was dead slow around noon and stayed that way most of the day. I think there were 4 customers in the building, including me. That was OK though because there were more girls than guys. As usual, the mileage was extraordinary. These girls make a poor man feel rich, and a rich man feel like a king. It's almost embarrassing how much attention they'll give you for a couple bucks. And if you start talking in terms of $20s, they're yours. Of course, Sundays are $10 dance day anyway, so the money goes further, but that doesn't apply in VIP. The average cuteness is so-so, but there's always a hottie who catches my eye. This time, it was Serenity. She's an unbelieveable value. She gives some extreme dances in VIP, and she was genuinely fun and erotic. I recommend her.
The Dew
7/8/2006 i came into the Fare this Friday to see this girl i have heard alot about and she wasn't there. i asked a waitress if a dancer named Tiffany worked there and she was really rude and said she didnt know who i was talking about. Does anyone REALLY know if Tiffany works there?? Other than that the girls were great, the food was great and i will be back.
6/26/2006 Myself and buddies visited both cabaret and the fare room this past saturday, the Fare room we found we liked better, we upgraded to VIP and found we could go from the fare to cabaret and receive the same VIP treatment by paying for the one, thus we could buy drinks at cabaret in VIP and return to the Fare room. BYOB isn't the greatest but I personally like to see the whole pie instead of just a piece of the pie. The fare room was "rocking" a little more as the minimum age is 18 and their was a younger crowd there. The "legs and eggs buffet was average, but their were some beautiful women there. The classiest in my opinion was Nikki, believe she is one of the featured entertainers on this site, but the club listed is incorrect. This beauty can dance and carry on a conversation on any level. Offered her a drink but to our surprise she said she doesn't drink at work, and drank a bottled water. This was a first for me. She never asked for a dance, so we asked her, and it was quite erotic yet tasteful, several dances later she had to go back on stage and unfortunately she had many others waiting for her so she could not get back to us before we had to leave, we understood, but had 2 other beauties come over for a few more dances, they were raven and star, each good in their own right. Nikki came back and actually apologized she could not get back to us. We complimented one of the managers on the way out for the great service, and let them know What a great evening Nikki had given us and he simply stated yes, she was definately one of the best. Next weekend will take us to another club, but we will definately be back.
in the know
4/30/2006 I went to The Fare Room last weekend. I've been here before, but this was my first weekend visit. The girls were much hotter than during the week. There were many college-aged cuties with pretty faces and very toned bodies. The place was busy, but good seating was available on the main floor. VIP was excellent, as usual, since the dancers always seem eager to give high-quality dances there. It's definitely worth the $30 upgrade. Weekend cuties + VIP = good times
The Dew
4/29/2006 Went there last Friday night, a little bit disappointed there was not enough dancers to go around. Asked a few of them for a dance and did not get any except from a lady named Sage. Funny almost everywhere you go they almost always bug you for a dance. But last night no reply at all. Maybe because there was not enough dancers to go around. Speaking of Sage she is awesome, hot and friendly at that. All in all she made the experience last night well worth it. I will definitely go back there, specially just to have another dance from Sage.
4/21/2006 i went to the fare last saturday and saw many beautiful ladies, a few that i reconized from the clubhouse. Tiffany and Mcaila (thats not spelt right) they were still stunning as ever. I also need to give props to London. I had the time of my life and will be back next weekend.
4/20/2006 I went to the club twice in the last month and on both times I had a great time. Met a lady name Serendipity and had an awesome dance from her. Also met a lady named Olivia very friendly and accomodating. Both girls are just wonderful. During the day I would say the dancers are pretty average except for a couple. At night there are more dancers and are good looking although not enough. One good thing about the club is the girls are not pushy, the other side is you could be there all night and no one approached you. The wait stuff is good they are always looking after you, and the service is fast. The only comment I have with the dancers is when you go to the stage to tip most of the time they will dance for 10 seconds and then stop for you to give your tip. The club looks great and clean although the lighting could use a little dimming.
4/20/2006 Went to the fare The other night with 3 friends, 2 locals, 1 from Chicago. What a great thing to be open till 6! Havn't been in about 6 months, >But that will change. Although it was hard to find a seat until we paid to get into V.I.P. it was worth it! You can still get great dances down stairs, just not as comfortable...There were a few not so pretty chicks..BUT,there were some fine beauties as well... We all were very satisfied(gentlemen, satisfied as a whole, in the attmosphere, dancing, bonding.) There was a very swett waitress from london, very nice...Danced w/ several dancers, 2 of witch I'd like to give a special shout out to -- 1st "Lexy"? -- i think that was her name, & finally "Athena", who I can say has the best backside I've seen in a damn long time! Well I do usually hang out in Arlington, but w/ a late night hot spot like this , I may have to reconsider(+: ! DFW Dave
3/4/2006 I went to the Fare about 2 weeks ago and fell in love. Tiffany was the best. i highley recomend her to anyone.
2/16/2006 Visited this club on a Sunday for the $10 dance special. Many of the girls would try to get the normal $20 and claim they did not know about $10 Sundays or 2 for 1 Tuesdays. So if you visit on these days be carful because they will try to rip you off!
1/12/2006 Nice club, nasty women! On a Sunday night, there were maybe 2 or 3 girls in view. Only one of them would have been worth the cost of a lapdance. But, when I went up for a dollar dance to feel her out, the dance lasted all of about 5 seconds! The rest of them required very heavy beer goggles to look anywhere near attractive. I'm not really sure what was going on with the waitresses, but every last one of them looked like they were in their third trimester. At least it was BYOB, so I could get really sloshed for the cost of an 18-pack. It was probably the only time I have ever come out of a strip club without having spent all of my money. I have heard good and bad things about this place, but all I have seen was the bad. There's much better places out there in Dallas.
Mickey Vegas
1/3/2006 Greetings, I recently visited The Fare East and spent some time with a young lady who was not only totally gorgeous, but she had some true depth to her personality. Tiffany was a pure joy and by far the sexiest girl I have seen at a club in a long long time. I will definately go back to visit her again!!!!!!!!
1/3/2006 I Went Dec.9 2005 Day Shift and there V.I.P Sucked it smells like crap, Dancers are ugly and then they tell you about a vip party that isnt a party no discounts just them dressing up with a stupid theme the fare sucks and should be shut down
Big Spender
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